Bold & Beautiful August chat

Over to our foreign correspondent, Daisy:

What better way to begin the month than with a Forrester wedding. Hope and Thomas, or is that Hope and Douglas enjoying their special day, because it’s kind of, no actually Douglas who proposed, and Douglas who is the reason for Hope giving herself to Thomas in unholy matrimony. But never fear. If Hope and Thomas actually tie the bow, it can be erased as easily as Brooke’s frown lines. Marriages don’t require divorce in the Magic Forrest. You just get an annulment. The Forresters have seen more than their fair share of annulments. Even Brooke got an annulment from her marriage to Dollar Bill. I anticipate a marriage for Hope where there is Thomas, Douglas, some teddies and Hope in the marital bed.
But I won’t get ahead of myself, and ruin the day by casting doubt on the prospect of Hopeless and Roach making it down the altar and living happily ever after……….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

All of this is mere distraction from the real issue; when will Hope and or Liam discover the truth of Phoebeth? I am guessing it will be Stephie who finds out first, so she can deal with the dilemma of giving up her child. It should be around about the time she is enrolling her in college. And will the situation between Stephie, Liam, Hope, Thomas and Phoebeth be enough to split up Brooke and The Whisperer? I am hoping so.
Is it wrong that I look forward to Flubber discovering sweet Flo is a lying kidnapper, who mooched off her victims? It will be good news to Red.
Anyhow, take a bow, Sara, Dave and Windsong for keeping the flame alive and keeping me in the loop. I am surprised that my trip is more than 1/2 way through and about 10 people know “The Secret”, let’s just go ahead and call it TS now, and yet still Hope, Liam, head of security Cherrrllie, snoopy Pam and Dt Sandwiches have no idea.



  1. Annulments aren’t easy to get, if you’re a Catholic , you gotta write away to Rome but these Forresters just call the lawyer and it’s done.

    Thanks for the August write up, daisy.

  2. I thought the rule was no annulment if marriage had been consummated. None of those Forresters or Logans could go without sex. Excitement is building, won’t be long now until all is revealed. I read it will be next week or thereabouts – no spoiler there.

  3. Front row pews. This wedding will drag on for several days of speeches and dagger looks for sure.

  4. Everyone’s getting dressed and getting last minute advice/interference. Smoking hot Brooke finds Hope daydreaming about Liam and offers to call the whole show off if Hope decides to renege. Ridge tries to bolster the nervous roach. Liam’s dressed to go. Ad break. Eight wasted minutes. Hope will take ages to get dressed. Quinn’s stunning purple dress. The crowd is coming in , it’s a small crowd.

    Donna and Katie bring the cleavage. Liam and the roach spit unpleasantries at each other.

  5. Steffy sides with Brooke and suggests Hope call it off if she can’t commit to the roach. Hope is practically sucking her thumb at this point. Ad break no 2. We’re being hammered with mediocrity. I say it won’t be called off. Hope is so stupid.

    Carter’s the celebrant of course. He’s done this gig to death. Ridge notes how unhappy Brooke is. Liam’s getting drunk and pissing in Carter’s ear, white anting the roach.

    Eric takes over to stop the bickering erupting at the “holy, blessed event”

  6. Steffy congratulates Hope , who’s on the Douglas train. She ‘s going to do it.

    The atmosphere is icy at the wedding. Eric better get to the piano and croon this loot into behaving. Seven minutes. Call the groundhog.

    Hope’s being a diva. Just get on with it. Maid of Honour steffy talks a lot of hogwash to Steffy. Last minute call to Brooke. Things are running late, so Pam gets more canapes. Ridge pep talks the roach.

    Brooke goes to Hope, who’s not dressed yet. “Douglas needs me” Boo hoo.

    • Please read that” Maid of Honour Steffy talks a load of hogwash to Hope”. All about how she wanted the best for her perverted, manipulative, child abusing, murdering roach of a brother.

  7. Liam spits more Dutch courage abuse at the roach, who responds in kind.

    The roach has cornwered Ridge and asked him to call his attack dog Brooke off. Ridge says it’s useless to try. These Logan women are so smart and stubborn, he asserts.

    We end with Brooke in tears, begging Hope not to marry the roach. Brooke knows that she doesn’t touch or fondle the roach, ever. It’s going to take two or three episodes for Hope to get dressed.

  8. Well, that’s one mystery explained. The episode begins with Thomas threatening to cut Douglas’s hair, to make him more presentable for his new victim, I mean, wife Hope. That’s the mystery of Douglas’s awful haircut solved. Meanwhile, what the hell is Douglas doing with those two action figures in the room right before the ceremony? My gosh, that kid is going to be *so* messed up.

    Oh, and update on Taylor. Apparently she’s working for a human rights campaign in Africa (?!) and couldn’t make the wedding. Wasn’t she a psychiatrist, last anyone checked?

    Brooke checks on Hope and offers to “take care of everything” if Hope is having second thoughts. My gosh. Maybe Brooke was planning on killing him? No judge would convict, Brooke.

    Oh hey, there’s Donna, and wow, that’s all of her. Weddings just suit the Logan girls, don’t they? Upstairs, even Steffy is telling Hope that maybe she needs to call off the wedding. Oh my flipping gosh, Hope. Smell the manure, already. Marrying Thomas is a terrible idea!

    Back downstairs, there’s a hilarious moment where Pam scolds Donna for doing her make-up at the wedding. “Are you planning on meeting somebody here?” Pam asks. Does Pam actually watch the show? NOBODY ON THIS SHOW DATES ANYBODY WHO ISN’T ALREADY IN THE FAMILY CIRCLE.

    Meanwhile, Thomas is loudly goading Liam and the Logans into biting (forcing Eric to intervene). At this point, I just want them to all grab the wedding cake knives and go Ides of March on his smarmy shirtless arse. Nothing says a Forrester wedding like a fatal mass stabbing, right?

    Although, Thomas shoots Liam a look that suggests he’s already thought about taking down Liam with some of the Forrester silverware.

    Anywa, the episode ends with Brooke begging Hope not to marry Thomas. Roll credits. My gosh. I thought they’d drag this out to a ridiculous degree, but we ended the episode and Hope wasn’t even in her wedding dress yet. It’s gonna take her a month just to reach Thomas at the end of the aisle, isn’t it?

  9. Will this wedding be like when sleeping beauty is born, when a wicked fairy, resenting her lack of invitation casts an evil spell on the centre of the celebration, then a kind good fairy arrives to attach a kind of waver.
    Hope should know by now how to dress for a wedding. She should take less time than I take throwing on a pair of shorts.

  10. Brooke and Bill were there, meeting secretly, as were Eric and Donna. Sheila was waiting tables and eavesdropping.

  11. Fyi I am not in this photo. Our new place is in la Vrazia on the beachfront. We wanted Porto Venerre but it couldn’t find accomodation we liked. It worked out well. We have a sand beach out the front and it’s probably more relaxed. We have nice sea views from the front windoes too.


    I heard from a friend in US that the news is out over there, so we should get it soon. Very surprising is the identity.of the person who told.

  13. The episode starts with Thomas continuing to be antsy about whether Hope will even show up … but finally, Hope arrives and walks down the aisle, and it only takes five minutes. Heavens be praised for that. When she reaches the front of the living room, Hope tells Steffy, “the girls look beautiful!” It’s hard to tell whether she’s talking about the kids, or all the cleavage on display (and between Steffy and the Logans, there’s enough to sink a battleship).

    At Forrester Creations, Flo shows up, obviously drunk, and she and Zoey have yet another shouting match about the secret. I gotta say, though, Flo is remarkably more interesting after downing two bottles of scotch. First ad break.

    • It’s certainly deadsville to the first ad break. Logan cleavage excepted.

      Hope caves in and shows up. Thomas was getting nasty.

      The celebrant is Carter. Annulment, wedding, he’s got it covered.

      Oh no. The speeches start, beginning with Ridge. Waffle on, you rasping fool. Dagger looks from the Logans say it all. Sod the speeches.

  14. The second segment isn’t too interesting either. Flo and Zoey, etc etc, meanwhile, over at Brooke and Ridge’s house, the minister recites the speech (he’s the guy who marries Forresters, so he probably has it memorised), Ridge stands up to compliment his awful son, while Brooke then stands up and tells everybody how great marriages are (she would know). Second ad break.

  15. The middle segment was pretty worthless, but oh yes, the final part of the episode delivered. Thomas recites his vows, and I didn’t even listen. Anyway, right when Carter asks Hope whether she takes Thomas to be her husband, you know what happens? Phoebe, playing on the floor at Hope’s feet, has her first words. Her first word? “Mama.”

    Me, watching the episode: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I may have used slightly more swear words than that.

    Hope freaks out, but doesn’t say a word. Roll credits.

    • Douglas is going to freak when the secret’s out. He’s been coached into being a too sweet an imbecile by the roach. This episode is rubbish so far.

      Send drunk Flo over to liven the wedding up a bit. Flo’s cleavage will be a threat to the Logan sisters.

    • Gasp. Oh my God.
      I was going to write, “Dumb dumb de dumb, here comes the bride*, but this is serious.!
      Phoebeth said “Mommy”.
      Who did she say it to?
      And why were there children at the wedding?
      Why were they not all locked in the attic learning to be kissing cousins?
      I”m shocked that they were at the wedding

      • Oh , we got ” here comes the bride”, never fear. Hope in a white , loose sack that she threw on.

        Phoebe said it to Hope, clawing at her wedding sack. Who the fuck coached Phoebe, then? Talk about timely.

      • I was thinking about how messed up next generation of Forresters and Logans are going to be. Right? Douglas couldn’t date Kelly, because they’re cousins through Steffy and Thomas … but I couldn’t figure out how Douglas’s mother Caroline is related to Beth’s father, which would technically put them off-limits too.

        But I was also looking at the wedding guests and thinking, Eric has hooked up with every woman in the room, that saucy old fox. The only girl he won’t have hooked up with is Steffy … and since Ridge was the product of an affair between Stephanie and someone else, that means Eric isn’t blood related to either Ridge or his children and grandchildren, so Eric could totally date Steffy if the need ever arose. Then I had to go throw up a little bit.

  16. Douglas follows his coaching to the letter when he bleats ” I do” . How cute was that? Hope is affected. The roach glows. Six minutes to go and we’ve only heard two speeches. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I’m just gettin to “Mommy” Yuck.

    Oh, that is sick. Phoebe fawns over “mama” .Curtain. Groundhog.

  17. The thought of Eric dating Steffy. Yep. Gross but doable.
    Phoebeth calling Hopeless Mama: now that kind of a wonderful miracle. (Ha ha ha).. I bet Thomas was kicking himself that he hadn’t coached Dougie to do the same.
    Douglas saying, *”I do, inappropriate, creepy and illegal in all states. But that’s the reality. Hopeless is marrying a 5 year old. It seems like only a year ago that Douglas was born and I said. *What an ugly baby, and now he is already getting married. Still keeping it in the family.

  18. Semi comatose Hope capitulates and says “I do” in spite of Phoebe bawling “Momma”. Carter pronounces the two roach and wife. Little Douglas , channeling Damien from The Excorcist, hands over the ring. This show is a celebration of child abuse. Disapproving looks from all the Logan girls.

    Flo is getting pissed. Skeletor is on her relentless prison guilt trip. At least Flo is not no gonna drink , drive and text. Waffle continues at the dull wedding. Lot of dark looks. Flo reckons the truth is coming out today. Nah, it won’t. Over my dead groundhog. Heaps of speeches to go yet. Ad break.

    • I like Flo drunk. She makes life interesting for these losers. Can we keep her sloshed, at least until the storyline wraps up?

  19. Another bludger of an episode. Despite hinting that Phoebeth’s “Mama” would jolt Hope to her senses, Hope eventually turns back to Douglas and says, “Yes, I do.” Of course, immediately after the ceremony, she heads upstairs for a nap because she’s tired, so it doesn’t look all that good for the wedding night.

    The episode doesn’t liven up until the third act, when drunk Flo shows up. I like drunk Flo, have I mentioned that lately? She’s fun, and the girl’s got balls. Arriving too late to stop the ceremony, Flo freaks out when the Logan sisters tell her that Hope said yes, and then, when everyone heads outside (to watch Eric on the jumping castle. Oh yeah, there’s a broken hip in the making), Flo confronts Thomas and tells him that she’s going to tell the secret, right now. Thomas grabs her by the arm and just about throws her out of the house, saying that she’ll keep the secret until she dies! It sounds like a threat, and coming from Thomas, it’s certainly meant as one …

    … but little do any of them know, but Liam is listening in from upstairs, and heard the whole exchange. He says to himself, “What secret?” and that’s all she wrote today.

    • You’d think the Forresters would plug for a humping castle…..

      Half way through here. The old eavesdropping routine. ” Derrr what secret?” “Momma!!!”

      Hope’s crook and wants to crash but the cake cutting is more important to the roach. More spitting of insults between Liam and the roach.

      Flo rocks up and the Logan girls spill Phoebe’s routine.

      • You know what a normal person would do? A normal person would head outside to catch Flo in the car park, or better yet, drive over to her house later on that afternoon, or early the next morning, and ask her what the big deal was. After all, she’s living with Liam’s brother, and Liam knows exactly where they are. And this would all be over and done with by tomorrow night.

        That’s what a normal person would do. But we’re not dealing with a normal person, we’re dealing with a bunch of inbred morons. I look forward to even more excuses why this isn’t quickly and simply resolved.

  20. More Flo/ Skeletor waffle. Flo bolts for the wedding, which has assumed a funereal tone. Liam looks as pathetic as ever. Steffy apologises for Phoebe interrupting. Thomas tries to play down the mother confusion. Ad break. Get your arse here, Flo before the food runs out.

  21. Liam goes upstairs to Hope and has a brainstorm, telling Hope she married “the wrong guy”. Murderer, child abuser , pervert, manipulator, impatient cake cutter, single bad Dad.Hope ‘s chickens are coming home to roost. She’s miserable. What a happy occasion this wedding has been. Seven minutes until groundhog release.

    Ridge and the roach are annoyed that Liam is upstairs with sick Hope. Hope’s bought into Phoebe’s schtick. Flo’s downstairs dropping hints in front of the roach.

  22. Thomas and Flo discuss the secret with raised voices. This is how everyone in town got to know. Liam hears it and pulls his “where did I leave the car keys?” emoting. The muzak is like that from a horror movie, Curtain. Half a groundhog.

  23. I have been gone about 8 weeks and the only progress has been, Quinn comes home, Thomas has killed Little Emma (progress indeed), Flo finds a personality in a bottle of scotch,Hope married Roach, Liam once again finds out about TS, and Phoebeth is now in year I thought I would miss the big reveal but maybe not. Anyhow, or as Roach would say, “anyways”, I feel I have missed nothing. โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

    • Oh, and Xander got sick of all this crap and followed his own face back to England. Aside from that, no, you haven’t missed much.

    • Shauna tired of these freaks and went back to seedy Vegas, spurning the lavishness of Eric (and Quinn’s) mansion.

      Bill didn’t get an invite to the wedding.

      You might have missed a fly landing on the lemon bars at the wedding. Eric’s colostomy bag might have split on the jumping castle.

    • Typo because I couldn’t see the screen :before : Year 7.
      And when I say I missed nothing, I refer to how well I have been kept informed. I have found it rivetting and hilarious.

