1. And flying beeswax. Woolif was able to get buy one, get one free using his points. Besides, I am too old and too cranky to fly so for in eco. I am seriously dangerous without sleep. Itt’s possible that I would kill someone. I go into a deranged sleep zombia.
    If you don’t get mad, I will photograph some of our on flight meals etc. Feel free to say, “Oh daisy, shut the fffff up”.
    PS I have watched Aircrash Investigations every day, sometimes twice daily, for the past few months and feel so knowledgeable on planes, plane maintenance, and how to deal with an emergency or in the event of a crash. First job, make sure the pilots have been drug tested for cocaine and that they have both passed their pilot exams. 😄😄😄

  2. Last time we went to France, Woolif left his hand luggage in the back of the taxi. In it was $13 000 cash, our passports, and our complete itinerary with receipts of deposits paid.
    😣😣😣😣 It was a scary day. I have a picture of it that I can post later.
    The Sri Lankan driver could have gone home and put a deposit on a house.
    Luckily, we got it back at 5 .00 but it was an all day wait. And it was Sunday. We had no sim cards so couldn’t use phones to get help.

  3. Von. I jinxed myself with all that beautiful Bunbury sun. It’s going to be cold and rainy in Paris all week. So much for the northern hemisphere.

    • But you’ll be in Paris!

      Rainy weather may keep the crowds down, so you can be at the front of the queue wherever you go.

  4. Have you been told not to drink anything made with water (tea, coffee, covfefe) on the plane? Apparently, the cleaning schedule for those things is unknown (scary face).
    Have a lovely trip and a lovely time.

    • Thanks, Bobi. I have survived many trips to India where I once saw a waiter wipe the blade of my butter knife on his trousers before setting it on my table because he noticed that it was dirty. 😂

  5. It’s not for the food or royal treatment. It’s because last night I slept on a mattress, on about a metre width of bed, with my feet stretched out. AND the bed was (is, I am still in it) flat. That is the selling point for a 14-15 hour flight. But that’s a photo I won’t post here.
    Instead I will post the first leg to Singapore. Almost flat, full body length.
    Woolif said I was sleeping like Harry (the dog, not the prince).
    BTW, Harry and Maggie have been having a ball and keeping a journal. They are with my daughter who actually asked could she mind them. They are with their cousins (kids) and cousin dog, Albie, a border Collie. Yesterday Maggie rolled in poop, something I have never let her do. They chased a chook. But their attempt to sleep on the lounge were foiled. They have their own beds. They have had mini stays at my daughter’s before and are loved by the whole family, except Kenny who doesn’t get off the computer. 😁 Fans of the Middle will know Kenny.

    Again, pic is the non sleeping leg.

  6. Damn. Woolif now standing in front of out apartment block.
    Thanks you well wishers. I hope I can entertain you.

  7. Don’t be impressed. We have just been growling about the substandard apartment inside. It’s the only apartment we have ever not been happy with. The owners are slack on the maintenance. We will call them tomorrow.

    Anyhow, enough about that. So Woolif and I head out to a café. A lot of places use very small tables and smoodge the customers in real close. So Woolif and I are almost sitting on top of two young English speaking ladies, one of who was self absorbed and holding court. Her conversation turned to the birth of her child. She was elbow to elbow with Woolif, talking about waters breaking, birth canals and delivery complications. It was not really want either of us, Woolif or I, wanted to know.

  8. It took Woolif and me all day and about 20 kms of walking to try and find a telephone company that sold sim cards. At last when we felt that we were sooooo close, the guy at the last place finally informs us, “Non, at zee tabac”. Sheeesh. Where do they sell their tobacco then?
    Anyhow people, when in France, save yourself a lot of hassell and pick up your sim card at the fag shop. No, I don’t mean at Rue de Bad Boys. Yes, there is a street called Rue de Bad Boys in the gay quarter in Le Marais. Don’t be put off by the thought of bad boys everywhere. Le Marais is the best, hippest area. In a good way.
    Woolif is now zonked. We ended our walk with me buying two jumpers.

