• Don’t worry he’ll be back. He could even give us the fabled international season. You need to be a US citizen to play US Survivor. David lives in Brooklyn with an American wife and American children.

      Daisy’s obvious strategy was to warn David in return for protection, but obvious strategies are not Daisy’s forte.

    • It was David, they blind-sided him (apparently under the guise of going after Harry). I didn’t even watch the episode, but I caught the voting (because “Have You Been Paying Attention?” was on afterwards).

      • And that’s exactly how I watched it, except I watched 2 minutes at the beginning of Pia gloating about a blindside. So not exactly, exactly … but literally.

    • Thanks, Ch 10 can jam their encore. Big deal blandside by frightened goats. Rather be an arsehole than a goat.

  1. Oh man, I’m so gonna miss him!
    He was just bloody fabulous for the game….. interesting to see whether the champions all stick together…I suspect Janine has a very soft spot for Luke and she will take him further, or she’ll throw him under a bus 😂😂
    Ps, no Remember Me button Juz , all good!

  2. Yaaasssss!!! Thank the entire existence of everything that voice is no longer dominating each episode.
    Now the sh!t fighting starts. Luke needs to use all his charm to stay safe. I hope John and Harry go far too. Janine vs Pia will be interesting.

    • Yes we’re in trouble unless Harry gets up to mischief. There should be an idol replanted so hopefully that causes some fun

  3. Finally! I just wish he had gone before all the worthier ones before him. I don’t really care about watchability, I just want to see cocky and dirty players get their comeuppance. One interesting thing, Dave has mentioned before that he was using the model “stereotype” to appear dumb and vain, and that the weird clothes were part of that. Then he commented after being eliminated wearing a weird outfit, implying that he would not wear those clothes otherwise. Kudos to him for that ploy.

    If the others can now move Janine on, so that she stops being obsessed about strength at challenges and learns to read the people who are the real danger, we will see who has really been the cleverest. I wish Harry to move on also, but he seems to have pulled his head in. There have been quite a few in recent seasons (both ours and theirs) where someone has been an idiot yet survived, then pulled back to make it a long way through.

    I feel like the same reason Luke will win if he sits at the end (his back story) will be the same reason they will never get enough votes to eliminate him. His social game has been exemplary, and everyone loves him.

    I suspect Daisy may be this year’s goat now. No point getting rid of her and some benefit in using her inability to control her emotions. Other candidate would be Abbey, who has no resume having attached herself to Pia and Janine the whole way. I feel like Simon still has moves up his sleeve, despite viewers having trouble remembering him. We will see.

    Thank goodness for a variation in the challenge last night, after the previous night’s boring pole stand.

  4. Oh, CRAP. It’s going to be dull from here on in, unless Luke manages to magic his way to an endless series of idols and immunity wins. I really loathe Janine for that, and for dobbing the fake idol in to the Horse earlier; I was hoping for a Janine blindside. But he left with a good final confessional, and in better spirits than one would’ve expected.

  5. I thought David wanted to get rid of Daisy but he voted for Harry. When Daisy walked off with Luke I thought she was going to blab to him & blow the whole thing. David mustn’t watch Survivor. Whenever anyone says they are in control of the game & are unstoppable they always get voted out. All through tribal council I kept thinking shut up Jonathan & let them vote. I was so worried David would get suspicious & use his idol.

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