  24. See, the plot today does advance, it’s just moving at a pace that would see it lapped by glaciers.

    So, with the sun setting on another successful Forrester wedding, everyone heads off. Liam does something smart (unbelievable, but true), and spends the night hanging out with Wyatt. He reveals everything he knows to his brother (that he overheard Thomas being a dick to Flo about a “secret” that’s got something to do with Hope), and since Wyatt is (mostly) a sane, rational human being, he believes Liam, and the two resolve to figure this out.

    Back at Wyatt’s place, Flo receives another threatening text message from Thomas (you know, Flo, you really could go to the police with these), and although she convinced herself earlier that day to tell the truth, what happens? The plot contrives to send her Shauna, who pops in to say hello to her daughter. Shauna is outraged at Thomas threatening her daughter, and murmurs, “I should sort that shirtless bastard out myself” (thing is, you know she would). But the lure of the Forrester billions is too much (great parenting again, Shauna), so literally ten seconds later, she tells Flo to keep the secret, keep her head down, and do what Thomas wants.

    Over at Ridge and Brooke’s house, Thomas continues to be an evil bastard, manipulating Douglas into telling Hope, “You should be with my daddy tonight, since you’re married.” It’s as horrifying as it sounds, and Thomas leads Hope into the bedroom and puts the moves on her. Hope freaks out, once Thomas moves to undress her, makes up an excuse, and flees. Of course, Thomas isn’t thrilled by this (imagine that. The girl you tricked into marrying you, who has no interest in you romantically or sexually whatsoever, doesn’t want to have sex with you. Shocking) and he fumes, in a particularly-deranged way, blaming Liam and Flo.

    Thomas: “I’m surrounded by idiots!” Well, yes Thomas, yes you are. But that’s entirely not the point.

    Wyatt returns home and sees Flo, still upset about what happened. Although Flo still has Shauna’s words in her ears, she says, “No!” and resolves to tell Wyatt everything. Of course, that’s where the episode ends.

    So at least both Wyatt and Liam know there’s *a* secret, and it involves Flo and Hope, even if they don’t know the exact details. And they both got a vested interest in solving the mystery, so maybe, it won’t be long? We can hope, pun not intended.

    • Great stuff Ws. I’m at the first ad break. Hope has just cold cocked the roach. Hope would give anything for little Douglas to ask for another bedtime story but the little brat is sleepy and following the dysfunctional script to a tee.. The roaches display of rose petals strewn over the bedroom was doomed. Champagne, candles, suck it up roach. No sugar tonight on your wedding night. No saxaphone wailings just maudlin strings. No wedding toasters to check out and cherish.Second ad break.

      Wyatt is pissed of that Flo is keeping a secret. He should stop picking up these types at Bikini’s when he’s drunk and rebounding..

      • “No saxaphone wailings just maudlin strings.”

        No, I bet he was more annoyed that he couldn’t get a refund on the booking for the jazz band, he hired, than he was at Hope turning him down for the night.

        • My bet is that the wedding will never be consummated, which is sufficient grounds for an ~ you guessed it, annulment. Carter will be on to that.

  25. The by now shirtless , pissed off roach rationalises that “we’ve got the rest of our lives” to consummate this insane arrangement. Four minutes til groundhog liftoff.

    We get to the sulking roaches surrounded by idiots soliloquy. It’s a new low point in entertainment.

    Liam rings Hope to start telling her but right on time, that little bastard Douglas hollers from his bedroom and Hope’s off like a bucket of prawns. Curtain.

  26. Good recounts both of you.
    Oh my. Little Dougie forced to be Dadd’s pimp. I was envisioning him going and putting his own Sesame St on.
    So there was no need for Thomas to pump him full of cough medicine. He’s probably going to use it on Hope tonight, like he did with Caroline.
    That Flo is surely one good secret keeper. She has been wanting to tell for about 12 weeks real time, and still nothing.Zoe seems to have had nothing to do in all that time, except pop in to tell Flo not to tell.
    And how is Brooke taking all this lying down?
    I’m not too hopeful now that two of the Keystone cops are on the case. Last time one of them, I don’t recall which, asked “What were you and Zoe just talking about “If anyone finds out”….or blah, blah, blah like that, they just replied, “Milk, or blah, blah, blah”, and the guy said, “Oh”.
    But in spite of my cynicism, I think we may be close to TS coming out before Thomas kills another young intern. Although he might kill one just for fun. The writers are probably going to have to keep the murdering, woman drugging Roach around.

    • “Iโ€™m not too hopeful now that two of the Keystone cops are on the case.”

      They’re like the less-successful, slightly-overweight, grown-up Hardy Boys, on the way to cracking another mystery! It’s the Spencer Boy Mysteries!

  27. Dollar Bill by now is looking like a saint. He hasn’t killed anyone(having Ridge killed by having him thrown from a helicopter failed), and he hasn’t drugged any of his women or children.

    • At least, he’s a very ineffective villain, isn’t he? Tries to knock up Steffy, and she winds up with his son. Tries to kill Ridge, and Ridge winds up marrying Brooke. Tries to kill Liam, and Liam winds up in a tug-of-war with two beautiful women.

      Thing is, Beth is Bill’s grand-daughter, right? So he has a stake in this too.

      • Bill is with Katie at the second, why didn’t he get an invite to the awesome wedding? If anyone could sniff out the roach, Bill could.

  28. Bill’s a chick magnet.
    Thomas is a chick dragnet.
    Bill likes his women gagging for it.
    Thomas just likes them gagged for it.

    • Bill wouldn’t have much truck with the “dressmaker’s” son, come to think of it, I know why he wasn’t invited to the miserable wedding.

      • I think we’ve reached a horrifying point, in the journey, when Bill is the moral high-ground, and the hero of the situation, you know?

  29. Under heavy interrogation from Wyatt, Flo almost spills TS but the roach send her a vile text to the effect of keep it shut or you’ll be in a grave etc (If the cops were competent enough to find that). So she clams up and says she’ll go back to Vegas. Flubber is flustered..

    Liam asks Steffi what she knows about Flo, which is not much.

    Brooke finds Hope wandering around in the wee hours and mentions the word “annulment”. Call Carter.

    Ad break.

    The pitiful dialogue between Wyatt and Flo continues. Wyatt doesn’t want Flo to go to Vegas. Liam and Steffy try to figure out stuff about Flo. Dumbasses , both of them. Ad braeek

  30. More pitiful dialogue and interrogation of Flo from Wyatt. Flo flashbacks to the roach threats. She goes to take a shower. Bet she disappears.

    Brooke and Hope are still yakking. Hope says that “something is drawing me to Phoebe”. Nine minutes til groundhog release.

    Liam rocks up to Wyatt’s . What will it take for these knuckleheads to get with the program? “What about Phoebe?” Der. Ad break. How much more can we take? It does appear to be soon but who knows?

    • Wyatt legitimately impressed me, tonight. I’ve always liked him best, out of this entire clan of insane weirdos, and he did earn his keep tonight.

      I mean, he’s too damn nice to snoop around Flo’s phone (since Thomas’s threats are going to be, like, right there on the screen), but alas, he won a couple of points from me, tonight.

  31. So, shockingly enough, we got our hopes up for nothing. Wyatt presses Flo on the secret, because she’s clearly upset after the wedding … but she guts out. She has PTSD-style flashbacks to Shauna and Thomas telling her to keep quiet, so she makes up a story about how seeing Phoebe is hard for her, and leaves to go have a shower and go to bed.

    But … Wyatt, you clever bastard. When Flo is telling Wyatt how happy she is, she tells him all the things she wants to do with him that she’s never done before, like get married or buy a house or have a baby … and Wyatt immediately realises, hang on a minute, she’s already had a baby. Or has she?

    So the episode ends with Wyatt relaying all that information onto Liam. Neither of them is any wiser (although, I am impressed with Wyatt’s impromptu detective abilities), but they know that Phoebe is involved in this, somehow.

    Liam, meanwhile, finds all the adoption paperwork (that Steffy kept), and begins carefully examining it. Put it this way. Liam does more due diligence, in researching the adoption deal, in 5 minutes, than Steffy and Taylor did in a month. Go figure.

    The episode’s hilarious highlight was over at Ridge and Brooke’s house, when Brooke finds Hope sleeping on the couch downstairs … and says that if Hope wants, Brooke can call up Carter and annul the marriage, lickity-split.

    Because *of course*, Brooke Logan has Carter (the guy who can perform and annul marriages) on speed-dial. Of course she does.

    • Hope ~”But I made vows”

      Brooke ~”You can get an annulment, honey”

      Definite highlight. Married and divorced in one day. There are sick flashbacks Hope has of Liam feeling her stomach while she was pregnant with Phoebe. Oboes and cellos.

      Liam starts nosing through the adoption papers. The sinister music rises as he guiltily keeps checking that Steffi isn’t noticing. Sneaky. Curtain.

      • You know, for all this talk about the police … Steffy and Taylor bought a baby. I’m pretty sure that’s kind of illegal as well, you know?

  32. Thanks guys. I think Hope has had a one day marriage before, and a few near misses, so she’s pretty familiar with “Call Carter”.

    Liam and Flubber should put one of those detective pin up boards on a wall with some connecting red string. That way they will see that the string all leads to Hope, Flo and Phoebeth. And they run their chins and go, “Hmmmmmm?”. I wonder what that could mean. And why is Flo so nervous and suspicious. 5 minutes in a room with Vincent Donofrio would get her to tell. (They have Law and Order reruns here).. In fact, if Flo is so busting to tell, 5 minutes with Pam and a plate of lemon bars would do it.

  33. Well, I watch and read – you lot cover everything so well that there’s no need for further comment. Today is Friday so that means another cliff hanger for the weekend. We are supposed to be ahead of the US in episodes but all has been revealed over there, so it has to be sooooon! Quite a bit of over-acting from Wyatt yesterday when he was trying to get info from Flo – he’s in for a very rude awakening very soon. There will be many ramifications from this I’m sure. I mean what about Carter – births, marriages and deaths lawyer, not so hot in checking out adoption papers. But he is gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Sara. Oh the waiting. B&B usually moves quickly. I can’t believe they have taken this storyline so long.

      • You call this a storyline?? It’s insanity.

        Little Douglas will wait for a lull in conversation at Thanksgiving and then scream that “Beth is alive!”. We’ll be wanting a screen shot of that.

        Thomas will have to start making scarier ghost apparitions if he wants that little brat to toe the roaches twisted line.

  34. I spent the afternoon hanging out with a friend of mine in hospital, so I missed the first half of the episode. Nothing interesting happened in the rest of it. Hope’s still moping because of her marriage, Liam is still digging into the adoption …

    … and Douglas overhears a phone conversation between Thomas and Flo, and learns the truth. “Beth is alive.”

    Wow Douglas, you’ve finally become useful to the rest of us.

    Oh crap, that means Thomas is going to kill his own son to keep this quiet.

    • Thomas coached a little monster that is going to blab that “Beth is alive”. Now the roach has to threaten his son not to squeal.

      Liam tries to get a nurse to violate patient confidentiality in his clumsy sleuthing efforts.

      So it seems the little brat will be the one to let the Catalina cat out of the bag. He’ll let it slip to Hope, surely. Hope spurns the perverted roach seduction moves and escapes to the office.

      I had a visitor and only caught the last bit. Just lucky, I guess.

      Flo is with Hope and could easily tell her….but it’s a groundhog.

      • It’d be hilarious if Douglas was the one who spilled the beans to Hope, while all these other idiots were still spinning their wheels and poking things with sticks.

        Good lord, putting Zoey in jail would stop her whining over and over again about jail, so, frankly, I’m all for it.

        • Zoey running a tin cup along the prison bars…. She’ll be great in a scrag fight with all that hair.

          Woolif just (sagely?) said, “No one will go to jail. Alas, he has seen it all too often;
          Stephie killed Alleeee.
          Quinn killed the owner of the Hope diamond.
          Charlie and Flubber carried out a fraudulent robbery, and two other guys went to prison for it.
          Then there are the numerous murder attempts. Too many to mention. What family has sooo many murders and murder attempts and still enjoys a Thanksgiving turkey together?

  35. I wish there was a laughing emo.

    Anyhow, Douglas finding out Beth is alive has to be good news, although Thomas only need pull some bs, like, “If Hope finds out Beth is alive, she won’t love you anymore”. It makes evil sense. I must have an evil mind to even think of that. But Douglas might let it slip next time Thomas slips him a bottle of cough medicine before bedtime.

    Mope has gone around dragging her knuckles for so long now, she won’t know how to do anything else.

  36. Douglas can’t stop saying “Baby Beth is alive” He’s becoming a real liability. Thomas tells him he can’t ever say it again but we know it’s too late. He can barely say anything else now.

    Hope keeps banging on about her commitment to the cutesy, loudmouthed liability to Flo, who’s beating around the baby bush and questioning Hope about feelings for the roach.. Mercifully an ad break comes along.

  37. Flo and Skeletor are having the same conversation they’ve had for three months. Skeletor reckons they’ re both good people , just victims of circumstance.

    Over at Steffy’s for a sleepover , Douglas asks Hope if Phoebe had any other names. Hope, Liam , Steffy and the roach are there. Thomas gives his little brat the evil eye to shut up. The shit could really hit the fan here , so we go to another ad break.

    The sledgehammer hints about Phoebe continue to be woven into the terrible dialogue.

    Douglas finally blabs the secret to Hope and Liam. It’s over!!!!!!

    Curtain. Praise the fucking Lords of daytime soap operas.


    • Nooooooo!

      I was visiting my friend in hospital again. So I missed it today! Gasp!

      *immediately off to TenPlay. Screw Survivor, I have to see today’s Bold*

  38. Good for Douglas, surely it can’t be long now. Too much time spent on Flo and Zoe, for heaven’s sake we want the truth, now!!

  39. Yeah. Watched the episode on Tenplay tonight. The rest of the episode was a write-off, but in the final seconds, Douglas reveals to Hope and Liam that, “Beth is alive.”

    I’m pretty certain that this will go nowhere. You just know, tomorrow night, Thomas will emerge from the bedroom, be outraged at Douglas for telling lies, grab the kid and then throw him off a cliff. Besides, Douglas doesn’t actually have any of the proof (that Flo or Zoey or Zander or Shauna or, hell, Liam’s currently in the process of getting), so I can see them easily dismissing him.

    But gosh, I hope they don’t.

    • Roach ~”It must be those nightmares little Douglas has been having”

      Douglas~ “What happened to Emma? Did my Daddy really murder her? Why does Daddy stare at Hope’s legs and slobber?”

      Roach~ “Ever since the nightmare about the ghost , he’s been saying the strangest stuff”

      Douglas” Hope didn’t have a placental abruption in Catalina”

  40. It must be this week, at least. Of course Roach will put a gag on Douglas, bit where there is smoke…..and there has been more smoke than a Cheech and Chong, or Bob Marley party.

  41. So, as I predicted last night? Nothing happened. Neither Hope nor Liam had the brains to believe Douglas, despite all the crazy crap that has been going on around them. Hope starts crying and rushes outside, while Liam has that, “did I leave the oven on?” expression of vague puzzlement on his face.

