1. What a weird judgement/reveal episode, topped off by a ridiculous perfect score given by LLB to a zone where he had several criticisms. That adds fuel to the theory that Pete & Courtney are the favoured ones. Glad to see that the homeowners scored logically, taking into account the destroying of the skating area. and the wall paint and door colours. Wendy made a big thing of blocking the garage, but I see the removal of that concrete as on par with that as a big no-no.

    My predictions re the boys was wrong, mainly because they had to give the bonus points to bring them back up to the pack. Lisa’s observation that similarly unfinished zones had scored under 5 previously was very valid. However, the judges obviously lifted the scores because of the out-of-the-garage part, which was nice.

    Wendy was totally illogical about the re-do. I felt she was clutching at straws to justify giving a fail, just to build the tension. What happened to the pale green craft trolley and basketfuls of craft equipment we saw Matt buying at Spotlight? That was meant to lift the “craft” feel of the room, but they didn’t show it. I was confused also about why they kept showing the wardrobe door open, with junk (?) inside.

    Wendy’s remark that the girls did not need a bike area anymore because they had the fairy garden made me groan. Health workers are busting their britches trying to get the exercise message out to kids, and Wendy basically says that it is more desirable for the girls to play stories seated in a little house, than to be riding bikes with their dad. Oh well, at least the fairy garden encourages imagination.

    I noticed that the bad sign in the boys zone had disappeared.

    In summary, the judge’s scoring was mostly illogical, but S&C’s made sense according to their comments about the zones. The 5 was once again warranted, just like before, where half a zone is near perfect and the other half near disastrous.

    • I agree. The judges scores did not correspond with their comments made during the walk through. At the beginning of the garden reno I was hoping the concrete area would not be destroyed but, there you go. Once again very little covering over the outdoor areas with some of the furnishings looking like they would be ruined by the weather. And didn’t the home owners use their garage for their cars?
      I would like to see a program of some homes in previous series to see what, if anything, the home owners had changed.

      • Yes, I would like to see that too. I think that even with having to do major changes, they are still better off having been on the show, because at least the structure has been done (walls, floors, gyprock, cornices and skirting), and most rooms would be easily fixed with paint and furniture.

        The exceptions would be where the layout is wrong (losing bedrooms, bathrooms too big or with toilets in them, babies’ rooms too far away) or major issues like the terrible flooring throughout Tim’s house, or a kitchen that looks terrible (ie black – imo). I hope he wins the money so that fixing that is possible.

        I vaguely remember some past contestant (not a favourite one) later claiming that it cost some amount in the hundreds of thousands to fix their house. I will try to find that.

  2. What was up with that front fence? The top was very uneven, but not in a designer way, more of a “we ran out of time to level it properly” way. Pete seemed to indicate that it was unintentional, and yet it was praised as if it had been cut deliberately in an elegant wave. However, I liked the timber fence, but thought the black gates looked terrible with it. Or, the timber looked terrible with the black gates. Either way, they were very wrong together. Pick one or the other, please.

  3. Boys were scored too high by the judges and surprised that LLB gave Pete and Courtney a 10 for the front yard although it was very nice.

  4. I tend to watch “Ninja Warrior” live, and then record “House Rules” to watch the day after while I’m having lunch.

    There were some very odd things, going on in the episode, last night.

    As obnoxious as Pete and Courtney have been, I did really like the front yard. They had a nice garden and added a useable patch of grass there, which was lovely and functional. Plus, that deck with the steps leading down to the front door? That was beautiful. I’m with Wendy, I really liked that. On the downside, that purple door was very bright, and they really should’ve kept the bin-storage beside the driveway.

    I thought Lisa and Andy did a great job with the backyard. The one thing I didn’t like was the outdoor cinema (I’ll repeat the point that the Sunshine Coast has suffered through one of it’s rainiest winters, ever. It would’ve poured, during the renovation, and in the judge’s walk-through, everything looked soaking wet), and I absolutely would’ve put a verandah or shade-sail over the dining table … but other than that, it looked great. The fairy garden was lovely but a little impractical (the first wind storm, and half of it would be knocked over), but they still turned out a great backyard.

    The less said about Tim and Mat, the better. It did feel like panic. It did seem like they’d just chucked as much stuff as they could, as possible. And all those different clashing colours and styles, how did they not realise that looked ghastly? I liked the outdoor shower, but proper screens (to protect the dining area, and to shield the showering person from view) would’ve helped.

    The scoring was odd. The judges were far more complimentary of the backyard, and yet P/C’s frontyard got a perfect ’10’ from LLB? Um, really? They scored far too highly for Tim and Mat. I liked that even Lisa started lampshading the odd scoring (pointing out how LLB always seems to like Pete and Courtney’s designs regardless, and being surprised that the boys got off so lightly).

    One more garden to go, and then we’re almost done.

    • I have seen elsewhere a very strong conviction that Pete and Courtney are the judge’s favourites. Even though I don’t really like them, I haven’t thought that – more that the scoring was adjusted to make things even. But Lisa obviously sees something that a lot of viewers are noting.

      Just like with Alex and Katie ( who had to be eliminated because they live in the country), it is hard to believe that a team who have performed so well, like the boys, have suddenly lost the plot and created a disaster. In both cases, I am sure that they were sabotaged with some sort of restrictions or requirements that were not their choice. I doubt the boys would have painted the floor unless they were told to. Being given the re-do room was also a way to make sure that they struggled this week and could be given lower scores to level the field (and bring A&L up).

  5. The scoring seemed a little rigged this week. Appears that production wants to ensure that the boys aren’t eliminated hence their generous scoring. I’d be feeling pretty ripped off if I were Lisa and Andy as Lisa was spot on when she said they would have received a much lower score for delivering that standard of reveal. The boys have become a little smug and entitled and I guess it makes sense why now as they are being protected by production based on their earlier work, it’s not really the way the competition is meant to work. If the great job they did on the inside of the houses was to be relevant then the scores need to carry through the entire competition.

  6. ” Where is the screws?” quoth Mat. Gotta be Year 3 English level, how come he’s on an adult show? Maybe like, it’s the innernet, hey?

    I demand a better class of contestant. Pity any children watching, trying to work grammar out.

  7. It is looking more like the producers will eliminate Shayn & Carly this week, although the re-do should be enough to pass (as an aside, I like that it is the judges who decide the pass/fail this season, as it removes the bias of the teams. However, I still don’t like the pass-fail concept – just give a score like all the others). Their outdoor zones are looking pretty ordinary. So glad they got the extra screening for the porch, it looked so silly on only one half. But it would have been logical to tell the boys in advance what you were doing and why.

    By contrast, the boys zone is tizzy and overdone. And hanging plants do not make a “green ceiling”. Too much stuff, and lounge chairs in the middle of the front garden – useless. And, destroying a perfectly good shed when they could have just put it in the back yard for the home owners to decide.

    All the 10s we see in the promos must be for Andy & Lisa. The hot tub is a brilliant idea, but I doubt it was theirs as approval for a pool fence would have been needed well in advance. That space/courtyard is ideal for it, and I like the wood panelling around the walls.

    • I was so angry with the boys for destroying that shed. What a perfect little cubby house that would’ve made. I hope Pete and Courtney’s son is really annoyed with them for tearing that thing down.

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