MasterChef Mon elimination challenge

Three contestants will face the chopping block in an elimination challenge with a surprise twist (and I guess this “twist” is when Tim comes back in).

Hope everyone had a restful public holiday and a special shout-out to those who had to work.



  1. Waleed, Nicole and Christina pick from a range of cloches. One lot is proteins, the other miscellaneous ingredients. Matt explains they get a second chance pick but they are then stuck with choice two. They can use the garden and the pantry but only have 60 mins.
    Christina picks first and gets lamb shoulder (yum – I use it regularly but not so good for quick cooks) and water spinach. She keeps the veg but rolls the dice on protein and gets duck. She’s happy. Nicole gets silken tofu and coffee and re-picks both: Rabbit and grapes. Waleed gets bacon and he must be Muslim because he says he can cook it but not eat it. And truffle. He ditches both.

  2. On pick two Waleed gets venison and artichoke so is not happy. Only Christina seems confident. Nicole is a good all rounder so I reckon, even with her worry of cooking the rabbit, she will be ok.

  3. Good work Juz on picking the “surprise”.
    The only bright spot is that we have a break from Abbey’s BEAUTIFUL commentary as they simply adore TimTalk. A struggle for me to find a bright spot, lol!

  4. Hahaha, Juz, so predictable. I knew it but was hoping it wouldn’t happen.
    I had to mute the sound every time he started talking so I think I muted at least 50% of the episode.

  5. Don’t know why Waleed did not keep the truffles. IMO, venison and truffles would have worked well together.

    • Yep agreed, Walleed wasn’t that quick or inventive or adaptable. I would have thought a venison with a truffle sauce of some kind would have been quite easy to pull off. Even if you didn’t know much about truffles, you could have subbed in your best mushroom jus recipe and called it good. Surely?

    • Yes I could understand not cooking the bacon, being a Muslim, but thought he would keep the truffles.

  6. Is Walleed deaf? That woman was screaming at him from the gantry to put the rest of the artichoke on. She yelled it a few times.
    I suspected Tim was coming back as he wasn’t on Studio 10 last week like all the other eliminated contestants have been.

  7. Christina only used a tiny bit of the water spinach but as usual the judges love the ‘Chinese’ broth

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