MasterChef Mon – Re-create the dish

Contestants must re-create one of Shannon Kellam’s signature dishes, but without a recipe. The contestant who re-creates the dish least like Shannon’s will be going home.

I am glad they are doing another re-create the dish, after last week’s paella challenge, as it gives contestants a chance to demonstrate general cooking knowledge. More fun to watch than a 50-page recipe for a dish plated up with tweezers.
Shannon cooks French food and represented Australia in the culinary Olympics numerous times.



  1. I don’t believe they can remember the recipe. This is a rediculous challenge. The producers are trying to imply that these are the best amatas. I am sure they were given a copy of the recipe beforehand. Even that is difficult.

  2. That was a shocker of a challenge.
    We are back in the fantasy land that these amatas want to be professional chefs and work in a professional kitchen. And therefore we need to give them professional challenges. But there is no way that in that circumstance a professional would have had to make a dish once after watching it once without any reference to a recipe! So the fantasy is complete garbage.

    I was listening to the washing up podcast this morning and they suggested that maybe it was a plan to get rid of Steph who had previously got quite flustered under pressure and might reasonably be expected to stuff up. I think this is a valid speculation too.
    Not sorry to see Tim go – his willingness to collude with production and do dumb arse commentary annoyed me. Not as much as Abbey of course, but his ‘stone the flaming crows’ type words were pretty grating.

  3. Of course Tim would not make it to the final. The gave him too much camera time especially in the beginning. He was a “red herring”. Don’t mind at all that he is gone but wish he could have taken Steph with him.
    I agree with others that they couldn’t have been shown how to make this dish just one time and then been able to make it. They were either shown more than once or were able to study a recipe for a certain amount of time. More MC BS.
    Tim is enjoying time in his garden and is planning to open a toasted sandwich food truck. Nothing about getting any work experience in a restaurant.
    I’m expecting Anushka to make a ginger cake in the next challenge. 🙂

    • A ginger LAYERED cake Smythe, to be precise!

      I actually don’t rate Tim’s truck dream. Pretty sure I’ve never looked around at a collection of food trucks and thought “what I crave is a good toasted sanger. Why is no one doing them?” It is just too shopping centre cafe in my mind and not something I’d go for.
      By your reckoning Smythe, does this mean we are about to be shot of Abbey? She has had LOADS of exposure and I could easily do without her (that’s my subtle code for saying drop her like radioactive waste NOW).
      I agree with you that the person with the big edit early on is never going to win and that the person who does actually win is largely invisible for ages. So Goodbye Abbey!! (Let me dream, please.)

  4. After the paella challenge I felt quite let down by this one. It became the usual masterchef stupidly complex for no good reason recipe rather than just great flavours and sound cooking technique.
    The guest chef seemed okay though, so I’m not dissing him.

  5. Yes, normally those used in the pre promo and those with too much exposure in the first few weeks won’t win.

    Steph and Derek -I think going soon
    Abbey, Tati, Sandeep, Anuaka- can’t win. Maybe Top 10 but not Top 3.

    Not too much exposure in the first few weeks were Nicole and Larissa. Tessa Joe and Simon glimpses on and off.

    Poor Ben and Walleed almost none existence but can’t see them winning

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