The Voice chat with Daisy

The Voice is back and this season Guy Sebastian is one of the judges. As a former singing teacher I imagine he’d be a good coach.
I haven’t watched for a few years. Will you be tuning in?

TTVer Daisy loves a good talent comp, so over to her (with thanks):

Well I might be alone here but I will start a weekly madcap for The Voice. I am just starting to watch. Who has Guy Sebastian replaced? Ronan Keeting I think.
I really liked the tone in Boy George’s voice in the opening number. It was the best I have heard him. So many shows to watch tonight so I will be hopping around between channels, but I always enjoy a bit of blind auditions, in spite of the blah, blah, blah from the judges.



  1. I love Sunday night. There is so much on and I don’t know which way to turn.
    I only watch the Voice for the blind auditions and then I’m out.
    This show lacks something In the second half.

  2. Same Bobi. I am all over the place. I want to watch everything. And Would I Lie is on too. And SUNDAY NIGHT has a mafs story.

    Back to The Voice, Luke was great, and not the same old voice.

  3. I think Guy has been on as a judge before.
    There were the Madden brothers. And then, of course, there was Azalea. What a disaster she was. Don’t the producers check these people out? I could have told them a rapper was not a good option for a singing show.
    Why do I think that Guy replaced Seal? Or maybe it was Ricky. They were good judges – took their jobs seriously.

  4. Chynna, don’t go with Guy because he didn’t do anything when he had the chance.
    Guy Sebastian is so rude to BG. So hurtful. “Old people’s music”. I actually find Guy more daggy and very pedestrian. If music was a political party, he’s de Conservative. Boring.
    Last year… Joe Jonas.
    Kelly; “Boo”. Vom.

    • Guy was happy enough to exploit “old people’s music ” when he assaulted and pillaged the Motown and Stax vaults. He’s got about as much soul as a lump of concrete.

      • Then they need to send him to Humility Camp. When buying hats, he now needs size “swollen”. He stinks of up-himself. Jesus wouldn’t like it.

  5. Daniel; lovely. If you can sing that good, it doesn’t matter if you look like Larry from the original 3 Stooges. No really.
    Go on, Daniel. Choose George.
    Whaaaat? What’s going on????? Was that one of those ‘producer set ups we were just learning about on SUNDAY? Poor Daniel was like a deer in head lights. I had my photo but now I have to go with……

    • Except for the teenager in the sparkles and stilettos. Although, with all the build-up, I didn’t think his voice was that good. Shrug.

  6. When they train them, do they mentor them in being pretentious so that they can say things like, “Ma boo”?

  7. IMO, George wins the most likeable, most authentic judge, easy peasy. And the audience seems to agree.

  8. I watched last night but nothing exciting. I thought there was a lot of ridiculous praise for the rapper. Ho hum. He wantes to be a “revolutionary”, but rap is old. What a joke, and who was he? Poseur + Michael Hucknal in his overalls with one strap down. Mmmm, revolutionary. Ain’t nothing even new there. But the judges all went apepoo.

    • Echo chamber here. As soon as the word “Revolutionary” came out of his mouth, “W**ker”, came out of mine.
      Nice backstory, but he could do with some growing up.
      I’ve never been a fan of rap, except for an incredibly rare and exceptionally talented individual. I’m sure there is one – never say never. Where’s BDD when you need him?
      Usually it’s simplistic, repeated grunts by those who can’t sing for those who are tone deaf.

      • Hello Bobi,
        Not a fan either but have some CD’s of early underground material mid late 70’s that among other things encourage children to go to school and not get caught up in a life of crime etc. Anything recent I’ve heard is rubbish. It isn’t singing.

  9. There are two songs that combine some rap that I do like. One is the one that was made as a tribute to Diana, the other came later but has a similar sound. But they are both tuneful.
    I will see if either titles come to mind.

  10. I have the first rap song I like. It’s Where is The Love by Black Eyed Peas.

    The other is I’ll be Missing You by Puff Daddy.

    That’s only because they are tuneful.

    • To me they are regular songs with bits of rap. Not exactly Eminem. Try Hilltop Hoods, Daisy – Adelaide’s own.

      • I googled it, then got distracted by the life of Camille Claudel. Those grizzly histories are fascinating and sad.
        But I will check out Hilltops. I listened to one about a jumper. Not really my playlist. Rap can’t beat JJ Cale.

        • Try Nosebleed Section and Hard Rosd – two of their hits. I don’t mind Rapunzel by Drapht as there are pop culture references, I aporeciate a good rhyme and it’s fast. I don’t do Kayne West-style rap, except for Gold Digger, but that’s because of the music not the lyrics

  11. I don’t know much about that kind of singing…nor cricket….but Henry Kolonga gave me a few goosebumps.
    I thought it was embarrassing for the show that a girl who had previously come 4th, couldn’t even get one chair turn. It makes the judging look lame.

  12. The thirteen year old made me cry but no one that young should be allowed on this type of show, no matter how good they are.
    It’s just too much.
    And besides, where to from here? Leaving school early? On the road? Unsupervised? Dealing with creepos?

  13. And I’ve just picked the winner.
    And if she doesn’t, there’s something wrong with this show.

    • I jumped on Twitter after I saw your comment – is it the Karma Chameleon girl? Very good and she’s obviously had some training

      • I just thought that the difference between her and the girl who sang the Barbara Streisand song was stark.
        One was imitating someone else and was clearly saying “ Look at Me. Aren’t I good. And my Daddy thinks so, too”.
        And the other is a musician. With talent.
        Maybe this is not the right forum for her. I have heard it said that these shows favour people who specialise in vocal gymnastics.

