1. Oh, it’s the contrived photo-shoot episode, as regular as taxes and a solid dose of the clap.

    “The sexual tension between us is palpable.”

    Matthew, c’mon. You know for a fact that you’re the only person there who knows what that word means.

    • Clearly in Bachiegelspeak, “palpable” means ” ****in’ obvious” or “obvious and shit”. Will we see “palpable” on Celebrity Name Game anytime soon? When hell freezes over.

  2. So predictably, the “walkout” that was going to happen tonight, according to the ads? Yeah, surprise surprise, it didn’t actually happen.

    C’mon, 10. If I wanted to be underwhelmed by a criminally-disappointing lack of storylines, I’d just watch “Bold”. Wait, I do watch “Bold”…

    • I’ve seen the walkout promo so many times, I can see that Bachie is either pigeon toed, bow legged or both. Astrophysicist who walks like a space cowboy. The “tonight was a waste of time , done my head in etc ” walkout is shaping up to be a MKR like stunt. Won’t happen overnight but it will happen

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