Survivor Sun, August 4

Paranoia starts to set in across both tribes with rumours of contestants having idols, but are they real or fake? At Tribal Council, the tribe are faced with some big questions around leadership.

I’m really hoping they do a tribe swap soon because I still don’t know some of the Contenders, thanks to them hardly going to tribal.



  1. All weekend, they’ve been teasing that John might be on the chopping block, tonight.

    Oh boy. If that happens, there’s gonna be some problems.

  2. So, the episode begins with more nudity from John (thank you, producers. They know what they’re doing. Shaun’s absolutely right. John does have an aesthetically-pleasing rump), and he also sings us a story of his speedos and mullet. Yep. Hoping he wins.

    Once again, the contenders just suck at rewards challenges. There’s more of them, they’re rested and comfortable, but maybe they’re missing that fire, that desire (that you get from knifing a few of your own tribe-mates), so they’re just not fighting as hard as they would for an immunity? Poor Shaun still doesn’t realise he’s carrying around a dud idol, so gosh, I hope he figures it out.

    • I watched the start with Mr 7 and he found the nudie fun hilarious but could not understand why an adult would do that. I explained John had “nappy rash”

  3. My gosh, that immunity challenge was intense.

    I wish Matt would be more humble. I want to like him, I do, but gosh, he’s making it difficult.

    Meanwhile, not only did the Contenders win another immunity (I was half-joking, last week, but they really are Ulong-ing the Champions into oblivion), but the girl (who’s name I can’t remember) let the cat out of the bag, in terms of David’s web of lies regarding his immunity idol, and Pia. The fallout from that should be very interesting.

    • And they still don’t do the “time elapsed”. So annoying. You could tell Pia regretted talking to that girl whose name I also don’t know. Her name is Not Daisy or Not Sarah. Or Not Casey because Casey sat out yet again

      • Or maybe that one was Casey because IIRC Casey was the first to volunteer to sit out of the tug-of-war challenge.

        • As noted last week, Casey is *always* the first to volunteer to sit out. I make the count at least four now.

      • What the hell with Casey continually sitting out?
        Is she:
        * crap – trying to hide it/not get a target on back
        * superb – trying to hide it/not get a target on back
        * lazy.
        Time will tell.

      • Sam, Casey and Hannah?

        At least Daisy and Sarah have stories that make them recognisable. The other three are there in the background and I swear none of them have said a word to the camera, this whole time.

        The guys might be monopolising the Contender storylines, at the moment, but at least we know who they are.

  4. Jeez if they were going to ditch one of their strongest players it was the perfect time to blindside David. Champions should be bloody glad that it’s a tribe swap or merge.

    • I think they were insane to choose ET to go. He’s their strongest competitor! He was their strongest competitor at the immunity, not three hours before the vote!

      David’s just gone a bit mad with power. The girls did have a chance to knife him, tonight, but Pia interviewed and said that they were biding their time. It’s just, he’s got an idol. The longer that lasts, the more likely he’s going to get more paranoid about it, and play it (when they don’t want him to).

      But no wonder they’re doing a tribe swap, tomorrow night.

      It’s 11 versus 7. At this point, the producers might not even have challenges that work with those kinds of numbers.

      Apparently there’s a girl called ‘Hannah’ on the contender’s tribe, and I swear, I’ve never seen her before in my life.

      • Always works out, hey – ditching your strongest competitor after a string of losses for the sake of your dumb arsed numbers?
        I do get why the girls didn’t strike as the intel could have been flawed. But I was so hoping it was a fakeout for an epic bindside, but no .
        Now there is a tribeswap – what happens to the idols and how soon till David’s lies come out?

        • Janine is the only other person who knows that David dudded Shaun with a fake idol. That’s important information, and Janine is smart enough (hopefully) to realise that gives her something of value to offer the other castaways.

          Problem is, I don’t see how that information will get to Shaun before he plays that damn thing, but he’s such a power-house that I assume the Contenders are more likely to keep him around, even if they lose a couple.

          And I like Shaun, and I assume that most people do, and I’d hate to see him go home. Same with John or Daisy.

          • Pretty sure everyone likes Shaun. He seems super nice and not up himself (looking at you Matt and David).
            John is now my winner pick, even though my pre-show was Abbey. I still like her, but wow John is fantastic.And yes, Daisy is extremely likable also.

  5. Well, that was inexplicable. Pia and Simon were handed a golden nugget of information, and neither of them apparently used it. There is some slight excuse in that they didn’t really know what it meant (unlike the viewers). It is possible that they thought the contender girl was just trying to make mischief, and also if they tried to ask David, or tell anyone else, it might draw the vote on themselves.

    When Pia said that timing was everything, I thought “smart girl, you are going to raise it at tribal so that David has no time to make up an excuse” but no. And even without using the intel, the girls’ didn’t have the balls, so to speak, to take out David even when there was no good reason not to, and many reasons to do so quite easily. Baffling.

    I thought Abbey was doing a great job pretending to be so distressed about the vote, when the girls were flipping, but no, it was all genuine unfortunately.

    I did wonder how all the others would view ET’s ability to go into the zone during the challenge. People who can do that do very, very well at the later individual challenges. Maybe that helped put him in danger, as well as the sin of being a sportsman.

    Now that a swap is happening, I hope Janine gets loyal with Shaun and is able to tell him about the fake before he tries to use it. She needn’t disclose her part of the ruse, just use it to get rid of David. I suppose it depends on how the tribes line up.

  6. One group imploding (the equivalent of eating their young) happens at the beginning of every season of Survivor (Australia and otherwise) and I continue to be amazed at the stupidity of the players,
    Not once, not once, people, has eliminating your strongest players in the face of continual losses ever worked out well in the long run.
    It’s a rhetorical question, I know, but do these people not watch this show? Or are they so egotistical that they think they are the exceptions that are going to buck the trend?

    • I think it may be a matter of just anticipating a swap. I am fairly sure that Luke would know that a swap would happen now or next time, and therefore preserving strength begins to convert into eliminating long-term threats using the numbers you have.

      You would only keep the strength early on, when you believe the tribes will continue for many ‘weeks’.

      US contestants often talk about the danger of taking strong men to the merge, and it is one of the frustrations for the viewer that worthy men who have physical strength get booted for no other reason than they are strong.

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