MasterChef Wed: perfect partners

The team challenge requires contestants to create a delicious, sweet dish that is identical in look, texture and flavour to their teammate’s dish. Communication is key.



  1. Gary really really don’t like Ben. When Ben’s pannacotta didn’t set, he just has the look of disgust instead of sympathy

  2. Stuff the challenge. Contestants, stop saying “impordent”.

    It is important to me that you say “important” so I don’t have to grind my teeth and scream IMPORTANT at the tv.

  3. Ben looked genuinely surprised to be safe, but I think he and Larissa did a good job as that dessert had a lot of components, far more than the dish made by the Barbie twins. I thought it was a pretty pointless challenge, as in a commercial kitchen, you would be working side by side and see what each of you is doing.

    As this is the business end of the competition, they will want to even up the male/female ratio, so my guess is that either Tati or Anushka will be getting the elbow tomorrow.

    • Plus a million to this.

      Another pointless challenge that simply panders to the Masterchef conceit that the amatas LONG to be in a commercial kitchen. Clearly they don’t. They want to be insta-famous and have their tv fame moments – if they wanted to truly work in a kitchen they’d do the hard yards apprenticeship with low wages, long hours and no recognition. So give up this crap.

      I honestly fail to see why they are back pushing this barrow of commercial kitchen nonsense. Their most successful products are surely people like Poh and Adam Liaw, Julie Goodwin, etc who parley their love of food and cooking into a food related career, not necessarily in a kitchen.

      oops. that came out a tad more ranty than I anticipated.

  4. Tati, Anushka or Sandeep will probably be eliminated.
    I thought Ben and Larisa would fail. They both seemed frustrated and Ben’s panna cotta looked like it had not firmed up in the middle.
    These contestants can add whatever flavors they choose but a panna cotta is a panna cotta and it’s getting VERY boring to see so many of them making one. Looks like there will be another one in the elimination challenge.

  5. All that yelling and screaming made it an annoying episode to watch. Just hoping Tati or Sandeep goes, neither have shown anything outside of their comfort zone and have already outlasted stronger cooks.

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