1. Praise the lord, we have Baden to inject some sanity into proceedings. The contenders are still going after Dave, and with their numbers down, obviously the smart thing is to remind Janine and her alliance how much *they* don’t like David either.

  2. Sick of Janine -I loathe the usual Survivour weaklings voting out the strong players just because they have a few weaklings voting with them

  3. Bastards. They’re gonna knife Shaun, aren’t they?

    Luke and David must be keeping their mini-alliance very secret, because these two are a power-couple as much as Daisy and Shaun are, yet, they’ve received no attention for that fact whatsoever. Taking out Luke also has the bonus of isolating David, which would be important going forward.

    David has the lives of a cat, in this. Everyone talks about getting rid of him, but nobody ever does.

  4. OMG what an episode!! my heart is pumping, lukey survived !!

    Thought dave mighta played his idol for luke, just to get shaun out, but didnt need to

  5. Baden, John and Daisy all turned on Shaun’s plan, in the end. Daisy even voted outright for Shaun (same with John).


    This is Daisy’s fault, right? She crippled the contenders the first chance she got … and now they’re going to get picked off, one-by-one, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it.

    Fuck these people. I hope David knifes them all in their sleep.

  6. Daisy’s getting a lot of negative feedback on the FB threads, right now. And I understand that we need to be careful, how we treat people in the public eye … but the woman’s an idiot and I’m giving up on her. She’s terrible at “Survivor”, making awful decisions from start to finish (that are coming home to roost, now, seeing the contenders are hopelessly screwed), it was her fault the contenders crumbled after the merge-swap (thanks to some two-week-old petty grudge against Sam), and it’s her damned fault that half a dozen people now have zero chance of winning half a million dollars.

    She could’ve at least tried to stay loyal to Shaun (given that, now, she has *nobody*) but she couldn’t even manage that.

    Yeah, we shouldn’t judge people we don’t personally know … but ooooh, I don’t like her, no sir, not one bit.

  7. A good episode with two challenges anyone could have won. I just watched Megan Gale’s Insta story of the family watching the episode. Shaun said the water challenge was held on the coldest day of the series

    • One of the best episodes ever. Both challenges were brutal. The instatribal was a fun twist. Shaun achieved the dazzling intellectual leap of shifting from Get David to Get David’s Closest Ally.

      Janine is much more a player than I’ve been crediting her and Pia, judging by her expression at tribal, is much less. I am fairly sure that Baden and John are actually a platonic power couple and they’ve decided the last 2 tribals. I like David, but no picnic alliance has ever worked. Harry finding himself in a minority of 2 out of 11 doesn’t say a lot for his strategy or his persuasive ability. Pia needs to do something independently if she doesn’t want to become a goat.

      I was sure David would crack and play his idol on Luke, but 7/2/2 is pretty decisive. I’d think the vote against Shaun was so heavy because players don’t want to spend the remaining episodes trapped in a grudge match.

      I’m sure Shaun (like the other players) is a perfectly nice guy when he’s not playing Survivor, but calling someone slimy in your exit speech is not a good look.

      • When David said, “I won this immunity for my team!”, I was just about screaming at my television, “Someone ask him to give it to another member of his team, then!”

        Not that it matters. Daisy single-handedly screwed over her whole entire tribe, and I’m genuinely having trouble thinking of another season of this franchise where one person’s stupidity has caused such a cascading domino effect of catastrophic disasters for *everybody* around them.

        • If Daisy had voted for Luke last night the result would have been 6/3/2 and Shaun would still have gone home. If Daisy had saved Andy last week, the result would almost certainly have been that she would have gone home on the revote. In two successive episodes Shaun put up plans that achieved literally nothing except personal revenge. The Daisyphobia is unjustified.

          The one argument that may have worked, Don’t vote for me because I protect you from David going on an immunity run might have changed some votes, but the problem is that argument works equally well for David next time he doesn’t have an idol or a necklace.

          • Daisy torpedoed the chances of Sam, Sarah, Hannah, Andy, and now Shaun for no reason whatsoever, and Baden, John and Harry’s chances are slowly evaporating at that. Instead of keeping the contenders’ GIGANTIC numbers advantage, she went after Sam (over a two-week old grudge … you’re criticising Shaun for targetting an obvious physical and strategic threat in David, but it’s perfectly reason for Daisy to weaken her own tribe over a petty nothing grudge? Really?) and crippled the contenders from that point on. Leaving aside the obviously bone-headed decision of sending in David first where there was a hidden immunty idol.