    Anyway, Thomas briefly repeats his instruction to Douglas not to tell anyone anything about Beth, and Douglas promises, “I never will again.” Smart kid. Actually, Douglas shoots Thomas a look of pure venom, as Thomas is leaving, and it’s kind of heartening to realise that Douglas hates him just as much as the rest of us do.

    Afterwards, Thomas takes Hope to a hotel room (that looks like every other room that ever appears on this show) and puts the moves on her, sweet-talking her until she gives in and they start making out.

    Back at Steffy’s, Steffy goes to get the girls (who are sound sleepers, apparently. Geez, you think?) while Liam chats to Douglas. Seriously, Liam. If the five-year-old is trying to lead you guys to the conclusion, that says very bad things about the cognitive abilities of the rest of you. The episode ends with Liam reasoning, “If Beth was alive, you could go and point her out to me.” And Douglas responds, “But I can.” Roll credits. These idiots.

    Oh, and every now and then, we cut back to Forrester Creations with Zoey and Flo having the same conversation they’ve been having since January. My gosh, I want Zoey to go to jail, just so she’ll finally shut up about this whole thing.

    • It was exactly as predicted. These people wouldn’t know if their arses were on fire.

      I think Hope is gonna push the roach away,unless he goes too far and sexually assaults her.

      • Every time Hope and Thomas are onscreen together, I find myself shouting, “Kick him in the crotch!” in the vague hope that she’ll actually do it.

  42. Well that gets a like, a like and a like. For comments, not for Forrester brains.
    Wow, it is frustrating. I would hate for little Douglas to get sexually abused. No one listens to him.
    And speaking of sexual abuse, Mope has to fall asleep at some point. Thomas makes his best moves when the woman is unconscious. That’s how Dougie was conceived.

  43. ร’รฒooooooph, surely not long now, and hopefully before the weekend. Liam is on the case! I hope that Thomas does not force himself on Hope, or at least lets hope she’s on the pill. He looks evil tonight. I really don’t know how Flo has stayed sane and not td the truth. Oh well, we’ll know all about it soon

  44. That final scene, though. After months and months of build-up, Liam’s finally on the verge of figuring it out.

    And it only took some very generous hints, from a five-year-old, to get there. Like, seriously Liam, this doesn’t reflect well on you.

  45. Thomas’s sexual frustration has reached such a boiling point, I’m afaraid he’s going to commit (another) crime. He needs some bromide to calm that desperate trouser snake of his.

    Liam knows Douglas holds the key to he case, but is too dumb to ask the right questions, ie. “Who in fucks name told you baby Beth is still alive?” Thomas has an evil streak, too for such a cherub. He appears more switched on than the rest of the cast. Offer him a designer job, tout de suite.

    To the other CEO’s and assorted fools , it’s just baby talk. The sooner Thomas can get Douglas to mysteriously choke on his Corn Flakes, the better.

    Skeletor and Flo wasted film about the prison ultimatum again. Boy is it old hat.

  46. I’m smelling closure on its way. Or disclosure. Closure would involve Thomas, handcuffs, a court hearing and a prison sentence. It would involve jail sentences for Flo, Hooks and possibly Taylor, Zoe and a few others. But I guess they don’t have a prison/jail set and only borrowed the one they used for Ridges.
    I predict another wedding on the horizon. Mope will have to remarry Liam after her annuimen to Roach.

  47. Courtesy of Sherlock Douglas, Liam knows Phoebe is Beth. Everyone else in LA are flat earthers. It’s just kid’s talk. Steffy is shitting herself. $200,000 down the shithouse. Beth calls Liam ” Dadda”. It’s vomit time.

    Just as I predicted, the roach has ordered some disco biscuits from that creep to get a raunchy night with Hope happening. Last chance saloon for blue balls roach. So let’s add date rape to Thomas’s rap expanding sheet.

    Shauna is still trying to keep Flo from spitting Wyatt, Forrester lucre, opportunities…..or prison. Another Pina Colada for Dr Buckingham, please.

    • There is a kind of poetic justice, here, that for all the crap and abuse he’s heaped upon his son, Thomas’s plan comes undone because of Douglas.

  48. Date tape was already on Roach’s rรฉsumรฉ. Remember when Caroline was married to Ridge and had that tiff with him, and she then accidentally took Pam’s loony tune drugs. Thomas took the opportunity to add alcohol. She was doped up and had to lay down. Thomas swooped in like a crow on a wounded lamb, The the next morning he was all, “I thought you wanted it”. Not when.her eyeballs are rolling back in her head, Thomas.

  49. Get ready for Steffy to go crazy next, as he doesn’t buy the “Beth is alive” reality. She’s hanging on to “Phoebe” like a crazed customer at a Boxing Day Sale.

    Ever seen a dog chase it’s tail for thirty minutes? Watch today’s pitiful, woeful episode.

    Nothing happened. Liam knows , Wyatt knows and they’re beating on Flo for keeping the secret. Wyatt could have bought Flo a new dress .Call the cops ffs. Ring 911.

    The roach has the drugs ready and bought Hope an allegedly sexy outfit for the sex that isn’t going to happen . Curtain. A weak end for the week end.

    • I meant Steffy doesn’t believe that Beth is alive. That’s because her $200,, 000 sprog is hers, fair and square.

  50. Okay, let’s see if today’s recap disappears into the spam folder…

    What’s that sound, Bold fans? Why, if we listen carefully, we’ll hear the slow creep of a plot-line … actually advancing!

    The episode starts with Liam holding Beth in his arms, and everyone’s happy. Liam finally believes that Beth is Phoebe. Steffy, of course, think he’s having a breakdown. Liam puts more pieces together as he explains the story to Steffy. Steffy still doesn’t believe him (oh gosh, it’s contagious) and Liam realises there’s one person who can corroborate the story … one Flo Fulton. He rushes off to find her.

    Steffy, meanwhile, looks increasingly heart-broken that her daughter isn’t actually her daughter. I predict this will end badly.

    Over at Wyatt’s, Flo is just about to admit everything to Wyatt when Liam barges in. Wyatt doesn’t appreciate the intrusion (and asks Liam to stop yelling at his girlfriend), but Flo tells Wyatt that “He’s right. About everything.” Flo admits that she never had a baby, and Liam asks her who Phoebe’s birth mother was … and Flo admits, “Hope. It’s Hope.”

    What’s funny is that Wyatt spends the entire scene telling Flo, “Nothing will come between us, you can tell me anything!” and words to that effect, yet, he dumped Sally like trash for nothing more than having a phone conversation with Thomas. I imagine Wyatt and Flo aren’t exactly heading down the aisle any time soon.

    Back at the hotel, Thomas’s creepy friend Vinnie brings over more drugs, but they don’t actually feature in the story, Thomas just drops them into a drawer and forgets about them. Okay. Continuing to put the moves on Hope, Thomas asks her to put on some naughty lingerie for him. Hope does that, and Thomas moves in for the kill. And given this is Thomas, that might not be a metaphor.

    Roll credits. Hallelujah, praise the good Lord above, something finally happened today.

    • If you email Juz and tell her, she should be able to fish yesterday’s recap out. I want to read it. I’ve been down that road. Don’t tell anyone , because we could go to prison.

  51. At last. I wish I could see the fallout. I want to see Flubber’s ongoing response to find out that Flo isn’t just your average liar. I want to see Brooke step in and put a curse on everyone who stole her grand daughter, and her daughter’s happiness. I want to see how Flo manages to get everyone’s pity and forgiveness, in spite of the fact that she lived with them but didn’t come clean. I predict only Hooks will go to jail, if that. Taylor should lose her licence.

    • Wyatt went from “You won’t ever lose me” to” I’m gonna punch your head in” in the blink of an eye. He’ll be at Bikinis later, maybe Shauna will be there..

  52. The story is finally out in the open like the man’s ….what’s Italian for penis and scrotum on the sun lounge behind me. He was flashing yesterday too. Woolif thinks it’s not intentional, but yesterday he “cocked” his leg. I will try and get a pick to you. Or maybe not.

  53. Bit of an anti climax really – we’ve all known for so long. But at least it’s out and we can finally move forward. Pity for Steffy who is about to lose a child. As for Thomas, he’s a great actor, plays the part so well, I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke in real life.

    • Next time Steffy buys a baby, she might
      1. Go to a licenced adoption agenc
      2. Make sure it doesn’t perfectly coincide with the tragic loss of a baby for Hope and Liam
      3. Shops where Angelina Jolie goes
      4. Get a “no returns” clause for kidnapped children.
      What a storyline it’s been.

  54. On today’s installment of, “Which one of you idiots is my mommy?” …

    Geez, they dragged this plot-line out for months, and suddenly they’re in a pedal-to-the-floor race to resolve it.

    Douglas, the little scamp, calls Thomas just to brag. He tells Thomas that he’s a jerk, not like Liam and Steffy, and that he told Liam about Beth. The look of realisation, that dawns on Thomas’s face, will keep people warm at night. Panicking, he calls for a helicopter (gosh, for something as simple as a clothing label, the Forresters really have connections), and tells an increasingly-distressed Hope to get dressed, as they’re going on a trip.

    Back at Wyatt’s house, Flo comes clean, and explains the whole thing to Liam. She mentions what happened to Emma and how Thomas was threatening her, and Liam decides he has to go rescue Hope from Thomas. Just then, Thomas calls Flo (with his daily dose of, “if you tell anybody, I’ll kill you!”), but Flo puts him on speaker-phone and everybody overhears Pam in the background — Thomas and Hope are at Forrester Creations.

    Thomas calls the helicopter pilot and tells him to hurry up and get there. Hope waits in the office, but decides to stand up to Thomas, telling him — as she opens the door — that she’s had enough of his crap and she wants to go home. But it’s not Thomas. Liam’s found her. He locks the door (to keep Thomas out) and tries to give Hope the abridged version of what happened to Beth (made more difficult because Thomas is outside, banging on the door, trying to get in). Finally, finally, finally, the episode ends with Liam explaining to Hope about the baby-switch on Catalina, and telling her, in no uncertain terms, “Beth is alive.” Roll credits.

    Meanwhile, Wyatt was upset at Flo for lying to him, and Ridge and Steffy were talking about Douglas and Beth, but nobody cares about any of them, right now.

    Geez, tomorrow’s episode promises to be a cracker.

  55. You’ve nailed it WS.
    Flo’s finally blabbed to the Spencer brothers. Action aplenty today.

    Thomas gets wind of the little loudmouths words at his sleepover and Roach and Hope escape into the night, like Bonnie and Clyde. And I’m at the first ad break.

    • I just loved it how Douglas — for all the abuse he’s had to put up with, these last few months — took the time out of his day to call up his father and put the boot in. That was hilarious.

  56. Wyatt has already given Flo the ” you’re gonna get dumped” He’ll cool off at Bikinis later with some new meat. Sally Spectra?

    The roach sure is in a panic to get out of town. He’s sexually frustrated to the max and not thinkin’ right. Second ad break.


  57. LIam gets into see Hope and he blusters as only he can , all he needs to say is BETH IS ALIVE but no, let’s have another rivetting ad break.

    Liam takes the rest of the show to say the magic words.

  58. Thomas was banging at the door ,like he was desperate to get into a public lavatory. It was hilarious. “Don’t believe him , Hope”

    It’s the only thing the roach will be banging tonight.

    Curtain. Every person and their groundhog knows about it….except Steffy and Ridge and yep, who cares about them.

    Really, a call to 911 would have been appropriate today, given the crimes announced.

  59. That was exciting to read. Woolif and I loved every minute of it. I especially enjoyed Thomas trying to kidnap Hope, and. little Dougie standing up to Daddy. I guess Thomas forming a love for Hope in his son backfired.
    I loved ‘seeing’ the grieving kidnapper get dumped. Flubber doesn’t struggle much over dumping women.
    Anyhow, thanks again for the fun.

  60. Man Daisy, this was the episode not to skip. I’m glad I stayed home this afternoon. My gosh, that was exhilarating.

    We spent the first half of the episode bouncing between Wyatt’s place (where Flo continues to explain her role in the baby-swap, and tearfully beg Wyatt’s forgiveness. I hate to tell you, Flo, but Wyatt’s dumped girls for far less than federal crimes. Eventually, they break up, and Wyatt tells her to leave) … and Steffy’s place, where Ridge (the epitome of great parenting) keeps reassuring Steffy that Phoebe isn’t Beth, and there’s no way that Beth could be alive, and clearly, Liam’s just broken from losing his and Hope’s daughter.

    C’mon writers. Nobody gives two hoots about any of that crap, right now.

    Back at Forrester Creations, we pick up where we left off yesterday. Liam’s just revealed to a tearful Hope that Beth is still alive, when Thomas quits screwing around and literally kicks the door down. He tells Hope to ignore Liam, that Liam is a liar. Liam shoots back, “Tell that to your son Douglas”, and Thomas lays Liam out cold with a right hook. As Hope screams, “What is wrong with you?!” (gosh Hope. You could write an entire college thesis on what’s going on in Thomas’s head, at the moment), Thomas drags her out of the room. Thomas has really got his 50s, moustache-twirling, super-villain act, going on today.

    Halfway up to the roof, they emerge out onto a balcony. Thomas sees his dreams falling apart and gets really whiny, tearfully begging Hope to stick with him. It works for half a second, but then we all remember how Thomas is a deranged, possessive, nutjob. He switches from sad to angry in a heartbeat, and yells at Hope for bringing up Liam’s name again. Which is right when Liam charges onto screen and decks the bastard. Thomas hits the mat for a second, and when Liam takes a second to check on Hope, he takes out Liam with a leg-sweep. The two brawl for a little bit, and damn, Liam’s obviously been watching some mixed martial arts in his spare time, ’cause the guy’s got some moves. Meanwhile, Hope stands there, uselessly screaming out, “Stop it! Stop fighting!” as the two beat the holy hell out of each other. Thomas gets in a lucky shot and takes Liam down … and at this point, he’s given up on Hope, and runs for the helicopter pad.

    Liam and Hope follow. As Thomas calls up the helicopter pilot and wonders where he is, Liam crash-tackles him to the roof. Holding Thomas in a headlock, Liam tells Thomas to tell the truth to Hope. Thomas doesn’t say anything, but the look on his face gives him away. He elbows Liam in the stomach and runs away (and we can add ‘running like a girl’ to Thomas’s list of sins) but Hope and Liam don’t follow him. As the music swells and the sun sets in the background, Hope and Liam reunite, and Liam confirms that yes, Beth is Phoebe and she’s alive.


    • Yep. I’m at the second ad break. All killer , no filler. ( The break up scene with Flo excepted….and Ridge blowing smoke).

      I’ve just seen Liam flatten the roach with one punch. This balcony scene is something. No guns lying around?

      • I was amazed at how un-weiner-like that Liam was, today.

        Although I’m still chuckling over Hope just standing there, shrieking, “stop fighting!” Hope, sweety? Thomas has needed his face rearranged for quite some time now. Just let it happen, girlfriend. Just let it happen.

  61. The fight on the rooftop is like something from a Clint Eastwood movie. These guys can throw haymakers while laying flat on their backs.

    Shout it from the rooftops~ “Beth is alive!”

    Thomas has bolted , verbally abusing the helicopter pilot for not showing.

    Flo drowns in a flood of self pity. Jail was mentioned. Wyatt appears to be thawing , but who cares. Beth is alive. Curtain.

