1. Dave “ ass cream always rises to the top
    Harry’s T-shirt “I smell ass cream”
    What’s with all the cream innuendo 13 mins into episode

    • Apparently Daisy said on social media that Sam had tried to target her previously so last night’s flip was not out of thin air

      • But the only time the Contenders had been to tribal council was *waaaaay* back at the start. Gosh, Daisy can hold onto a grudge.

  2. The more I see of David the more he gives me the shits. He is just so full of himself and is getting so much airtime he has to come a cropper soon. Luke plays hard (and sneaky) but is entertaining to watch, David is just all about David and how fabulous he can tell you he is.

    • I want to dislike him, but the ex-Contenders are self-destructing around him, for no reason whatsoever. At this point, I’m finding it hard to be sympathetic to any of them.

    • When the final challenge was Casey versus Hannah, I was like, “Who versus who?”

      I mean, Sam never got much airtime because she was due to be unceremoniously dumped, by John and Daisy, the second it became convenient. Maybe Hannah isn’t getting much focus because her days on the island are numbered?

      The Contenders would be *morons* if they just keep on fracturing. It’s 10 v 7, currently, but they can’t keep dropping that number. You have to be in a position of power, come merge, and they are not helping themselves.

      I was kind of pleased when they lost the reward challenge. Yeah, John and Daisy. No coffee and cake for you.

  3. “Previously, on Survivor…” Two of the contenders did something really stupid, and the fall-out is going to be causing problems until the merge, if not long after. If the new Contenders lose, one of the ex-Contenders is going home (most likely Shaun), while if the new Champions lose, they’re all going to keep imploding which will play right into David and Luke’s hands.

    And I feel like it says bad things about the season’s pacing, so far, when we’re still sitting through intro sequences for all the castaways, this deep into the game.

    • Even worse, some of those intros are repeats.

      I am starting to feel that there has been a change or changes in the editing team this season. The eps have always been longer, but it was fine because they still gave the right amount and quantity of information. Now there seems to be a lot of filler, repetitive to-camera pieces, overlong TCs, and some contestants highlighted too much. This a real danger because they may destroy all the goodwill built over the past seasons.

      • Meanwhile, we got no intros at all from Casey, Sam or Hannah, which telegraphed Sam being turfed.

        And the only thing we know about Matt is that he is aggressively macho about winning challenges. Like, that’s it.

      • I agree Fijane the Tribal Council is overlong and the questioning redundant. I would have liked to know why Daisy targeted Sam (rather than finding out through social media). I would have like there to be a discussion from John about why he ‘flipped’ – I dont necessarily think it’s a bad idea what he and Daisy did because, just because they are on the same team doesn’t mean they are on the same team and they can count on any loyalty.
        I really like a lot more players this season: top of the list is Luke I really hope he makes it to the end. Kid deserves it.

  4. And how much direction did Harry have from the producers finding an idol without a clue. I’m just not buying it. Luke’s idol was deeply buried and Harry finds one that is sitting out in the open in the crook of a tree. Yeah … right.

    • To be fair, Shaun found the champion idol just hidden behind a couple of palm fronds. Who knows whether they’re directed or not, but it makes for interesting game. If Harry’s smart, he can get all the votes on him, and knock out one of the champions. If he’s as smart as he says he is.

      • You’re right Windsong – I’m just a cynic from wayback. And very true re using the idol but I like the qualifyer – “If he’s as smart as he says he is”.

          • That was my take – that an actual idol should be the reward of hard searching, whereas an easy search should only yield a clue.

    • I read somewhere that you can tell if you are on track to finding an idol by the number of production crew that follow you.

      • I heard that too. I think it came from ex-contestants. A bit like a game of getting hotter-getting colder.

  5. Wow, Casey proves she’s not totally useless by winning the immunity challenge for the Contenders … and getting a hug from Shaun for her efforts.

    Meanwhile, let’s see what idiocy the ex-Contenders on the Champions tribe come up with tonight.

  6. Andy “I’m terrifyingly smart” has to go soon. No one with that lack of self awareness can win Survivor.

    • I really want to dislike David and Luke for being so smug and smarmy … but David is right. They’re surrounded by morons. “We could take a nap for seven days, wake up, and we’d still be here. Oh, we’ve made it to the merge?” Arrogant, sure, but is he wrong?

      Not only does it take the fun out of disliking them, I’m starting to lose all sympathy for the ex-Contenders. At this point, the idiots deserve it.

