Bachie weekly chat

Wednesday: There’s a private fire dance lesson with sparks and kisses. On the group date, the girls are literally falling for Matt, and at the cocktail party, one girl is gone before the rose ceremony even begins.

We can only hope Elora or Apollo have been brought back to the fire lesson.

Thursday: Let’s get physical. The adrenaline continues on this epic episode. Matt has the girls doing acrobatics from a hanging cloth and repelling facedown off a building.

Yep, this season is full of repelling activity.



  1. Well, the dates have to be interesting, because the Bachelor certainly isn’t. His blandness is so pervasive that he’d be a genuine cure for insomnia.

    But I do want to watch tonight’s cocktail party. This is the one where Rachael gets caught giving her number to a member of the crew, after allegedly hooking up with model Vakoo some weeks prior.

    Is it kind of telling that this season would be so much more interesting if they just edited Matt out completely?

    • Aw, poor guy, is he really that bad? I don’t watch, only follow along a little on ttv, so can’t give an informed opinion, but he seems pleasant enough from the ads I’ve seen.

      Are any of the bachelors fascinating? I vaguely remember that curly-haired dolt from last year, the one who had that stage-four clinger salivating over him. He was no prize.

      • He’s inoffensive in a really bland, dull way. Nothing wrong with him, he’s perfectly ordinary. But he has the charisma of a potted plant.

        Plus, he’s very kiss-happy, and it does give me flashbacks to the honey-badger, last year.

        • Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that pot plants and dolts are on the show. Someone intelligent, humorous, kind, and charismatic probably wouldn’t need to find a companion on reality tv.

        • I would hate to be dating these days.
          By all accounts it’s mostly internet and, almost universally I hear it’s a nightmare. Some friends dine out on the horror stories.
          I went to a talk by “someone” who said she had to lie about her age (and hide who she was to avoid the crazies) to get a response, and then at the first meeting then has to talk about how honesty and integrity are important to her. Yes, it got a laugh – but also huge understanding.
          A lot of people I know have just given up. I think I would join them.
          I admire anyone thats brave enough to put themselves out there..

  2. The whole drama with Rachel looks so fake and scripted. They rather aired this rubbish than showing the quality time he spent with the girls that got a rose

  3. That last scene doesn’t seem scripted.
    She looks like a liar, liar, pants on fire – and if it was scripted she would do something that would leave her with more dignity.

    • She just seemed very … trashy. Even the other girls were thrilled that Matt had thrown her out of the mansion.

  4. And can we talk about Abbie’s outfit at the cocktail party, for a second? What the heck was that?

    Was she actually going for a “naughty nun” look?

    • My immediate thought was that her boobs we’re going to fall out.
      And then Matt said, what a lovely dress.
      For a moment I questioned my own fashion sense … but only for a moment.

  5. I’m sorry it was Nikki.
    She was never going to be the chosen one but I am going to miss her extraordinary face.
    Please don’t let it me Mary next. How boring will it be then.

  6. Oh no, we lost Mary! Matt de-rosed (Plucked? Mulched? De-flowered? Wait, that last one sounded dirty) her tonight. Dang it, she was one of my favourites this year.

    Mary for Bachelorette next year!

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