1. Have many of these contestants even watched MasterChef? Why are they looking so perplexed when the chef is being described? I would have guessed who it is after it was said it’s sweet week.

  2. I’m sort of picking my favoured contestants now – I like a couple of the guys and Christina, would like to see the back of Steph and Tessa. I still don’t know everyones name.

    Sandeep making a banana split has me barracking for him tonight because it is such a basic try for someone who apparently doesn’t do many sweets. And I figure this dish will not have it, but I feel a banana split needs the dreadful but necessary maraschino cherries.

  3. Cereal milk panna cotta was huge, what, two years ago. Still, glad Ben got some air time. Anushka’s dessert looked gorgeous. Yet again Derek fails by being too ambitious. This is becoming a pattern. Rough puff in that time frame and deep-fried ice cream was never going to be achievable.

    • Agree with Derek. Always bite more than he can chew. But why didn’t he use the blast chiller to chill the pastry? Tessa did the mille feuille in the immunity challenge and did it in 75 mins

      • Yup! This guy killed me! Why pushed yourself so hard on a cook that might sent you to E!!??!
        I have a slight feeling he’s going home tonight.

  4. Hmm sweet week is making me reconsider my votes in the poll of most overdone MC dish. I was happy with pork belly, but honestly ANOTHER BLOODY PANA COTTA and more flaming icecream. To be frank, I don’t think I would have ordered any of those desserts. I like honeycomb, but hate cola. I like brandy snaps, but cola. . .
    I am team Derek purely because he DOES try other stuff and doesn’t just go the pana cotta route to mediocrity.
    I am getting dark horse vibes from Christina, Von. I am reluctantly acknowledging that Steph does some good stuff, but the price we pay for competence seems to be deeply irritating. I know people like Simon but I find his disingenuous ‘I’m just a bloke giving it a go’ shtick super annoying.
    There is practically no one that I actually LIKE this year!

    • It’s so hard to like anyone this season but I am slowly warming up to Nicole and Derek ( love how he pushed himself and at the same time yelling at him wtf are you doing!? )
      I like Ben but only because the judges have no interested in him. I am surprised he’s still in the comp while Simon Derek or St… could be gonski tonight

  5. Am I the only one puzzled why Tessa’s dish got tasted in that mystery box? Her dish seemed reasonably uninterested and the finished product wasn’t even appealing? The feedback wasn’t great ( which is rather obvious looking at the dish)

  6. How hilarious was George trying to cut through that flan with the metal thingy still on the bottom?

  7. I’m a bit upset that one of three that I rather like will go home tonight, after doing a two-day complicated recipe – when last week it was cook what yer like and we had (soggy) salt and pepper squid, ffs… Agree, it is nice to see Ben featured. I love his happy smile, so toothy and sincere. It seemed to tickle Heston also, when Ben lit up at the success of his dish and the praise.

    There is at least one too many platinum blondes, still…

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