    • Hi, Daisy. The scallops look nice, but I have an urge to take a cloth and wipe the edge of that dish :).

      • Ha ha. Cracked pepper. In that case you would have really wanted to rearrange the serviettes and cutlery. The waiter did them all on an angle. I had the urge to straighten them but you don’t tangle with French waiters….even in a Spanish restaurant.

  9. I would love to post videos because the one I took inside the restaurant had Woolif look up like a startled rabbit.
    If you want to see my fb, you may ask Juz for it. She won’t give it out to weirdos.

  10. Okay. No flashers, heavy breathers (that wld exclude Woolif who I slap at night and complain, “Stop breathing”, no catfishers (no one who wants to marry me). And no one who wants me to put 260 000 dollars in a Cornflakes packet and send it.

  11. You guys really have bad luck with our weather so far. I am glad it is rather cool because it means that my co workers stink less. And people using public transport.

    • Oh it’s been okay. The rain has only been intermittent and not when we were going out. It hasn’t been cold.Just cool.

      • I am sure weather will be fine soon with lots of sun. It is June after all anyway.
        I am hitting the train tracks myself on Monday. Hopefully with no big incidents as it is always an adventure to get into Paris at the moment. Especially during the week ends, lots of train lines don’t run at all due to maintenance.

      • That’s true. But Woolif gets excited when travelling. He gets in “The Zone” and for the first two days I think we must have covered about 20kms a day, minimum. Me in tow. Day 1. Was tracking down a place to buy a sim card. After all the walking, it turned out to be any tabacco shop (different from our last trip). Day2. I should have queried his excursion. It turned out to be a good stretch also.
        I think the teacher in Woolif, makes him want to head out on daily school excursions. I usually just tag along. Woolif might just be on the spectrum.
        No really. Or has a tiny touch of dementia. And is possibly deaf.

  12. Sore foot or no sore foot, we managed to go out for paella. Imagine the chorizo with lemon and the mussels were smokey.

    • That’s Ile de France for you. Spacious apartments are extremely rare. Especially in Paris and Versailles. And they are horrendously overpriced. I got used to it over the years though. 😉 And if it is cheap, you get a cave that is falling apart.

      In case you are planning a trip to Versailles:
      https://www.latabledu11.com/ – There is also a bistro, which is a bit cheaper, but also really yummy. Really yummy! https://www.lebistrotdu11.com/
      I went there with some friends a few weeks ago. It is a bit pricey, but worth every cent in my opinion. We had been to the bistro before and then decided to go all fancy. 😀

      • We aren’t on the island. We are in Le Marais, in Rue du Francois Marron. It looks like it was once part of the monastery that is still there. We can see it from our bed. We are between the Seine and Rue de Rivoli.

        • Sorry, I was a bit misleading. Ile de France here includes all the closest departments surrounding Paris, including Yvelines, where I live. 🙂 As it is close to Paris, I need about 30 minutes to Paris, rents are high and houses are like for millionaires.

          Btw, if you want a bit of shopping, you can head to Les Halles or La Defense. You might find affordable and nice stores en masse. 🙂

  13. For those interested in fashion….oh dear. The only things missing are the bonnet and wagon train. The “fashion” this year are unbelievably terrible.

      • They are so retro that Laura Ingles mum would have worn them. Seriously, there are even worse than this.
        And the rule about joggers has been ditched. Joggers are in at the moment, but they aren’t our sensible/I need to walk 15kms of cobbled street type. They are a bit fancy.

      • I’m a bit startled.
        Surely this is a costume shop.
        My memory of European fashion is that the wimmin were extremely elegante.

        • 4 years ago, the clothes were great. Not the high end. That was for people with loads of money but no fashion sense, but the ordinary boutiques were quite nice. Now I can’t tell which are the vintage stores and which are supposed to be a bice boutique. I did manage to find 2 nice jumpers. Here’s a dusky blue mohair.

