MasterChef Sun – five to four

By the end of the episode, five will become four as the trophy beckons. In a special MasterClass, contestants set their very own mystery box challenge for the judges and Curtis Stone.



    • Nicole may run out of time but I don’t expect the savage cut off that Anushka was treated to. Usually, the producers toy with the audiences a bit that the amata will run out of time , then awesomely plates up with milliseconds to spare.

  1. The judges said that Simon’s red cabbage had “caramelisy” flavours. I saw 2 wedges boiling in their own liquid in the pan! Cabbage is on trend they said. They’re not cos they didn’t tuck into that wedge at all. The accompaniments looked good & sounded like that in theory, but if you can give negative criticism for an “over” and unevenly cooked steak, the same should apply to cabbage. Another Simple Simon slab of veg with heat applied. I had wondered if he’d cook the pork and slice the red cabbage, add vinegar and salt, and after 3 minutes call ita pickle, as they all do.

  2. The judges should call out elements of a dish which are rubbish or don’t hit the mark. Eg. cabbage was crap, but the rest was good, if that was the case. Don’t subject viewers to undeserved smug smiles on the gantry.

    • If those penguin amatas clap any harder, the gantry will collapse. It’s like Hill$ong for food dreams.

  3. He is such a humble sweet man Tim even when he’s being roughed up a bit by Gary. He’s been able to deliver savoury and sweet dishes and they do look tasty. There has to be some room in this world for people like him.

    • A court room?

      Pardon me, Bolders. Tim should be charged with fraud for cryng about George’s restaurant closing.

        • Ah typed before the edit – gotcha but there you go, he’s too sweet he said George is his idol -go figure

          • It took a couple of minutes to think of a charge. If Tim follows in his idol George’s footsteps, he’ll soon experience being in a court room.

  4. Make sure to treat the blue cheese with respect.

    This is what a two hour and ten minute culinary circus is padded out with.

  5. Watching Tim and Nicole cook now. The first part of this hour was amusing, all of them saying what fantastic chefs the others were, they were so worried about cooking against them, blah blah horseshit.

    And yet, at this stage of the game, none of them knows if their meat/fish is cooked properly. Every single one walked up to the judges thinking “I hope…”. Maybe Simon figured his blobs of cabbage were fantastically cooked, but I wasn’t listening to him rabbit on.

    Sweets in 60 minutes and both go for an ice cream. How original. I’m guessing Tim loses because of poached pears. He doesn’t know to check pears for ripeness before deciding to use them. Unbelievable. At least Tim seems genuine when he congratulates the other contestants.

  6. And about time. Why was Nicole there in the first place? She crucified two huge salmons just to get one small fillet. So much for the virtue signalling ‘wastage’ episode.

    Golden boy, Slimy, gets away with a rubbish plate of vegetables again. Not so much farmhouse cooking than inner city wank. The huge chunk of cabbage is typical of him and indicates pure laziness and lack of finesse.
    Underneath his goody goody demeanour, I sense an air of hostility and contempt.
    But he’ll be in the final for sure.

    As for George, I don’t think the Greek Gods are smiling upon him.

    • Certainly an air of hostility and contempt for hygiene, shampoo and grammar.

      There’s a difference between farmhouse cooking and shithouse cooking. Simon’s got the latter covered.

  7. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but the Age/SMH are trying hard to spin their unfortunate Good Weekend Cover.

    Admittedly, haven’t watched any of this season’s MC. Too many dead Nonnas, sob stories and cook whatever you want. Heard that the final is cook what you like as well. Perhaps 10 should consider resting the format next year. Enough time for the wages scandal (mmm…image the super bill….) to work through the media cycle and perhaps spend some time casting people who can actually cook without the side of tears.

    The Bachelor looks interesting this season. Not a fan of molecule girl though. She comes across as quite aggressive and condescending.

  8. My god, I thought this episode was NEVER going to end. What an anticlimax and a complete bore. Yet another of your cook whatever you like episodes – remember in previous years when a quarter final was a full service challenge, with chefs as the diners? I guess they knew that this lot were just not up to it even with Nicole declaring “this has to be absolutely perfect. If I don’t nail this element I could be going home. I’ve sacrificed so much to be here. So many beautiful ingredients in this beautiful kitchen so I need to be making a beautiful dish to respect and hero them. I don’t know if I’ll get this dish finished before I run out of time” accompanied by frantic hand gestures.

    I was bored in the first few minutes and kept getting a sense of déjà vu as one by one they reverted to things they’d done before. Tessa with the chili crab (adding the Tati touch of banana leaf no less), Nicole considering a confit salmon, Timbo wanting to keep things simple and cook on a hibachi and Simon grabbing a hunk of pork to showcase his vegan credentials. Ho, hum.