  62. That was fantastic. Thanks Windsong and Dave. Way to eat croissants. Reading that to Woolif.
    I loved the tension, the revelation, the fighting, I take it Thomas didn’t get his shirt ripped off, WS.
    Yes, Hope is the standard DID; Damsel in Distress. It would have been preferable had she stepped up and rescued Liam. But the writers are still trying to convince us that Liam is a desirable heroic type.

    • Thank you, daisy. We’re all ready for rehab now. Beth is alive !!

      I really thought the roach had a gun when he burst in on Hope and Liam. Not that a Forrester could hit the side of a barn.

      Bill would have swelled with pride had he seen Liam doing the business today. I can’t wait until Bill’s wit is let loose on this mess.

      See , next thing to happen will be Steffy having a breakdown losing Phoebe, then rasping Ridge when he discovers what an evil bastard of a roach he’s spawned.

      Don’t count on Hope’s support when a brawl erupts. “Stop fighting!” ain’t gonna cut it.

      The fight scene wasn’t too bad, actually. Much more professional and dramatic than Emma’s liquidation.

      • No, like, while they were brawling on the balcony, Liam did this elbow-drop move into Thomas, and I was just, where the hell did that come from? The scene was framed and shot quite well, it was a rare bright spot of genuine entertainment. Someone trained those two actors how to throw a punch, I’ll say that.

        Maybe Taylor was due for a visit, so they hid all the guns?

        • Last time Liam was punched, it was by his father, Bill.

          I guess the Forresters will be able to afford little Douglas’s psychiatry bills, but he’s going to need some straightening out because he’s already displaying a nasty streak.

    • No, there were no torn shirts today. You win some, you lose some. But I’m happy with what we got. Thomas getting decked, I could watch that on a loop, I really could.

      Thomas is obviously physically fitter than Liam, yet, the only time he really put Liam down was with a cheap shot or surprise attack. For the rest of the fight, MMA-champ Liam was holding his own pretty well. I think that doesn’t say good things about Thomas’s general combat abilities :).

      • I don’t think the roach saw Liam’s first punch on the rooftop coming. Of all the episodes to watch on catch up , daisy, this would be be the one. I even received a text to tell me that today’s ep was “Gold” That never happens. I agree with Windsong that it was “exhilarating” but for the Flubber/Flo and Steffy /Ridge padding. Though watching Ridge try to convince Steffy that Phoebe was Phoebe and all that jazz was a bit of a laugh, so last week. Two CEO’s of an international fashion cartel worth millions. Call Det Sandwichez, ffs.

        • I will try and find it on some segment somewhere. . I think Liam started Kung Fu lessons after Bill knocked him down with one finger last time.
          I heard that Steffie does a good job in the acting Dept soon.
          I hope they all do some unraveling of who was involved first hand, who knew but didn’t tell,. and. who let it drive him to threats and murder.

          • Hope had an eternity to dial 911 while those two brawling buffoons were at it. Who knew but didn’t tell? When Sandwichez finally gets on the case he’ll have some unraveling to do because everyone in LA knew, but Douglas was the cute canary that sang.

          • Dave, Douglas was like the little boy in The Emporor’s New Clothes.
            Great story how all the adults are shown up by a kid.

          • “Just a kid with a fantasy” according to Ridge “Lost his mother and confused him. Just a kid” Ridge hasn’t had the wake up call yet. He thinks the roach is ok.

  63. Great write ups! Seems a bit flat now that all has been revealed, what next. Great fight yesterday although I saw a picture at the supermarket mag rack of Liam’s stunt double. Thomas looks as if he can do his own stunts.

      • Yeah, that does take the edge off things, a little bit. But I suppose they couldn’t risk the actor slipping over and banging his forehead on a railing or something while and Thomas were wrestling. There’d be insurance and things like that to worry about.

  64. Now we get tortured with the secret being explained over and over again. First to Brooke, then to Shauna. Beth is alive.

    Liam and Hope go to visit Beth. Steffy hasn’t kidnapped her yet.

    A wave of recycled hogwash takes us to the first ad break. Too late Shauna. Flo’s getting ready to escape LA.

    I knew three good episodes in a row was too much to ask for.

    Ridge and Brooke start to argue, the show opened with their lips locked.

    Miserable Flo laments how everything has to turned to shit. Like Wyatt was a keeper. The tension is ratcheted up as Hope gets emotional before going into Beth’s room. Ad break. Maybe Beth;s been kidnapped….

    • “I knew three good episodes in a row was too much to ask for.”

      Heh. I was visiting my friend in hospital again, this afternoon, so I kind of figured I could skip today’s episode (that it would be mostly dialogue with all the cast getting up to speed over what happened yesterday). I figure I guessed right.

  65. Ridge thinks Liam has had a breakdown to believe that Phoebe is Beth.

    .Brooke’s off to get more dirt from Flo, while Hope has a flashback to Catalina before Beth is produced by Liam. Slow motion hugging and coddling of baby Beth. We deserve this ad break.

    The roach isn’t answering his phone, reasons Ridge. Ridge hates hearing his son shit canned.

  66. Brooke and Ridge barge in on Flo and Shauna and yep, let’s play twenty questions. Brooke’s acting is pretty awesome as she drags it out bit by lurid bit from Flo. Shauna can only watch in horror , while Ridge just stands and lets Brooke run the kangaroo court.

    Back to the scene of family contentment with Liam, Hope and Beth.

    No roach, Douglas today. Curtain.

    “Send lawyers, guns and money~ the shit has hit the fan”~ Warren Zevon

  67. So they have to unwind that story before they can bring in the clowns for the next one; Eric is baby Kelly’s Dad.
    No not really. It’s Flubber. That would mean Kelly and Now Beth aren’t sisters. Wait, what relation would Kelly and Now Beth be, if Bill is Kelly’s Dad?

  68. Skeletor walks into the blast furnace of Brooke’s inquisition of Hope and Shauna. She tries to act dumb, which she manages easily. But Brooke and Ridge have got the shits with Flo. Let those without sin cast the first stone. Dr Hooks’ name is brought up. Brooke tells Shauna to butt. No more fuckin’ with Hope’s life is the message. Ridge rasps some kind of emotional support.

    It’s another day of rehashing the Catalina switcheroo, Hope asks Liam for a full recap. You got your baby, now enough!! We knew this would happen. Ad break. Phoebe is Beth?

  69. Brooke, high on her horse, sticks it to Skeletor, Shauna and Flo. No excuses for keeping the secret so long. Dr Hooks’ gambling debt is no excuse. It’s “sick”.

    Liam rehashes more Catalina capers for Hope, second ad beak and the show is spinning it’s wheels somewhat. Must be time for Sally Spectra to rip Wyatt from the wreckage he’s been in. No one’s thought to call the cops yet, by the way.

    Just in case you’re tuning in, ” Beth is alive!” See Brooke get her nose out of joint about it.

  70. Skeletor , Hope and Shauna continue to be hauled over the coals by tigress on a mission Brooke. Liam drags out the reveal to Hope to breaking point. We’ve known this shit for months now. Old hat or what? What’s Bill up to? Got to be better than this simpering drivel. Just ring the cops , Liam. We go to the penultimate ad break. Hey, Beth is alive! We find out that Dr Fuckingham gave Flo some of Taylor’s baby money. Sharing the love.

    Shauna bleats to throw her in jail in stead of Flo

  71. Ropeable Brooke tells Shauna that all three of them are in deep shit so no falling on your maternal sword, bitch. Pussy whipped Ridge talks about arresting Dr Hooks. Liam and Hope relive more of the secret, it’s like a bad trip to the dentist. Hope reckons Liam and her can rebuild their dreams. Syrupy string music. Curtain .

    • Yeah, I feel like the writers still aren’t sure whether they’ve got any new viewers, because of all this — or else the storyline has been so convoluted that they feel the need to recap it, every few episodes, just so everyone can keep up with them.

      This episode was Liam explaining the story to Hope, while Flo and Zoey explained the story to Ridge and Brooke. Like Dave said, while the characters don’t have a lot of this information, we all do. The highlight of the episode was, easily, Shauna trying to protect Flo, and Ridge snapping with impatience.

      Ridge: “Why are you talking?!”

      If only more people had asked that, of Shauna? I feel like a lot of characters would be better off.

      What kind of annoyed me, about all this, is that Thomas was barely mentioned. You know, with the whole threatening them all into keeping quiet? Thomas really had a bigger part to play, in this (and certainly was a big part of why they didn’t come clean sooner), than anyone is letting on. But nobody’s talking about him, which is stupid.

      • What Dr Hooks did was come up with was a creative, albeit ill conceived solution to a worriesome, stressful gambling debt. He could have been sleeping with the fishes. He took care of business , Vegas style. Placental abruption time.

        Unlike Thomas, he hasn’t actually killed or threatened to kill anyone. The roach is escaping all the heat so far. Such is the charmed life of a Forrester.

        • Yeah, I kind of want to see Brooke save her “mama bear” instincts until Thomas shows up again. *Then*, let the woman go nuts, you know?

  72. Speaking of bad trips to the dentist. There are ladies on the beach offering to braid hair. I told Woolif that I would rather have a colonoscopy or a bad trip to the dentist than have my hair braided.
    Thanks, Dave. You have taken a sow’s purse and turned it into a silk ear.
    I myself would like to see them all getting a toungue lashing from Brooke. But yes, call Inspector Sandwiches.

    • Let’s face it, the acting is appalling in this show but Brooke has been on fire this week. I don’t think the tongue lashing is over yet, either.

      Meanwhile, Thomas and Douglas have vanished into thin air. So has Steffy.

  73. It’s Fryday. Brooke is gonna continue to fry Flo, Zoe and Shauna some more.

    Any bets on whether we see roach or roach junior today? I say no.

    Strap me in so I can hear the secret explained one more time. Beth is alive?

  74. Shauna tries to blame it all on Zoe. Rats leaving the sinking ship. Over at Steffy’s , Liam and Hope realise that clinger Steffy is probably going to have a breakdown. Steffy will have a shotgun ready to stop them leaving with Beth.

    Tempers start to fly in Brooke’s courtroom. Her attack dog Ridge is growling insults to all concerned. They’re all clambering for the moral high ground. “The right thing to do” Ad break.

    Steffy says “please put my daughter down”. Yep. She doesn’t buy the secret. Crazy time for Steffy. She tells Hope to get on her honeymoon with the roach, who’s gone to ground. Creepy string music to the ad break.

  75. Hearing the secret explained by Liam piece by piece , Steffy says she’s going to be sick. I know just how she feels. There’s another ad break. Nine minutes.
    left. Ridge doesn’t believe the roaches involvement in the maternal mess up. Ridge takes the three witches drivers licences and ID’s , so they can’t abscond.. All he has to do is call the cops. Nah. He knows they;ll bust the roaches arse.

    The brow beating from Ridge and Brooke continues. Ridge thinks the sun shines out of the roaches arse. “He’s a good guy. Not a violent parson” Now Ridge is having a breakdown. These folks is crazy. Steffy insists ” I’m her mother”. What’s happening over at Bills?

    • I meant “violent person” of course. Ridge thinks Thomas is a parson, but we know better. It was a weak end for the weekend.

      The creepy music takes us to the curtain, after Hope tells Steffy “this is Beth”. Quinn and Eric have yet to wade through this. Two Forrester CEO’s have got a very loose grip on reality at the moment.

  76. Thanks,Dave. B&B don’t deserve the rivetting write-ups they get from you and WS. They should add you to their pay roll.
    Next week will probably be all about Steffy’s melt down and Now Beth’s new nursery. Or is a nursery outdated as she is now 7 and ready to take on work at Hope for the Future

  77. Old fart flirting Eric tries to help Sally Spectra feel better about being dumped by Wyatt. Neither of them know what we do.

    Some of Ridge’s worst acting is featured as he loses his temper with Flo and yells hoarsely then he’s on the verge of tears. Yeah , he’s happy for Brooke and Hope , but shattered for Steffy.

    The penny’s dropping for Steffy as Liam threatens yeah, we’ll get the dna tests, but the baby thieves have been blown out of the water. Ad break

    Wyatt, tail between legs starts explaining for Sally. Finally, Ridge mentions involving the cops. Now we’re talkin’. Det Sandwichez will nail these people.

    That penny got stuck in Steffy’s throat. That baby’s going nowhere. Liam pulls his “I’ve just soiled my pants ” look to emote this scene. Ad break.

  78. There’s a pitiful scene between Hope and Steffy arguing over the baby and whose it is. The whimpering is unbearable….and I’m in the kitchen cringeing, listening to it. Phoebe/ Beth, Arthur/ Martha. Last week Steffy had two babies and was banging a drugged out Liam . Her and her Mum have some accepting to do.

    Liam’s going to eat humble pie as he tells Sally that Flo is an even bigger liar than Sally herself. Wyatt has egg all over his face. Ad break.

    Wyatt goes into damage control with Sally and wants to apologise before he unloads. He was wrong. He’s sorry. He gave Sally no mercy for tinier crimes.

  79. Baby Fight at the OK Corall breaks out as Brooke and Ridge show up at Steffy’s. They’re ready to see Hope take Phoebeth home.More desperate whimpering and speeches.. Sides are being taken. Steffy/ Ridge versus Brooke/ Hope and Liam. Hideous cellos ramp up the drama. Ridge tries to pretend Steffy isn’t crazy. Two mothers are better than oneCurtain.

    • Steffy, for all the things she excels at, isn’t an attractive crier, it must be said.

      And damn, Wyatt. You dumped the love of your life, literally, twenty seconds ago.

      Gee he can move on quickly.

  80. That certainly was better than watching, Dave. You could write this for cash And Windsong, great commentary on Wipes aka Flubber.
    What seems odd us that if Clubs dropped Sally for being untrustworthy, does that mean he goes back to her because she was only a 1 on the scale compared to Flo’s 10?
    Maybe Flubber has lowered his criteria/standards after dating a baby thief, who moves in and lives off the fat of the victims.
    And that 50 grand she was paid bought some nice outfits
    When is Taylor going to be brought in to clear up all the questions. Surely Steffie would want her to defend her.

    • Can write it quicker in kitchen , during ad breaks than watching it and anything is better than watching it. Dunno about writing this for cash, I always wanted to be just a designer at Forresters. Thanks for the kind words.We miss the screen shots, speaking of shots, hasn’t been a shooting since you left. I know this show would work as a radio serial as it’s just dialogue and saxophones for sex or strings for drama.

      You need to get your head around the idea now that a baby can have two mothers. That’s what “putting the children first” means to Steffy. Ridge is okay with it, too.

      Then tomorrow Flubber the forgiver will download the whole secret to Sally Spectra. I really thought Eric was going to move in on her today. We know Quinn hates Sally Spectra.

      • I’m all for an Eric/Sally affair, although I would prefer it if I could make a better name blend (the term for that escapes my brain ATM).
        The flame of passion between Ridge and Quinn sure died, but those two did a good job of acting like cheaters. Very ardent. Like Flubber on a whole pizza, with the works …but minus pineapple which never belongs on a pizza. ๐Ÿ˜

  81. I miss Groundhog Days because now we hear Flubber drag the secret out one more time. Sally feeds him the Dorothy Dixers we don’t want to hear the answers to (again) We had three or four months of groundhogs. The other scene dragging us to the first ad break is the Baby Fight At OK Corrall. Grab your “pop” corn as we see whose Phoebe’s pop really is.

