MasterChef Wed – Teams on a train

Aboard the Q Train travelling restaurant our contestants, in teams, must prepare a vegetarian course using oyster mushrooms, baby zucchini, eggplant or figs.



    • Quinoa train? “Quick, bring me a bucket!”

      These amatas want a C Train ~ Crazy Train.

      I’m watching last night’s encore now. It’s a train wreck.

      Happy for Larissa but.

      The mouthfuls Gary’s taking would put a starving pelican to shame.

  1. I’m not a Masterchef watcher, normally, but the promo shots made it look like they’re on the Ghan. I’m half tempted to watch it.

      • Heh. I missed the first few minutes, so I’ve no context for this particular train or even where in the country that they are. But I’m gonna watch “Five Bedrooms” afterwards, so I might as well switch it on while I do some paperwork.

        Man. Who’s the handsome Asian guy? I should’ve been watching this all along.

        • I think you would enjoy Derek, Wind. He has a total Zoolander vibe and they are ALWAYS finding random excuses to show his muscles. We have even had him pensively working out on an eviction day.
          He has cooked some great things – on the train, nope.

          • I had to laugh when his team-mate pointed out that Derek had trouble fitting down the train carriage corridors because he was so wide and muscly.

            I’m quite skinny, and even I have trouble with corridors on train carriages, but it was still kinda funny. I was just like, yeah, I really should’ve been watching this.

            What is it with me and cooks?

        • Derek is 26, Windsong, and some kind of accountant. They always make jokes about getting him to open jars. He has twice cried on camera and looked beautiful doing so

          • Aww…

            I can’t say I’m too impressed by his cooking, so far, but I’d be willing to overlook it.

  2. They are cooking vegetarian dishes. Just because you have zucchini doesn’t mean you have to do zucchini 100s ways.

    • I saw Derek quickly whip up the cakes and they were in the oven. So what did the 2 of them do in the time before the train arrive?

  3. Ta Littlepetal cos I missed who did what except for the syrup. A fair result cos Simon & Tim are the weakest links. Bad luck for their teamates Derek & Tessa respectively, but hopefully luck is on their side in the elimination tomorrow to display their imagination & skills.

  4. So how come the two Barbies get to cook together yet again? Is there some invisible, platinum umbilical cord? Even one of them said ‘we’re the dream team.’
    Of course the voyeurs loved their lumps of zucchini cooked in butter … so cheffy. They could’ve just danced for the boys.

    Sergeant-major Larissa and Private Anushka made a great team, but Tessa was always doomed by two things … Timbo and those eggs. I hope she isn’t thrown under the bus tomorrow to even out the gender ratio.

    • Tessa was the one who wanted to do the sou vide eggs. Tim just follow along as he has no clue.

      • Welcome to Timbogan. You could keep the words “he has no clue” permanently at the ready and save yourself the typing!

  5. Damn, this ep is so boring. Who’s doing what…and who cares? Most yawns induced in me of any season.

    • I amused myself with the “beautiful” count. Even the TRAIN was beautiful.

      Actually on a side note I did think the train looked stunning and even would go for a trip on it – has Victoria ever looked better or sunnier?

      • The train ppl posted on Facebook that their website crashed due the traffic generated by the episode

        • I’m not surprised Juz- it was an excellent ad for them. And the future risk of having your meal cooked by the masterchef amatas must be low, so why not?

          • I gotta be honest. I now really want to do that train trip.

            Will Derek be there?

          • Yes Windsong. Every trip comes with a complimentary Derek. Unfortunately owing to budget cuts all his clothes have fallen off and he is covered in sweat.
            Is this a trip you are interested in taking?

    • Shortly after I started watching I had to mute the sound as I couldn’t stand the teams repeating the “standard phrases” over and over, as if we’ve never watched the show before. In the end I turned off completely and watched something else. I really haven’t been able to sit through an entire episode this season.

  6. I quite enjoyed this episode and liked the whole idea of the challenge. I had a laugh at the beginning when Tessa saw she was teamed with Tim and said that this should be [significant, long pause] “interesting”. Talk about drawing the short straw! Even making the magic beetroot and grape molasses (for the third time in as many weeks) was not going to save them – that dish sounded awful and I really love eggplant. The egg in particular looked disgusting, especially sitting on top of yoghurt. Just no.