            Daisy’s an idiot.

            An 11-to-7 advantage has become a 6-to-4 disadvantage, because of her crappy decisions (aligning with David? Ousting Sam? Take your pick). The only champion to have gone home in a month is the guy who fell off a rope and broke his ankle! And that’s when the contenders started with an 11-to-7 numbers advantage!

            All of that comes back to Daisy. One idiotic decision after another cascaded into a domino effect of catastrophic outcomes for her whole entire team. Her idiocy sank the chances of a dozen people! The Daisyphobia is entirely justified!

            What I don’t understand is how any of that is apparently Shaun’s fault.

            “Oh but last night…” … if the contenders had stayed strong, then the champions would’ve split the vote which would’ve led to 5 on Luke, 3 on Shaun and 3 on Daisy. But the contenders are fractured beyond repair, and frankly those bunch of dumbasses deserve whatever happens next.

            But no, I get it. That’s all Shaun’s fault or something!

          • Just for greater clarity about the Saving Private Andy plan, Survivor does not work the way Shaun thought. He said to camera that there would be a revote and David would go home. That was wrong.

            If Daisy had saved Andy by playing an idol David would have saved himself. Probst talked about this exact situation.

            There would have been a revote but Andy and David would still have been immune. The revote would almost certainly have sent Daisy home.

          • Matt Farelly on challenge throwing (boldface mine):

            Farrelly revealed, in scenes that never made it to air earlier this season, his Contenders tribe had devised a secret plan to throw challenges once the tribes had swapped so they could easily pick off the Champions.
            “We knew the tribe swap was coming, and the Contenders — mostly Shaun and Daisy — got everyone together and said, ‘Let’s agree to all throw the challenges and get rid of all the champions because we have a numbers advantage’,” he confessed.
            Matt got the boot last night.
            Matt got the boot last night.Source:Channel 10
            “I told them straight up, ‘I don’t think I can throw a challenge’. It’s not my mindset or how I play. It turned out in that first challenge that was going to be thrown, Daisy and Shaun ended up being in a squat position for over an hour. So when push comes to shove, and you’re the one who has to actually throw it and go to council, things change pretty quickly.”
            The Champions had similar ideas — and in incredible scenes during last Tuesday’s episode, Champions contestants including Boost Juice CEO Janine Allis and Pia Miranda deliberately crashed out of an immunity challenge, all while maintaining it had been accidental.

            The Contenders lost their numbers because of challenge throwing over many episodes, not just one. And, as Andy told David although he was not believed, the push to throw challenges was coming from Shaun and Daisy. And that makes calling David a slimy player particularly unconvincing.

            It also gives us an explanation for the strength of the votes against Shaun and Andy.

  8. That was really gripping. So much cursing and tension and then jubilation when Dave won immunity and then Lukey was safe, after all. They are really playing with the US Survivor/prev Aus Survivor edit tradition of the early cocky comments of a player coming home to roost – in this case, David, (not) – and them getting the boot. I thought they were maybe foreshadowing Luke going, also, and then phew! The Contenders being so dumb has really improved my viewing pleasure!

  9. That challenge under the water was brutal. I thought Shaun would win it, he was so calm whereas David seemed to be struggling then dammit Shaun pulls out. Really annoyed he didn’t get his revenge on bloody David.

  10. This was the episode where I saw how stupid Janine could be. Shaun was absolutely correct – she (and a few others) are so obsessed with the alleged physical threats that they are oblivious to the bigger threats that are skating right under their noses. Baden, John, Pia, Harry, and of course Luke, are all big chances for the end, and they will win maybe one challenge each. Most of them are (smartly) hiding behind Dave’s skirts and Janine’s incorrect belief that she has them all pegged as collateral damage. Shaun’s arguments made total sense (including giving the contenders a chance) and Janine deliberately scuttled them.

    Loved John’s clear knowledge that Dave was working them over at the picnic. He’s a very smart cookie, that one. I am just a little concerned that he needs to be a bit more visible from now on, to have a story to tell later.

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