    More Flubber/Sally secret hogwash. Steffy’s sobfest is just getting started Hope goes all Dr Phil on her , telling her it’s time to let Beth go. After all, she’s only just found out. Hope promises to share Beth, etc. Steffy’s mascara is running overtime and Windsong is right, she’s no oil painting in this state. Ad break. It’s half time and we’ve rehashed it all so far.

  82. Sally Spectra rationalizes that “people make mistakes” and looks like she’ll accept Flubber back into her life. Beer and Pizza stocks in LA will skyrocket. Sally’s got her own place, unlike Flo.

    Liam tries to make Steffy feel better as they plan to steal Beth out into the night. He gives a weasel speech. Hope’s tries to ice the cake with some well chosen words . Cello time. ridge comforts Steffy as the future is rolled out before her. Whimper, mascara runs. Beth cries right on cue. The dummy in her mouth isn’t the only one in the room. Ad break.

  83. Last five minutes. Sally spells out the conditions for Wyatt. Wining and dining from now on Flubber. ( later they’ll revert to beer and pizza). His love life is like being a hamster on a wheel.
    Ridge and Liam both say they want to punch the shit out off Dr Hooks……..just punch Det Sandwiches number into your cellphone , one of you fools. More cooing and whimpering at the Corrall. Liam and Hope take beth out (to a car that won’t have a baby seat in it). Steffy saves her best bellows for now, curtain time.

    • No, it all got a bit too maudlin at the end, didn’t it?

      Given those kids have spent the last six months sleeping in the next room, Steffy’s reaction to losing “her” daughter seems a little overblown, but, okay.

  84. Tt was really very sad, anyone would/should feel sorry for Steffy. Brooke stood there trying to keep the joy from her face, leaving Ridge to comfort Steffy. When is her mother coming home from Africa to give her side of the story. This will go on for months now!

    • Months? If we’re lucky. No, we should consider ourselves lucky that Liam, Hope and Beth weren’t trapped in Steffy’s living room, trying to escape, until Christmas.

      You’re right, I do take your point. Steffy got totally screwed over by the storyline, here, and she had no way out of having to give Beth back to her own mother. It was hard not to feel awful for her.

  85. Woh You can’t date Sally because you don’t trust her, now you run back to her like a cigarette but you tossed in the ashtray, but now, out of cigarettes, still looks doable. Or your old undies, you return to because all the rest are in the laundry. Flubber your a piece of work.
    My condolences to Steffy, and Beth. I wonder if Beth will be locked in her room over at Hope’s place. It can’t be easy switching closets after 6 months.
    Will Ridge now stop being grandfather, and Bill and Brooke zoom in?

    • Liam and Hope will stop at the first Walmart to buy a baby monitor so they can ignore precious Beth like Steffy did.

      • Newbeth will miss Kellie. No one to play chess with. It’s all solitaire in the closet now. She’ll be able to stop wearing Kellie’s hand me downs, and maybe now she won’t have Granddad Ridge’s bad breath.
        There is going to be plenty of awkwardness as New Beth has to switch clothing styles to peach tones, meet Grandpa Bill and learn about the stock market (ask for a pony), and call Steffie, Auntie. Liam got the long straw.

  86. Hope , Liam and Newbeth unwind at the Forrester log cabin that Brooke furnished in a hurry, complete with nursery. Hope flashes back to pregnancy u/sounds etc, etc. The menacing cellos and darkness tell me the roach could be outside, perving on proceedings.

    Brooke and Ridge are quietly at odds about what a family is under the new circumstances.

    Ad break.

    The roach is still uncontactable by phone. Call the cops.

    Liam’s is rapt that Hope didn’t consummate the roach marriage. Little Douglas, the prophet in the Californian wilderness has shown up. Brooke tells him he’s great for spilling the secret. It’s half time ad break.

    I just know the roach will Peeping Tom the cabin.

  87. So the longest day in history finally comes to an end (seriously, Hope and Thomas left for their honeymoon a few hours ago, like, a month ago).

    Ridge apologised to Brooke for not listening to her re: Thomas, which is disappointing, really. Brooke and Ridge haven’t gotten a divorce in ages, so, they’re definitely due for one.

  88. Douglas said his Daddy was mean and pours shit on him . Ridge sticks up for the roach. Brooke praises Douglas some more. Where is the roach? Douglas rocks up at the cabin, scaring the shit out of Hope and Liam when he knocks. They were sure it’s the roach but they won’t call the cops , either.

    Now Hope does the praise act on Douglas. Hugs all round. We go to the penultimate ad break. Roach gotta be in the shrubbery.

    I’m lookin’ forward to Ridge’s apology.

  89. Ridge’s apology for being a fool comes , but Brooke is okay because “Beth is alive”

    Brooke collects Douglas and leave Hope and Liam to it. Hope gets into a rocking chair with Newbeth. Sickly sweet violin and piano. Curtain time

  90. Have they all forgotten about Hooks And Flo are the baby snatchers. Roach only murdered.little ….? How soon we forget.

    • Emma the telletubby intern. Ridge was threatening about Dr Hooks today but he’s had no word on him.

      • Yeah, it’s amazing how little attention that whole, “Thomas might’ve murdered Emma” situation has gotten.

        Emma was only an intern, I suppose.

        Plus, her dancing was so annoying. Maybe the Forrester family was all secretly, “phew, thank goodness we don’t have to deal with that any more”?

        Too soon? Too soon.

  91. Thomas is couch surfing at his drug dealing mate’s house. He’s still fuming that he should be with his wife and takes it out on some inanimate object. No rehash. Ridge gets ornery about roach questions.

    Liam and Hope prepare Beth to meet the new rellies..

    The Forrester clan are gathered to meet Beth . Donna, Katie , Eric and Quinn in a beautiful jacket are there, Ad break.

    Thomas is so unhinged his mate thinks he’s on drugs from his stash. The roach is not in good spirits and won’t take Ridge’s calls.

  92. The next morning, Hope and Liam introduce baby Beth to the Logan sisters and grandparents Eric and Quinn. Donna, naturally, has brought her own girls.

    (I’m trying to figure out how Quinn relates to Beth. She’s the mother of Beth’s uncle Wyatt, but she’s also married to Eric who’s Beth’s step-grandfather through his past marriages to Brooke).

    And we’ve solved one mystery, at least. Thomas has crashed at Vinnie’s place (on a particularly crappy sofa, from the sounds of it). Vinnie, Thomas’s drug-dealing, stereotypically-ethnic friend. I wonder. Do the writers think that this is actually how poor people live?

  93. Ad break.The clan coo over Beth while the roach continues a rant about how bad everyone in his family is. Even little Douglas cops a serve. Vinnie the dealer looks classy next to the roach..This is one unpleasant house guest. Soon, an evil plan will be hatched and LIam will be the target. We go to the last ad break. This has been slim pickings, this episode. Thanks Windsong. I can’t help with family trees . Daisy can.

    • Was the dingy hotel room that Liam escaped to already booked. Why can’t Thomas afford a room at the Hilton?

      • You’d think so, wouldn’t you? I mean, these Forresters probably have enough pocket change to spontaneously *buy* the Hilton, if the mood struck them.

  94. More cooing , smiles and cringeworthy strings take us to the curtain. The Forresters are as happy as pigs in you know what.

    • “The Forresters are as happy as pigs in you know what.”

      And we all know what that means. Counting down to the next traumatic family disaster in five, four, three …

      I love how even Vinnie is mortified by Thomas. Seriously, Thomas, when the drug-dealing ethnic stereotype has the moral high ground over you? You need to start rethinking your decision-making abilities.

  95. So while Bill, Katie and their annoying kid (I want to say, Will?) spend the morning hanging out with their new grand-daughter/cousin/niece/who-the-hell-knows Beth, Xander has returned to LA to support Zoey and face Ridge’s judgement together.

    The two didn’t actually break any laws, so Ridge simply fires them both and tells them to never come back. Brooke and Ridge both continue to ride the, “You hurt our family!” trains hard, and yet, still, Thomas’s name doesn’t come up at all. It’s this weird selective amnesia that members of the Forrester family seem to suffer from.

    • Thans WS, I fell asleep. I saw Ridge being sheepish about calling the cops, cos that means heat on his rotten son. Bill rocked up with a giant teddy bear for Newbeth.

      • Will she have to leave all of her old teddies behind?
        They are all very flaccid about calling the police. By now Detective Sandwiches should be on speed dial in all of their homes.

        • Oh, Ridge did get a phone-call while he was giving his, “Family is everything … except when it comes to my son” speech to Xander and Zoey, apparently the London police have found Buckingham and are trying to get him extradited to America to face charges.

  96. I personally find it quite extraordinary that, since yesterday, Hope has had time to go to a salon and not only get her hair straightened but get a whole new ‘do. I mean, who doesn’t have the time to do that when you suddenly have a baby that you didn’t have yesterday?

    Anyway, Flo and Shauna sneak into the cabin, so that Flo can talk to Hope. What’s a little breaking and entering between friends? But you know, you can’t help but start to question the decision-making abilities of the Fulton girls, can you. Anyway, Hope comes in and starts tearing strips off Flo, yadda yadda.

    Up at the mansion, Shauna walks in and greets the three Logan witches, I mean, Logan sisters. And it goes the same. “Flo lied!” yadda yadda. I gotta wonder, Shauna, what did you think was going to happen, at this point? In Shauna’s defence, she mentions Thomas’s name several times, but nobody seems to care. I like to imagine that, off-camera, Justin is holding up a neon sign that’s flashing, “Thomas murdered my niece!” and the Forrester family is just shushing him and telling him to go home.

  97. Yes, it was “let’s bash Flo” time. Hope’s new hairdo is no impediment to the tongue lashing she gives Flo. Hope should be happy.

    Meantime the Logan sisters hiss and spit at Shauna for her part in the whole sordid affair. Shauna said she gave Flo bad advice. Attack dog Brooke is taking no prisoners. Donna pouts and her cleavage literally adds muscle to the assault. Katie mouths off..

    And Windsong is right, Thomas escaped without criticism. His Forrester shit doesn’t stink.

    Flo crawls up Hope’s arse and begs forgiveness. We don’t know what Hope’s response will be as the curtain falls. She did sprout a few tear drops.

    Hey, that was one appalling episode. How bad was the acting? What a waste of life.

    • “Donna pouts and her cleavage literally adds muscle to the assault”.

      If Donna had rushed at Shauna, she could’ve suffocated her. Shauna would’ve been lucky to escape with her life.

  98. Thankyou Windsong and Dave. I can actually see it as I read your posts. There was so much tension in today’s episode. Shauna, Flo, Zoe and Zander are beyond nuts if thehh think there behaviour can be excused or forgiven. I include Zander because he too didn’t tell.
    Time for a mental health break….Speaking of Hope’s haircut; this little fella, Bou’s, fur gets brushed and made into jumpers and cardigans. I even saw one that his mum was carrying. What a useful dog.

  99. So, while everyone keeps having the same conversations they’ve been having for a week now, the episode ends with Detective Sandwiches earning his pay-cheque from the LAPD and finally showing up at the cabin to arrest Flo, while Shauna tearfully begs them not to.

    I don’t know. At this point, I’m so irritated by the Forresters that I’m kind of on Flo’s side by default.

  100. I thought St. Hope would forgive Flo, but Hope’s a bitch. Ridge joins in the dog pack on Shauna.

    Bill is emphatic that Flo will do a stretch in prison. I’m on Flo’s side against these simpletons. Brooke scowls that Flo will always be a thief. Ridge mocks Shauna some more.

    Yes, the same conversations around and around. Waiting for Sandwichez to show up. Hope proves once and for all how appalling her acting is with a pitiful attack on Flo. Hope slaps Flo’s face. Boo, hiss. This is unacceptable, Ch 10.

    • It’s funny reading this after looking at B&B FB comments where Hope got rave reviews for her theatrical bitchslap scene. I’ll choose to believe the accounts here.

      • The slap was probably deserved, but none of these girls know show to slap somebody proper.

        When Stephanie Forrester slapped Brooke Logan, she wanted to knock Brooke’s face clean off her head. Everything else is just pitiful.

    • “Iโ€™m on Floโ€™s side against these simpletons.”

      Yeah, I mean, as awful as it is, what she did? This family is so annoying that I can’t side with them either. Remember kids. Buckingham faked a dead baby. Thomas killed an intern. But Flo lied a little, that *monster*.

  101. More schmaltz from Hope. Soon, Brooke, Katie , Cleavage and Ridge show up to rub more salt into Flo. Shauna watches her daughter receive a vicious lecture from Brooke. Katie and Cleavage say zilch. Power of Forrester numbers rules here. I guess Sandwichez shows up at curtain time. He should arrest Hope for crimes against acting.

    Shut up, Katie. Shut up Cleavage. Go sort Thomas out.

    Det.Sandwichez shows. Flo has a right to an attorney. Kidnapping and Fraud. Shauna begs. Ain’t no justice in LA. Curtain.

  102. C’mon Flo. Charge Hope with assault. Hate those holier than thou Forresters

    Hope was happier when Beth was dead. Just sayin’

  103. Mmm. On principal, I would be sumo jumping (although at 61kgs not sure I could), but sumo jumping anyone who helped kidnap my daughter, and feign her death, then swan around my family, being sweet in little tennis tunics that Serena Williams would kill to wear. I’d pull her hair and want to go the whole routine, like a fight on a Loony Toons cartoon. “The bloody hide of her”, I would say. “How could she accept all the hospitality and doting?”. Wilting Flo always was a pain. It’s a close contest between Flo and Hope over who could be the most pathetic.
    Love the new name for Cleavage. Perfect.
    I wonder if they will make cute toghty mini prison culottes for Flo.
    And Dt Sandwiches scratches his head, “Not the Forresters again!” He still hasn’t solved their last 10 cases.

  104. Justin calls over to the cabin/nursery to get Hope’s annulment rolling. I’ve had a gutful of Hope and really wish it was her being annulled. Hope’s not happy unless she’s unhappy.

    Over at Vinnie the dealer’s, Thomas is in a dirty mood but topless in the LA heat in Vinnie’s flat.. Not answering calls and calling dear little Douglas the “brat who ratted him out”. Thomas is off his rocker, believing he should be with his wife. Threats are made against Liam after topless Thomas bags him out.

    Brooke and Ridge are fighting over the roach as well. Ridge doesn’t want to believe that Thomas is about as stable as the Titanic and is offended when the roaches part in Emma’s death is brought up by Brooke. The shit hits Ridge’s fan when Det Sandwichez show up, asking where the roach is and informing that the investigation into Emma’s death is “reopened”. Was it ever opened in the first place? Suck it up, Ridge. Your son is a murdering arsehole, who scares little children. He’s no designer..

    We go to the curtain with Thomas crazily talking to himself that “Hope is mine”. Watch yer butt, Liam.

    • I had to laugh when the writers went out of their way to get Vinnie and Thomas’s shirts off or barely-there, with the “broken air-conditioner” cliche. My gosh, I’ve seen a number of adult-themed movies start with *exactly* that situation. Vinnie is kind of attractive, though. And, you know. He’s also not bouncing-off-the-walls insane, so there’s that.

