MasterChef Thurs: Massimo is here

The top 10 are joined by the world’s top chef Massimo Bottura and asked to cook with ingredients that are very close to Massimo’s heart: ones that are frequently disposed of.



  1. How many amatas will have an on screen organism when the best chef in the universe walks in? Personally, I’ve never heard of this ****. Will he have tattoos? Can he boil eggs?

    I better be at Coles at sparrow’s to get some of these alleged ingredients. Or rooting through the abattoir dumpsters.

    We’ve never had a dumpster diving challenge on Ma$terchef. These are worthy contenders~ best of the best , after all is said and done.

  2. Sheez. Simple Simon has reinforcement of his basic ideas & skills by “the best chef in the world”. Oh, such a travesty of justice when you consider what the others have devised and attempted. I wonder if Simon could have created the dinner I’m currently eating: toasted sourdough baguette (from a fab bakery), avocado (sliced, not smashed) with vlack pepper, red salad onion, Lebanese cucumber, yellow capsicum & haloumi sauteed in olive oil & the haloumi with fresh lemon squeezed over with lemon juice, rocket & salad leaves. Assembly. And now Simon is ” Bending his brain”? I’m doubled over in torturous observation.

  3. Guest chef is influencing the judges divisions. Leave Anushka alone. She did meet the brief. So what if she only picked the milk. As long as she present a good dish.

    • They were pushing those green bananas. First with Anushka and then with Tati. Good for Anushka for sticking with what she knows and likes. They told the contestants they only needed to use one ingredient from the table so they shouldn’t have had a problem with her just using the milk but I believe she also used the bread.

      • The judges have a clear vision, get rid of Ben or Anushka. Why put so much pressure on he with banana? They were pretty easy with Larrisa using just the bread and milk?
        Tati needs to go home and give her husband hugs!

  4. Ben never listen. They already said not to waste and try to use everything. He picked the duck and heroing the duck. But he didn’t cook the whole duck, just the breast meat.

    Sometimes I think contestants just want to cook something to show off they forgot about time constraints or the brief.

    • Cooking the whole duck, what a risk for an amata to try. He might as well try to cook the duck hole.

    • In the real world you would make soup or whatever out of the leftover duck the next day. What they really want is someone to serve cauliflower seven ways.

  5. Simon boiled 2 eggs & broke one, said one of the judges, but it does’t matter, there’s one. Another travesty of justice!

  6. Ben looks like he was happy to leave! He have enough of the bs from the judges and who could blame him.

  7. One of the most irritating eps evahh. Hypocritical virtue-signalling at its finest.
    As if any of those judges would use half-dead ingredients in one of their restaurants – and as if they don’t waste food.

    So who the hell is Massimo and who voted his restaurant the ‘best in the world,’ his nonna? This guy was a jerk.
    He tells Anushka to use green bananas, even though she’s completely unfamiliar with them. And who is? Her refusal was never going to end well.

    And if you’re chastising someone for using duck because it’s too expensive, take off your pricey Gucci runners, Signore.
    Interesting that Ben’s duck was deemed ‘undercooked.’ I’ve previously seen ducks still quacking on a plate – and the judges said ‘cooked perfectly.’
    They’ve been riding him for so long and just wanted him out. Their rudeness was cringeworthy.

    Oh but Tati, the Queen of Bananas had a sudden epiphany and knew what to do with the green ones … yeah, right. And i think the fridge is the only thing she hasn’t hugged so far, but it’s only a matter of time.

    Soy Boy was always going to get this right, no matter what he did. I like the way he utilises the dandruff from his long, greasy hair as it’s so totally like organic.

    Good job by Larissa – glad she and Anushka are safe. Nicole and Christina, the bookends, smirking from the top, not so good.

    • Gotta be cruel to be kind, I always say, lulu.

      Would the best chef in the world go on Ma$terchef? Or even have the time to hang with the Stooges? The foyer of the wanderful Ma$terchef Kitchin would be crammed with wankers, ex contestants,ice cream and fennel freaks and so on calling themselves a “chef”, claiming the dubious title. Such is the stuff of Ma$terchef Dreams.

