MasterChef Sun – WA visit

The remaining contestants fly to Western Australia for a mystery box challenge and later an invention test, using all the great produce WA has to offer.



  1. Poor Ch 10. Schedule nightmare.

    Tonight is The Voice final.

    Tue and Thurs-Cricket semi final

    Wed-State of Origin

    All the above will affect ratings

    • Tour de France

      Yeah, rather watch a best of the best amata shoot for ammunity against an unheard of, tattooed famous chef and try to boil an egg.

  2. Blondie can’t do a surf and and turf! Start to cry. Hey! According to MC, you are the best cooks in Australia. Top 7 but can’t cook

    • Jowl$y was nice and gentle about it to her. Nicole’s looks and youth had nothing to with that, of course. Swish ‘n tears. Deadly Ma$terchef combo. Cry and fry.

  3. Have they never been to WA before? It’s not “the” Rottnest Island or “the” every other place they named. Rottnest Island, regular names of the other places, judges, you dumb heads, no qualifiers needed. Had to laugh at Tessa not getting orgasmic responses to her second dish. She is obviously this season’s favoured blonde young woman – polony and wilted parsley? Beautiful! Inventive! Looking forward to that! No doubt her going with her gut will work out fine. Baseball caps are not good sun protection MC. Broad-brimmed hats are better, but I guess they don’t look as cool. This season is so fakey.

    • This week only one elimination.

      Anoushka cooled the best dish in Mystery Box and Tessa the best dish in Invention test( but I thought Simon’s dish was better). They both go into Tue challenge where the maker of the best dish will be fast tracked into finals week

  4. In the helicopter, Nicole says ‘So happy to be here, I’ve been kicking goals.’ !!!!
    What goals? She and her bookend, Christina, haven’t won, nor lost anything. They’re the ‘dream team’ of nothingness.

    Happy for Anushka and Tessa. These two, with Larissa, are the best of the bunch.
    Simon is disgusting to watch, with that greasy hair adding the Masterchef touch to his awful dishes. But he’ll be in the final for sure – they love the woke, unwashed vegan suck-up.

    • Lulu, I agree with you about Anushka and Tessa and very much agree with you about Simon and his greasy hair. I hate how he is continually running his fingers through it and then touching the food. It’s so off putting. I really took a great dislike to Simon in the Picnic at Hanging Rock challenge when Tati asked where the bread was and he barked at her that it was “on the open your f**ing eyes shelf”. What a nasty person – and nothing he’s done since has made me see him in a better light.

      I see that this episode showed that the Barbie Twins are right out of their depth and the sooner they go the better. The food tonight was in general pretty mediocre. The stooges try and spruik it up as the best they’ve tasted, but it’s not as classy or inventive as it has been on previous seasons.

      I laughed when Matt said that Anushka needed to serve up “the Collingwood of food”. Did he mean a pie and sauce? And why was George dressed like an Eastern European hitman?

      Anyway, pretty boring episode all told. Lots of fish and mash and bucketloads of butter sauce – are they all channelling Ben from last year and his endless beurre blancs? The stooges keep banging on about the perfectly cooked fish or meat and I wonder why that’s something to get excited over. Surely that’s just something basic that you expect and take for granted in a cooking competition, otherwise why be there.

      • Simon’s hair is high on the reasons I dislike him so intensely. That and the whole “mate” vibe that the judges throw out his way. He is a total greasy toe-rag suck up and if I was his girlfriend I’d run hard, run fast. There is something definitely wrong with his soul and I completely distrust him.

      • Ha ha ha, I said something similar on twitter. I said he looked like an Italian gangster. And he was the only one wearing wanky sunglasses.

        • LOL – So I wasn’t the only one waiting for nightfall in Sponsor Stadium to see if gangsta George would take his sunglasses off?

          • I also wondered if he was trying to go incognito because of being banned from sports stadiums after his fracas with that teenager in Melbourne at a soccer match.

  5. Of all the contestants, Anushka seems to have improved the most. From layer cakes to a well presented and well thought out dish. Good on her. I have a feeling, though, that Tessa will be the one who wins the straight into the finals challenge.

    • I like Tessa and think she knows what she is doing, but Anushka seems to have a great palate also and is able to make some pretty good decisions. I like Larissa for having a go and pushing the envelope.

      • Snap! My three favourites as well. I think Tessa might win and good on her as she is good. Though who knows if Simon has made the judges an offer they can’t refuse.

  6. So they got rid of Derek last week knowing he’s from WA & they were going there this week. Bad timing that.
    I love surf n turf & liked the look of the pork belly with the scallops the most. So they tell them not to do traditional surf n turf then when Tessa describes her dish say it sounds weird then they ended up liking it & made it the No 1 dish. Goes to show ignore them.

    • I think the judges really would love to have Derek in WA week. Unfortunately he really stuff up and they couldn’t save him. His dish must be really bad.

      The laksa surf and turf has becomes Sri Lankan surf and turf. From the recipe it is more like a curry sauce and not a laksa sauce.

      Still nothing to jump up and down with that dish

  7. Hard to tell what is slimier…..the octopus he’s destroying , or Simon’s hair.

    Swish yer ponytail, Nicole, you can do it!

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