1. Recording the Full Monty show on channel 7 to watch tomorrow. What? It’s got Matty J in it.

    We begin this episode with Steve confessing, to both David and the camera, that he was surprised how important the social aspect is, to this game. He’s … watched the show before, right? Anyway, the more interesting aspect to Champion Beach, today, is Janine telling David about the idol she found. I’m liking David, less for his looks (I’m still not that into him, even with the cheekbones) and more for his savvy game-playing. I feel like, Luke picked David to be his underling without realising that David’s got plans of his own. David’s problem is that there is currently 3 idols, in play, and he knows about all of them, but none of them belong to him (even better, Luke doesn’t seem to know about the other two).

    Over on the Contenders Beach, we get a segment proving that Shaun is the greatest guy ever, and we get some back-story for Daisy (who I find interesting and compelling, as a castaway). But … gasp … Shaun innocently stumbles onto the idol, and he and Daisy realise they’re going to have to think fast, to figure out how to swap idols with someone they don’t.

  2. And today’s reward challenge is the football challenge.

    How many professional footballers are on the champion’s team, this year?

    • But they had to win the ball first in the water. I expected the contenders to do better at that than they did.

      • I honestly didn’t. The second I saw the platform and the goal, I was like, nope, champions will take this. And it really was one-sided. Shaun was carrying them and poor John was stuck on the platform. Noticeably, at the immunity challenge when everybody’s skills came into play, they could recover a deficit and win.

      • Agree with Windsong – Simon Black is an AFL gun and Abbey is the first woman in AFLW to have kicked 100 goals. I DIED laughing at David Dickhead mansplaining to her how to kick a ball. um, HELLO?? It was even a Sherrin shaped ‘ball’ – clearly she had it in the bag. How dare he?
        And ET kicked straight so clearly it was a challenge totally geared for the champions.

        • Yeah, that was funny. I didn’t know it was David, but hearing anybody trying to give her advice was so unbelievable. She has been kicking those balls since a toddler (like many Vic kids) and on the field since about six – she doesn’t need advice, just stick to cheering.

          I remember that challenge last year, and it took a long time for anyone to get the ball in the box.

    • I thought this challenge was so unfair. The Contenders didn’t stand a chance. When do they decide on the challenges? After it’s been cast or before? Would be interesting to know that.

    • Overall, I think they have done way too many one-on-one fight type challenges. There has been one every episode, even the one that looked like it would be a swimming one, but was a race to ring the bell. I hope there are no more.

  3. Hi folks I’ve been out of the loop for awhile – I just couldn’t cope with MC (can’t stand the stooges and the contestants were dull).
    I’m hoping for more of the Contenders soon because too many of the Champions are giving me the shits. I’m liking Pia, ET, and Simon but we don’t get to see much of them. Luke would be a deserving winner for his game play and the money really would make a difference for him.
    Shaun is my favourite contender and I hope David doesn’t get away with hoodwinking him.

    • Yeah, I like that David had the sense to offer a fake idol (how would they know the difference? … and part of me hopes that Shaun listened to Daisy and did the exact same thing. That would be hilarious), but if it screws over Shaun (who is the best guy ever), there’s gonna be riots in the streets.

      I don’t like many of the Champions, either, but at this point, they’re getting Ulonged* into oblivion. At some point, this becomes too much to recover from.

      * — “Ulonged”, from the season set in Palau, where the Ulong tribe got annihilated, one-by-one, by a vastly-superior opposing team.

      • That plan with the idols was exactly what I was thinking, pinning my hopes on Shaun’s comment “I really don’t know if I can trust David”.

        But how come Janine doesn’t see how she has been diddled? She is now left with the Contenders idol that she can’t use and can’t swap. Or does she think the Champion one that David secured is still hers? I liked this twist, although the ‘coincidence’ of both the boys being at the back with the banners, while Jonathan kept the questions flowing was a bit obvious.

        • David said that he stole the fake skull from the Champion’s mailbox. Surely, the Contenders have a mailbox too, and if Daisy or Shaun check the mail and compare the idol to the mailbox decoration, then, the jig will be up. I hope that happens.

          But what can they do? They can’t call him out, mid-game, because that reveals their own plot.

