• I am all survivors. . . As a Born Again Fan, I seriously considered watching South Africa!
      I love them all. Even the Edge of Extinction which was a twist I didn’t even like.

      • Survivor is actually my ONLY must watch show now! I am completely addicted. I listen to podcasts now and I’m a heartbeat from signing up to survivor forums, even though I glanced at some and they were way too nasty for me to consider. I love our chats here that aren’t unpleasant and you are not humiliated for disagreeing with someone else! Thank you again Juz. Let me go click on some holiday ads in recognition of this good place.

  1. The q-and-a chat on Facebook this morning really solidified my like of Shaun, who increasingly seems like, just, the coolest guy.

    The beginning of the episode emphasised and underlined that, with Shaun bluffing David — successfully — and convincing him that, yeah, he’s still grateful for the idol and they should be best friends! All the while, playing David like a chump.

    Shaun also revealed something interesting in the chat, this morning. Although it wasn’t shown, David and Luke *also* voted for Shaun, in the castaway-steal. They had to. If they’d voted for anyone else, the six ex-contenders would’ve realised it by comparing notes. Which I think is brilliant. They had no idea who the champions were stealing, so they had to assume — but David had to assume it was Shaun, and *had* to write his name down, to invite him over. You can imagine the look on his face, the whole time he was doing so.

    Anyway. Over on the contender’s beach, Harry feels like his plan was a dud. But it wasn’t, though. They’re still gunning for him, and he still has an idol (that Janine’s group doesn’t know about). His plan was delayed, by a couple of days, sure, but it’s still entirely doable.

  2. The”International Model” always makes a personal comment when he wants to move against someone.
    He didn’t like someone’s face, and now he’s talking about someone’s beady eyes. I don’t think it’s a deliberate strategy, because I don’t think he’s clever enough for that, but I think it’s that schoolboy bully mentality behind the game playing.
    I know he’s fun to watch but I’m a over it and I hope he goes home soon.

    • I know. As a survivor fan I do admire him and think he’s one of the best players ever in Australia, but I dislike him so much. . . .I find him such an unpleasant critter that I have to keep reminding myself that he’s playing so, so well. Tonight I was so impressed that he cottoned onto the threat. But I wanted him to stuff it up also!

      • I still like to think that a lot of what he does is said with intent, to create entertainment. He’s casting gold

        • Absolutely. He’s a very humorous fellow. Much of what is being taken as arrogance is very tongue in cheek, in my book. He’s also very bright, and uses that to spin his humour.

          • Oh I do agree – he is totally mugging for the characters and twirling his moustache in a villianous way. I realise it is my problem – I have an inbuilt intolerance to the Pretty White Boy Running the World by Right – so even though my mind recognises he is hamming it up and admires his game play, it STILL pushes my buttons!

  3. Well. Thanks to Andy and a tumultuous tribal council, this has all gone pear-shaped.

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if any one of them was ousted by the rest of them.

  4. Good Lord in Heaven, I think you could write a college thesis on that tribal council.

    Okay. So. Even I’m confused, thinking about this. The plan was to oust David, by splitting the vote evenly between someone else and David (and hoping he didn’t play his idol. I guess, that’s where things started going wrong). It wasn’t entirely clear, and I thought that they were going to split between Luke and David.

    Then Andy spills the beans to David, and David and Luke agree to go after Daisy (if David played his idol, and Andy switched over to write down Daisy’s name, that’s 3 votes for David nullified, and 2 for Luke, and 3 for Daisy). That plan also would’ve worked, but … then they decided to ditch Andy’s last-minute plan, and play both their idols (nullifying everybody’s votes, which means their 2 votes for Shaun would’ve been the only valid votes, with Andy’s single vote for Daisy keeping her safe).

    But then, it seems like everything got messed up, because instead of using Luke as the alternate (which is the impression I got, and seemed to be how Luke and David and Andy understood the plan), they used Hannah as the alternate … which was a smart plan, in a way, because Luke pulled out his idol that nobody knew he had. So eventually, with David’s three votes nullified (thanks to his idol), and Daisy safe (with only Andy’s single vote), it came down to Hannah versus Shaun. And obviously they weren’t going to kick out Shaun.

    So essentially, Hannah became collaterial damage in their attempt to kick out David, the victim of three or four plans all cross-firing.

    Which is one less contender. Not that we’ll miss her, I don’t think.

    Still. They flushed David’s idol, out into the open, and they also flushed out Luke’s idol (even though they didn’t know he had it). So they did accomplish something.

