1. Why is Janine the one that gives commentatory all the time – no one on the champions is a favourite for me including Pia and Luke

    • The run to the end is just gonna be all champions, so there’s not much we can do about it now.

      Daisy’s decision to fracture the contenders continues to pay dividends. Tonight was another highlight. She had an idol, so obviously they weren’t going to target her. Baden picked that John was the logical target … but Daisy also has a history of ignoring, belittling and otherwise treating Baden like crap. So here we are.

      • The analysis is right Windsong but I just don’t understand why the others get virtually no air time: Simon barely registers and i have no idea why John voted the way he has in the past. JLap seems to ask Janine to explain the game to him at every tribal and although Pia is using what she has to get further into the game that little girl shtick she uses grates.
        Hope Harry goes further

        • Baden, I can see lasting because he’s close to Luke (and Luke does well when he’s part of a power-couple. We know that). Harry and Daisy are done, as soon as Janine decides to get rid of them.

          Do you think Janine gets so much air-time because Boost juice provided a very large sack of cash for the advertising and promotion opportunities this gave them? I’m honestly starting to think that.

          And I don’t see the appeal to Luke, either, but everyone loves him (apparently?).

          • Janine is very articulate. I can see that John and Simon would not be as soundbitey as her or Pia. Bolders, did you watch Luke’s first season? He definitely grows on you as a player

          • Windsong it may well be Janine is a sponsor but that’s TEN’s issue , I didn’t sign up to watch the Janine show. Juz to your comment below, I don’t remember him that much and his backstory is tragic with all three children having medical issues- it’s just as a game player, I’m not so keen anymore – not sure why maybe because he’s a lackey to other players and the people he’s chosen to align with – if he turns on Good-girl-Janine then I might feel better about him.

          • I am Team Baden and Team Pia.
            Pia is playing hard and thinking. Unlike Daisy who is unable to think coherently. Honestly, I find her just SO SO SO annoying – you may as well take her to the end as she has zero chance of getting votes from people like shaun, david, harry, etc who can see the moves. She continues to give champions the numbers – the numbers they didn’t have again, and again. How hard it must be if you are Baden or Harry to watch her scuppering your chances at every moment.

          • Brussell … one of the things Andy said, in his closing interview was that, one of the most frustrating things about playing the game was the stupidity of his team-mates.

            Now, sure, even with the caveat that Andy was a tool … was he wrong about that point? If I was stuck on a tribe with Daisy, I’d be tearing my hair out in frustration. I cannot believe this one idiot has screwed over so many people. Over and over again.

            And agreed. Australian juries tend to be less vengeful (although it has happened), and more willing to give the money to people who actively earned it. I think it’d be a very safe bet, sitting next to Daisy at the end, because she’s done nothing but make bone-headed decisions from start to finish. Part of me really wants someone to call her on it.

    • I’m sure it would have nothing to do with Janine being featured on a Ch Ten show, $hark Tank. The network would try anything to Boost their ratings. Especially after three Ma$terchef judges were blindsided and sent home. The Bachelor has turned to shizen etc..

    • That really was gold!
      Bloody Daisy, sheesh I’ve just had it with her….there was chat to play it for John, guess thaf all got lost in the mire!
      Baden was a bit of a worm, hoping he gets the boot soon…Luke is smart to stick with him as he wpuld be a pushover in final two…

      • oh? I am totally the opposite! I really like Baden – I think he is being supr strategic looking for options in the champions. Especially needed given Daisy chucks away every advantage for the contenders.

        • Agreed. Given how Daisy seems to be actively working against the contenders, it’s frankly miraculous that Baden hasn’t had his name come up more often.

  2. Anyone else think sprung Daisy should have dropped the idol and stood on it or flung it in the jungle? This is why I despair when I see women on the show in leggings. You need cargo pants to hide stuff. Dave’s harem pants could have been full of idols and you would never know

    • Yes! As soon as she had confirmed for herself she had that idol she should have been off away from that bloody water well/fountain to somewhere she could figure out how to get it back to camp.
      I’d be pathetic at Survivor, bur Daisy’s decisions are off the scale – she made a big statement at tribal that she’d use the idol for contenders and so be it if she ended up in the jury. Then chickens out, uses it for herself. Janine’s ‘good girl’!!

        • Pia had correctly identified that all they had to do was make Daisy paranoid and she would stuff up idol play. Possibly the “good girl” comment was part of that strategy???

          • Bruss they made that comment after she had played the idol for herself – it would be clear once the votes were read that she had made a mistake and the “good girl” comment was just meant sarcastically.

    • Idols used to be flat and they used to fit in a pocket or in a pinch down the front of someone’s pants. 3D idols are unfair unless everyone has pockets.

      Even so, Daisy should have disappeared into the jungle and opened the bloody thing far away from prying eyes. Even more radically, she could have taken a bag with her when she went idol hunting. If you are going to open your idol at the well, you may as well just head back to camp and open it there.

