Survivor E of E – May 2

Ok, we’re getting down to the point end here on Edge of Extinction. Can Rick go on an immunity run and take this thing out?
Who will come back from Extie Isle? Can Ron continue to play both sides and not get caught?
Does Victoria get to speak this episode?



  1. Well that was a fun tribal. I am wondering if Devens has been doing to camera news bits the whole series and we will get them as deleted scenes later on.

  2. Yes, a very satisfying tribal. I love a tribal that makes me smile and punch the air. Yessss!
    Ron has been playing a snakey game. There’s lying, then there is being unpleasant.

    • Trying to just humiliate Devens was unnecessary. hats off to Devens for thinking about it ‘why would this guy give away an advantage at this stage of the game’. And I thought he played tribal really, really well. Great jury management. Clearly not a lot of love for Ron over there.
      Ron didn’t give Devens the advantage solely to blindside him, but to completely humiliate him. Surely Julie is solidified as a goat now – no point voting her out. I think she would be a perfect finalist – no votes and no risk to take her.
      It was very satisfying indeed when Ron skited to his husband that he was in control – at that point I turned to my family and said with some jubilation and amazement “he’s gone!”.

      • I appreciated, though, that both Ron and Devens were not bitter. And even Reem was being nice to Ron on Exile Island! Devens will need to re-find that idol though or just keep winning challenges. Although it looks like Extie Isle peeps may send him something??? I wonder who has food fire-making skills and will do well in final four fire test? Victoria still getting a purplish edit. Lauren still has an idol, right?

        • Lauren is in great shape to make it further. She is good at challenges, we haven’t got the stuff about her not eating anymore so presumably can tolerate some food, and she’s aligned with sneaky victoria. I think she could be good for the end. As a complete survivor fan I reckon she will have nailed fire-making too.

  3. Great episode. I know I have gone totally Team Devens, but did anyone else think he threw the water throw (lol) challenge? The loved ones challenge is such a poisoned chalice that I reckon he tried hard not to win it. And lovely that it rebounded on Ron. Excellent.

    As soon as I saw the challenge I thought “girl to win” so was surprised to see Gavin triumph. Maybe he has small feet?

    Anyway I still have no idea who to back to win this thing!
    I think practically anyone (other than Julie) can win it. I could mount a case for any of the other remaining and you have to think that whoever returns from EoE is in with a great shot too.
    I fear Devens has way too much surviving to do as his target grows every bigger and he can’t win every immunity. but maybe he could come back AGAIN from EoE – in which case he would be hard to beat for the win.
    It seems such a wide open season – or does anyone else have better direction. What is the TalkingTV community thinking?

    • I don’t think Ron or Aurora can win. Ron has burnt too many people and even Reem is a better communicator than Aurora. Devons sank any chance for Ron and Julie by calling them out for their idiocy with the fake idol.

      If Devons can make it to the final he is a shoo in.

  4. I think Aurora threw that standing challenge – she is a gun at those endurance ones so decided not to waste the energy once target Devens was out. Agreed – loved ones chooser always upsets people so far better not to win. Someone better return from Extie Isle next week as it is getting very late in the game and whoever it is will be tight with the jury.

  5. Manipulation of outcome by producers. Again. Devens just happens to find the idol in the middle of the night. Sheesh.

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