      I want to side with the Forresters and Logans, and their righteous indignation over how Flo treated Hope … but every time someone mentions Thomas and his involvement, everybody becomes a hypocritical idiot. The guy’s a murderer, a predator, a child-abuser … but all of that venom over “betraying the family!” they spewed at Flo is curiously nowhere to be seen when it comes to Thomas, and that’s really annoying.

  105. I have now just joined an Adelaide time zone I think.
    So it’s a scramble of finger-pointing, denials, outrage and rehashing at Forresters, with Thomas under an umbrella of, “Wha? Who moi?”
    For some reason I have visions of Marlon Brando hot and sweltering in A Streetcar Named Desire.

  106. You know, Detective Sandwiches really is awful at his job, isn’t he? Dude, you are the worst police officer ever. You don’t say those kinds of things to the parents of someone you’re currently investigating for a potential murder charge.

    Meanwhile, the longer we spend with shirtless Thomas and barely-dressed Vinnie in Vinnie’s cheap but comfortable apartment, the closer this becomes to mediocre x-rated guy/guy movie.

    Oh, and hey, Hope’s had time to get her hair completely restyled, again. Thank goodness these babies are so great at staying asleep off-camera for long periods of time. Anyone would think that being a parent to a newborn was actually taxing.

    And despite spending the last week wanting to see Flo and Shauna tarred and feathered for their involvement in the baby swap, when Thomas’s name comes up, Ridge clams up and immediately expects everyone to give the little psychopath the benefit of the doubt.

  107. Thomas has a series of bare chested Hope flashbacks as he maintains a thousand yard stare and listens to the evil voices in his head.

  108. Hope stupidly calls the roach and tells him she never wants to see him again. Thomas tries to guilt trip her over little loudmouth Douglas. She doesn’t give a shit for him anymore. No more bedtime stories.

    This only fires up the roach more. He hisses through clenched teeth something about to death to us part. Marriages don’t last on this show, pal.Wake up.

    Ridge is in for some revelations about his precious son, he’s clueless to the lurking evil. He thinks Sandwichez has no evidence.

  109. It sounds like Thomas has taken it up a notch since I thought Sheila was rhe most evil but I guess Thomas has raised the bar. And Vinnie giving him a hand.
    One day Hope my get to sink her teeth into a roll like that.
    I look forward to seeing Cleavage, Brookre, and Steffie getting into Flo and then Shauna.

  110. Yes, it looks like Thomas will try to kidnap Douglas, who has a Zoo trip coming up with his dumb babysitter. She has allowed Thomas to drop by Vinnie’s with Douglas for “a visit”. The roach has “unfinished business” with his son.

    Not much happenin’ her. Ten minutes to go. Blah blah Liam and Hope, planning how to include Douglas with Beth’s upbringing. Brooke and Ridge are fighting over Thomas again..

    The roach gets rid of Amelia the sitter and gets some one on one with Douglas. He grills the little brat like a piece of cheese and the verbal belittling starts. Ad break.

    • “She has allowed Thomas to drop by Vinnieโ€™s with Douglas for โ€œa visitโ€.”

      You’d think, wouldn’t you, given the seriousness of the allegations against him, that either Brooke or Ridge (guffaw) might’ve actually mentioned to keep Thomas away from Douglas, or at the very least, immediately call them if she hears from Thomas?

      Shauna won “awful parenting of the year” during the baby-swap drama, but my gosh, Ridge is clawing that trophy back off her, isn’t he?

      • Amelia has Babysitter Of The Year sewn up. She should have been straight on the phone to alert all that the roach has surfaced. But no, she allows the roach a visit and then lets him muscle her into leaving, paving the way for the roach to dish out some child abuse to his blabbermouth son.

        Ridge is just pathetic at the moment. If he only knew what was going down at Vinnie the dealer who’s not a dealer’s house. Got the A/C fixed.

  111. Ridge says he failed the roach as a father. Hope plans a movie night for Douglas.

    Hope goes to Steffy’s. Liam has some laptop snooping to do and is happy to send her off.

    We go to the curtain with the roach escalating his verbal assault on Douglas. He’s yelling at the little boy who screams for his mama. Family is what the Forresters are all about.

  112. OMG Dave. I hope, of all days not to skip an episode, that you don’t skip this one.

    The final scene is, “Liam and Thomas’s MMA session on the roof of Forrester Creations” level of entertaining. I think, in particular, you’ll like the cliff hanger as much as I did.

  113. Douglas tells the roach he used to be a good bloke. Pig’s arse.

    Brooke pushes Thomas over a cliff. He looks dead as a doornail. Ridge and Hope saw it. It was an accident. More later or WS will fill in the deets. Ridge gives Brooke a look that would kill. She pushed her hubby’s son over a cliff.

    I thought it was shaping up to be a shit episode. Wrong.

    I gotta go down the shops . I’ll let it all digest and get back. What a final scene it was. Of course the roach was giving Hope some domestic violence when Brooke showed up and butted in. Calling Det Sandwichez.

    • “He looks dead as a doornail.”

      Yeah, but I mean, even Bill was shot twice, in the space of the last 12 months, and he recovered just fine. These people all have the regenerative capabilities of a gecko.

      • Thomas will probably survive, but he may have amnesia and not remember all the awful stuff he’s done.

        Thanks Ws. A true cliffhanger.

  114. Okay, provided the connection works …

    Thomas keeps shouting abuse at Douglas, and in between holding the kid upside-down by the ankles and shaking him (this may or may not have actually happened), Douglas tells his father that he’s still a good person, and Douglas believes in him. It’s as sickening as it is condescending, but Thomas is suddenly overcome by the desire to be a decent human and make up for his past misdeeds. Douglas mentions that Hope said she’d spend time with him, after she got back from picking up some of Beth’s things from Steffy’s house. When Amelia shows up, Thomas throws his kid at her and dashes off.

    When Ridge arrives, a short time later, Douglas tells Ridge that Thomas has gone to Steffy’s house to find Hope. Ridge gets in his car and high-tails it towards Steffy’s house. On the way, he calls Brooke, and she panics at the thought of Thomas being alone with her daughter. She gets in the car and races off towards Steffy’s house as well. Oh, the stage is set for a lovely final act.

    At Steffy’s place, Hope picks up a toy, turns around … and Thomas is standing there silently behind her, like a frickin’ serial killer. Hope is freaked out and immediately tells him to leave, but he refuses. He grabs her by the arms and shouts at her, he blocks the exit and refuses to let her leave, he ignores every instruction from Hope, all the while saying, “Hope I’m sorry can you forgive me I love you something something Douglas!” This is, in fact, the worst apology in the history of the entire Universe. Genuinely fearful for her safety, Hope flees out the kitchen door, and Thomas follows her out onto the balcony. He grabs her arm, again, refusing to let her leave as he continues shouting an apology at her.

    By now, Brooke has arrived. Running onto the scene, she sees Thomas with his hands on her daughter, and immediately puts herself between Thomas and Hope. Thomas continues intruding on their personal space, so Brooke turns around and lightly shoves him back away … right over the side of the cliff.

    It was HILARIOUS. I genuinely cracked up laughing. It wasn’t helped by the stunt actor doing a full 360 degree somersault as he went over the cliff (Brooke must be stronger than she looks), and of course, they played the Wilhelm scream as he fell. But I mean, of all the ways that Thomas would receive some karmic comeuppance, for his evil-doing … and did anyone even imagine that Brooke would (accidentally) push him off a cliff?

    Oh, these people.

    As Dave pointed out, Ridge was only a few metres behind Brooke, and he saw Brooke push Thomas over the edge. So obviously, Ridge is going to accuse Brooke of attempting to murder Thomas … despite the fact that Thomas was making the most aggressive, violent, stalkery, possessive and terrifying apology in the history of apologies, and there was no reason Brooke (or anyone) wouldn’t have assumed the worst, seeing Thomas standing there violently shaking Hope and refusing to let her go. But of course, we need drama between the Logans and Forresters, so, here we are.

  115. Zander and Zoe have been sacked from Forrester. Great, Bill’s back. Bill swears revenge on Thomas but he doesn’t know the roach has been pushed over a cliff and we don’t know if he’s dead. He’s unresponsive . This time Ridge suggests calling 911 in the wink of an eye.

    The roach is breathing. Ridge comforts his precious arsehole son.

  116. Roach comatose in hospital. We’ve seen this act before , Thomas will have beeps and vacuum cleaner attachments hanging off him for a couple of weeks.

    Bill calls the roach for what he is a psychopath, a loser , Ridge’s mini me. Tick, good to have you back. Hope recounts the whole cliff incident for Liam. Boredom City. “Thomas fell of a fucking cliff, Liam “. No , Hope takes all day to get to the point.

  117. Ridge turns on Brooke , disagreeing that what happened was an accident. He’s a pain in the arse fro the medical staff as well. The roach is getting CT scans , et al. He’ll make it. Brooke will be on an attempted murder rap the mood stupid Ridge is in.

  118. Bill’s getting angry about the roach but he’s still in the dark. Even though Wyatt has asked him to cool it, Bill’s anger toward the roach rises as he plots vengeance. The roach is in la la land.

    At the hospital, it’s the usual dialogue. We have to stay strong and be positive yada yada. Ridge pulls the ultimate guilt trip on Brooke

    “My son might be dead because of you”.

    Had you called the cops a few weeks ago Ridge, this might not have happened. No need to bag Brooke for never liking the roach all this time.


  119. I was making a list of people who had been ‘pushed’ from a cliff, balcony, bridge or other;
    Quinn pushed Hope down a flight of stairs causing her to miscarry. Accident.
    Quinn pushed Deacon over a cliff intentionally.
    Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge into the Seine.
    Bill , I think, pushed Caroline over a balcony. Or was it vice versa.
    Stephie pushed Ivy into a whole electric wiring board.
    Bill had Justin push Ridge from a helicopter into the sea.
    Ridge pushed Bill out of a helicopter into the sea.

    Those were some of the more recent ones.

  120. Word’s getting around LA what’s happened to Thomas. The story is repeated ad nauseam. Accident/ push? Who cares. That drop should have killed Thomas. So hard to kill, he really is the full cockroach package.

    Bill’s office is crawling with hatred for Thomas. It’s also bursting with Katie’s pushed up cleavage. Then Liam somberly informs them of the latest cliff tragedy, saying Brooke pushed him. Ridge has fallen into a deep funk, he’s pissed off with Brooke. Hope’s falling apart as well, she wants to go to the hospital after the roach trashed her life. Ad break.

  121. Foolish Ridge as much says to Brooke’s face that she’s a murderer. Hope turns up at the hospital. Next week’s rent says the roach will snap out of his coma when she goes in to visit him. Ad break. None of this would have happened without Hope getting the overnight annulment, which literally pushed the roach over the edge. Ad break no 2. They’ll come thick and fast now.

    Bill knows in advance that Ridge is a bastard and will blame Brooke. Katie tries to talk him around and Wyatt puts his two bob’s worth in. Justin is suspicious of the roaches role in Emma’s death. Cello time.

    Ridge ‘s glass is half full as he continues to point the finger at Brooke. Face it , Ridge, you’re a shit father, a shit CEO and a shit husband. Oh, yeah, and a shit actor.

    • So Thomas miraculously survived falling 100 feet off a cliff?

      I tell you. It those’s Forrester genes. Forrester family members are harder to kill than cockroaches from Krypton.

      • The camera shot today made it look more like 300 feet.

        No broken bones, mind you.

        If Thomas does survive, Justin has today threatened that he will wish that he was killed. Bill’s lawyer knows the ropes. Not looking good for the roach.

    • As for Ridge’s acting, have you noticed that a lot of Ridge’s scenes are just him standing there, staring at people and being stoic as they act around him?

      Do you think the writers or directors are like, “More emotion, Ridge! More emotion! C’mon, stare intensely and … you know what, we’ll just fix it in post.”

      • He passed his audition with that barely audible rasp and stoic face; the occasional tilt of the head and piercing stare, so I guess why not use it.

  122. Hope is out of her tiny mind. Ridge interrogates her about what happened and she drops Brooke right in it , saying the roach wasn’t threatening her. Brooke is horrified. Jail time ahead. is this going to be end up with a Brooke /Sandwichez tryst?

    What a load of garbage. We saw Hope startled, then running away from Thomas after he went troppo over the annulment. “He wasn’t threatening me!”

    What?? Curtain.

    • Yeah, I was even less of a fan of Hope after that. If she wasn’t feeling threatened, why did she try to escape out the kitchen door and run away from him? Damn it, Hope. Thomas was obviously acting aggressively, and even if he was apologising to you, committing assault while doing so does *not* make his apology genuine.

  123. Orange tan Eric lays into Quinn for inviting Shauna and Flo to live at their place. Eric has lost his forgiveness streak as he puts the boot into Thomas but really , he blames Flo more. Flo’s in prison, Shauna’s promising to bust her out somehow.

    Ridge the accuser fights with Brooke because he pushed her son over a cliff when he was .”trying to make amends” Hope’s an idiot who’s climbed back on the roach train . Ad break.

    Eric continues to take his anger out on Quinn. Thomas is not in his sights as much as Flo, Zander. Skeletor . Thomas is wheeled past on a gurney and the doctor is saying nothing, as they do on this show. Ridge loses his shit and starts rasping at Brooke again. We got four minutes before the next ad break.

  124. We wait for the doctor to tell us the roaches condition . Let’s “stay positive”….that he dies. Harrowing scenes at the hospital, the roach might need emergency surgery. The murder/ accident is rehashed for the doc, only burying Brooke deeper. Eric is angry old bastard today.

  125. There’s a heart wrenching hospital scene as Ridge gives a hoarse speech to try and inspire the roach to wake up. Brooke comes in and seeing the pathetic scene, a tear starts rolling down her cheek. The roach will play possum until his defender , stupid Hope comes in.

    No skull fractures…. but the roach is in a coma. Today was some of Thomas’s best acting, he was really stretched not being topless.

    • “Today was some of Thomasโ€™s best acting, he was really stretched not being topless.”

      But you just know, one of the nurses tried. “Damn it Brenda, you’ve gotten into trouble for that before.”

  126. Liam thinks the roach is faking his coma so he goes into the room and unloads on him, saying it won’t upset him if the roach dies. Little does he know that Ridge is in the shadows , overhearing the home truths about his son. Not happy, he gives Liam a pious lecture and tells him to get out.

    Shauna rehashes the secret for Quinn while Sandwichez goes to question Flo. This could be a romance in waiting. Ad break.

  127. Quinn is appalled at Shauna and tells her the friendships over. No help for Flo. Over.

    Brooke is going to go in and try and rouse the roach from his slumber. Ridge is still being nasty to her, in between the periods of silent treatment.

    Flo drops Thomas into the soup with Sandwichwez. To him, this is “new information”. Those LA cops are right on it. Brooke can’t wake the roach. Then she sees Sandwichez outside the door. Armed with “new information, he’s on it like a seagull onto a chip.

    • Ridge’s silent treatment must have been pleasant to her ears. I loved when my mum gave me the silent treatment and hated when it was over.

  128. Sandwichez’s interrogation proceeds. Liam tells him to knock it off . Sandwichez tells him to shut it, because he wasn’t a witness. Sandwichez asks if anyone “helped ” the roach off the cliff. Blank looks all round. We get to freak out all weekend over Brooke’s future.


    Like I said , Hope will be the roach rouser.