      These idols are ludicrously easy to find (note to Harry, if you get out searched by Daisy it may be time to consider another game) and they don’t seem to hit at regular intervals. Stephen Fischbach said in the first RHAP podcast on this season that they need more idols in Australian Survivor because the very long season puts a target on the back of any frontrunner.

      Tribal was painful to watch. You knew Daisy would promise to play it for her team. You knew Daisy would play it on herself. You knew the votes would be on someone else. Daisy’s face as she realised she’d been outplayed yet again, and wrecked her team yet again, was cringeworthy.

      Speaking of frontrunners, I could fall off my chair laughing if Simon goes on an immunity run.

      • the camera’s there when they find the idol and they get them to open it then and there.
        why all the girls have to wear the skin tight stuff anyway is the real question

        • Several people have found clues or idols at the well this season and they’ve gone somewhere more private to open them.

          I agree with you about the wardrobe issue.

      • It was just a waste of footage showing Daisy say she’d play the idol for someone else. No , we won’t have to “wait and see”, you deranged, gurning drama queen. This is not Play School In Fiji. Plain as the nose on yer face what you were going to do.

      • Yep, take your bag to the well from the start of the game and come back with a few coconuts or similar inside it, so people get used to you coming back with it. Or wear a floppy hat like Janine so you can at least stuff it under there for a bit

    • Remember last year when they had planted an idol at the challenge & it fell straight through her shorts in front of everyone because she had lost so much weight? It was hilarious.

  3. Daisy has made a string of dreadful moves but I guess when it comes down to it, it was HER idol after all. She’s shown she doesn’t have a good handle on the game so was spooked enough to think she was in trouble. Sadly for John the other side knew this is exactly how Daisy would react.

    • That is my husband’s take too – “at least she is still there”. The problem is that she has thrown away numbers at dumb times so has zero credibility in the game and wont be able to win with the jury. So staying in the game means nothing really. Much as I wasn’t a David fan, I was a MASSIVE fan of David’s game play. And the more I see of him after I realise it was a complete game play and I am having to constantly revise my dislike!

    • Baden interviewed, earlier in the episode, that John was a logical target. When John was talking to Jonathon, he hinted that some of the discussion (that we didn’t see. Those things last for hours, apparently) was indicating that he was a target. The clues were there. The plan could’ve worked. If she’d given the idol to John, Abbie would’ve been ousted.

      And it seems obvious that, in the possession of an idol, Daisy would be the least likely to be targetted, so playing it for herself was a waste. But the champions have got her number. It’s going to make her very easy to manipulate from this point out. I think the only reason Daisy made it this far was because she was carried by strong alliance members. The contenders won a heap of immunities, then she and John allied with Dave (who needed her) and Luke, then she allied with Shaun … but her luck’s run out. Harry doesn’t like her, and Baden is tighter with Luke than her.

      • Matt told The Australian, as I linked on a previous page, that the idea of challenge throwing came from Shaun and Daisy who were both talking about it before the tribe swap. The Contenders won all but 1 immunity challenges before the tribe swap while losing all but 1 after the tribe swap. When Shaun, Daisy, Harry and Andy discussed challenge throwing at the reward feast where the Contenders chose Harry to join them all four of them talked as if it was already a done deal. Before I read Matt’s interview I thought that was where the idea started, but I rewatched it after reading what Matt said and clearly they were all talking about a plan they’d already agreed to.

        Challenge throwing is what killed off the Contenders and it was not just Daisy’s idea.

        Their only viable plan after Shaun went home was to make a deal with David and Luke, but instead they just went along with a plan that left them in the minority with no way out.

        • “Challenge throwing is what killed off the Contenders…”

          Even if I’m going to assume that this is true (I talk about bludgeoning people who annoy me. That doesn’t mean I’ve actually gone out and done it), they only would’ve thrown challenges to get rid of champions (did that even work? The only champion who went home in all that time was the guy who fell off a rope and broke his ankle) … so why on Earth would they go to all the trouble of throwing challenges … just so Daisy could oust Sam over a grudge that sprang from nothing two weeks prior? If Daisy committed enough to that plan to actually deliberately lose a challenge or four, why then let herself be sweet-talked by David (five seconds later) into voting off a contender (when the whole point of this complicated strategem was to vote *him* off)? And if she did let herself be sweet-talked by David, why not then go after Luke (who, let’s be honest, isn’t that attractive, and who also was a champion who they needed to get rid of)?

          So either Daisy’s an idiot, or alternatively, Daisy’s an idiot.

          This challenge-throwing theory doesn’t make any sense to me, at all, for at least half a dozen reasons.

          Not to mention the fact that we saw, first-hand, Andy trying to throw a challenge, and even David and Luke picked up on it. If it was that obvious, why wasn’t it mentioned all those other times it was apparently happening? If it was going on all the time, somebody would’ve picked up on it.

