1. You know, I don’t doubt Sarah’s courage, or her general character … but I am wondering why someone with a desperate, paralysing fear of water and heights would apply to go on a reality TV show known for challenges using water and heights.

    I loved that they picked John to go with them. I guess even the Champions are falling for him, a little bit.

    • Much was made in promos of Sarah “heroically” surviving a tsunami. Just lucky and I think it’s a bit of an insult to those who lost their lives to trade on it. An embarrassment to Adelaide.

  2. I guess these Survivors could catch a pig and eat it. There goes one now…it’s Steven Bradbury.

  3. Too soon to comment?
    I think they made a mistake with their chosen eliminated one. When someone starts out shifty, they’re always going to be shifty.
    These people are all going to be gonski in a heartbeat and its hard to sympathise,

    • But they have the numbers to hang on to him for a bit and use his strength in challenges. I love that there are champions who came to play, unlike last year. Bradbury says he is a fan of the show but the way he bit at Abby shows he’s a noob. Good move from Janine hanging on to the swapsies idol. Bobi, once it’s been on live TV it’s fair game – comment away!

    • Yes, but they’re onto him. ET voted for him which surprised me. I was wishing they could vote both of them and loved the surprise!

      • ET and Simon were totally out of the loop – Luke and their alliance owned the Nova boot.
        Luckily they will be needed for a while!

        • It seemed like they flipped away from Stephen and Nova. After the confrontation, they just assumed that everyone was voting for Stephen and jumped onboard, unasked … but the power group were *actually* going after Nova, and they’re completely out of the loop, so nobody told them.

          That vote was very interesting, in terms of telling us the tribe’s pecking order.

          But ET and Simon are strong, fit guys. It’ll be really interesting what happens to them, if the champions start losing too many.

  4. OMG that was fucking awesome! Stephen Bradbury may be a ‘survivor’ but he’s a bully of the worst kind, so is Kneebone. I wanted to smack both of them to the other side of nowhere.. ‘I’m a strong independent woman and I’m always going to have a voice’ said Abby. Too bloody right. I am too, my dad taught me to be that as a kid (before he died).
    So many ‘men’ think women should just do as they’re told. To be told your weak for having your own mind/ideas/beliefs and acting on them is a personal attack, it is an attempt at suppression and control. Nova Peris Kneebone was supporting that positon, but had the tables turned. And, people who cling to positions of control, eg distribute food/life necessity, Nova Peris Kneebone, do so because they are afraid to be outside their comfort zone. That fear is a weakness.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s ep!

    • Not a fan of Stephen but what he said to her was in no way bullying. Rude, yes, but he just called her out on the vote and she should have been prepared for it. Claiming you’re a strong woman while bursting into tears like a 5-year old was just pathetic. she was actually one of my faves so i’m really disappointed in her.

      • It was just as insensitive and rude for Bradbury to refer to Baden as “the skinny guy”. Wonder how the celebrated loser Bradbury would go if he was called the guy who’s head is like a muppet with a hare lip?. I’ll be cutting his toxic masculinity no slack whatsoever. My idea of “weak” is the hastily convened athletes alliance.

      • It wasn’t just what he said in the water that makes him a bully.
        I don’t think she ‘burst into tears’.
        She held firm whilst he was negatively projecting onto her. Vile energy.

      • Tomaytoe/tomartoe.
        I’m not a fan of Stevie-boy (I find him a bit intense and one note) but if you take away the tone of his voice and just focus on what he said, he was absolutely correct.
        Abbey is confused about the difference between being a strong independent woman and being a snake-in-the-grass. She did go behind everyone’s back and he called her on it. He could have made his point better (he’s a bit of an arse) but didn’t. There you go, as he will soon.
        And she’s an idiot and I predict that her stay will also be short – if she last until the merge, she won’t last long after that.
        But Luke, the head snake-charmer, is playing a phenomenal game. Almost like he’s has practice.

        • I don’t think Steve was attacking her personally, when he said “weak”, he did sound like he was criticising her gameplay (ie, flipping on the athlete alliance, which he thought was a weak move) and not her, personally. But it didn’t come across well. And yeah, Bradbury does come across as a bit of a tool. So I think it was very easy for the situation to get out-of-hand, and everyone to lose their cool.