      Apart from Shakespeare , Mohammed Ali , The Beatles and the people who write Bold And The Beautiful, who can really claim to be the “best” in the world?

    • Massimo just seemed a bit arrogant and rude and the stooges joined in. I honestly thought that Massimo was going to throw Ben’s and Anushka’s plates of food across the room.
      Simon challenges himself by making a Caesar salad. LOL What will he make next? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

  8. I don’t think that the judges explained the brief very well. All they said was to bring them a dish using at least one of the four named ingredients that Aussies throw away. All five of them met that brief. What wasn’t really spelled out was that everything they did had to minimise waste, though if they are all fans of Massimo Bottura they should have been aware of his “Food for Soul” idea and realised that would be part of the deal.

    I have to say that Anushka’s dish didn’t look that nice, though I wondered why they criticised her choice of using just the one”waste” ingredient, as she wasn’t alone in choosing the one ingredient. Larissa only took the bread and Ben only took the radicchio. I thought that Larissa did a smashing job – she really is very creative with her desserts. I could never have dreamed that up in a million years. She’s going to have no trouble finding work in the industry after the series finishes.

    I’m not a fan of either Simon or Tati, but tonight both of them produced dishes that met the stated brief as well as the implied brief and both dishes sounded really nice – full of flavour and really going to town on the “no waste” idea – Tati from a genuine point of view, Simon because he REALLY knows how to brown nose. He was so blatantly obsequious to Massimo that it was toe curling.

    Poor Ben totally missed the unspoken brief, so it was a no brainer that he was going home. As others have said, the judges have been on his back since day one. The duck did not “go to waste” because it could be used another day for another dish – what a ridiculous bit of faux shocked nonsense from Massimo and George.

    I am passionate about not wasting anything, but I agree that there was a lot of virtue signalling going on today – every time one of the stooges opened their mouth, my eyes started rolling. I especially did a double roll when Matt piously said that “Two million people a day in Australia go hungry”, as he perhaps needs to take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror. If he (and Gary) donated half of what they filled their face with each day, they could possibly single handedly end hunger in Australia. And please … the guys who were filling their greedy gobs with heaped spoonfuls of the best of the best caviar that costs $35,000 a kilo a couple of days ago have no right to bang on about hunger, waste, expensive proteins. It smacks of looking for the moral high ground and garnering brownie points. Pathetic.

    • Ben’s dish was him on a plate….. a dead duck.

      The Stooges destroyed (“mentored”) him psychologically.

    • Totally agree. Coming a couple of days after the caviar orgasms the hypocrisy was totally staggering. . .

  9. Yes, Tati did a nice dish because she was able to do the peanut sauce. All you need is a good peanut sauce for gado gado.

    She will be in trouble is she can’t cook anything Indonesian or Asian.

  10. That was one DEEPLY annoying episode and not just because the judges finally managed to axe Ben which they have been dying to do for weeks.

    The judge was horrible, the whole faux outrage at waste when they have to uncap a fresh bottle of sponsor olive oil EVERY episode is staggeringly hypocritical.

    By the looks of the promo they are well back in normal Masterwaste territory again next week, so that using up waste pretend challenge will be forgotten.
    I did find it hilarious that the waste table was laden with about 100 times more stuff than the contestants could possibly use, even if they had all chosen the same waste ingredient. Hypocrisy off the scale.

    Gary and George were just plain HORRIBLE to both Anushka and Ben and pretty unpleasant all round. I did not enjoy this episode one little bit.

    But the worst was Simon. When he bowed and genuflected and basically salaamed out the door of the tasting, MY dinner was at risk. He CREEPS me out big time. In fact, he is the big target for my loathing now – his whole ‘oh shucks I’m just a boy with a dream’ disingenuous act (which fell apart under pressure when he was deeply horrible to Anoushka when he was a captain) is very hard to watch.

    Someone remind me again that watching this is meant to be fun? I fear I am close to dropping masterchef too – Losing MKR didn’t cause me grief. The happy fun and warm masterchef vibe seems to be lost in nasty bitter masterchef with fame-hungry contestants and sniping judges.