          I feel like Janine is savvy enough to know exactly how much she lost, in this deal. And after tonight, I don’t think she’ll trust him anymore either (at the very least, I would guarantee that David is on the general list of, “people we need to think about getting rid of, at some point”).

        • Jonathan actually tweeted that it was obvious what they were doing & that’s why he kept talking.

          • I could see that in his face. But how would it have worked out if they hadn’t been positioned like that?

  4. I can’t wait to see David and Janine go. Luke plays the game but isn’t nasty. David’s arrogance shits me and there’s a nasty streak to him that I don’t like. Janine gives me the shits mainly because she gets enough screen time and then we have to endure her smug ads.

  5. I like that David is hardcore playing the game … but he’s gotten power-mad. That is a mistake, and not a small one. I think, tonight, he put a big target on his back. With Steven gone (will anyone miss him? No, I didn’t think so either), and no sporting alliance left, the power group will reach a point where they can safely start picking off their own, without risking a power shift. At this point, he is ripe for a blindside (and Janine knows that he’s got an idol).

    Meanwhile, poor Shaun has a fake idol (while Janine is still hanging onto the real contender idol). My gosh, that is destined for heart-ache. Although the next episode preview showed David and Shaun hanging out in the single camp, so maybe there’s a swap or a visit or something. I’m loving Shaun, and don’t want to see the poor guy go out while trying to play a fake idol.

    Meanwhile, it’s 11 versus 8. The champions need to start winning immunities, again, because this is giving the contenders time to sideline their weaker members and rest their stronger ones. After a while, that’s going to get cumulative.

  6. I have liked David so far, but he is treading a very fine line towards obnoxiousness. He certainly is smarter than the stereotype model, as he says, and is actively playing the game, but does he have as much control as he thinks? Luke was very quiet in this ep, which I don’t believe means that he has stopped for a rest.

    I was surprised they picked Andrew (ET) for the split vote – was there some antagonism there that we haven’t been shown?

    I am still feeling that these first episodes have been too long. A couple of the backstories have been shown twice, and there is too much scenery, drawn out shots of facial expressions etc. Funny that, as I have been quite happy with the longer Aus episode, but I am sure that they haven’t been this long. Hopefully, once we know all the people, they will settle back to less than 1.5 hours.

  7. Part way through fish n chils. Luke’s daughter has CF. A special teenage boyfriend of mine died from CF at 21. His older brother also died of CF at 30. So sad. There has been so much progress in treatments, hopefully Luke’s daughter lives a long full life.

  8. I know he’s playing to camera but I appreciate that David has obviously watched the show heaps. And I love that he made a fake idol. but he is going to be a big target come merge .

  9. So did David go up to half the Contenders and say “I’ve got something for you”. I wonder if he knows Megan Gale through work

  10. Here’s one for Cagayan fans: Brice replied to my tweet! Anyone heard him on RHAP? He is hilarious. I’m so sad he got voted out so early

    • Yeah I’ve heard it mentioned in a lot of American shows. I think it’s a type of milk or powered milk they put in coffee.

    • It tastes like crap.
      But then American coffee tastes like crap (which is why they give it away for free) so it couldn’t get any worse.

      • It’s this artificial liquid that has no actual dairy in it. Brice was telling Rob C he steals it for butterscotch-flavoured creamer for his coffee from the office fridge. The company heard about it and sent him a crate.

  11. Anybody notice how many times Casey from the contenders has volunteered to sit out? I have counted at least three, and considering they are not allowed to do consecutive ones, I think that translates to every one she can.

    The challenge where Sarah was unable to jump from the platform was one. Sarah wanted to sit out, but Casey jumped in very quickly and didn’t give Sarah a chance.

    We haven’t seen any back story for Casey (or Sam for that matter) and I keep confusing Sam with Abbey when they are together. This constant opting out by Casey is putting me off her prematurely. It will be interesting once the contenders go back to TC, to see who has become the outsiders in the days when they have been all kumbaya.

  12. AFL player Simon did an interview segment, this evening, on the channel 10 news. And even though it was a 30 second cutaway segment, he said more words than his entire run of 5 episodes of “Survivor” so far.

    Some of the castaways (from both teams, actually) have had so little screen presence, that it’s very to believe that either (a) they’re here for the long-haul, so the editors aren’t going to focus on them yet, or (b) they’re just very quiet, shy and not-camera-time-worthy, which seems a little judgemental, heh.

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