General chat – June 10

What’s everyone watching, other than MasterChef or House Rules?
Apart from the Project Runway semi-final I have been enjoying new series of Netflix’s dystopian international dramas The Rain and 3 Per Cent.

I’m watching The Umbrella Academy sporadically (mainly to see Nathan from Misfits). It’s beautifully filmed but not really emotionally grabbing. Must cost a bomb to make so not sure if it will be renewed. And I just watched the first 6 minutes of Lucifer after someone recommended it. I will get back to it eventually but I just realised Handmaid’s Tale has dropped, so I need to watch that before someone lets loose a spoiler.
What are you watching?



  1. The Amazing Race, Spring Baking Championship and Kids version, plus lots of sport. Life is pretty hectic, so I am really only keeping up with the regulars that I record. I have a few shows waiting: Five bedrooms, The Letdown, Hard Quiz and WILTY.

  2. Now that “House Rules” is past the house renovation part (and there’s only, like, one episode a week, going forward), my TV habits drop considerably.

    I never miss “Have you been paying attention?” (because it’s funny and it makes me laugh. Sam Pang does an unimpressed dead-pan stare better than anyone else in the world, and I adore him for it).

    I’ve also been enjoying “Five Bedrooms”, but this week’s episode on Harry the gay doctor, and I think it’ll just depress me. But that’s my stuff and my job to deal with that.

    Oh, and Daisy inspired me. Hi everybody! This is me, Windsong. I’m at the wedding of a friend, back in 2017. Yes, orange is my favourite colour in the world, why do you ask?

      • Thank you Bobi. I’ve been told that I wear orange well, and that it’s a difficult colour to wear. But I love wearing orange to weddings, every wedding I go to, either a bowtie, a tie, or a lovely orange formal shirt?

        Even in this photo, you can’t see my orange socks :).

    • Ooh, snazzy braces! I dress my kid in orange all the time 1) Because it looks good and 2) Because I can spot him in a busy playground from miles away because every other boy is dressed in drab colours or ridiculous camo.

  3. Love the pic Wind.
    I’ve been watching Five Bedrooms but I don’t love it the way I loved Offspring. It doesn’t seem as well written, but it is watchable.

  4. Some of my favourite shows are on at the same times tonight – Insight, Andrew Denton’s Interview (I think with Michael Caine tonight), 8 Out of 10 Cats, and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m probably one of only a few still watching Grey’s Anatomy.

    Almost makes me wish I had a recording thingy so I could watch them all.

    • I’m watching 8 out of 10 Cats and have already seen this season’s Grey’s finale. Mr Juz and I are hanging in there until Shonda stops making it. It was good, then bad, then good and now ok.

  5. I’ll be watching shit. The switch partners show on Ch7. It looks awful. Could even sink lower than MAFS.

  6. Great pic Wingsong
    I’ve been watching Five Bedrooms, agree not the best ever but i have been enjoying it, The Amazing Race (off the back of the internet, not when Ch7 decides to air it!), HYBPA, House Rules and thats about it for the regulars, I have lots of other stuff i record on foxtel that i catch up on if I’m so inclined.

  7. I finally started watching season 3 of Handmaid’s Tale. While the end of last season did not really make sense. I’m always up for watching Zoe Bartlett from West Wing and Australia’s own Yvonne Strahovski and the other fabulous women actors.

    • I had no idea who Zoe Bartlett was since I didn’t watch West Wing. Had to look that up. The female actors are incredible in Handmaid’s Tale. This season seems to be moving very very slowly so far.

      Based on your recommendation, Juz, I started watching “The Rain”. It’s interesting and I am sort of binge watching.

      • I will try to upload a pic. Somehow there seems to be a restriction with the pic size using the phone and it doesn’t upload and display the pics. -.-

          • Fab. I did one for a fourth birthday but not as pretty as yours. I find with the pix I have to email them to myself as a smaller size, save, then upload. Or sometimes I take a screengrab of a pic and upload that

          • I edit them. If I slice a bit off the edges and resave, it seems to work.
            Someone on this site gave me that piece of advice and it tends to fix the problem.

          • I tried to cut the pics down. I gave up, mailed them to myself, switched on my PC and and edited them in Photoshop. 😛

            And thanks Juz. I leveled the cakes (there was actually not much to level, they baked extremely even), then I cut of the edges. I used a recipe by Cupcake Jemma, she has a great Youtube channel, if anyone is interested.