          I simply don’t buy the idea at all. I’m sorry, but I don’t.

          • But absolutely agreeing with the point that, no matter what, Daisy’s an idiot.
            Let’s keep her around for sheer entertainment.

          • And that’s my point. Either she’s an idiot for fracturing the contenders over a petty grudge while not even remotely considering what might happen when the numbers end up favouring the champions (which is exactly what’s happening right now) … or she’s an even bigger idiot for deliberating throwing challenges (not just one, but several) and then immediately forgetting why and targeting her own alliance members instead.

            The onscreen evidence just doesn’t support, to me, the idea that the contenders kept deliberately throwing challenges. The one time they actually did try, it was so obvious that even David and Luke realised what they were doing. And if I was Shaun? Even if the fake-idol-scam hadn’t happened … the very first thing I would’ve done, after being kidnapped, was go after David and Luke with all guns blazing … because “Survivor” is a numbers game and that was just an intelligent thing to do. Don’t weaken your own tribe, pre-merge, that’s just basic “Survivor” tactics.

          • I think you misunderstand me. I have made my opinion of Daisy very clear in previous posts.

            There is no rational explanation for four people to have an extended conversation about a challenge throwing plan as a way of letting off steam, as you do when you talk about bludgeoning people. There is nothing in the conversation that suggests they are joking. All of them check frequently that they are not being overheard. They want to do this and they don’t want others to hear about it. They particularly don’t want David or Luke to know about it.

            I originally thought this was Shaun, Daisy and Andy telling Harry about the plan. It wasn’t. Harry doesn’t express any surprise at all. None of the four show any surprise. None of the four question the plan. What they do is talk about an existing plan that must have been made before the tribe swap because that is the last time Harry had a chance for an extended conversation with the others. That is also when Matt told The Australian the plan was first raised by Shaun and Daisy. Matt is out of the game and he is unlikely to be invited back. There is simply no reason for him to fabricate this.

            It is irrational to argue that the challenge throwing plan didn’t happen because no champion was sent home. After every lost challenge they tried to send David home. I don’t disagree that Daisy is an idiot at playing Survivor. I just say the other three are as well.

            When John talks to Luke and David about challenge throwing he is clearly angry over it. When David talks to Baden about challenge throwing, which is a pretty radical suggestion, Baden is not surprised.

            The evidence is fairly damning.

          • “There is nothing in the conversation that suggests they are joking.”

            And there’s very little in the following episodes to suggest that they were serious, apart from the one time that was so obvious everybody knew about it.

            “Matt is out of the game and he is unlikely to be invited back. There is simply no reason for him to fabricate this.”

            I can think of a couple of reasons why Matt, the “actual idiot”, might be talking out of his arse.

            “It is irrational to argue that the challenge throwing plan didn’t happen because no champion was sent home.”

            The point to throwing challenges was to send champions home. If Daisy deliberately threw multiple challenges and then forgot the entire point of the plan, after each one, then she’d be *so* stupid as to be incapable of functioning as a human being.

            It is far more irrational to argue that Daisy was part of this complicated plan, succeeded at this complicated plan on multiple occasions … and then forgot all about the complicated plan, ten minutes later.

            “After every lost challenge they tried to send David home.”

            Andy and the girls tried to send David home after those first two losses. Daisy seemed to have no intention whatsoever of that. Even if Sam was ousted because David sweet-talked Daisy into it, why didn’t she try again next time? Instead she went after Sarah.

            “The evidence is fairly damning.”

            I think the evidence is tangential and circumstantial, if not non-existent. I don’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense, on about 5 different fronts. I just don’t believe it.

          • And again, if challenge-throwing as a pandemic, why was Andy so visibly bad at doing it? Why did Luke and David only notice it once?

  4. Since exiting John has said he only watched six eps of the show. No surprise there. Do we think Daisy is similar? Maybe a season or two?

    • My daughter is way more charitable than I am and think I am being snobby and judgemental by constantly yelling at the TV that Daisy as a fool. But honestly, what other conclusion is there? Surely she hasn’t watched it?

      As a Born Again Survivor Fan it is kind of offensive to me that these people don’t do some basic homework – I mean honestly, it’s just watching TV. It’s not that hard!

      • It just kind of annoys me when the contestants tell us, “Oh, this is a life-long dream, I’ve watched the show since I was a kid”, when it’s perfectly obvious that they have no clue what the heck the show is about.

        John was part of Daisy’s planning (to target ex-contenders), so it didn’t surprise me when he admitted that he wasn’t *that* familiar with the show and how this all works. I wouldn’t be shocked if Daisy was the same.

  5. Followed that link down and I’ve got to say that Shaun is an amazingly good looking dude.
    I just gave a bit of a sigh here because it was a reminder that he’s not on screen anymore.

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