      • I liked the three contenders flipping to oust Sam. It had nothing to do with skill by Luke and Dave, but because Andy didn’t hide his machinations well enough, and they punished him by removing a vote from his bloc. And then they did it again tonight when he was silly. It is a bit like death by a thousand cuts – “we will keep you here, but play with your mind by gradually taking away every support you had.”

        Luke and Dave haven’t had to do anything, Andy is handing it to them. Which makes Dave’s self-congratulation all the more abrasive.

    • Yet to be convinced that anyone on a reality tv show is “terrifyingly smart”.

      I think the odds are on “terrifyingly deluded and desperate”

      People like Andy are just stale turds floating in the punchbowl of life. Flush him out soon.

  7. This season is frustrating as hell.

    The Contenders went from a position of unimaginable power — 11 versus 7! That’s the sort of power you dream about, playing this game — and within two (!) episodes, they’ve annihilated each other, and we’re watching them put themselves on the path to complete obliteration, with nobody to blame but themselves. And I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

    Dave and Luke have been good, but really, all they’re doing at the moment is sitting back and watching it happen. It’s all they’ve had to do. I’m trying to imagine the Contenders sitting at home, watching, and thinking to themselves, “Wow, that was dumb.” Watching this play out is just … bizarre.

    So obviously it was just lip-service to Sarah, and everyone stuck with the original plan to oust her. Everyone but Hannah, who is absolutely next on the chopping block. We’ve heard, like, 3 words from Hannah in three weeks, so I don’t think we’ll miss her.

    The one bright spot in the promo? Shaun looks at his idol and realises he’s been swindled. And he even whispers to Daisy, “Dave gave me a fake idol, get rid of him” during a challenge. Who the hell knows whether Daisy will actually come to her senses and do something intelligent? But we can dream.

    The Contenders still have a lead on the numbers, but it’s only 9 to 7, at this point. The merge is probably at 14, or so? So it’s gonna be a stormy week in Fiji next week.

    • Daisy has a serious case of lust so I can’t see her coming to her senses any time (they would all be stinky so that would have no impact).
      If she keeps giggling whilst looking deep into his eyes, I will personally get on a plane to go over there to gently slap her back to reality. Or just throw up. Either works for me.

      • It was okay when she was lusting after Shaun. I’d do anything he asked me too, as well.

        Plus, I’m just not into David. Hopefully when they reunite in the challenge and Shean reveals he’s been swindled, that shocks her back to her senses (or she remembers her connection with Shaun) and she does the right thing.

        • Wow, I really can’t spell Shaun, can I? It’s like one of those names there’s 20 different ways to spell, and I think I tried them all simultaneously, there.

  8. Red-letter episode tonight. Casey went two challenges in a row without opting out. Wow.

    Seeing her involved also made me realise that many of the ones where she didn’t opt out were games where only part of the team needed to play anyway.

    I though Sam looked familiar. Someone yesterday commented that she was on TAR.

  9. Like someone commented tonight, the concept of contenders vs champions is “blurring” or in my words “becoming totally irrelevant”. As soon as you get a swap, people realise that they have been aligned with a group purely based on an arbitrary stereotype and that, actually, they have more in common with people from the other side. It has happened on every themed US Survivor, and it happening here. It is just human nature, and I love seeing it, as the producers ideas of stereotype are often wrong.

    They keep trying to divide the players by stereotype, but part of the fun is that the players themselves have in the main ditched the theme and just found their own allies.

    As suspected, Andy’s achilles heel has been revealed as his inability to keep his mouth shut. Being caught twice revealing secret information is not smart.

    • There’s an element of ego to that. “Look at me, I have secret information, I’m smarter than you.” A good player can get people onboard his or her plans without making too many sacrifices to do so.

      Look at Nova. The vote was to get rid of Pia, and with a couple of words from Nova, the ballet dancer goes home instead. Andy’s playing too loudly, and while his Survivor-training paid off, challenge-skill-wise, people who play too loudly don’t tend to last too long.

      Then there’s the people who make no noise at all. Yes, Sarah has an amazing back-story, but it took her how many episodes to suddenly decide to make a move? If you’ve done nothing for two weeks, then it’s too late, you’re already a pawn in somebody else’s game. Hannah’s the same. If Daisy doesn’t come to her senses and make moves to oust Dave or Luke, then Hannah’s gone. Will anyone miss her?

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