  14. And don’t think I didn’t polish it off. Inside….chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry sauce.

  15. Daisy, if you or Woolif are tea drinkers… not sure you heard of it, we have a great French brand here called Kusmi. Bit pricier, but they have great flavours.

    • Thanks, Zhee. I’m an English Breakfast girl myself. Even though for 6 years we sold fancy teas, like blossoming teas and other specialty teas.

      And I have been loving the café crèmes.

  16. Dave, Windsong; I found something for you. It’s the Frenchman’s summer outfit.

    Look at Woolif admiring it. 😆

  17. Watching netflix atm. Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler, who I don’t normally love, but haven’t we all been caught out in, “I shouldn’t have worn this shirt”?. Funny.

  18. Oh my God! Whyyyeee. Woolif booked us in to see some show “that has singing”. Why do people want to “enjoy cultural experiences” by doing things that they wouldn’t like at home?
    I took an extra ‘pain killer’ because I felt that my bitching was going to be warranted, and obligingly went along.
    Here was the audience (photo) …..
    I figured it wasn’t going to be a long show because none of our bladders would last long, and because it would soon be time for our naps.
    It was a lot Gershwin piano, which is nice but most of the songs were about dying and seeing Jesus…or cheeses (the French love cheese).
    My revenge was teasing Woolif afterwards by singing the songs in my head.
    “I want to die easy”. 😂😂😂
    Really it wasn’t terrible, but operatic musical theatre is even less to Woolif’staste than mine.

  19. ….and by posting this….(although I do actually think this is a cute pic).
    We’ve had Millenials day out. Now it’s Geriatric’s day out. Woolif looks like he’s going to ask the nurse if he’s had lunch yet. 😂😂😂

  20. Last day in Paris. It’s been lovely, as it was last time. We diddn’t go to the Louvre but we will return their when we get back to Paris at the end of our trip.
    Today Woolif and I go collect our leased vehicle so that we can depart Paris early tomorrow. The traffic system in Paris is very higgelty piggelty. Not quite like India or China, but odd and we expect to be beeped. It’s what they do if anyone hesitates, or stops. Beep. Beep.
    Tomorrow we drive to Colmar.

  21. Mr and Mrs McGoo driving through Paris. Now I onow why we hear the ambulance every 10 minutes. The motor cyclists are are dangerous menace. They lawlessly and unpredictably weave in and out. The cars are crazy too but the mptor bikes are the worst. In the town centre the electric scooters are also every where and another thing to dodge. It used to be a funny novelty but there are rental skooters now which has bumped up the number of skooter riders. They go pretty fast and you can’t hear them coming.

  22. You can be grateful leaving Paris this week end, my weather forecast here tells me 39°C. UGHHHHHHH! -.-

    And yes, driving in Paris is kinda suicide. The peripherique is awful and should be avoided at all costs. 😉 But it gets better. The closer you get to Germany, the more German the drivers become. 😛
    Maybe, if you find the time, head from Colmar to Freiburg. It is a very lovely city:

    Are you also heading to Strasbourg?

    • The driving in Paris has been part of the fun. This morning, as we were walking to the Metro, we saw a blind man crossing a crosswalk. As is customary, a driver had stopped on the crosswalk (because cars had stopped ahead of him). Furiously the blind man began thrashing the car soundly with his cane. When a lady tried to help him, he shrugged her away, and continued beating the the car and shouting abuse. I guess you could call that a blind rage.

      It’s just such a weird system of lights and crosswalks that leaves traffic either stuck in the middle of an intersection, blocking other traffic, or stuck on a crosswalk.

    • To answer your question, we are going to stay in Colmar for a week, then Strassbourg for a week. While in Colmar and Strassbourg, we will take day trips around the Alsace. We have been before and really like it. After that, we head to Prague via Regensberg.

  23. Nooooo! My answer to Daisy got eaten up. Too many links I guess. Juz, if you read this, can you maybe fish the posting out of the spam please?

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