MasterChef Wed – Hanging Rock team challenge

Contestants find themselves in the Macedon Ranges for this team challenge: a picnic at Hanging Rock. What will be a surprise is who is the guest chef – none other than the beloved Maggie Beer.

Hanging Rock? Does George don a white dress and disappear, tweezers in hand?



  1. So Abbey just put her hand up for hummus. Then the other team also do hummus. Really?? Can’t do some other dips?

  2. Maggie Beer, hey? Someone should make some dip using verjuice, nut-brown butter, and some lovely vegetables that were burnished just enough to develop that sweetness, but not enough to burn them.

  3. Abbey can’t even get the hummus right. And she only have 1 thing to do.Steph was doing hummus and bread

    • Geez, take some out of the processor so you have a small amount to blitz. Or get a stick blender. You can do a basic hummus just with tinned chickpeas (don’t drain them like everyone does), garlic, lemon juice and tahini. If her head’s not in the game the captain should set her a repetitive task like veg prep

    • All of the above, except peel them.
      Seriously guys, the difference between peeled and unpeeled chickpeas in hummus is the same as the difference between home made gnocchi and Woolies gnocchi. Like not the same game even.
      Did they have tinned? Or did they have to soak and cook? You know, like the criticism when using a pre-made curry sauce. Or dried spaghetti.
      I’m sure there was a pressure cooker there. Duh. 10 minutes.
      I have too many questions. But still the main one is, why pick hummus in the first place when there were so many better options that could actually show off skills.

  4. I feel bad laughing at Abbey failing hummus. But only a little bad, a whole BIG and mean-spirited part of me found failing blender use pretty darn amusing.
    Then I laughed at myself as my idea of hummus is exactly what Juz described as basic! oops. . .
    Juz got my hopes up that George would disappear into the ether. I know my way around disappointment now though and fully expect Abbey to survive elimination. We are always out on Thursday evenings so it’s a catchup thing. I am sure Twitter will go off if there is an upset elimination.

  5. I was hoping that the green team would go to elimination and that maybe Tim would be booted but that team actually did really well and Derek was an excellent choice for captain.
    BTW, do the contestants know what is available to them in the pantry before they create the menus? Do they get to look through the pantry and that’s just not shown in the edit? Seems weird that they are creating the menus before they have checked out the pantry.

    • The cynical me. My thoughts. They already knew who is going to be the Captain. You noticed they always pick someone who have not been captain before.

      I also think they knew what the challenge going to be.

      Didnt Anushka was practicing making dumplings at the house and they have the dumplings challenge.

      They mentioned Simon has done the salt baked beetroot at the house before. Derek also cooked something at the house before and then cook it at the MC kitchen.

      • That makes sense Littlepetal. It is very possible that they know what they are doing beforehand for most of the challenges so they can start to make plans. You are not being cynical, just logical.

    • I was actually thinking last night about all the equipment etc they had, out there in the open field. ‘Someone’ knows exactly what is to be cooked so all the correct appliances can be supplied, eg 3 pressure cookers for one team to cook their beef. Surely everything imagineable isn’t shipped around on the off chance that it will be needed.
      Also, as soon as the judges opened the red team’s basket I could tell by the expressions on their faces that that team would be the loser.

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