Daisy’s On the Road Again – Prague, Bratislava, Zagreb

Without Willie. Some Pink Floyd, Maria Muldaur, JJCale…..
We are now at the border between Czechia and Slovakia. Woolif is just collecting some sticker that we need on our windscreen so we don’t spend the night in a Slovaki jail. Goodbye Czechia. I 💖 you. Well we saw Prague. The people were so relaxed and friendly. I love that. Strangers having a good chat. I even had people calling me in to a restaurant to join them in a rousing song. I would have gone to but Woolif isn’t the rousing song type. I absolutely recommend Prague old town for a holiday.
Now we will spend a couple of nights on the move. It’s a road trip through Bratislava, Slovakia (tonight) and Zagreb, Croatia (tomorrow). So I have downsized from 2 big cases (I need my things, and an extra case means I can bring back presents), to my wheelie carry on. Sort of like a back packer. 😄

Woolif is back, whingeing about getting rippe off on the exchange rate at the border. BTW, don’t you think he is looking a bit like Warren Mitchell? (Sorry, Daisy, having trouble with pix tonight – Juz)



  1. We had been watching Sam and Audrey on You tube for a few months and they had recommended Modra something starting an H. Hviezda, I think..
    This was pork with pumkin, roast macadamia nuts and crandberries. Then we had a local dessert; walnut dumplings.
    It was a really nice blue cave restaurant on a hill.

  2. We had the choice of driving through Hungary or Austria to reach Zagreb. Sorry Juz, in the end we chose Austria. The little we saw, we really liked..
    Here is Edlitz. Had we known how nice Austria was, we would have had last night’s stopover, here.

  3. My tiny glimpse of Austria. It was lovely and I got to use my rusty highschool German a couple of times.

  4. They say things like Gutte Fahrt. And Gross Farter. 😂😂😂😂 Pardon my 13 year old boy humour.

    • If I didn’t know better and with my tinnitus, I’d say that sounded like “get fucked”. I might not last long in Austria. Pardon my 62 year old gross farter humour.

      • 😂😂

        Damn I just knelt on my tab charger so no pics of any farters of any kind, until Monday I think, when electronic shops open. Unless I can figure out how to share from my phone to ttv.
        ATM, stuck at the border with a million other cars, waiting to enter Croatia.

  5. We have been through 4 countries today because after Slovakia, and Austria, we had to pass through Slovenia before entering Croatia. Getting through the Croatian border added about an hour and a half to our trp.

  6. Dinner in Zagreb: rolled veal, potato croquettes, puréed peas ( ha ha, I know you’re sick of that from Masterchef.

  7. The apartment’s very large and comfy. Always better than a hotel room. Large bedroom, king bed, kitchen, big bathroom/laundry, washing machine and dryer.

  8. We just realized; from Austria to here, no litter, not even at the side of roads. It’s cleaner than Australia.
    Not a can, no paper, nothing

    • Thanks for the suggestion Zhee. Well, we are no spring chickens, so this might be our last drive through. Arthur was flat on his back, snoring like an old tractor by 5.30. I would like to be able to return to Europe but it’s very expensive.
      If we get one more trip to Europe, I would consider us very fortunate.

      • Yeah, understandable. My dad planned a trip to NZ after his retirement but now he says he just feels a bit too old, especially withbthe long flight.

  9. Oh my goodness. I am in heaven. Old ruins, (no cheeky remarks), and the sea. The stone boardwalk has been constructed like a flute for the waves and you can sit out there and hear the waves sing. I love the sea, but I wasn’t sure how you go when there is no beach, even a pebble one.
    I heard the Adriatic was really cold but, I climbed down and felt it. It was normal.

  10. This is our very temporary home in Zadar. It has a park and an ancient church one side and a large bay the other side. We go to Dubrovnik tomorrow and I can finally get out my bathers. Yay. Expect no bikini shots. 😣

  11. Now we are driving to Dubrovnik. I don’t know a lot about the Soviet Bloc, but Croatia seems to have moved in more than Bratislava, where we were greeted at the hotel reception by Boris and Natasha and where the lobby was large and gleaning with cleanliness but had the warmth of a funeral parlour.
    Anyway, Croatia has the sea, the ancient buildings, friendly people and delicious food.
    I’m not suggesting that the people of Slovakia weren’t friendly. Just that hotel reception was weird. And the big, strong ox behind the desk left us to be our own porters.

  12. I am in the car, jogging around, and the morning sun is shining on my scree, so please excuse more than usual typos.

    So last night Woolif and I had our first argument. It was at a restaurant. The friendly waiter asked him if he enjoyed his monkfish (Woolif had insisted I try a mouthful. 😣 Yuk). Woolif had like it but he told the waiter, “”Yes. It was strange”. The poor waiter looked offended, and I was left trying to explain to Woolif how “strange” is not a compliment. Which made Woolif mad.
    Me, “You have a strange face”.. “Your head looks strange”. Woolif never likes to learn a lesson. Like when he handed to money changer in Prague $50 through the little tray before concluding negotiations, and couldn’t het it back. Why can’t some people just go, “Duh?”. Let me explain. He has an ego issue where he can’t be wrong or make a mistake so he will defend his honour. He’s a know all who likes to inform locals about their own country and he doesn’t like me to whisper under my breath, “Stop talking”. 😂😂😂😂
    Why am I telling you this? To make it real.

  13. When people are together travelling, they usually butt heads, so for Woolif and me, it’s often about what I might call his lack of self/others awareness, his Aspergers. It’s useful for him because he can go through life like Mr McGoo, while I am cringing and palm slapping my forehead.
    But so far in fact, it’s all been pretty light and easy. No real fights.

    • It looks like sugar cubes.
      I’m guessing it’s cheap to build, and wouldn’t fall down …. unlike our lot.

      • A lot of it’s been up for 1 300 years or more. Some we saw 2 000. The ‘sugar cubes’ probably not so much. Zadar has a really great seaside feel. If you’re ever planning a trip and you want somewhere less crowded than Dubrovnik but still interesting, with restaurants etc. I would say spend a few days to a week here. It’s also more accessible by car so you can day trip without too much hassle.

  14. That’s the new side. The heart of it predates the Roman Empire. History fan, Windsong, this is a place for you.

  15. Woolif’s good points; he lets me write about him.
    He is generous with me.
    He carries the cases.
    He’s an amazing driver.
    His technology skills are excellent.
    Downside; mysogeny
    Likes to fall into playing Dad, which I allow when it suits me, otherwise I say, “Yes, Dad. I guess it’s a bit like Thurston and Luvee. 😂

  16. Hooray, in Croatia I don’t need to keep finding a Euro every time I need to go to the toilet at a roadhouse like we had to in Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. But the coffees are getting smaller and smaller. I think the next one will come in a syringe. Two sips of coffee and topped with froth. 😑

  17. Hell, we’re in Bosnia now. How did that happen? Apparently Bosnia owns this bit.
    That’s whacky.

    But here is Croatia. I can’t wait to jump in.

  18. The next thread will be Dubrovnik. Crowded, ancient land of a million steps or more. And 5 million tourists.

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