MasterChef Thurs – pressure test & masterclass

This pressure test is set by Santiago Fernandez and it’s a doozy. The stakes are high and the least impressive cook will be sent home. Plus, catch a masterclass showing off delicious recipes.



  1. Simple Simon didn’t have to think for himself, and yep, Christina knew the spuma was curdled & it was obviously bad looking so she should have left it off. Then she’d have been in the same boat as tuile-less Simon & been compared on the rest of the elements (in an ideal world). Supposedly her jus didn’t taste good, and there was nothing on Simon’s main that fell into the same category, but who knows if that’s true. Oh well. At least that means Anushka in particular & the good but faltering Larissa have more of a chance, as does Tessa, cos Simple Simon can follow a recipe to some extent but that’s it and Tim mostly thinks along his same basic lines.

  2. No thanks expressed by George to Anushka who silently got up and held the straining tray as he poured the heated curdled milk for the haloumi. He said this master class is vegan but it’s now about pig.

  3. Matt P is insulting the Korean. He said he make his version of Korean pancake, hotteok. Big fail. Hotteok is like a bread. It has yeast. What Matt did is Chinese rice cake!!!

  4. No great surprise here – it was a freeroll.
    Simon continues to blunder his way into the grand finarleee, with trademark ‘humility’ and questionable hygiene. Wow, can this boy do no wrong or what!

    At least we don’t have to hear ‘impordant’ over and over again. The vacuous Nicole has lost her other half, but on the bright side, the IQ level in the house may have risen slightly.

  5. Quelle surprise, said nobody on TTV about tonight’s result. We all knew that Larissa would use her pin and that Slimy Simon had to get through to finals week. I get the feeling that the producers had hoped that Anushka was in this pressure test as they set a banana heavy dessert (knowing her strong aversion to bananas). Glad she avoided that attempt to shoot her down, though I fear she will be the first casualty next week.

    I knew Christina was stuffed as soon as she said “I’ve made mousse before, I don’t need to read the recipe”. The food looked refined and delicious for a change though I wonder why they needed to have both the main and dessert ready at the same time. It’s not how things work in the real world. I guess it was to up the drama ante.

    The chef must have been horrified being seated next to George for the tasting, as the Spanish guy ate so carefully and elegantly compared to George’s caveman eating style.

    I laughed at all the crap about being on Masterchef because “Food is my dream”. What bollocks. Do an apprenticeship like everyone else. Nah, you are all here to flog your brand and be social media whores. I especially laughed when Christina said that she had “sacrificed my children” and wondered if she meant that literally and if I ought to ring the police or if she had them adopted out or something. What a ridiculous and vacuous thing to say.

    The star for me tonight were the quokkas. How adorable they are!

    So, next week I think the order of eliminations will be Anushka, Tim, Nicole then Larissa, leaving Tessa and Slimy to fight it out in the grand final. Apparently no-one from Queensland has ever won before, so maybe Tessa will do it for them. As long as it isn’t Slimy!

  6. I find it impossible to disagree with any of your thoughts OzSwede!
    No blame to Larissa for using the pin – insane not to and she has proved over and over again that she has access to some brain cells.
    I am TOTALLY signing up to the banana-laden conspiracy theory to trip up Anushka. Very well spotted.

    Christina was stuffed the second she wasn’t slimy Simon.

    I’m sure we all thought at the start of the episode that they will boot her and it was kind of fun to watch all the footage put on to indicate that she was “in trouble”, “falling behind”, “playing catch up”. Not reading the recipe looks insane however.

    My other conspiracy thought is that the judge, other than looking plainly disgusted quite a few times in this episode, didn’t play along enough with the “Simon’s food is fabulous and one missing ailment is nothing compared to his excellence” playbook. I think that is why he didn’t get featured too much at the end as he wasn’t damning Christina enough.

    Larissa is looking shaky at the moment – wrong time to have poor form – I like the way she backs herself, even if sometimes that confidence is misplaced. But her deep love of the ice cream churner takes points off for me.

    Sadly I agree that Tim will outlast Anushka which is plainly Not Right but it has been decreed and they adore slimy so much (“mate”, “not like our talented and creative Simon to put up this cat sick”) that he will be there till the bitter end. YUCK.

    I do hope it’s Tessa now who wins as I think she is very good. Anushka and Larissa are also leagues above the others but I agree that it has been decreed that they are not long for this world.

  7. I heard that “moist” is one of the words that turns many people’s stomachs. I have to say I vastly prefer it to “spuma” a word I had never heard before this episode (and would rather never hear again).

    Besides that, if you make a mousse properly it should already have a light, fluffy texture – it shouldn’t need to be “spumed”.

    • I thought the same thing when they were talking about spuma. I thought what the fuck is spuma? I’ve never heard of it before.

  8. As soon as I saw the banana dessert I thought I bet Anushka is glad she didn’t have to do it. It sounded nice except for that. That main looked so wanky.

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