Survivor Sun, Aug 18

Is Luke’s time finally up? We’ve seen footage of Andy throwing the puzzle. (Poor Andy – I bet he has all the Survivor puzzles at home and practised doing them, and now he finally gets one and has to pretend to be bad at it.)
It looks like there is some kind of injury at the reward challenge. Blindfold challenges in Survivor always end in someone getting hurt.



  1. I’m not enjoying this season as much as I was, a few weeks ago, I gotta say that.

    The Contenders got a really favourable edit, and maybe that was because we were hardly spending any time with them, but the Champions fell apart, and the Contenders went into the tribe swap with a huge (almost unprecedented) numbers advantage. There’s no reason why the new Champions didn’t continue picking off the ex-champions in their wake (because they’d lost the numbers advantage over on the other tribe, and the ex-champions would start picking off the ex-contenders one-by-one … which is exactly happened. Casey went because they were targetting Harry and hadn’t counted on his immunity idol). But what happened?

    It’s like, this season has been the template for how to Shoot Yourself In The Foot, playing Survivor. This is textbook what *not* to do, after a tribe swap.

    And honestly, it’s making it hard to watch. The first third of the season showed these people at their best, and the revelation that they’re stupid, petty and disorganised (at least, their decisions are) has been really frustrating to watch.

    Anyway. The ads for tonight show Andy throwing a challenge, with the promise of a “shock” exit. Dave has an idol and he knows they’re coming for him, so he’ll be safe tonight. I imagine the “shock” exit is either Luke, or the idol causes the vote to bounce back to one of the Contenders.

    • I think the shock e it will be either Luke or Shaun. I would rather see Andy go – from the ad he is not going to win any acting awards.

      • I don’t want to see Shaun go, just because I like the guy.

        But at this point, it’s so hard to feel any sympathy for the ex-Contenders.

  2. I don’t want to see Shaun go I just think the excontenders would be stupid enough to put all their votes on David leaving the door open for Luke and David to vote him out.

    • See, smart players would realise that — after the popcorn reward — David probably has an idol. The smarter thing to do would be go after Luke, since not even David would be suspecting that (I’ll tell you, David’s ego lends itself to manipulation. He would assume they were going after him).

      It was nice to see John finally get his parma, and Harry at least get a decent feed (and hang out with his old friends).

  3. Wait a second, hang on here.

    Andy was deliberately trying to lose the challenge, tonight … yet Baden was still able to single-handedly solve the puzzle (overcoming Andy’s deliberate sabotage along the way) and win? Okay, it sucks for Matt and Harry … but seriously, I think we’ve been under-estimating Baden. That kid is a freaking badass.

    Why wasn’t Baden in on the plan to throw the challenge?

    So, barring an unforeseen miracle … that’s Matt going home tonight (because obviously Harry’s going to play his idol again).

    • I don’t know that Baden would have been willing to throw the challenge and they probably thought Andy could manage it. Maybe the shock exit will be one of the champions if Harry has found the idol.

    • Didn’t someone try to do that last year? They tried their best to throw the challenge but either their team was too good or the other team was too bad & they still won. It was hilarious.

  4. Wow! Andy is such a doofus he can’t even throw a challenge. Kudos to Baden coming from behind and solving it singlehanded.

    • Andy made it so obvious, especially after showing his exceptional puzzle skills in the past. Baden must have realised, too, but was just in the must-win zone and went for it.

  5. For half a second, I was terrified that Harry wasn’t going to play his idol. Thank goodness, sanity prevailed. Of course, Janine is smart enough to realise that Harry wants her gone, so she plays her idol (and that’s every current idol in-play flushed. The only one left is in David’s pocket on the other tribe) … but Harry was targetting Pia, not Janine.

    Oh, to get through this ad break.

  6. Well I am actually shocked!
    But if he is still on the island I think the ex-champions should be sleeping with one eye open. Actually, now that they’re all really back home I hope they have good security systems. I will concede that his exit statement made some good points and he didn’t seem too deranged.

    • He’s an ex-professional wrestler. It was all just an act, you know, he’s someone who’s used to playing it up in front of the camera.

      I wish we’d learned some more things about him, though. I feel like I know nothing about him. How long have we been watching, so far?

        • The tsunami for Sarah and ice-cream for Harry. Oh, and something about the outback for Daisy.

          Sam, Casey and Hannah were all solid ‘no’. The first girl eliminated, Laura? I don’t remember much beyond her physical appearance (and even then, we get that from the opening credits). And I think we got some footage of Andy doing his pre-season training.

          Meanwhile, how many times did we sit through the same back-story for some of the champions?

          I really think they did a bad job of that, this year.

    • Matt’s exit statement was quite gracious, but he was seriously giving all his loyalty (his words) to Harry with no concept whatsoever that Harry had done nothing at all to try to save him, and would throw him over asap.

      Another proof that unswerving loyalty in this game is generally a defect.

  7. So, for all Harry’s desperate scheming … it didn’t matter. Janine still didn’t trust Harry enough to throw all the votes on him (fair enough), so the boys voted for Matt which forced the tie-breaker, and Matt goes home.

    Harry buys himself another 3 days. The contenders, meanwhile, on the whole? Are pretty screwed. At least Janine’s idol was flushed out (and uselessly, since she was never a target in the first place).

    Baden really should’ve been in on the plot to throw the challenge, you know?

    Tomorrow night, someone gets hurt. Have the contenders starting tripping themselves over?

    • I thought Harry did a really good job. His acting was WAY better than Casey’s and he didn’t overplay it. At least the editing made us think that there was a chance that Ross and Simon might be considering his idea to get off the bottom of an alliance and allow a two/two deal.
      I think they went the right way keeping champion strong for a bit longer – the merge must be very soon – maybe even tomorrow – so getting rid of a contender now was wise.
      Felt sorry for Matt actually as he was again caught in crossfire and became the casualty. I really don’t know what he could have done to save himself.

      • It’s hard to feel sorry for Matt because I didn’t even know who or what he was. Guess he was on the end of the line when back stories were handed out. No one on this show does it for their fuckin’ Nonna. What’s wrong with these people?

        Unhandy Andy. What a dickhead.

  8. Damn it. Pia is annoying and I’m desperate for a blindside against one of the ex-champions. I hope Shaun gets Dave in some tricky magic asap.

  9. Well John finally got his parma. If the other team had won I wonder if they would have picked him to come or picked someone else out of spite?
    Another failed attempt to throw a challenge. It doesn’t really work when you’re part of a team & the only one trying to throw it.

  10. On another subject. . .who is the emergency exit? I hate this – so unfair to go out of the game because of medical problem.
    It looked like Pia or possibly Janine from the trailer. Someone in all black, so not Daisy.

    • It will be the opposite of whoever we think it is. I would be sad if it’s Janine as I am enjoying watching her play.!

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