    • Oh no. Not sleeping beauty in reverse? Awakened by the kiss of a fair maiden.

      I am glad the Mighty Quinn has returned. It’s about time she got her black leather underwear and whips out again. She’s been squeaky clean for too long. Isuppose she and The Rasper will have another shower soon with Peeping Tom Katy watching through her golden telescope. Notice she never got rid of it after she moved in.

    • I can’t be the only person who thinks that Sandwichez is the worst police officer in the history of police officers, right? I imagine he tells suspects the exact time that the police will be around to arrest them, and helpfully suggests any number of buses or trains for the perp to escape on beforehand.

      • Sandwichez’ boss would give that title a real shake, too. Superintendent Whatsisname. Hide the doughnuts, before he siezes them as “evidence”.

  129. Sandwichez’ boss was always having lunch on the go. Crumbs on his tie, and mustard on his shirt. Between the Hungry Hippo and Dt Sandwichez, not one case out of the 10 Forrester crimes in the past two years, has actually been solved.
    Although the crimes against acting has been solved in a few cases.

  130. The two best moments from today’s episode…

    1. Hope goes in to see the still-comatose Thomas. Instead of the Sleeping-Beauty moment that, I think, we all feared? Hope tells him in no uncertain terms that she hates his stinking guts. You go girl. I mean, it’d have a bit more punch if the guy was awake, but still.

    2. Quinn lampshades how quickly Wyatt jumps from girlfriend to girlfriend. Damn, Wyatt. Even your crazy mother is trying to tell you to keep it in your pants, more often.

  131. Brooke’s “all of a blur” when it comes to answering Sandwichez’s questions.

    Sally overhears Wyatt praising Sally to the rooftops with Quinn, who’s not amused. Wardrobe are giving Sally siren treatment.

    Hope hates big time on the oblivious roach. Wasted words. Ridge insults Sandwichez and his “accusations”

  132. The roach starts to stir as the tirade of verbal abuse Hope unloads hits home. I noticed him frowning while he was supposedly still zonked.

    Hope runs out and announces the roach is waking up. Sandwichez says they should be happy…but Ridge and Brooke are shitting concrete. Five minutes to go.

    More waffle as Wyatt/ Sally patch things up. No saxophone yet but smooching.

    The roach is a gibbering mess, but that doesn’t stop Sandwichez vicious questioning.

  133. Det Sandwichez turns the hospital room into a crowded kangaroo court. He is, as Windsong said the other day , the world’s most incompetent cop. So far, the roach isn’t singing. Teary Brooke, Ridge, Hope and Liam look on in horror as the Det goes nuts on Thomas. Curtain.

    Wyatt/ Sally get soft, balladic guitar muzak now. They’ll be breaking out the beer and pizza soon. Quinn doesn’t approve of Sally at all.

    Terrible acting from Hope hating on the roach. She pleads with him to wake up for his loudmouth little brat son.

  134. Thomas doesn’t buckle under the Det pressure. Like the criminal he is, he won’t dob on anyone. I guess Brooke and Ridge owe him now. More filler with Wyatt and Sally viewing their future. First ad break. Besides Thomas not confessing , nothing of interest so far.

  135. The roach delivers a pitiful mea culpa speech from his bed. He has miraculously escaped serious injury. He reminds those present that he didn’t drop Brooke in the shit because he’s so contrite and changed. Who’s going to buy his eleventh hour act? Det reminds the roach not to leave town, presumably Emma’s death is behind that.

    Sally and Wyatt smooch away to their new flamenco guitar love muzak.

    Hope and Liam wonder about the sincerity of the roach apology. They’re really sharp people.

    Ridge is still being a bastard to Brooke about pushing the roach of the awesomely high . Brooke knows the roach apology was hogwash and they fight over it. Brooke in tears. The roach is still gonna pay, she sobs.

  136. I miss being able to “like” the comments. My “like” option has disappeared like Eric and Quinn on retreat.

    So buggared over getting home, but this arvo we watched Sally degrade herself by going ga-ga over Flubber’s lines. Reeally? Reeeally, Sally. A couple of things he said ought to have reminded her that he was all over Flo like cheese on a pizza yesterday. His lips haven’t yet even dried out from her saliva.
    Sally should have pushed him off a cliff. Or told him to push himself off.

    Ridge’s outrage is outrageous given Roach had injected himself front and centre into the kidnapping of young, soon to be 16, Beth.

    • Well, I’m pretty sorry for the circumstances surrounding the end of your trip, but I’m glad you’re back home.

      And, honestly, I’m gonna miss recapping these episodes for you :). I kind of enjoyed it.

  137. I’m fighting sleep and banging the coffee down to see today’s offering. I want to punch The Rasper CEO. Welcome home, daisy. Ditto to what Windsong wrote.

    Anyone know why the roaches nose is so red? Did he land on it ?

  138. Bill works himself into a lather with his plans of roach revenge. He was snogging Katie just a moment prior. Katie hates on Flo.

    The roach is improving but there’s no mercy for Brooke from The Rasper. Just concussion and broken ribs for the roach.

    Shauna tells Flo how she tried to crawl up Quinn’s arse to no avail. Flo beats herself up some more and looks miserable in jail. Ridge had a ball in jail, remember?

    The Rasper insults Brooke some more saying in effect, bless the roach for not dobbing on you. Rasper’s off to jail to give Flo a hard time.

    • “Katie hates on Flo.”

      It’s the new favourite Forrester/Logan past-time, isn’t it? Bored of swapping bed-partners and gossiping about each other’s love lives? Just spend half an hour telling each other how much you hate Flo and her disgusting lie. It’s all the rage in LA at the moment!

      “But didn’t Thomas kill Emma?” Who?

    • I was watching Rasper blaming Brooke when it came to me like a lightning bolt; “How come no one ever says, “F**k off!” or “P*ss off!”?” . Isn’t that what a normal person would have said to Ridge. “Go *** yourself”. Or at the very least “Oh shut up”.

        • Honestly? Of all the people on this show I’d tell to f-iretr-uck right off, I feel like Katie as, like, at the very top of the list.

          Thomas, too, but I mean, he just came out of a coma, so, it’s not like he’s got anywhere to go.

        • The worst I’ve heard is Thomas saying, “Anyways”. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

          I think Bill is just getting around to Katy’s “F**k off!”. It happens every time Bill looks into Brooke’s glass eye’s and heavy bosom, and smells her pheromones. She has a lot of pheromones.

  139. Pam sticks her nose into Brooke’s mood and gets blown off tout de suite. Who should then turn up, but the reformed turd in shining armour , Bill. Love is in the air.

    The Rasper lays the mother of all guilt trips on Flo, reminding her she could have had it all, including prize catch, Flubber

    Bill labels the roach a “monster” .He oughta know.

  140. Bill is totally sympathetic to Brooke’s predicament. Brooke is looking hot for the occasion. Katie would be paranoid to see this.

    Ridge tries to convey some deep emotions to Flo at the jailhouse…. and fails. The Rasper is that stupid he actually blames Flo more than the roach in the whole business. The Rasper promises Flo she’s gonna suffer….for snaring the roach in her “web of lies” The curtain falls on Ridge’s pitiful performance.

    • The Rasper brings the ulimate torture to Flo’s prison experience; a photograph of the Logan women.
      Brooke entered to clan many years ago as a simple serving wench. A hired waitress at a Forrester function. She got her hooks into Ridge which made way for Katie and Donna, then Bridgitte (who we never see anymore) and Hope.
      The best storyline ever was when they had young, pretty Bridgitte, married to Deacon while Brooke and he were having an affair.

      I would have liked them to reheat Quinn and Ridge but now I think Ridge has gone so far off the boil that it would be a terrible tv dinner.

      • The photograph to taunt Flo over what she missed out on….life with a pack of nosy, gossiping fornicators and adulterers masquerading as “family”. Not to mention the money, Ridge. Gal’s from Vegas. There’s raspers and then there’s graspers. Like $hauna and Flo.

        Ridge shut have been put in prison for the wooden performance he gave.

  141. I’m surprised to be saying this, but my gosh, I was a fan of Bill’s today.

    HIs obvious contempt for Ridge, Thomas and the entire Forrester clan was on full display, and he was chewing through the scenery like he was *starving*. Good times.

      • The Stallion Battalion. Go Bill. He always has extra testosterone.
        And he’ll soon be servicing two little fillies.

        (In case Windsong doesn’t know; Stallion is Brooke’s name for Bill, not mine.

  142. Flashbacks to the cliff incident as Brooke lays it out to Bill. Bill visits the roach and tells him that there will be “consequences” for screwing with his family.

    Ridge’s lecture to Flo ends with him being told the bitter pill Thomas is a murdering psychopath. Flo souvenirs the Logan girls photograph and tells the guard she’s done with the self righteous rasping machine.

    • Everyone screws everyone in this show.
      There was enough self-righteousness going around that prison room to fill a Jimmy Swaggart Ministry team.

  143. Ridge clings to his weak “all my son did was keep a secret” but Bill reminds him that there will be hell to pay and reinforces the roach connection with intern Emma’s tragic demise. Bill insults Ridge’s parenting….a pot calling a kettle black.

    Brooke tells Katie that the roaches manipulating is still happening, even from a hospital bed. Brooke doesn’t want to fight with Ridge ….but we know Ridge is crazy. Bill will get Brooke off her murder rap.

    Bill rubs it in more and leaves Ridge with a thousand yard stare as he looks forlornly at his son on the bed. Pigeons might be coming home to roost but don’t bet on it. Curtain. Bill earned an Emmy nomination for his hard hitting work today. “Daddy can’t help you out of this one”

    • Daddy can’t, but what’s the bet the writers do. By thanksgiving they will all be sitting down to Pam’s turkey. ๐Ÿ˜

      • Daddy Roach interrogates his son, who’s bursting to get out of hospital and continue his path of evildoing. The curtain falls as the roach demurs over Daddy Roach asking him if he stalked and killed Emma (who?). Will he lie or fess up and beg Ridge’s protection? The roach says he needs the guilty Rasper now more than ever.

        Liam doesn’t feel safe at the log cabin with the impending roach release.Liam promises the roach will suffer. He tries to form an alliance with Brooke to stop the roach coming back home to Forrester cosseting and opulence..

        It’s hate on the roach day, with Cleavage and Katie putting the boot in as well. The Rasper is only protecting the roach from guilt of being a deadbeat Dad. He’s getting plenty of camera time.

        • Ah, finally Emma’s important to the plot … but only in relation to Ridge making excuses for his a-hole son.

          It won’t last.

          • Let’s see , last time Ridge tried call in favours and bribe a judge he was caught by Covert Surveillance in that priceless car park scene and by tell tale texts. No wonder Ridge looks worried. He’d struggle to get his insane son off a jay walking ticket.

            Yet to see whether the roach “processes” the annulment.

  144. I was half watching while cooking dinner today, but what I got from it was there seemed to be a poll on whether or not Thomas was an evil-doer or just misunderstood. I think we can safely say it leant toward “bwaah ahh aahh aaaah Peter Lori Evil. (showing my age with my broad knowledge of trivia without having to google).

    Ridge isn’t scared to getting his hands dirty. He coerced a judge in a court ruling, and he had, I vaguely recall some dirty dealings, with a dirty doctor who was blackmailing him. Then he also pushed Bill from a helicopter, and another time went to his house with Lurch to give him a thumping.

  145. I had visitors today. Half an eye on the screen. Liam banged Hope to soulless muzak.. The Rasper brought the roach to tears.

  146. We watched late.

    Well. Hope is in the mood for it again. Liam hasn’t stopped being in the mood. BTW has he been in the mood with Steffy? I am guessing he did.

    How come Hope doesn’t look haggard now she is a mother. Don’t the writers know that mothers of babies don’t have time for things like hair, make-up, manicures, showers or trips to the toilet? No, glamourous Hopeless is baking cookies with a 9 month old.

    Bill is storming Ridge and Brooke’s place in search of clues, but evil Thomas has wiped the evidence. Ridge is going to enable. Dr Phil wouldn’t like it.
    Where is Taylor in all this? Pretty poor effort from a lady who had a spare $250 000 to buy a kidnapped baby for her daughter, that she couldn’t manage air tickets to LA to see her evil son.

  147. Sandwichez gives Ridge the good news that he’s closing Emma’s death investigation. The shit sandwich for Ridge is that Flo could be released and he still wants her to pay with a long stretch.Sandwichez mentions that taking Emma to court will mean the roaches tarnished reputation being examined again. Media, tablois etc, Ridge gets the picture real quick.Corrupt Ridge wants to protect his roach at all costs. Flo will be Vegas bound in no time. Shauna the sheep of course overhears Sandwichez and Ridge and is begging Ridge to let Flo out of prison.

    Steffy vists the roach to tell him what a sack of shit he is. The roach bawls as Steffy wipes him. No forgiveness for screwing with the minds of little children, roach.

    That was pretty much it today. Steffy and the roach shed many tears. The roach looks in the clear ….but Bill will sort it out. Ridge has exhausted his bag of acting tricks, time for him to go over a cliff.

    • Haha. Yet to watch but enjoyed the picture you created, Dave. I suppose with their collective limited theatrics, it’s not hard to visualise.

  148. Ridge has become quite a crook. He used to be squeaky clean in the olden days, but since they changged him to scruffy Ridge he has become dodgy. Wasn’t his dad, Mossimo a crook anyway. No wait, he was a crook in Days of our lives.
    Anyhow, Ridge has become a crook. And why has Halepeno Sandwichez put Ridge in the seat of power? Did Im miss something. Flo didn’t commit a crime against Ridge.
    And while I am at it. Why is Sandwishez running around town by himself? He should have a partner, shouldn’t he? At least a light condiment.

  149. Today was all about Forresters taking the high moral ground. Firstly, Brooke, Cleavage and Katie in a sustained hate session on the roach, recounting his catalogue of evil. They try to comfort little abusee Douglas, who’s asking too many questions. Get the ghost projector out, he’ll shut up.

    Then Steffi unloads on Flo in the prison visitors room , telling her she’s disgusting and it’s great that she’ll rot in prison. Steffi’s tan just ain’t makin’ it today.

    Next is Ridge making Shauna bow and scrape for forgiveness of Flo. Sandwichez comes in an asks the Rasper if he’ll oppose immunity for Flo. Bottom line for Ridge is the roaches welfare but he pretends to be magnanimous and agrees. Shauna is all over Ridge with gratitude. I think something could happen between these two soon. Flo gets ready to be released into the wild again.

    Not a great episode. Lots of finger pointing and rehashing. Ridge/ Shauna the sheep. Who woulda thought?


    • “Shauna is all over Ridge with gratitude. I think something could happen between these two soon.”

      I had this thought, myself, and I’m just like, no. No no no no no.

  150. This episode just reminded us what an unholy mess they all are.

    If Flo is so remorseful and despises herself so much for signing off on stealing a baby in order to be $50 000 richer, then watching her victims suffer fer 9 months while she lived off their generosity, then why in the hell would they need to offer her a deal. She should be willing to offer Hooks. All off Flo’s great guilt and remorse has only been hot air.
    And there has been plenty of hot air from The Rasper. How come he’s calling the shots? He’s not one of the victims. Is Sandwiches running for mayor of LA that he is now calling up the baggy hottoms of the rich and infamous?
    Katy, Boobs and Brooke hold a gathering around the cauldron. And Rosemary’s baby is there too. “Now listen sweetheart, your daddy is the devil”. Damien, I mean Douglas has no hope. Or doesn’t he???? Bwaah aaah aaah aaaaah. And all those boobs in one 5 year old’s face at one time. They need to hurry up and send him to boarding school. Speaking of boarding school, Arjay has been missing all the fun.
    Steffy was auditioning for a role as Pocahontas and couldn’t get the paint off. That wasn’t a tan, it was boot polish.

