MasterChef Tues – The end

It’s been months of nail-biting challenges, but there can only be one winner to walk away with the life-changing title of Australia’s MasterChef 2019.
Tonight’s ep goes for two hours and 20 mins (snooze).
Don’t forget Aus Survivor starts tomorrow!
If you want to talk about the three judges not having their contracts renewed, I’ve started another thread. So this one can be just for finale chat – thanks, gice.



  1. Geez, Slimy is panicking and sweating up a treat in the promo for Final tonight. I hope that’s not a trick on the producers’ part. He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere other than in a shower.

  2. Only 20 plates required by each contestant for each course. That should mean Simple Simon could do his roasted beets and leaving the root (why clean them up?), maybe 2 whole unpeeled charred pumpkins in Halloween guise which each can be cut into 10 pieces and accompanied by a clever jus made from the pan scrapings from the roasted beetroot, and 20 whole kiwi fruit dolloped with commercial goat curd to play with the concept of feral furriness.

  3. Ridiculous choices of menu so far by Tessa and Larissa. But were they required to use the fiddly prep ingredients, and those prone to over or under cooking? By contrast, Simple Simon can keep it easy by keeping things “earthy”. And what is over or under for a whole baby beet? Counter-intuitive, because his are all rooted.

  4. The ingredients are fantastic – I’d love to be the judges who get to taste all of them! Wah what a job – that was.

    • But you’d be pretty pissed off if you were the guest getting the beetroot entree while others get Marron 🤨

      • Imagine you’re ” dining “at Slimy’s and get the beetroot, while his cat gets the marron.

      • Double like to that Bolders. Lumps of beetroot on a plate with frankly, green slime splashed over it – or elegant marron that looked sophisticated and delicious? How could you talk that one up? YUCK.

  5. It will make people feel like they’ve just picked a beetroot out of the ground, says Simon. Root to stem use, says George. “Oh nice”. ” I love it’s all about beetroot” says Gary. Yeah, huh, of course it is uni- dimensional. The judges reckon the spritz is indiscernible, but one guest comnented it was good – a family member?

    • Pick a beetroot. Big deal .What’s wrong with the beetroot in a can, Slimy? Now I’m reading that these dead judges walking are singing it’s praises.

      • I enjoyed canned beetroot tonight with corned beef on toast. Dinner out the next coupla nights, so I need to ensure I remain grounded (in the way of my dearly departed grandfather who was a tin prospector in Tassie in the early 1900’s.)

        • Pop didn’t get to pick what he ate, ha ha. (Actually, he used to enjoy dripping on bread. And he was skinny, as physically hard working people – most people in our rural communities – were.)

          • Oh yes I remember my dad saying they ate dripping on bread. I can’t think of anything more revolting.

  6. I enjoyed canned beetroot tonight with corned beef on toast. Dinner out the next coupla nights, so I need to ensure I remain grounded (in the way of my dearly departed grandfather who was a tin prospector in Tassie in the early 1900’s.)

  7. Justice prevails! Simple Simon is out of the running and Tessa and Larissa challenge each other for supremacy in this grand finale. Congratulations to them both. I no longer need to seethe as I await the outcome.

  8. I want them to take a leaf out of Project Runway’s book: An hour from the end chuck a sardine at them and tell them to make a bonus dish

  9. Half-heartedly watching – my only question is will Masterchef go for “The Youngest Eva Winner” or will Gary throw points to his “Last Eva Blonde”.

  10. Thank goodness Simple Simon was a sacrificial lamb for the final, killed by whichever unwashed vegetable was pointy

  11. Are the judges going to score Slimy’s appalling hair as he gives them his offering? Truly pushing the boundaries of untidiness for the Grand Final special occasion. Celebrate it. Grea$e is the word.

    Can you believe ice cream on this show is “too firm”? Rare as an amata’s roast chicken.

  12. It’s only 8pm here, so not reading comments anymore. I always used to sit glued to the set for the finale, but finding it hard to care this time. I did notice Simon couldn’t be bothered to wash his damned hair for the big event.

    I’m having tuna casserole for dinner and need to watch my noodles don’t overcook. Best amateur evah.

  13. I didn’t want to give away any potential spoilers but I think that Studio 10 announced the winner of MC this morning.
    When they were rabbiting on about what exciting segments they were going to have on tomorrow’s show, they mentioned that Larissa would featured. Idiots.

  14. It appears that I have the time advantage here on the south eastern seaboard of Australia. Hang on & see what happens, gice, those for whom the sun gets up later. Check youse all next time, mebbe if MKR continues. Thank you so much Juz for this forum! Cheers. Rox

  15. Well, as they promoted, Masterchef history was created.
    The youngest evah … and the first time three judges were aliminated in the final.