    I thought the mushroom dish sounded delicious, though I thought Larissa was quite bossy and rude to Anushka, who must have more patience than me because I’d have shoved Larissa under the train. The zucchini dish looked like a plate of leftovers, so I was surprised by the glowing comments. The Barbie twins chatter was annoying – all that exaggerated arm waving and crap about “heroing” zucchini and making it the star was quite eye rolling.

    The dessert sounded a bit dull. You can tell that neither of them are really comfortable or inventive with desserts. At least they resisted the urge to make fig leaf panna cotta 🙂

    So Matt tells us at the end that tomorrow “the weakest cook will be going home”. They could save time and trouble and simply eliminate Tim right now. But I feel that as it’s a stupid Time Auction challenge, then maybe one of the others will cock up. Hopefully Simple Simon. Would they eliminate Tessa just to even the genders? Stranger things have happened.

    • Larrisa have always been bossy and rude, saw it when she was cooking with Ben and during team challenges when she was the captain.
      No doubt she can cook and she was lucky ( assuming it wasn’t a set up) with the pin. She gets the open pantry ffs! Who’s get that opportunity in immunity challenge?

      • The pin was a total set up, even to the point of letting her know that the chef didn’t cook desserts so she could do her usual panna cotta/ice cream combo and bamboozle him with weird dessert only ingredients.

        I like Larissa and do think that she can cook and that she isn’t afraid to try new things. But I didn’t like the way they gave her that pin.

  7. Yes Tim failed boiling an egg, but even so that dish was a total road accident.
    Felt sorry for the veggos on the train having that served up – just YUCK.
    I have to say the blondie Nicole is now annoying me (Question to self: is anyone NOT annoying me this season?). The wild gesticulations and obedient script following are just NOT FUN.
    I hope the promo hinting at a contender going home is just so much crap as sending Tessa would be wrong wrong wrong. Unless they mean Simon, which would be wonderful and a train I will willingly catch. Not seeing his greasy hair drip into the food would be a wonderful reward.

  8. Did they consider the fact that not all vegetarians eat dairy and/or egg products? Obviously not. Guess they were serving lacto ovo vegetarians or maybe omnivores who didn’t care if the foods contained eggs or dairy products.
    Larissa was very bossy and rude towards Anushka.
    I think riding on the Q-train and being served a different course at each stop would be fun as long as the cooks were not the amatas.

    • There are different types of vegetarians. Some vegetarians are lacto-vegetarians, some lacto-ovo, some pesco, etc. Not all dairy products are acceptable to lacto vegetarians since some contain animal rennet and/or gelatin. Many desserts contain gelatin.
      It would have been more interesting and more of a challenge if they had to cook vegan meals. They could have been provided with nut or soy based cheeses, egg replacer, yogurt alternatives, quinoa, farro, etc. as well as an array of fruits and vegetables.

      • But geez Smythe, if they had done that blonde chick couldn’t have got excited about the “beautiful” eggs. . . cut to box of EGGS.

        • Maybe she thought eggs were a type of eggplant. The dish sounded like a bunch of random things thrown together. She was hell bent on showing technique, but forgetting that it had to taste good as well. A day when you could go into elimination is not the day to try a new technique, especially if you have to cook for a crowd and have no Plan B.

  9. As a meat lover, all those dishes looked horrible. Though the mushroom one didn’t look too bad. Was hilarious when Simon or was it Tim’s ring flew off. I agree with others, I thought Larissa was very rude to Anushka too.

    • I’m a vegetarian and I also thought that the dishes (apart from the mushroom one) looked and sounded awful. I’d not have eaten their slow cooked egg even if you paid me. I loathe runny egg yolks and gag just thinking about them.

      I might be wrong, but I did not see George taste the eggplant dish (I can remember him tasting all the others). If he had, he may have been able to tell them it was crap. Like he did to Derek and Simon, just as the train was rolling in…

      • I am also a vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and the only dish that looked good to me was the mushroom one. I do like mushrooms. I can’t stomach egg yolks and only eat the whites so seeing those slow cooked eggs and thinking about the runny yolks also made me gag.
        So many more interesting things to create with the products the contestants were given. Their creativity seems to be limited. This is pretty much par for the course this season.

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