  14. I liked the Vendulka. It was funny how it took George awhile to realize it was his song. Who did she choose? My recording stopped short.

    I have seen Molly (The Barbara Steisand girl) before a few years ago, probably on The Voice kids. Oh my she was such a dag then too. I thought she was good, but musical theatre probably won’t win.

    • Musical theatre is fairly limited in this format. She won’t be able to feeeeel the song.
      And she’s a bit precocious. The voting public (eg 15 year old girls) won’t like her.
      And I think Vendulka chose George.
      There was some discussion on line, that I couldn’t quite follow, suggesting a history between her and Guy. It’s beyond me … and would require me to care.

  15. There’s a chat with Jack Vidgen, whose voice btw was fairly amazing, that shows that no one under the age of 16 should be allowed on any of these shows.
    He won Aus Got Talent at 14 and then went to America at 16… by himself … to try to make it in the US music industry. How crazy is that. He implied, not surprisingly, that he got eaten alive.

  16. My favourite tonight were Jack Vidgen, cute long-haired 16 year old boy with the deep voice, and pink dress 34 year old with kid Jay Jay. JV needs to go easy on the lip filler, but he was insanely good. He sounded like Nina Simone.

    • I think his surname sounds a bit too much like ” Virgin” or “Vagina ” to be marketable. Just my take on it. He used to cane the tooth whitener first time round.

        • I don’t recall what he sounded like before.
          Too bad he chose pedestrian Guy. He might turn him into a boring Guy clone. Guy, Delta and Kellie are way to beige. Even with the gold bling. They might call their music R&B. I call it dull.

          I will own up here that I had lip filler a month ago, but I told the girl, “Not trout pout”. To give you some idea, my lips are no bigger than Delta’s lips. As you get old, your lips get thin, so a bit of filler can be nice. But just a bit.

          • He listed one of his idols as Kris Jenner so I am not surprised he had the lip filler at such a young age.

        • I can’t completely remember what he sounded like before but my guess is that he sounds like a grown up now.
          I’m also sorry that he picked Guy but I’m assuming that there might be more chance of an ongoing mentorship with an Australian, and zero chance with an o/s judge. I can’t see anything else that Guy has to offer. Jack doesn’t need a music teacher.
          While I’m here, let me jump to some baseless assumptions; I would worry about teaming up with such a committed Christian if I were gay. Those two things don’t usually work well together. I know that I’m probably wrong but, in his situation, I’m not sure that I would take the chance.
          And I’m the last person to criticise lip fillers. I’ve been botoxed and cheek filled (etc) and I’m a big fan of both. What ever makes you feel better. It sound like he needs a confidence boost.

          • I don’t mind lip filler. I discovered it’s great if you keep it natural looking. I just think he has gone too far. Half the amount would have been enough.
            As for Guy being a Christian. He might be a watered down version. Just like he’s a watered down “artist”. In his line of work, he would meet enough gay people to know he needs to be accepting. I just think he might push his boring style on JV.

            I would actually buy music by JV if the songs were original and good. His voice is something I would listen to. I just hope Guy gives him good songs.

            Stylewise, JV is a clean slate. He looked like his grandpa had suggested his outfit. Or he was going on a cruise.

            Yesterday I was looking for a couple of songs I have heard and liked. I didn’t have much to go on so I was googling things like “best songs” or “most tuneful songs” of 2018 etc. My God what a bunch of crap. I definitely am old because I thought it as all so boring.

          • BTW, I call it a bit of reno.

            All my life I said I wouldn’t do it. Now I am going for a bit of lifting when I get back from Europe and I am actually excited about it.
            What the hell; I would do my kitchen ffs.

          • Most of my friends over a certain age are quietly going, “tut tut”. You can tell by the lipless grimace. 😂
            But young ppl I know are going, “You go girl” and “OMG the lips look fantastic”. But I usually say first, “Look, I’ve got lips”.

          • Heh, heh, on the “artist” reference.
            One of the only reasons I have any time for Joe Hildebrand is because he can make jokes (using air quotes) about his Wikipedia page calling him a “journalist”. I can forgive lots of things for a sense of humour.
            Let me be kind; perhaps Jack needs that back to basics structure from Guy to start again.

        • Maybe he should call himself JV. Or JayVee. Well maybe not JayVee. People might take him for a rapper.

  17. Notice, after he turned for two of his choices, he seemed to not want them. The first was the blond girl who was on the Hudson plane crash. I think he might have thought she just didn’t have ‘the look’. He didn’t even pitch. The other was the androngenous looking Polynesian girl. He turned then tried to get the others to bid after he saw her. Him?

  18. Connor is so cool, in a good way. I am just rehearing his presong blah blah. He prefers listen to oldies on vynil than streamed music. He likes the classics. I think he might go a long way in the show.

  19. BTW, dragging that 3 year old on camera, then feeding him all that attention, just for ratings. Bad channel nine. Way to create a screwed up kid. I noticed he cried when they pulled the plug, took the microphone back and his star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. The camera’s were quickly diverted.
    Parents, leave your very young kids at home to watch with Nanna and Pop.
    No one needs Kelly gooing all over them.

  20. I came home late so only caught the last couple of tryouts.
    Only the older gentleman who sang in church stood out for me. I thought he would pick Guy but he went for George, interestingly.
    George looked smug, as he should. He’s good entertainment.

    • I was was watching the recap (when each judge filled their quota) and I was already going, nope, nope, nope. Or is that, swipe left?
      Unless the judges can do something miraculous – and that is their job after all – only half a dozen of these people are anything exceptional.
      Mostly, they just sound “nice” but, obviously, they have been told they are special. You can’t trust parents.

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