    Ol’ Slimy can finally slither away – his food looked worse than ever. Vegetables everywhere are rejoicing. Hope he spends his 20K on hygiene products.

    Larissa thoroughly deserved it – I’ve never seen anyone so composed and accomplished. Most 22 yr olds take selfies and wait for ‘likes,’ but she’s driven and seemingly unflappable.
    Too bad for Tessa as she was excellent too.
    All in all, a great result.

    • Larissa pushed with her flavours so wins for creativity. Tessa was a good all rounder and I can see her as a handy sous chef. I felt a bit sorry for Simon, having to push on and cook dessert, knowing he sucked, and having to listen to Shannon chant that he was still in it. When Larissa and Tessa would have had to serve raw chicken desserts for Simon to have any hope of a win

      • Strangely I ended up feeling sorry for Simon too. But he looked completely outclassed. And not just because he was oozing product. His dessert looked like my amateur hour plating!

        • I suspect that is why they had three in the finals. If it was the stooge’s pet Slimy vs Tessa (or Larissa) on their own, then the finals would have been over at the first course. He was there to make up numbers, only he didn’t realise that bit. He looked quite bewildered at the low scores, so obviously he believed the nonsense the judges had previously been feeding him.

          I don’t feel sorry for him as he’s full of himself, has thrown others under the bus, smiled when his opponents were eliminated, has glided through the heats on appallingly inadequate dishes and basked in the judges adoration. Then there’s the hygiene aspect which I can’t overlook.

          Also if his dream is smokehouse vegan, why was none of that presented last night? There were no smoke elements and no vegan dishes (the entree had grated parmesan on top, so not vegan). If that’s his passion, why not show us all just how wonderful a great vegan menu can be. But no – a total cop out and deserving of the derision heaped on it.

          I’m assuming his girlfriend is legally blind because I can think of no other explanation for her calling him “Handsome” all of the time, nor for her thinking his plates looked gorgeous. As you point out, the dessert plating was what I’d expect from a first year home economics student at high school.

  16. Another cook whatever you want “challenge”, which is pretty disappointing for a finals, though perhaps it is all that they are capable of in this mediocre season. No wonder the ratings are pants.

    Slimy must have been in shock at the scores tonight because suddenly the stooges made comments they ought to have been making all season – his dishes are not complete dishes, merely side dishes (and not that well cooked either). That puke green purée on his entree looked revolting and unappetising and that atomiser thing was just a complete wank. Shannon had the best line of the series when he listened to Simon’s drivel about his dish and simply said “Don’t get too arty farty with this dish” – loved that! I also loved his honesty when he looked at Tessa’s raw beef and tellingly said “Oh shit”. He must have wondered how the hell these people were finalists when it seemed they could not cook beef, marron or even carrots properly. That’s the kind of skills mentoring that has been missing all season.

    Congratulations, Larissa. Well played all series and on the night as well. Darren Purchase raved about her dessert, so it must have been really good and deserving of the top points. She has always pushed herself and tried innovative flavour combinations, so I’m pleased that she won. Tessa is a good all round cook and I think she will do well. Her menu tonight sounded really good. Slimy’s menu was not cohesive at all – an autumn based starter and dessert with a summery main. Also two dishes with “earthy” flavours and one highly extravagant dish that did not meld well with the other courses. I’m glad he came last by a long shot.

    I’m also very relieved that this is the last time I have to see George eat on tv. Biggest win for me I think.

    Lovely to have met all of you guys and a huge thank you to Juz for letting me rave on here this year. I’ve enjoyed it very much and only wish that I watched other series to keep up the banter. Alas, I’m only a watcher of Masterchef and Bake Off.

    Looking forward to a new start next year. It’s about time for a good shake up of the series.

  17. Some lovely Muppet on the House Rules FB inserted a message “meanwhile, over on the other Grand Final, Marissa has won.” Apart from getting the name wrong, total spoiler when many watchers of HR would have been watching MC later. I don’t need to watch now, and it has made me realise that I didn’t really care about any of the contestants.

    • Oh yes that happens a lot on US sites where people will give spoilers for another show which hasn’t aired over here yet. I found out Wes died on How to get away with murder before it even started here. Really pissed me off. They should realise it’s an international site & shows often haven’t aired in some other countries yet.

  18. That entree of Simons looked absolutely disgusting. One of his family members said it looked beautiful & I tweeted that it didn’t. And what the hell was Larissa thinking doing that stupid fiddly time consuming marrow? For the fucking finale of all things. It took her AGES to do them. She was way later than the others, I thought she may lose points. I did feel sorry for poor Simon after the mains, he was sooo far behind. The others would have had to have fucked up majorly & his dessert been spectacular for him to win.
    Well twitter won’t be the same net year without all the funny comments about George’s tweezers & Matt’s bright suits.

