MasterChef Sun: Deja Vu Box

This episode’s mystery box involves some deja vu and later, in the invention test, contestants have 60 minutes to create a dish that takes the judges to a moment in time that evokes a particular memory.

I expect to see lots of pannacotta and ice cream, to evoke the memory of the time they all cooked pannacotta and ice cream. And the time before that …



      • Not really, I was channel surfing myself. But when they announced the three worst dishes they said “Tim…”, then I filled in “… and Tati and Anushka”.

      • That’s a firm no on the any good dishes question. The dishes were singularly lacking in invention. Clearly the producers know this lot can’t be challenged so they are content to give the contestants a second chance on a mystery box they have already tackled. No surprises here!

        Matt trotted out a whole lot of fictitious words about ‘growth’ and ‘improvement’ but there was pretty much none on offer.

  1. So no George again. Where was he, in court?
    Simon gets through again – he’s looking more wide-eyed and madder by the minute. Seeing him with his ‘partner’ explains a lot … and why his parents seemed so miserable.

    Christina gets some time in the sun, and her fellow white-haired buddy, Nicole, got away with it. Their rotating hand gestures and mediocrity are irritating.

    Poor Anushka, having to go into elim with these two flakes: Tati, the one-dimensional seat filler whose only talents are sparcy disses, looks of horror, hugging and mispronunciation.

    Then Timbo/Timdog or whatever. Only still there for ‘working class’ appeal – despite the fact that his work is teachers’ aide in a school kitchen … mmm. Parents, be worried.

    Happy for Derek to get a win, but I don’t think he’ll last to the end.

    • What about Simon’s partner is interesting? I missed a lot of the show tonight…was too bored to pay attention. It’s odd that all the blondes are still in the running.

      • Nothing that interesting – she looks like your garden variety Trotskyite, short black hair and covered in tattoos. A militant vegan. But his parents said they’re proud of him … for some reason.

  2. That was a bit of a weird episode, with the three joining Derek in the immunity challenge being not those who cooked the three best dishes in the invention test, but instead the three least worst dishes. Really none of the dishes in the invention test was anything to write home about.

    In the mystery box I laughed at delusional Timbogan thinking his possibly undercooked dumplings that looked like they were made by a toddler were going to get tasted. And I thought Gary said that Simon’s dish (that quite frankly looked like a plate of cat sick) tasted of “pure crap”, but sadly realised that he said pure crab. Oh well … nearly right.

    When the stooges announced that the cooks had to think of a moment in time with special meaning for them, Simon gave us his deranged maniac look, so I figure his special moment was when he buried his first body. He quickly realised that would not go down well, so he reeled out a less sociopathic cover story to fit his dish.

    If they were smart, they’d all have cooked a dish that was easily do-able in the time frame then made up a bullshit story to go with it as Simon did. He knows how to play the game. The others actually tried to take this nonsense seriously.

    I’m hoping Timbogan will go home after the pressure test, but I fear for Anushka. She hasn’t been quite the same since the family visited and I think she’s had a target on her back since she rebuffed Massimo’s insane suggestion to use green bananas in her beetroot dish. How the hell he thought that might work is a mystery. I’m sure he wanted a double elimination on his night, but settled for Ben’s scalp if the stooges promised to axe the anti-banana person next.

    • My son is now torturing me saying he thinks Simon is really talented with kind eyes – so I realise I have been banging on about his serial killer vibe non stop.

      Timbogan was deeply tragic in this episode – they made an ill-advised call to let him narrate again and so we were treated to him and a judge pretending to listen to paella form a crust.

      Simon’s catsick looked shocking.
      The redemption arc for Christina was super over-played “never been chosen”. erk.
      A very disjointed feel to that episode.

      • I’d be worried about letting your son go outside unattended if he is that bad a judge of maniacs 🙂

  3. These are the Top 9 and in the Inventory Test, most are not inventive at all. Paella, nothing new. Also why is Tim cooking in such a big pan, like he is feeding the crew.
    I heard someone mentioned tamarind sauce or glaze. I am sure someone made that in one of the cooks and another cook also made tamarind glaze. To me they all practice in the MC house and then produce the same thing.

    Just because Gary made onions pancakes in one the masterclass, Nicole made onions pancakes to eat with the duck. Normally we eat onions pancakes by itself. They are too thick to use like those pancakes for Peking duck. You need soft pancakes or soft buns to eat with the duck

    • Yes! Why didn’t she make proper flat pancakes? She could still have flecked them with spring onion.

  4. I kept falling asleep during this episode. I remember so many better dishes in past seasons. The dishes presented were average at best. Simon’s dish in first round looked disgusting.
    Gary continues to be extremely rude towards some of the contestants.
    Was Tim still around when they had the Paella challenge? All he did was attempt to repeat that challenge. Did he still think that this was the “deja vu” round?

  5. With all the wild endorsement above, I’ll watch the encore. How I like seeing “growth”, “improvement” on Ma$terchef. Jowl$y’s been running that scam for yonks. Just what I expect from the best of the best on the show where blondes truly have more fun. The Deja Spew Challenge.

  6. I’m wondering how much detritus is falling into Simon The Slasher’s creation as he leans all over his attempt at a dish. He made a decision not to be nervous, he reckons~ no decision to be hygienic~ sod that. It’s never part of the deludees Ma$terchef dream. Clean up after the crime.

    Tessa thinks the Mystery Boxes were randomly assigned. Fail.

  7. All the blondes escaped the pressure test, while the oldies and the bogan didn’t. How ’bout that?
    Plenty of verbal abuse from Gary, best of the best suddenly “pedestrian grub” Gary’s so shitty he has to cover for George and throw in some nasty to keep MC standards up.

    • The challenge was not to replicate the dish, but the “essence” of the memory – a sort of bullshit Heston type of challenge. They (rightly) flayed Timbogan for just doing a mock-paella, instead of extracting the essence of it and Mastercheffing it up. Then they did their best to try and make Nicole “get” the challenge and glide into the immunity spot by blatantly telling her not to replicate Peking Duck, but draw on the gist of the dish instead. And I note that no-one asked her where the rest of the duck was or banged on about wastage! So it was obvious that they wanted Timbogan to fail and possibly Nicole to succeed. Pity in the latter case that she’s too dense to understand the wankery that is “conceptual cooking”.

      Anushka understood that the challenge was more than just duplicating a memorable dish, but then went on to try and do just that. She’s a bit lost at the moment, which is a pity as she seems the most grounded of this motley crew. I was really surprised that Christina’s dish made the cut as it was just a bog standard Thai larb, with no Mastercheffy touches at all. So she serves bog standard larb and is praised and others who serve bog standard dishes are told that they are pedestrian.

      And am I the only one who thinks that taking someone to a Thai cooking class on a first date is weird? I’d be steering clear of that bloke for sure.

  8. Why do they persist in making dishes that usually take them 4 hours when they have 45 minutes? Have they not watched previous seasons & seen what a disaster it always turns out to be? So the ‘best’ 3 was actually the least worst. They were all pretty dreadful. How did Tessa not go through to the pressure test?

    • The problem is that if you only cook what can be done in 45 minutes, then we end up with all the repetitious dishes that are driving the viewers crazy.

      Here’s a radical thought – tell them to make something that takes 4 hours, give them 3-4 hours to do it, and then reward the most technically correct. Forget the time pressure, and push the quality pressure.

    • Since they can only send 3 persons to the pressure test, they have to pick the worse 3. They should shock them and said all 5 were so sub standard for Top 9 that all of them are going to the pressure test.

      I have yet to see an outstanding dish from these lot that we can cook at home. Not those miserly piece of meat on a big plate

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