    The only amusing bit was the flashback to George sweating. They tried to say it was because of Tessa’s chili crab, but I bet it was the thought of the audit of his company’s books that was the real cause.

    I can’t believe we are in finals week and they still can’t cook a steak to medium rare nor fillet a fish. There were so many basic errors that it was cringing to watch.

    And Slimy taking an hour to braise some cabbage – what a freaking joke. He truly makes the worst vegan dishes. I am a vegetarian and I can tell you that there are so many amazing ways to do a tasty and interesting vegan dish with cabbage, so why does Slimy serve up this rubbish. He’s playing into all of the vegan/vegetarian stereotypes instead of showcasing the possibilities. I think he’s a complete hypocrite. He intended the vegetables as a side dish to meat. Why? I don’t think he’s vegan at all but is simply treating veganism as a trend that he can capitalise on. The stooges raved about his fabulous vegetarian dish, but it wasn’t – he merely left off his main ingredient. That was not a complete and balanced dish.

    The second “challenge” produced the same old ice cream, sorbet, parfait crap we’ve been seeing all season. Reynold must be wishing he was in this season as he’d cream the lot of them. The only bit of amusement was Nicole’s attempt to say feuilletine – no, it doesn’t rhyme with guillotine, though in the end you did get the chop. And not before time.

    I laughed at her ambition to go into education and open a school to teach the basics for those who don’t know how to cook. She can have this season’s twenty four as her first pupils!

    Peter Gilmore next – no doubt a complex dessert, so Larissa ought to be fine. I guess it will be Timbo’s turn to go, though I hope it’s Slimy. But no, he seems to be a protected species.

    • I never expected to see cabbage “heroe’d”, that’s for sure. Cabbage avec la dandruffe.

      It’s actually not bad raw or “ceviche”. “Beautiful”

  9. The lack of talent continues.
    Simon gets through with basically what was a cabbage wedge salad. I’m a vegetarian and I have never been impressed with his attempts at vegan and vegetarian dishes. Agree with you Ozswede, he does not know how to create a balanced vegan/vegetarian dish and he is just trying to be trendy.
    Tessa makes another chili crab.
    Tim can’t cook the steak correctly and Nicole fails at filleting.
    Round 2….poached pears, another ice cream, another sorbet, tuille, parfait….
    Can’t believe that these contestants are the best of the best this season.

  10. I am afraid for Tessa. It’s going to be her first pressure test. She may lose it under pressure.
    If you can follow the recipe you will be in the finale.

    I thought I heard the voiceover guy said( could be in my dream) history in making for the finale?? Or I read in the paper ( again in my dream?) about the youngest winner ever. Than we knew who won.

    • “History” so impordant you can’t remember it. My Ma$terchef memories memory melts quicker than an amata’s ice cream.

    • Those sorts of voice overs are deliberately cryptic to generate discussion and wild theories. In fact “history in the making” could apply to all four – Tessa – first Bananabender to win Masterchef, Larissa – youngest to win Masterchef, Timbogan – first to be eliminated then come back to win and Slimy – first (fake) vegan to win.

  11. Had to laugh at Tessa saying she would cook a chilli crab again & that the last time she did it she nearly killed George & didn’t want to do that again. I think maybe he’d be thankful if she killed him with everything that’s going on with him at the moment.
    Simon wanted to redeem himself with that pork after the disaster last week & then doesn’t cook it.

  12. Apparently George got dumped by WA Tourism today. It turns out, they didn’t think it was appropriate using his image to advertise WA’s food and wine. Gee, he’s having a good month.

    • It’s just the tip of the sponsorship iceberg for him. Corporate sponsors are notoriously (if somewhat hypocritically) jittery about the image they represent, even more so in the age of knee jerk social media witch hunts and George will find that former friends and allies will try and distance themselves from him. His Christmas card list will suffer a huge blow 🙂

      The biggest worry for him is if Coles gets nervous and threatens to pull out of Masterchef Australia, leaving Channel 10 in a quandry.

      • From previous comments, I gather that ripping off staff is not unusual in the restaurant industry. I only dealt with it once, when the owner was shortchanging two 16-year-old kitchen apprentices, just giving them a handful of cash every week with no regard for award rates or hours worked, although the kids were keeping proper time sheets. One of them complained to me, I was the bar manager, and I called in the union. Their pays were caught up and they were paid correctly after that.

        I suppose George doesn’t sign the pay cheques, but he is the very public face of his restaurants and has no problem promoting his places on Master Chef. I wonder if any of the employees who did the payrolls in George’s company have been fired. If not, that would be telling. I have no sympathy for him.

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