1. oh YAY oh YAY oh YAY.
    That is my birthday so THANK YOU Australian survivor for providing an excellent gift!

  2. I liked Champions vs Contenders for one go-around, but I’m not sure I want it to be a permanent theme. But it rated its socks off, didn’t it? So I imagine that’s why they’re doing it again.

    Doesn’t matter. I’ll be watching.

    • I get that they need to attract newbie viewers with the celeb angle, but it sucks for the diehard fans. Especially if the challenges are super physical and we get a one-sided outcome like last year, when champs barely went to tribal. And they waited ages to do swaps, so mateship alliances were already formed bleagh

      • I would prefer just newbies no champions. It’s a reality tv show, there are plenty of awesome newcomers. I don’t want to see champions picked apart for their personality flaws. Can’t we let them just enjoy their wins? Maybe just a champions only version?

    • Me too. He was great. I am very excited and don’t even care about the celebrity angle – if that’s what it takes to get people to watch it and this means they keep making it. . . I’m HAPPY!

  3. Horrah for something to watch!
    I do agree with Windsong, would prefer a regular season, but at least it’s back!
    I didn’t really watch the last 5-6 eps of the most recent US season so hopefully this is a better watch.

  4. Giddy up!
    Would prefer a heap of newbies but happy to watch as i think the Aus version is tops!
    Did i miss season 39 in the US, was it recently on Go?
    Only was aware of 40th season with all the returning winners, not sure i gonna watch that….

    • Yes you missed Edge of Extinction which features the return of Aubrey, Joe, David Wright and Kelley Wentworth. It was underwhelming apart from a few new “characters” due to the twist

  5. Looking forward but I want to see more than Russell Hantz Lite like last year.

    Yea verily it is written, just as Ma$terchef favoureth the nubile blonde, doth $urvivor cater to the sporting boofs like Andrew $hittinghausen and Steven Drabdury. The entire cast will be eaten by crocodiles and Steven Bradbury won’t be eaten and he’ll win Survivor.

  6. I’m thinking, because, as Luke says in his video, that because the champs are all pushing 50 the contenders may actually win some challenges this season

    • Well, I’m not going to lie. I’m certainly paying attention.

      I fall in love with one Australian reality TV game show contestant annually, so, I’m due for one.

      I still miss my handsome prince Robbie, though.

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