    • Yes, Simon is creepy, and I’m not buying his wide-eyed earth-child act. He’s 32 and could be serial killer on the side.

      And Banana Queen isn’t far off, with her gushing, grimacing and bewildered expressions.
      Tati tears up big time and tells Massimo how proud she is of him for saving all the starving people – he nods gravely, in agreement – they hug.
      A mutual wank-fest … and horrible to watch.

      • Yes to the serial killer vibes. He has that strange toothy laugh that just does not include his eyes – it’s very creepy. Not to mention that when Ben was announced as the one going home, Simon had his huge maniacal grin going – what a tosser. Sadly, he knows how to flatter and butter up the Stooges so he will go far.

        I think this has been the most boring season I’ve ever seen (apart from that strange season somewhere in the middle where the contestants were all pre-chosen carwrecks).

  11. I am not sure about throwing bread. Our bread goes straight into the freezer.

    Milk has such a long expiry date and not sure what they add into it, it hardly goes off even after the expiry date.

    With bananas, you can throw them into the freezer for banana cakes or smoothies.

    I would said the salad leaves are the one that go limp and mushy if you keep them for a few days.

  12. Oh my God if they told Anushka one more fucking time to use bananas, after she had EXPRESSLY told them she didn’t like them, I was going to scream. As a fellow banana hater you don’t want to be anywhere NEAR a banana let alone have to TOUCH it & peel it’s skin off. Just having them on the table would have been bad enough. They STINK & you can smell them a mile away. As for poor Ben, they told them not to pick lobster. They didn’t say anything about not picking duck. Here’s an idea. How about NOT putting things in the pantry they can’t use?

    • I thought the same thing. Why put products in the pantry if they weren’t allowed to use them? If they had to keep them in the pantry it would have been easy to cover up the products that shouldn’t be used. If they actually wanted this to be a use everything challenge then they should have just presented the contestants with a table of scraps/leftovers from which to choose as well as some staples and then had them create dishes from those items.

      Did anyone notice how Mossimo shook his head from side to side when Anushka presented her dish? That was rude and not necessary. It was obvious that he as well as the stooges weren’t going to like her dish. I wonder if they would have praised the dish if she would have used the green bananas.

      This was a horrible episode. I really wanted Anushka to tell the stooges and rude guest chef where to stick those bananas.

      • Yeah I thought he was very rude how he shook his head. I even tweeted it. I thought she backed down and put the banana in at the last minute.
        They did the same thing with the non sugar challenge the other day. Poor Derek was running back & forth getting stuff & being told he couldn’t use it. Talk about a waste of fucking time. Not to mention exhausting.

      • Smythe, I totally agree with the idea of them simply being given a table of the waste products and told to make something – no pantry, no garden, no bloody sponsor’s olive oil, no staples (as some people do not have this luxury) – just cook us a dish with stuff that poor people have to cook with.

        I come from an impoverished background (dad in a seasonal, poorly paid job and ten kids to feed) and my mother could magic a dinner out of nothing. It might not have been Masterchef standard, but it was filling, warm and nourishing. I don’t know how she did it. Give her those four ingredients and she’d come up with a feast for the twelve hungry mouths she had to feed. Try that night after night for years and years Massimo, you smug, pious, annoying git.

        The Stooges really outdid themselves in arse kissing and sycophant crawling tonight – too starry eyed to see that the emperor was wearing no clothes. I think Anushka wasn’t buying into the hero worship (she certainly wasn’t naming her dog after him like some serial suck up I can think of) and Massimo doesn’t do well with those who don’t treat him and his ego like the second coming of Jesus. Massimo is an arrogant and rude bully and the Stooges were like pathetic hangers on – it was like an episode straight out of Lord of the Flies. A new low point in Masterchef – the worst of the worst.

  13. Only 5 people cooking and they waited such a long time to tell Ben that his duck wasn’t going to cut it? Anyway not that sad to see him go, making top ten is probably his ceiling.

    Didn’t enjoy Massimo’s presence, came across as arrogant, especially to Anushka.

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