MasterChef Mon – chocolate pressure test

Champion chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs is in the MasterChef kitchen for this episode’s pressure test. Three contestants from the previous invention test must recreate Kirsten’s apple pie. Who will be going home?



    • I think Anushka will wing it. She is a dessert person. She will have some idea.

      Tati will be the one in trouble. Also first pressure test.

    • Wouldn’t that be a culinary bridge too far for these “best of the best” amatas?

      Peeling an apple might be too much ……

  1. Fireball, and last to be shown tasting, predicts that Tati has not curried enough favour. Bad luck, at least she appeared genuine, unlike simple Simon.

  2. That apple pie does not appeal to me at all, especially the Kermit-green apples and their interiors that look like snot. Sorry Kirsten, but bleh. Gary saying the ones who survive the challenge can leave with “shoulders held high” made me laugh. Is English his first language?

    • I guess “shoulders held back” would be acceptable or understandable but “shoulders held high” shows what a knucklehead Gary is. Like, it’s kind of real impordant not to mix these ancient figures of speech in the wanderful Ma$terchef Kitchin. Gormless Gary might as well have said to the amatas ~ ” We want you to put on a brave torso for today’s Ma$terchef Challenge”

  3. Tati’s never been in a pressah test before? So who was a protected species then, considering she could only cook one thing?
    And I noticed she could say shit, not sit. The accent came and went. Good riddance to the Banana Queen.

    Delighted that Anushka survived, though how her crumb was deemed overcooked, when it was paler and more delicate than Bogan’s is unbelievable. And his was considered perfect?
    Some producer loves him in that joint.

    • “Perfect” can mean so many things on Ma$terchef. Here it means perfect~ for a bogan. The judges blow culinary smoke up his bogan you know where after he’s barely recovered from the savaging he received for his delusions of grandeur bogan take on a Paella last night. Two four six eight, bogan , don’t wait. This guy needs some inspiration from a bogan nonna before it’s too late to save his rissole.

  4. Overall a pretty dull episode again with no real surprise in who went home. The producers tried to whip up uncertainty, but it was patently obvious who was going home based on the cook and the substandard “diss” she presented.

    I laughed when Anushka said the dessert was “stunningly beautiful”. To me it looked like a big, ugly, clunky cork tile onto which the kids had dropped blobs of green silly putty. But I was happy to see her being calm and composed throughout, even when she made a couple of errors. Her poise and her attitude of thinking on her feet and simply getting on with the job was refreshing to see. At the judging she also remained quite matter of fact and refused to rise to any baiting attempts at drama. She won’t win because she doesn’t know how to fawn, but I for one am glad to see someone who is not prepared to toe the producer’s line and constantly parrot inanities. Yeah, I’m looking at you Nicole and Simple Simon.

    The laugh out loud moment was Matt’s declaration that there was “resilience in the custard” in Timbogan’s dish. What’s that when it’s at home? And declaring him safe before Anushka was the biggest crock of shit – her dish was so much better looking and we know from Kristen’s comments that her caramel was perfect.

    I hope there are better cooks next season as this lot are duds. I think that by now people realise it’s not about cooking, but it’s a reality series, so more about mind games and who plays the long, smart game. It must put off potential cooks who are actually interested in cooking and instead attract those who want to be famous or have an instant customer base for their toasties food vans.

    • I’m gonna be wary of resilient custard in my fridge from now on. I guess Jowl$y shot his load because Timbo “created it” it with bogan resilience rather than love.
      Attributing human qualities to food is plain stupid. ie “I ate some aggressive carrots last night, tough bunch,I really heroed the little fuckers”” Who says that in the real world?

    • I think I am , Rox, only because of owning a Cold Chisel CD and wearing the odd flanelette shirt. If folks judge me for that, it is what it is. They’re on a highway to hell. I’m off to smoke some ice….then do a bit of housebreaking.

    • I agree, Rox, although I haven’t watched a lot of the show. He certainly doesn’t look like one – no tatts, has all his teeth, clean hair and no mullet, and speaks quite normally.

      Something more like this…

  5. First episode watched start to finish. I wasn’t a fan of the dessert, more an apple crumble than a cake. Was it meant to serve four or six? How can you offer that in a restaurant? It looked very hard to cut, the chef used a bread knife on her own version. If one of the contestants had created this in a challenge to reinvent apple crumble it would have been a winner, but for a fancy restaurant? Not really.

    I too like the older contestant’s calm manner, even when they tried to rattle her at the bench. It was pretty obvious whose dish was worst, especially after we saw her pour a splash of liquid green colouring in, while the others measured powdered colour meticulously.

    I found it restful not having George there, so much less yelling and overdramatics.

  6. I found this dessert supremely unappealing.
    I agree Fijane. If it was a share dessert someone would get a big blob of acid green and someone would get a little one or a slice. What the hell? What happened to equity in serving – have these people never had children? Or been a child? My brother and I had to do the “one cut and the other chooses” method of dividing stuff. Honestly, a micrometer could not have been accurate in equally slicing a piece of pie or cake – and then the person choosing would agonise for ages trying to get the advantage to see if the other person had tried a sneaky angle cut or something to possibly get a few more grams than the other. Or was that just us? Possibly I digress!

    Anyway I too applaud Anoushka for not playing the game and just going through the steps and not getting rattled. I can only imagine how much Dead-eye Simon or Timbogan would have played along with their shtick.

    At least the beautiful banana tree in the beautiful garden-in-play can regroup now that Tati is not there denuding it every day. I did giggle when her farewell montage featured a bucketload of leaves!

    • It’s not just you, brusselsprout. We went as far to count the cornflakes in the bowl to see who got the most. Ideal training for the workplace where you can ensure that you never get stiffed.

  7. That was the most ridiculous looking ‘apple pie’ I’ve ever seen. Those bright green domes looked hideous.

    • Psychedelic green tennis balls bogged in sand. About as appealing as a turd in a punch bowl. Ta ta, Tati.

  8. No surprises Tati was eliminated, totally out of her comfort zone without the banana leaf and spices. Not impressed with Tim since he returned, he might be eliminated again soon.

    • He doesn’t have that refined style. Dare I say Abby would do better if she had been eliminated earlier and was the one resurrected

  9. Kirsten is a gun but this challenge made me wish they’d just given them apples and said “make something delicious”

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