MasterChef Wed: Family challenge

The contestants must cook a four-course meal for the Best Diners In The World while showcasing the Best Ingredients In The Country. Little do they know, the diners are their loved ones.

Please note the capital letters above are not mine. I am picturing George in my head saying them.



      • I read an interview recently with “Icecream Ben” from a couple of seasons ago and he said that Gary was the most critical and hard of the three judges.

  1. All Tati did was preparing the curry sauce. She is incharge of the fish but didn’t even filter the fish. Then poor Anushka have to do it. Now she can’t finish her dessert.

  2. I thought Anushka’s son was her husband at first, until she moved on to a slightly older looking guy. But tears notwithstanding, she put out a great dessert.

    Who made Nicole co-captain, the way she was bossing everyone around? She and her platinum twin, Christina, are irritating. And I’m tipping bogan boy did nothing much, other than fry the steak. Why, why is he still there?

    Hope Larissa and Anushka survive – and that Tati returns to Mr. Banana Leaf, her beloved.

  3. Overall I think the Green Team’s menu was the best (apart from the dessert) and they deserved to win.

    I laughed at Simon rolling out the magic Beetroot and Grape Molasses yet again – are we going to see that in every dish he makes from now onwards? A bit of melted cheese on radicchio (even with the magic molasses) was never going to beat a great cheese tart. And speaking of repetitive, a “fiss” curry yet again? Though blessedly minus the ubiquitous banana leaf. Again I thought the Green team’s fish dish sounded so much tastier. Ditto the beef, as the Yellow team’s dish looked quite monochrome and unappetising. Anushka’s dessert though was great, especially considering that she had to interrupt all the time to help out the others – I really hope that she survives the pressure test tomorrow.

    Comedy moment tonight was when Timbogan said “I think we should let the beef speak for itself” and the camera panned to the silent slab of dead cow. God he talks a load of meaningless bollocks sometimes. Though tonight Nicole took the prize for her gushing inanely over the privilege of working with these wonderful ingredients. Give it a rest!

  4. I hate to admit it but the combo of working late (exciting news my project went live successfully!) and well, Actually Not Really Giving a Toss meant I didn’t watch it all that carefully and kind of missed the salient points.
    Who lost?
    Is there an actual elimination this week?

        • Ta Ta…Tati. I hope. Simon would be my next choice. He made another simple dish. I like Ben, but he really failed with cooking the beef and the way he sliced it although his teammates gave it a pass. Felt bad for Anushka.
          Was really hoping the green team would fail, Tessa would use the immunity pin and Tim would go home. Oh well..not going to happen.

          • Yep I am really just attached to Ben for his twitter game excellence, not his actual cooking :).

            I feel quite comfortable with this stance as the judges are attached to some contestants for their blondeness or youth or willingness to gush over middle aged men.

            Full disclosure: I am also prejudiced against others for crimes unrelated to their cooking ability. Example – Inane Commentary (I’m looking HARD at you Timbogan, but dear departed Abbey usually was a strong podium finish in this category). Another crime – Misplaced Confidence, allied with Trendy Obsessions (Simon is an outright winner here – and he takes home the special award of “Carrying Yourself with the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man”).

          • Tessa doesn’t have an immunity pin. She used it last week to get in the top ten and not have to cook in the sugar free thing.

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