MasterChef Tues – same ingredient, diff style

All contestants will cook with the same ingredient but in a different style. The winner of round one will be cooking against renowned chef Adam D’Sylva for the illustrious immunity pin.



  1. I really hope they give them beetroot, which seems to be the successor to fennel this season. I don’t think beetroot fits easily into a style, except for borsht-like dishes. Make these buggers have to think for once.

  2. Larissa deserved it. She’s clever, strategic and an excellent cook – her good attitude doesn’t hurt either.
    I liked the way Anushka was rooting for her all the way, even though she’s competition.
    Adam was a hoot too, with a good sense of humour.

    There was a blooper though. Matt said he didn’t like Adam’s curry leaves. Larissa made the curried leaves – Adam made caramelised leaves. Oops.
    So much for ‘blind tastings.’ Everyone follows the script.

    • I thought they both had curry leaves? Chef caramelised his and Larissa deep fried hers.

  3. I was glad the first round at least involved the humble chook as the “hero” ingredient. Larry is definitely a contender. She is not afraid to take risks and she has the fancy plating skills

    • Yes I like her. I could do without some of her endless Panna Cottas and Ice Creams, but overall I think she is talented and has a good understanding of flavours. . . corn aside!

  4. Wow, what a set-up. The producers must think that we are all brain dead if we believe this wasn’t completely and blatantly stacked in Larissa’s favour. They usually aren’t THIS obvious about it. Even to the point of making sure she knew that desserts were Adam’s weak spot. So she knew that she didn’t have to cook anything amazing, just something better than his dish. She’d already won with a dessert based on cornflakes in the sweet week challenge with Heston, so this was a bit of a play on that. From a strategy point of view it was clever, but from a cooking point of view it was a travesty. Neither dish was particularly delicious or good – hers was simply less bad.

    So Tessa lost last week with a score of 27 and Larissa wins with an embarrassingly low score of 21 this week. It feels like a pretty hollow/dodgy immunity pin to me, especially because she won by making her usual boring panna cotta/ice cream combo. Exactly. The. Same. Thing. She. Cooks. Every. Time.

    Comedy moment was when Larissa said: “I want the judges to look at my dish and not know whose it is” (Hilarious – it’s the Masterchef season 11 staple of panna cotta and ice cream – as if Adam would have made something so predictable and pedestrian).

    I’ve no doubt that she’s a good cook, but this episode was pure crap in a season brimming with low points.

    • Yup and she get to choose the ingredients. I think the immunity pin challenge are very uneven. Some contestants cooks against with limited ingredients and then you have Larrisa against an ordinary chef with open pantry.
      I think it’s safe to say producers have already decided who’s the winner this year.

    • Agree with you 100% Ozswede. Obvious setup for Larissa to get the pin. Sad that she won with yet another panna cotta and another ice cream. Wonder what she would have selected if she hadn’t been told that desserts weren’t Adam’s strength and if she didn’t have an open pantry.

  5. I like Larissa (refuse to call her Larry!) and think she is very good. . . but seriously. . .I want the judges to guess who made the Panna Cotta and the ice cream???? Are you KIDDING?
    I applaud her strategy of trying to befuddle the chef, who was lovely and took it in good part but YIKES. Dog of a dish.

  6. Oh my God the look on his face when he saw the basket filled with corn, corn, corn, curry leaves, corn flakes. He was flummoxed. Both dishes looked dreadful. I like corn but corn panna cotta & cornflake ice cream. Um no.

    • I lived in Malaysia for a couple of years and sweet corn ice cream was really popular there. You could even buy it in in a 2 litre tub at the supermarket, as well as served between two thin wafers from the street vendors. I thought it was awful, but the locals just loved it.

      I’d not eat either of the dishes they served – both looked awful and from the lacklustre comments of the stooges, neither tasted that good either.

  7. Actually Larissa called herself Larry. She used to have an Instagram account called Larrytatch were she wrote about food

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