Australian Survivor trailer released

The trailer for Australian Survivor season 3 is out.

What do you think? Janine Allis from Shark Tank (Boost Juice founder) was a surprise. I thought it was actress Michaela Banas for a moment.
I do hope there is more to the game than physical challenges.



  1. Janine from the Boost juice does look a lot like Michaela Banas – I have been confused by that in the past.

  2. Do we have a start date? I usually take a couple eps before I care, but I’m intetested to see this from the beginning.

  3. I’m really curious as to why they went the chanps vs contenders again…?
    Will definitely be watching, actually love the music for the current ad and also all of the contestants I’ve seen so far…is that Luke from Perth back again?

    • Yes Luke is in the promo. I guess they think they need celebs to get ratings. Such a shame. I really hope there are strategic players on both teams

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