1. You know, honestly, if the Contenders make it far beyond merge, it’ll be in spite of their game-play, not because of it. Every time they’re in a position of power, what do they do? Make a completely bone-headed, mind-numbingly, baffingly stupid decision that’ll hurt them in the long-run. And they’re so good at it!

    They went to all that trouble to flush two idols and target David and Luke, and what happens? Less than a day later, they basically gift-wrap another immunity idol, and give it straight to David.

    That was legitimately painful to watch.

    • Who else was SCREAMING at the tv then? what the hell? Why give David the free kick.. . . sigh. . .
      I wonder whether he will tell Luke?

      • It has been so hard to cheer for the Contenders, because ever since the tribe-swap, it has been stupid decision after stupid decision. These people are IDIOTS!

  2. Oh hey, in a huge surprise, we get to the immunity challenge … and Casey sits out.

    What is with her?

    She’s been here a month, and she’s done, like, 3 challenges. What?

    • I don’t mind it in the right place, but I really can’t stand people who talk about it repeatedly. It should be just hinted at, then never referred to again. Those five deserved to be overheard and risk losing one of their own.

      • Throwing a challenge is usually a bad idea but in this instance the girls had good reason to do so. They had enough expendable members of their team to vote out even if one played an idol. They needed to save allies Luke and David and could do so at little personal risk to themselves. The merge is just around the corner and they want to have the numbers going into it

  3. Oh, so that’s why Casey has been kind of an invisible woman, this whole series. Not only is she lazy or scared of challenges, but she’s a weasel, who was really loyal to nobody, and had to tell very poor lies when both Matt and Harry decided, “enough of your crap” and told the ex-Champions that she’s been double-dealing. I don’t have much sympathy for her, to be honest.

    • Classic boy-who-cried-wolf for Casey. When she eventually told the truth about Harry’s idol, she wasn’t believed (although later events indicate that they ultimately did take insurance against the possibility – ironic that she paid the price).

  4. So ultimately, Matt and Casey turned on Harry (even though Matt even swore to Jonathon that he wouldn’t. How dare you, Matt. How dare you take Jonathon and his guns in vain?) … not that it mattered, because Harry pulled out his idol, and bought himself 3 more days on the island.

    And Harry didn’t even bother with the plan for Abbey, but went after Casey instead.

    So, now it’s an even split. 2/5 on one tribe, 5/2 on the other, 7 versus 7. I imagine merge is happening Sunday, or … Lord forbid, given how terribly the Contenders are all playing … Monday. I don’t think the Contenders can make it much further, to be honest. They’re out of luck on one side (with Harry as public enemy number one, and Matt’s alleged loyalty rproven to be worthless), and the other side are morons who gave David *another* gorramned immunity idol.

    On the flip side … I don’t like being too critical, but my gosh, Casey was the most useless castaway, like, ever. She did nothing, was loyal to nobody, and annoyed everyone on two tribes. I won’t miss her.

    • Casey was indeed a waste of space – didn’t do challenges and failed socially and couldn’t even maintain loyalty. Yikes. Not a good casting choice.

    • I think Baden’s really come into his own, during the mid-point of this game. He’s not the physical threat that Shaun or John is, but he’s sneaky and capable, and he reads the game very well.

    • I think his best asset is that he hasn’t antagonised anyone. He has changed vote occasionally but it has never seemed like a flip. He is nice to everyone, and exudes harmlessness. He is the one most likely to be accepted into the champions fold.

    • I LOVE Baden too.
      Ever since his “of course I won’t blab – I’m not Andy” line I have been team Baden!

  5. Compare and contrast David and Luke at the popcorn reward. Both gobbled down as much food as possible, both frantically searched for the idol. Yet, Luke, as soon as he heard his family’s voices, teared up and could barely keep his eyes on the job of hunting – they kept going back to the screen.

    David, OTOH, barely acknowledged his partner and daughter, didn’t even listen to what they were saying let alone look at them, and then had to invoke a distressing moment of the past in order to fake emotion back with the group. That is pretty unforgiveable to me. Surely that relationship could never survive such narcisism.

    • TOTALLY. Luke was still playing hard but was moved. David was just playing.
      His fake emotion really annoyed me.
      Still so cranky with the team that they sent him first. They deserve him to have an idol for such stupidity!

  6. Okay, as I settle my bum into the couch, i have narrowed the winner down to two (2).
    It is either Baden or Rosco. That’s it. Game over. We can all go home now.

