MasterChef Wed – Ottolenghi street food challenge

Joined by Yotam Ottolenghi, our contestants are cooking street food for 360 people. Each team must hero a different cuisine, and the least impressive team will be sent into the next elimination.

So no Ottolenghi Week this time around? The contestants will go even nutt-ser than usual when they see him.



  1. Whoever is screaming that full throat girly scream at Yotam’s entrance is at the top of my shit list.

    • So much hand flapping, screaming, jumping, twirling, and whatever else they were doing. Wow..It’s Yotam…OMG…..faint….flap…jump….scream.
      Does the production staff hold up signs to encourage the contestants to do all this or recommend ahead of time that they do all this crap when the guest chef arrives?
      It’s crazy. I think the short guy with the Hawaiian shirt was the only one who wasn’t jumping or screaming but maybe I just couldn’t see him well with all of the larger people jumping and spinning.

  2. They still haven’t learned with all these team challenges. Why picked dishes that are time consuming. Samosas, you have to fold them one at a time.

    • Poor planning again tonight. Two teams did not keep the dishes simple. Forgetting the rice was avoidable – they needed a prep list to tick off as tasks were allocated.

  3. Green team goes to elimination so at least the lad in the Hawaiian shirts will make the edit. And the other young chap.

  4. Notice Steph trying to throw Tessa under the bus:
    “I asked Tessa for help with the prawns, but it looks like I have to do them by myself …” What a passive-aggressive martyr.

    So no rice for Tati’s fiss* curry, oh dear. Wasn’t she responsible for that dish (or ‘diss’)?
    There’s a guy on the green team I didn’t even know existed.

  5. The nasi goreng is a big fail. Who put dashi flakes in nasi goreng? The sambal is more like a chutney.

    Fish curry is not a street food.

  6. Yotam: Keep it simple!
    Typical MCA contestant: Let us do Samosas and debone chicken!

    Well, Derek is easy on the eyes. But I also have to ask, who was the guy in the green team wearing the black shirt? I cannot even remember seeing him in the intro.

    Tati goes home tomorrow?

  7. Didn’t the judges complain that the mince was dry and yet it was recommended that the team not make a wet mix, chili con carne? I don’t see what the problem was handing out bowls of chili.
    Charred corn is charred corn. The judges acted as if it was some incredible and creative gourmet dish.

    • I thought they would get shade thrown as it was JUST charred corn, lol! Yet they treated it as if it was a highly complex dish.

  8. Have these contestants NEVER ever watched a previous episode?Big challenges need stuff you can slop out, not individually crafted time-consuming things.

  9. How can you make a curry – faff around first discovering you mistook beef for lamb, badly fillet and debone fish, blah blah blah, stand at the stove stirring three woks for ages – and after it’s past time to serve up, then and only then realise you forgot to boil up some rice?!

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