  8. I just watched the Project Runway finale. I really enjoyed the new direction of the series, with all new judges, host and mentor. And there were no contestants cast purely for craziness. Generally, everyone was supportive of each other and the middle-aged contestants were shown several times as they encouraged dispirited recent design school graduates.

    • So happy with the winner! The designs were so superchic and the designer is crazy talented. I hope there will be some success for the designer like Christian Siriano found it.

      What I did not get was all the hate for Hester within the fan community. She is a bit of an acquired taste, but there is not denying in her being extremely talented. Her fashion is just not for everyone. And that’s fine. The first few episodes I was annoyed by her, but she seems like a nice albeit freaky person. And as she shows talent and creativity, I cannot dislike her.^^

      The season had several designers I really disliked, especially Tessa. She reminded me of those horrid twins from Tim and Heidi’s last season…

      In general, the show was alright, but the first season of PR was quite… bad as well. Everyone had to find their feet and I think season 2 will be better. Karlie is a bit bland as a host, but I ADORE Christian Siriano. Still miss Tim Gunn though. Heidi, not so much. Her high pitched voice was rather grating sometimes (it is worse when she does German TV). But I still hope their project on Prime will be available soon and I will surely watch it.

      • Yes, Hester is talented but her designs were so freaky and weird that most people would not buy them. They turned me off (except for maybe 1 or 2). I think she should design for young adolescents except not the pasties and see through kind of clothing. Younger people would probably be more excited and interested in her designs.
        I’m also very happy with the winner. Most of those designs were both innovative and just beautiful. Very talented and will go far in the design world, IMO.
        Missing Tim and Heidi. Christian is OK but I prefer Tim. Did not like Karlie Kloss as the host. Sometimes the judges decisions just seemed so wrong but that is not so different from PR with Tim and Heidi. I’m looking forward to their new series.

        • Christian was great – a bit of snark but more practical advice than we ever saw from Tim. I enjoyed that we got to see some personality from the judges during the runway shows, leaning over to each other and whispering comments. At first I thought Hester was cast for kooky factor but she actually turned out to be a good sewer. It was obvious Garo was not going to win but he should get a tonne of clients wanting corset dresses. It was mean that in the semi final Nina asked him to make a suit, while the others had simpler tasks. Sebastien’s story and amazing technique made him the obvious winner. I would never wear an orange dress made out of leather rope but his flowier stuff was gorgeous. Heidi was always a terrible host but I do miss seeing her tacky outfits

  9. I learnt a lesson today. Do not let your tenny tiny nieces help you decorate cupcakes for their grandpa using esible silver glitter. It goes everywhere, except the cupcakes.^^ But, I have to admit, the two never looked so sparkly before!

  10. Today, I went with some of my nerdy friends to do a high ropes obstacle course, at this local venue. Two beginner courses (which we easily knocked out), two medium courses (with shortcuts, if you just wanted to do the flying foxes and not do the really hard physical stuff. I did one of the longer courses, and I don’t regret it, I’m glad I did it) and two hard courses, which we didn’t get to. But it was so cool, climbing through the rainforest canopy. You’re on a rope bridge, and you look down? And there’s the top of a palm tree, about three metres under your shoes. It was incredible. I’m very sore and banged up, but it was incredible. At some points there, you were easily five or six storeys above the ground. I thought the height would faze me, but it didn’t, I really loved it.

    The best part was easily the flying fox sections. There was one, mid-middle-range-course, that took you from tree-top to tree-top, basically down the hill into the valley. You were so high up, and you move so quickly. It was like I was flying, it was just amazing.

    Definitely gonna go back and do it again. I do love a good adventure.

      • Tree Tops Adventure. They have a course at the Big Pineapple, here on the coast (yes, there’s a giant pineapple) but apparently they’re a franchise, they have similar courses in a few places around Australia.

        • Yesterday I was thinking of calling you a millenial for liking that Paris outfit, but now I see from those legs you are firmly rooted in the 70s.

          But seriously, good to see you out and about feelin’ groovy, WS.

          • Heh. I was born in the early 80s, so I’m a couple of years too old to be a true millenial, but I went to school in the 90s and remember life before the internet and smart phones. Plus, I’m a nerd, so you have to subtract a few years away.