    • Simon’s entree looked like 3 shrunken bloody heads with green puke underneath. The stooges stated he was pushing the boundaries with his dessert. I’ve had pumpkin cake and pumpkin ice cream so don’t see what boundaries he was pushing.
      Shannon being somewhat rude towards Tessa when she was late with the main but seems that Larissa was given a lot of extra time to get her bone marrow entree out. Tessa only asked for 5 extra minutes. Larissa’s meringues were not right and yet the stooges gave her perfect scores.
      It was predictable that Larissa would win. They wanted to make MC history with the youngest winner evah. At least she thinks out of the box and most probably searches for and then practices innovative recipes that she finds in recipe books or on the ‘net.
      Overall…boring end to a boring season. Hope that the new judges will bring something new, fresh and interesting to MC.

      • To be fair to Shannon, he had repeatedly told Tessa that she needed to get the beef on and she just brushed him off. Time and time again he came back to her bench and reminded her that it needed to be on, but she refused to listen and basically threw him a look that said “keep your pants on”. He sounded pretty disgusted when he told the stooges that she was only just starting the beef at the 11th hour. While he didn’t say it, his look conveyed “what the hell have you been teaching these guys all season”. The answer is “bugger all” as the stooges had a lazy season of no rules and cook what you like because we don’t give a shit anymore.

        He also tried to tell Larissa quite early that there was not enough food for a main course, so she thought she’d have two marron instead, but he told her she’d only have a minute to de-shell each one in the time frame left. He was actually trying to give her practical advice, but she blundered on regardless as she’s been allowed to do all season and of course couldn’t get them finished in time. I thought that showed huge disrespect to a chef who knows what he’s talking about and who was trying to get her to think about what she was doing. He must have felt like he was talking to a brick wall. Both Tessa and Larissa showed a touch of arrogance that would not be a good fit in a commercial kitchen.

        I think he twigged that Slimy was a prize moron immediately and just let him go do his hipster, trendy nonsense knowing that you can’t reason with people like that and that he was not a serious contender. Even Kyle (who is a pescetarian) saw that Slimy’s entree was inadequate, so I was surprised that Shannon didn’t tell him so as well.

        I agree that it was a disappointing season and new judges might be the shot in the arm that the series needs. Yay to the end of freaking pork crackling and crispy chicken skin bribes. The good thing is that the new season’s contenders won’t know what the judges like, so maybe we will get a bit more interesting food to savour.

  19. Larissa did well, but the boring service challenge was a fitting end to a disappointing season. Can’t say I’m disappointed to see new judges for next season, the series gone stale and predictable.

  20. Two ice creams and a sorbet. Maybe along with eliminating the stooges they should also eliminate the ice cream churners next season.

  21. If this show wants to survive, the three new judges need to be strong, charismatic personalities. They’ll obviously include a woman – Poh’s probably a good pick.

    The contestants should be allowed to show more character too. Clearly they don’t want the spitefulness that goes on in other shows, but MC has gone too far the opposite way.
    They are now automatons, repeating the same lines from a rigid script.
    – don’t want to go home
    – hope my ******* is not undercooked
    – hope my ****** is set
    – hope I’ve done enough
    – I’m running out of time
    – I’ve learnt so much about myself

    … Repeated ad nauseam. Then all the fake love and incessant hugging going on. It’s boring watching this cult-like behaviour.
    Allow some individuality, some quirkiness – maybe even a witty remark, an eye roll or, heaven forbid, an ad lib. It’s not fun watching sameness.

    And if they get a mystery box with 10 things in it, don’t let them choose just one. Make them cook with at least 3 or 4.
    Stop the ‘cook whatever you want’ nonsense – at least pretend to make things harder.

    I want MC to succeed next year (mainly because it’s the only ‘reality’ show I watch), but I’m sceptical. They’ll probably stuff it up.

    It’s good those three self-proclaimed Musketeers have gone. They’ve done extremely well out of this franchise, including all the sideline business from it. They’d become jaded, and it showed.
    Preston was ok and exuded a bit of charm.
    But George was a little Caesar, and Gary always carried an air of smugness and nastiness.
    Good riddance, gice.

    • You forgot the journey. Where’s the journey. Or is that every reality show? They are starting to blend together.

    • And no bloody nonnas! I’m so sick of the cult of the nonna. This year it had gone so far that Ben had to use his girlfriend’s nonna ad nauseum.

      • Amata~ “Like I’ve sacrificed so much for me kids doin’ Ma$terchef to show them that you can ‘chieve anyfing youse wanna”

        • So well said. And a big fat lie anyway. I wish people would stop saying you can do anything if you just want it enough. Life ain’t that easy.

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