MasterChef Thurs: herbs & spices

Maggie Beer is back for the elimination challenge which will take place over two rounds. In round one, the contestants must celebrate herbs from the garden. In round two, they must feature spices.



  1. wow, who da thunk…. Tati cooking in banana leaves again. I saw in the ad that Maggie nearly chokes to death when she tries a mouthful. Ta ta, Tati?

  2. “It’s deja vu all over.” You’ve nailed the meaning of that expression, Larissa, but let’s see if you nail the dish. Ooh, change of plan now. I do wish you good luck.

    • Oh dear lord!
      I can acknowledge she was a good cook but wow so grating. And pulling out tears at judging … oh dear.
      But now we have Timtalk commentary so I’m not off scot free!

    • The judges didn’t even want to give the bad critiques for Abbey’s dish. If she has cook this dish in the audition week, she will never get the white apron.

  3. George suggesting the people in black aprons do star jumps shows again what a prize wank he can be. What was the point of trying to make the contestants look foolish? The two who did it…should think before they respond to anything he says.

    Abbey is not good at handling any pressure. I hope tonight we see the end of her run.

  4. I can put up with Maggie Beer unless she starts the drama queen performance over chilli. She knows it doesn’t agree with her, or she’s convinced herself of that, so why didn’t she excuse herself from tasting that dish? Her hack, hack, cough, then grabbing her throat made me want to smack her.

    And, judges, stop using “hero” as a verb. Grrr.

    • Yes. She is getting that classic winner edit of practically invisible until she “suddenly” shines at critical times.

  5. I hope she finds an apprenticeship at a seafood restaurant or similar – she’s very good with fish. Just realised Ben of the Hawaiian shirts is from Adelaide so I will have to barrack for him. My revised final three: Simon, Christina and a blonde ponytailer (Tessa or Nicole).

    • I agree Juz – I would be perfectly happy to eat her food. Many things she dished up looked great.
      I just don’t wish to interact with her as a Masterchef contestant/mouthpiece.
      When she obediently did the starjumps at George’s dumbarse request it was truly and indication of where her head was.

    • Yes, Abbey is quite a good cook. Hopefully she is not so up herself that she won’t do anything apprenticeship

  6. Tati is so one note. She should have been sent to elimination for doing the same thing once again. Curry and banana leaves…boring. Let’s see how she does during sweet week.
    I thought that Maggie turned around so she could spit out Tati’s food.
    Neither round 1 nor round 2 were difficult elimination challenges.

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