          I also think it needs pointing out, did Stephen have a go at Ross (because he also flipped), or just Abby? That also makes him look worse.

          Also agreed that I think Luke is just warming up.

        • I agree with both of you, Bobi and Windsong. I watched a recording so it was easy to go back and review. Steven did say “weak” but it was evident that he was saying that her reasons (as stated by her) for flipping were weak. And I agree with him, she made a hash of trying to justify herself. Pia was there for the whole exchange and I think she interpreted it correctly, but I was disappointed she didn’t speak up against Nova’s assertion that she was there as well.

          I like Abbey but I don’t think she handled this well. I had no problem with the tears – she was a little shocked at her first taste of the Survivor blunt speaking, had a few little tears in private with Pia. It was the rest of the tribe who blew that up into a major drama when they chanced on the two sitting on the beach. Perfect example of people rushing to protect someone they perceive as needing defending, and not waiting to hear the facts first. I think that was led by David, who despite his assertions that he is using Abbey, is really romantically attracted to her.

          As an aside, it really turns me off hearing the term “a strong, assertive woman” which I believe is code for “self-centred, modern feminist”. It is used as a get-out-of-jail free card to be rude to men and trample on people. I realise that others won’t agree with that, but that is okay.

  5. Will they do a tribe shakeup soon? I would be sad to see the champion “underdog” alliance of Pia, Luke, Janine, David and their sporty ring-ins broken up, but it makes the viewing fun. I still don’t know who some of the contenders are.
    Hannah did well on that climbing with rope challenge. I listened to the RHAP podcast and Fishbach and Aussie host Shannon said Hannah should just have admitted she’s a cop, not spun a lie about being a hairdresser. They said it can create social rifts in the tribe because they can sense you’re not authentic.

  6. So, hilarious, predictably, yet unexpectedly, Bradbury does a Bradbury and survives a disaster that takes down someone else.

    The editing was so heavy in favour of Bradbury getting knifed that, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I was shocked they took out Nova instead. Interestingly enough, Stephen’s own alliance-members turned on him in the voting booth (I’m sure both Simon and ET voted for him. I figure, they assumed he was the target and jumped onboard. Stephen and Nova voted for Abby, while everyone else stuck to the main plan … ditch Nova). Gee, it’s gonna be fun, waking up on that beach tomorrow morning. But I guess that’s extra incentive for Stephen in challenges. He’s on the chopping block at the next loss.

    Maybe he just got a bad edit, because I don’t think he’s come across as that likeable or interesting. He and Nova whining about Abby lying … have they watched the show before? It happens, you deal with it. Meanwhile, that picture of the crying crocodile that David drew on his voting slip … that had a bit of spite to it. Nova must’ve really rubbed everybody the wrong way. I mean, that was personal. Did you see the glare, Nova was giving them, when Pia and Luke screwed up the immunity challenge? My gosh, if looks could kill.

    ET and Simon continue to barely exist there in the background. I can’t shake the feeling that they might actually go far, if the show narrative isn’t focussing on them, currently.

    I also quite liked the twist of the tribe-specific Immunity Idol. Janine’s now in a position where she has to trust, not only one of her competing castaways, but someone on the other team. But I mean, it’s beneficial to both … unless she hangs onto it, until the merge. But Janine isn’t the most likeable castaway either. There’s too much business double-talk, with her. Next thing you know, she’ll be telling the champions that they need to be dynamic, exciting and innovative, and to be more goal-oriented as they move towards team targets.

    I wonder if John (yes, I found him on Facebook and Instagram tonight) is surprised at how popular he’s become with the audience. He and Shaun have become my two favourites, although there’s a part of me that really wants to see Pia do well.

    Also, I notice Matt seems to have toned down the aggressiveness, which I think is a good thing. He’s coming across as much more of a team-player, and more confident than arrogant (but I still hope we get some backstory on some of the contenders. I still don’t know who half of them are).

  7. I watched Ninja Warrior last night since it was the final & saw Steven trending on Twitter so assumed he was voted out. Was really annoyed to have got a spoiler so was totally shocked when Nova went. I didn’t see that coming.

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