    • Yep, both of those are in the mix. Interesting last night how Ross implied to Harry that he would sell info in exchange for socks, but clearly didn’t (or sold a dummy). I think Ross is much, much smarter than they all think.

      At the same time, one of the reasons I love Aus Survivor is that here the athletic guys have a chance of making merge. This means that Shaun has a chance, along with all the other guys. If he picks up some luck along the way (to offset a bit of gullibility) he might make it to the three.

        • Oh, I must have misread it. Harry commented straight after as if he believed he had succeeded in getting through his defences, but of course they didn’t show anything else.

    • I have just re-watched (I missed some bits because we were trying to finalise a HSC major work) and Casey’s reaction when Harry played the idol was very telling. Originally, I thought she was giving sympathy to Abbey, but actually she was clearly aware that she was in trouble. She kept looking to the champs, especially Abbey for reassurance and was clearly not getting it. She must have known that because she and Matt were convinced to vote Harry, they had lost their opportunity to vote as a three for Abbey. And of course, the champs were never going to vote one of themselves as a back up.

      • Oh Fijane – on a side note! We are deep in HSC major work in our house too. Ours is woodwork – she has made a swinging chair. Ironically, one of the most expensive pieces of furniture we will ever have!
        I will be sooo glad when this is over – Thursday is final day for major work. YAY.

        • Jinx, Brussellsprout. DD has made a desk, all due tomorrow. She is printing the folio today, then we double-proofread tonight, ready for tomorrow. Fortunately she loves recycled wood and got a lot from a family member’s 120yo convict-built cottage. Saves us a bit of money, but still all the bits and pieces cost a lot.

          This is our fourth timber major work (and last as DS is not doing Timber). They are all big, and we have had to find places in the house to put them all, at least until they move out!

          • that’s so funny. I am going home to proofread too!!
            I wish we had recycled timber instead of hideously expensive australian hardwood.. . but still

  7. Well, bye Casey, I guess. I think the edit has left serious holes – far too many repeats of Ross’s big wave package, heroic Sarah cleaning and surviving the tsunami, Janine being a swishy mogul, etc etc, apart from the fact the Champions were forever at Tribal – and we’re been left with the entire female side of the Contenders, bar Daisy, as a mass of Purple Kellys. It makes each exit so underwhelming. The cop who pretended she was a hairdresser… I’d love to have seen a bit of that go down. But that’s the last of the so dull they fell out of the edit contestants gone, anyway, so there’s that. Imagine being on this season and you’re barely there come showtime!

    • I could maybe forgive them for Sam, but Hannah and Casey lasted quite some time, yet we learned practically nothing about either of them (and the onscreen impression Casey left was *not* a good one at all). I’ll be darned if we know anything about Matt (other than the line under his name when he’s being interviewed). Matt’s only contribution, last night, was twice telling us that he’s all about the Contenders and he’d never betray then and he wants a Contender to make it to the end … he even told that to Jonathon … and then he voted to oust Harry regardless.

      I wanted to like Matt, but that was the last straw, for me. He’s an arse.

  8. To your hypothetical Juz – I wouldn’t mind seeing Anastasia or Sam as I feel I know NOTHING about them.

    • I just noticed the question above. Anastacia didn’t get a fair hearing (but then first out rarely does) but I would choose ET (Andrew), and Anastacia if there was a second choice.

      I checked back through the full list, and all the rest I was happy to let go. But from now on, there are too many I like that are at serious risk, I am getting worried. Daisy and Shaun worry me most.

  9. I would like to see either Laura or ET return.
    I felt that the reason that they were both sent home were a little wrong, like everyone was caught by surprise that they were at tribal and hadn’t yet worked out a strategy.
    And a little bit that she’s too short plus she’s a female for Laura. And he’s old for ET.
    I don’t mean that they should have stayed until the end but there are at least a dozen other people who are non-events and wasting our time.

  10. For the record … Megan Gale has an insta-video where she (and her husband Shaun) is watching the episode, and she was just as gobsmacked and horrified, by Daisy sending in Dave (to find the idol) first, as the rest of us were. In fact, even Shaun in the background, his facial expression seems to be what the rest of us were thinking.

    Megan also revealed that her biggest piece of advice, for Shaun, was “don’t get into a power couple”, and we know how that went.

  11. There is some interesting chat on one of the Facebook fan pages about the edit or lack thereof that the Contender women got. And how the challenges are so skewed towards muscular guys

    • In terms of Casey, maybe her edit was revenge on the part of the producers? She sat out every challenge, maybe that was them thinking, well, if you don’t want to play the darn game, we’re not going to put you on TV?

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