MasterChef Sun – Use everything mystery box

This is my kind of mystery box challenge: Tonight they have to use EVERYTHING in the box, all eight ingredients. Expect some weird ice cream and at least one person will surely burn or forget an item.



  1. I love this challenge. The contestants sometimes come up with really dumb and/or hilarious combinations.

    The one ingredient that just doesn’t seem to go with any of the others is either pickled or turned into a side salad.

    • But it is Abbey’s favourite. It is beautiful. Fennel is beautiful. Please imagine me saying that while waving my hands expressively and hogging air time.

  2. When did Brussels sprouts become such a tricky vegetable that its mere presence stressed half of these people? Did Gary seriously mean he didn’t know the sprouts would roast? Even on the stem, sprouts will roast in the oven. This has become amateur hour.

    • Ironically, I hate brussellsprouts (my name is actually to do with the fact that I say “far out” all the time and hence the quote “Far Out Brussell Sprout”, not the veg!). But they are not exactly a hard veg to cook. To me a hard veg is artichoke, as I (like Waleed in the elimination) am clueless on how to cook them.

      • I used to dislike them as well. But a few years ago I found a recipe that seemed appealing, and now I eat them often.

        Cut sprouts in half lengthwise, place cut side down in a fry pan with sauteed garlic and butter, cover and ignore for 10 – 15 minutes. Texture and flavour is so much better than other ways of cooking them. Recipe says to discard the garlic, but I eat that too.

  3. What they had to cook with: Brussels spouts (stalks optional), lamb rack, lemon, olive oil (subtle plug for Cobram – what, you’ve never heard of ‘me?), Rosemary, leek, parsnip, Greek yoghurt (Coles brand). So no pig’s ears or dragonfruit to throw them off.

  4. Should have been a mystery box with at least one or two ingredients that would be more of a challenge to go with the others. All of those ingredients worked well together so not difficult.
    Should the judges be giving advice that might change the outcome? One example would be Abbey’s chunky and grainy looking puree. Would her dish have been one of the top 3 if they hadn’t suggested making it smoother and pillowy?

    • I thought that too, but do acknowledge that she pulled off a puff pastry in a short time and she actually tried something different and didn’t go down the standard meat & veg route.

  5. So the judges complained one dish wasn’t hot enough, then came Tessa’s dish. Careful what you wish for. They thought Tessa broke George. So funny.

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