  151. Well you missed a beauty.
    First of all, Sally was sizzling. I wonder if she used a bum pad because she was showing off the cutest little sticky out bum, and a very flat tummy. Then……hot damn, she tells Flubber Boy to take a ticket and wait. She’s not going to jump into anything with a guy who just dumped. No sax.
    In the meantime, Shauna the Sheep tells fresh from the LA slammer-Flo, to get over to Flubber Boy and win him back. Now Flo who feels so terrible that she has said over and over that she deserves to pay for what she did, has decided not to pay, and wants to weedle her Forlorn face back into Flubber boys arms. It won’t be long before Flubber has to choose between Forlorn Flo and Flame-haired, Firey Sally.
    Then Dave, you missed some ripper action between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke was on point. She was horrified that Ridge had had Forlorn released so that Thomas could also go scot free. “That Dickhead Roach isn’t fu**ing setting foot in this house, and I will make damn fu*** ing sure he isn’t “fu***ing getting any f****ing where near Thomas”, she said with eyes blazing and watering. They both got feisty, although Ridge’s feisty range is somewhat limited. Expect that fight to carry over to tomorrow.

    Tonight I will get screen shots of Sally’s bum and Brooke’s flame thrower glare. Sally is hotter when she is dumping Flubber. We did have to endure some sickening lovely dovey talk between them first.

    • Sally was looking like dynamite last week. No Kenny G for them now. Thriving on having Flubber crawling to her. Caught a tiny bit of Shauna/ Flo and zzzzzzzz.

      Thanks for bringing me up to speed, daisy . I might catch in morning. Feisty Rasper. Those two are on the rocks again. Brooke dumped Bill because he was a crook, what about Ridge?

    • Did you see the awful , unflattering dress Katie was in at the last coven? Bill will stray soon. He’s rooted his other son’s partner, so, hell, why not Sally? Divide and conquer, Dollar Bill.

      • We just need William, Douglas, Phoebeth and Kelly to grow up so we can have yet another generation of screwed-up, over-sexed and underpaid Forresters and Logans to ruin each other’s lives.

    • I saw the argument.this morning = D. I . V. O..R.C. E. Call Carter.

      “Thomas forgave you for pushing him off a cliff ” Daddy Roach the enabler has some serious issues.

      Great snaps , daisy.

  152. Hi all, just about done with this programme! Now we must realise that Shauna will offer herself to Ridge in payment for getting daughter out of jail. But I’m finding it boring and predictable. Im away for 3 weeks from this weekend but will enjoy reading the comments. The only exciting thing Im planning on doing is taking a ride on the ferry across the Mersey just like I used to do as a kid.

  153. Ridge ends up going to Bikinis to get drunk after the blow uo with Brooke. He won’t take her call.

    Flubber lets Flo crawl to him but keeps reminding her of the pain she’s caused.

    Shauna asks Brooke for mercy. Guess she’ll be thrown out and head to Bikinis.

  154. Things get heated between Brooke and Shauna. Brooke observes that everyone wants forgiveness when they’ve been found out. Shauna wonders where Ridge is. Carter stumbles into the Rasper’s drunken pity party at Bikinis.

    Have a lovely trip, Sara.

  155. Brooke calls Flo a tramp from Vegas and pushes Shauna several times on her way out the door, telling her to slither back to the desert.

    Meantime , the Rasper is getting blind and gibbering between mouthfuls of peanuts. He’s getting verbose with the barman and Carter leaves him but another bartender will watch Ridge’s arse and make sure the Rasper doesn’t drive. Don’t fret ~someone’s coming to literally pick him up~ and it won’t be floor pacing Brooke. Brooke said “frickin” to Daddy Roach today. She’s mad as hell..

    Of course, as predicted ,where does Shauna go to cool off after the blue with Brooke but Bikinis. It’s really a dive for these rich folk to be in. Her Vegas seduction act goes into overdrive on the legless Rasper, who’s been ignoring Brooke’s frantic calls and texts. We see sexy, pouting ,understanding Shauna through Ridge’s beer goggles as the curtain falls. My guess is Ridge won’t remember if he did it or not.

    • For a city of 4 million people, they only have a single big-haired police detective, so clearly, there’s only one bar in town, as well.

      But I just saw Shauna, sidling up to Ridge, and I just thought, oh no. Don’t you dare, writers. Don’t you dare do what it’s obvious you’re trying to do.

      Meanwhile, Shauna’s reached the point of annoying me. They hate you, Shauna. Everyone in this extended stupid family hates your guts, and doesn’t want anything to do with you. So just leave them alone! Idiot.

  156. “For a city of 4 million”, why can’t some other gold-digging, pouting, heaving cleavaged bleached nnlond sildle up to leggless, beer goggled Rasper? But we all knew it was going to happen. We all knew Shauna was going going to feather her nest with a disgruntlec LA millionaire. Why didn’t she just go on Sugar Babes?

    I am poking holes in Flo’s acceptance of a plea bargain based on testifying against Hooks, when if she was genuinely remorseful, she would have done willingly. Forlorn is pissing me off. The best punishment she could have now is to end up with Flubber Boy. I shudder to imagine their boring kids. But hey, if we’re lucky, they might get kidnapped by a lowlife baby seller.

    • She’s bounced from a Spencer to a Logan to a Forrester, so, at least she’s consistent with everyone else in Los Angeles. And Brooke and Ridge are due for another divorce. But Ridge drunkenly hooking up with Shauna is just, no. Shauna seems completely unable to comprehend that nobody (understandably) likes her.

      Meanwhile, Thomas is in a hospital bed getting free-food and back-rubs. Emma, who’s Emma?

      • Will there be no justice for poor Tellytubby Little Emma? Emma who? I don’t think she even had a last name.
        Did they even mourn her? “Here lies Little Emma. She dances among the stars and clouds now”

        • It was Emma Barber, (who?) same surname as Uncle Justin. I didn’t think it was worth including previously.

          According to Sandwichez, texting and driving killed her.

        • They had a wake at Forrester Creations that lasted for five minutes. Cleavage actually covered up, but Steffy showed up with more legs than a Christmas ham. And then everyone immediately forgot about her.

  157. Once again, the entire cast spends long scenes having the exact same conversation about Flo, over and over again. Lies, deception, Forrester Creations, family, yadda yadda. My gosh. I’m half-convinced that the writers are producing scripts by just hitting “copy” and “paste”, and then rewarding themselves with liquid lunches.

    And is it just me, or does the idea of the Logan sisters, judging and criticising someone else for a plan to latch onto the Forrester millions, just seem a little bit on the nose?

      • Katie continues to be the person I most want to throw in the pool, because she has this habit of obnoxiously pushing into situations that literally have nothing to do with her, just so she can swan around, give her opinion and act really sanctimonious.

        Personally, the more they stick to the script re: Flo, the less unlikeable she becomes.

        Also, Ridge was so drunk that he was, essentially, unconscious, so the bartender offered Ridge the room above the bar (?) and Shauna helped him upstairs, where he collapsed onto the bed. I can see where this is going, and I don’t like it one bit. I’m sure Shauna must be on a federal watchlist, somewhere.

          • Yeah, Katie is more fun as a drunken 5th wheel, getting snozzled while Brooke and Bill sanctimoniously cheat and tell her she’s imagining everything. Mind you, even wearing purple Vic’s Secret, Katy and fun are not really synonymous.

  158. I am watching Friday again first. Mopey Flo has moped her way through the script since she arrived on the scene; always looking like she is going to vomit. She tells everyone who’ll listen and those who won’t how terrible she feels, and how she ddoesn’t expect forgiveness, while asking for sympathy and forgiveness. If she honestly felt bad, she should have owned up. If she honestly feels bad now, she should go crawl under a rock.
    Ridge legless in public. Call the paparazzi. I do love however, that he managedto correct Carter’s grammar…”to whom”.
    Shauna goes asking Brooke for sympathy and understanding for he mopey daughter, but then can’t resist twisting the knife. “Waa waaa waa…poor mopey Flo”.

    • “I’m not asking for forgiveness or offering excuses”…………but I will anyway.

      This will be written on Flo’s and Thomas’s tombstones.

    • “I do love however, that he managed to correct Carterโ€™s grammarโ€ฆโ€to whomโ€.”

      Ridge would be that kind of drunk, wouldn’t he?

  159. Doddery old Eric has spent too much time at the tanning salon. He pathetically browbeats dressing gowned, teary Brooke over the roach returning home, even suggesting Hope was to blame for some of the mess. Pencil Thomas in for Thanksgiving. Brooke realizes the roach is in need of psychiatry / a prolonged spell at Turnabout Ranch more than paternal lecturing a la Forrester . Brooke is starting to fret about Ridge’s whereabouts. Ridge’s arse is now in Shauna’s sling. ‘ Cos his message bank is full but Shauna’s seen his package. The Rasper was too drunk to ….

    No need to worry about Ridge as Shauna has prepared a slap up breakfast and headache pill chasers. She tells him nothing happened and that she’ll never tell Brooke about what happened. Ridge slowly is falling for Shauna’s experienced seduction act. Shauna sexily reminds Ridge that if anything had happened, he’d remember it. So Ridge will have to lie to Brooke about his night on the tiles.

    Just Rasper/Shauna and Brooke/Eric schmaltzathon today. Curtain. Time to start blackmailing Ridge and get a pot of cash to take back to Vegas.

  160. Unbelievable! Well yes, unbelievable, but UNBELIEVABLE ! Bloody Shauna knew about the kidnapping way back when The Moper was still in Hook’s flat, and told her to shuddup and take the money. She’s in it up to her elbows. But her solution is to act indignantly about Brooke refusing to make biscuits and tea for her uninvited visit.
    And yeah, Eric, how dare Hope have her baby kidnapped then fall apart. What a Dickhead thing to say. No doubt Shauna the sheep will make sure Brooke learns of her night with Ridge. Perhaps a long auburn hair left tucked into his undies.

    I will leave it to you to decide what Ridge is checking under the blankets.

  161. So did Katie drive all the way over to Flo and Shauna’s apartment, just to walk in and say the same things to Flo that she’s spent the last month saying to Flo? Or did she get an Uber, or maybe Bill was in the car waiting for her?

    Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke have decided they shouldn’t fight any more about Thomas. Great guys! That’s certainly magically fixed the problem. Smooth-sailing from here on out!

      • “Yes, Katie, it’s so awful that these Fulton girls have shown up and tried to worm their way into the Forrester and Spencer millions. Tell me, Katie, how many times you have married into these families?”

  162. I gave Katy points for ripping into Flo, although she is starting to look like ….I don’t know….Danny Devito?????
    I have sent in a new thread, but in the meantime, I have this….Katy tells Ffffff Flo to ffffff****k off.

    • Am I looking at a Logan ….or a bogan?

      Such an unflattering image. I’m glad Shauna came back to put an end to Katie’s poisonous rant. Katie works at Forrester’s, right?

      We have to wait til tomorrow to see if the Rasper will fess up to Brooke.

      • Yeah. It stops short of stealing our babies and swapping them with a baby corpse for you to cuddle. It only goes to husband/wife stealing, and attempted murder. Oh…and kidnapping Liam and holding him hostage for months. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Shauna will magically run into Bill at Il Giardino’s and blab. Then Bill will tell Brooke what the dressmaker’s been up to. Didn’t think Brooke the penny pincher needed to ask the Rasper how much he spent on booze.

      • We haven’t seen Los Angeles’s only Italian restaurant for months now. Maybe they shut down? That’s why the cast only hangs out at Bikini, now.

        • They can’t be bothered changing the sets, I suppose.
          I missed Brooke suggesting there be a booze budget. It’s wise of her to economize but isn’t she the one who tipped all of Katy’s Scotch down the sink ( like Bill doesn’t keep his own supply in the other room). Bill’s liver would be busy.
          Bil and Katy knock back Scotch. Eric might be a brandy man. Brooke goes for Vodka when she turns alkie. And Wipes, Liam, Hope and Steffy show how young and hip they are by drinking beer…straight from the bottle. I think only Pam goes a nice cuppa.
          No one ever sneaks outside for a ciggie, which is surprising. You would think at least Ajay would have a sneaky puff. Or Skeletor.

  163. Ridge and Brooke try to smooth things over ….but Ridge won’t fess up to having Shauna tuck him in. They make the uneasiest peace.

    While this is happening, Shauna is gushing to an incredulous Flo that she slept with Ridge and kissed him. The damage is done, however , because Shauna is inexplicably smitten with the Rasper. Of course, she asks Flo to keep it a secret , so we know she won’t. Her specialty is dead and kidnapped babies. Brooke starts shit canning Shauna and her crawling visit. Ridge could reveal here, but he doesn’t. The air is thick. Ridge’s light bulb moment is agreeing that the roach needs professional help.

    The barman at Bikini’s is suss about who’s been sleeping in their bed for drunks. Ring a tabloid, you fool.

    We end with Ridge’s thousand yard stare of concealment as Brooke hugs him. Curtain.

    • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Dave.
      Just watching now. Ridge is missing all his cues. He’s going down whichever way it plays out. Brooke is being all reasonable and Ridge is playing Mr Noble…for leaving while angry.
      Mind you both Shauna and Mopey Flo would need to climb a ladder to reach a snake’s belly.

      Flo…the girl who accepted $50 000 to help steal a newborn, then continued to allow the mother to grieve right in her face for 9 months… shocked and appalled that Shauna the sheep spent the night with a passed out Rasper.
      Flo; on the evil scale, spending the night with a drunk, married man: about a 3/10 (in this particular situation).
      Baby stealing: 100/10.
      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s husband. 3
      Thou shalt not steal a baby, give the mother a dead one to hold, then watch while everyone suffers, all the while claiming to feel offal. 100.

      Am I taking this too seriously? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      • I think we’re all taking this too seriously. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we’re still grieving for Emma while no one in LA is ~except for Uncle Justin.

        Re yesterday ,I’ve only seen Eric drink champagne and Egg Nog (at Xmas when he murders the expensive piano)

        I note that this fine show is too high brow for the popular Gogglebox to tackle.

  164. If a man crawled into bed with a passed out drunk woman, undressed her and took advantage, well that is…….wait…that is what Thomas did to Caroline.

    Brooke or Shauna? The lady and the Tramp.
    I would totally be checking the sheets if I was Bikini Bar man.

    • I don’t know whether it’s the direction or the way that Richards is playing the character, but Shauna is totally coming across as creepy and obsessed, here.

      And Ridge is just, “… we’ll fix it in post.”

      • Shauna has confused mouth to mouth resuscitation with passionate kissing..It took just one kiss with Quinn to bring a whole lot of bad juju down on the Rasper last time.

        Just over the roaches creepiness and obsessiveness and now Shauna brings it.. Sheila should be brought out of mothballs to do a bit of digging.

        Really stretching Ridge’s lack of talent with so much camera time.

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