MasterChef Mon: Jock is back

This episode’s challenge has been set by special guest Jock Zonfrillo from Restaurant Orana. Contestants must create dishes that showcase one of his favourite native ingredients.

Always happy to have Jock on TV. Despite living in the same city, I still haven’t made it to his restaurants but his food is highly regarded.



    • I was just going to say , Gary and George are giving it to Derek.

      “What’s this piece of beef for?” What the fuck do you think it’s for , George? Derek’s not young, blonde and female. Cop this.

      Lowest of the low, gaslighting an amata.

      • I felt so bad for Derek then. I was yelling at the TV it’s to cook, what the fuck do you think it’s there for?

  1. I’m so happy to be cooking for the guest chef. Jeez! You’re cooking for fame & fortune. And to be tasted (& we know how gross that concept is). That said, I’m pleased Ben has the opportunity to tune in to his predilection. Onya Anushka lately.

  2. Make a white currant panna cotta or ice cream, Ben ,you fool.

    Then Derek~ “It needs some kind of protein unit”. What have I been missing?

  3. Derek not only has guns but is a gun as far as speed in prep & cooking but also in developing ideas and testing them, as well as in helping others as captain in the team challenge. Unfortunately that yam was hard. But also soft & crisp. Luck of the draw.

  4. Poor Ben getting the business again from the judges, while Tati and Token Bogan get away with their usual slop. At least he tried to be creative, and his bench is always clean … like a true pharmacist.

    Derek starts crying, and George pulls him away for The Private Chat. This happens every year with someone. It’s in the script.
    Another dull ep., but good for Tessa. At least she can cook well, unlike many of the other ‘best of the bests.’

  5. I felt for Larissa as she did a really clever, inventive dish that did her ingredient justice and surprised Jock. I bet it was a toss up between her dish and Tessa’s. Is Tessa a Kiwi? I know it says she’s from Qld and goodness knows I’ve been away from Australia for a while, so I don’t hear Aussie (or even English) spoken daily anymore, but I hear Kiwi tones when she speaks.

    I had to laugh at Timbo(gan) doing roast chook. He really is a derivative cook and has nowhere near the flair and creativity of some of the others. When he returned, I was afraid he was being groomed to win (as in to show that you can be eliminated, come back and still win), but I can’t see him lasting to the final if he continues doing cafeteria meals. But then Ben got there last year with slabs of meat, potatoes and gravy….

  6. At least Derek was having fun during the cook. Then Matt P gave it to him to try to get some tears. Poor Derek.

    I noticed Derek and Nicole have Chef on their Instagram profile. Pleaseeeee…..

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