            I like having adventures. My superhero days, I call them, days when I get to do something or go somewhere a little out of the ordinary. Sometimes it surprises me just how capable I am, I mean, I was expecting to be really freaked out by the heights, but they didn’t faze me at all, I was just so happy, yesterday, so excited and having so much fun.

            I appreciate that, Daisy, thanks. Before I got sick, I was good at existing, but I was never that good at living. I think living is something you have to actually work at, you know?

        • Wow WS, thanks for the peek into the life and times of WS. I read it aloud to Woolif who is eating an omelet in a French café 🥰

        • I wasn’t aware that early to mid 80s is already Millenial until last year. But yeah, from 1980 or 1981, you are already a Millenial. I was 17 during Y2K, so I am a proper Millenial. Before that, Millenial was more of a slur.^^ Now that I am one, it is just a stupid word. 😉

          • “In this instance, “millenials” is a loosely fitting compliment that implies (or is that infers?) that WS is still a youth.Or youthful. 😄

    • I saw that last night. That kid is going to be one genetically-blessed human being, no mistake.

      Matt and Laura seem like a happy family. Which is good.

      • I seldom take to a guy on tv or movies, but Matty caught my heart with his humour and cuteness in Cindy Love’s season, so he can have wing nuts (I don’t recall them filming his nuts 🤔), or any kind of nuts you like.

    • I wish I could see “genetically blessed” but all I see when I look at Matty is wing nuts, and I scoped out the baby to see if these had been passed on.
      I know it’s unfair of me (colour me biased) but I don’t like it.
      I am in favour of Botox and fillers and peels, but I am against cutting and stitching.
      I have that uncomfortable feeling that I should think about this a bit more.

      • I am going for a bit when I get back, Bobi. I always said I wouldn’t. I just thought it wasn’t me and I have enough confidence, but I think the recent trauma I had with dil made me think, “What the hell. I do so much for my kids, am always giving money. What the hell. My turn”. Anyhow, people always have their cameras out these days and I am sick of going, “Ugghhh” at my photos. I loooove the lips. They were no mistake imo. Just natural as opposed to the old lady no lips.
        When I’m all done, if I like it, I will post and show. It won’t make me glam. Just a bit of reno. Like you would have your kitchen floor done.

  11. I have too many shows to watch. French Prime has season 3 of The Good Fight (the show just gets better and better! So please do NOT bring back Alicia!!!!). Good Girls is on Netflix. Dark season 2 is out today as well. Happy is out with season 2 on Netflix as well.

    I am still licking my wounds after my trip to Germany to celebrate my dad’s retirement. I forgot after so many years, that the Rhine area is kinda the capital of mosquitos. So in the evening, I was turned into their feast. Since Wednesday I counted 68 bites. It is so bad I now have a cortisone balm to help against the itching. Big fat whine here! Thankfully I am back in France so a lot of cheese to go with my whine. 🙂

    • Zhee, never visit Australia in summer – the mozzies would kill you. I’m another person who seems to attract them and I break out in huge welts, while Mr Juz is immune.

        • When I was chemo-ing, last year, I watched a mosquito land on my arm, once, with an amused sense of detachment. He did his thing and then flew away, and I watched him fly in circles for a little bit, and then start flying headfirst into the wall, over and over again. I couldn’t help but think, “So how’s that decision working out for you, big guy?” At that point, swatting him was an act of mercy.

  12. Has anyone watched the miniseries Chernobyl? I did during the week-end. And I remembered that my mother did not allow me to play outside for a few days. None of my friends were allowed, even in the kindergarten they did not let us play outside.
    When I was about 20, I got diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism, the doctor back then said, this is very common for the “Chernobyl generation” in Europe. Lots of young people, especially women, apparently suffer from it who were little children/toddlers back when the accident happened. So doctors started using that term for us.

      • I am fine, I take my meds, the only bad side effect is keeping the weight off. 😉 And I have to have regular checks done, plus an ultrasound of the thyroid. I know many people around my age who all have thyroid issues. Many of them even with Hashimoto’s.

  13. RIP film critic, Bill Collins, a pre rtv legend.

    RIP Michael Jackson (Rot In Paedophilia) 10 years since he went to Neverland ~permantly..

  14. WOW Windsong, you are so young to have endured that. Well done for coming through.
    Zhee, I think I watched a bit of the first ep of Chenobryl. Ages ago.

  15. Currently watching Mr 7 at a cat cafe. What an intriguing invention. And hoping to get an episode of The Dark in before MChef tonight

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