    I’m still confused why they used Hannah as the alternate, as opposed to Luke. It seemed like everybody’s plan — everyone’s knowledge and foresight and plotting — was hinging on Luke being the alternate. But they went with Hannah … the thing is, if they had gone with Luke, it really would’ve blown up in their face. David was right — Shaun would’ve gotten 2 votes, David and Luke’s votes would’ve been nullified, and Andy’s vote for Daisy kept her safe.

    So what I’m curious about is, did they suspect Luke had an idol? It’s the only thing I can think of, to explain why they didn’t use him as the alternate (because that would’ve screwed them all up). Whoever Luke and David voted for would’ve been gone, right? So there must’ve been some quick off-camera manuevering, where Shaun and Daisy’s alliance decided to target Hannah instead of Luke … just in case. Poor Hannah, but that ended up saving Shaun.

    I also hope Andy understands how making a deal with David and Luke, right at the end, blew up in everybody’s face. Even he seemed regretful, writing down Hannah’s name there at the end.

    Man. I need a lie down.

    • I’m so pissed off. If only Andy had had the brains/nous to take proper note of David’s eyeballing directive of “Shaun, now” during tribal and written down Shaun, the loss of those two idols would’ve been less galling and something would have been accomplished. I’m sad for Luke.

      • I am still hopeful Luke will find the re-hidden idol – at least he has David as a shield! They are gunning for him way more than Luke.

        My problem is that I really like Shaun so I didn’t want Andy to get the eye-pointing to Shaun action! But I also like Luke, so it was tough.

    • Interesting analysis. My assumption was that Shaun and Daisy had a Plan B. And that would be that if they sensed any disruption at TC, they would throw their two votes on Hannah (remember Daisy has wanted Hannah out for a while anyway) as a security. So glad that Andy was knocked down a peg or four by realising that he doesn’t dictate to Dave and Luke, unless it fits with their own plans.

      It is very telling that we were shown only the second voting, and not the first, so we don’t know who threw in the two rogue Hannah votes, or if there were more that didn’t come out of the urn.

  5. Far out. I am still trying to work out why they switched to Hannah instead of Luke, but someone at least (e.g John & Baden) have plausibility deniability that they never lied and were always going to vote out Hannah.
    I want to know what happened!
    Andy’s machinations have backfired every single time. He is not an uber fan. He is an idiot.
    But everyone knows:
    – Luke & David dont have idols but were targeting Shaun
    – Andy is fundamentally unreliable
    – Shaun, Daisy and at least one other were targeting David
    So, there are opportunities ahead:
    – Luke wasted his idol and could be persuaded that David is the problem, not him as he didnt get votes
    -David has only Andy to partner with?
    – Daisy will be out to get Andy as well as David as she doesnt seem to cope with having her name thrown out.

    I actually think that it was poetic justice for Hannah to go home as her crap over-acting clued David in. She did a bit that was good ‘oh, are you playing the idol for me’ but the rest was way overdone.

  6. I kind of thought that was inevitable. The moment they suspected that Luke had an idol Hannah was gone. It was the only way the strategy could work in everyone’s favour.
    And the producers kept the cameras lingering on Hannah during the entire episode. Dah! Dah! Dah! 🎶 (Dramatic music).
    What it also signals is that the clock is ticking on both Luke and David (and Andy, but he doesn’t count). It is now them against the entire camp. They would need one idol for every remaining tribal council to survive.
    It will be like watching rats in a trap.

    • The ads seem to indicate that the Contenders will lose the immunity challenge, tonight, and we’ll get to touch back in on the Harry/Janine plot.

      Harry still has his idol but Janine has hers too, and neither person realises that. So I can see a similar situation where someone gets caught in the crossfire accidentally and goes home.

    • I don’t know Bobi – I rate Luke’s social game and once they have got rid of David he may be regarded differently and he may be able to work some alliances. I can see, for example, people like Baden and John considering what he has to offer. Against that, Luke’s problem is that he is a known quantity and the tribe already knows that he is a Big Threat so maybe he is dead man walking. Which is not good.

      I think your assessment of Andy as not counting is hilarious and the way he is seen by viewers must be eating him inside! He may have learned how to throw and make fire but he hasn’t learned when to make moves and when to SHUT THE HELL UP. Didn’t you love Baden’s dismissive comment when Daisy asked him not to blab about Shaun “of course not, I’m not Andy”. BURN!

      • It’s funny, isn’t it.
        Some people are players, some people are threats, some people hide in the background …. and some people are clearly and obviously cannon fodder.

  7. OK, watching tonight and Daisy has just confirmed that no one was voting for Luke, so the switch had been planned ahead. They must have suspected Luke’s idol.

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