The Block: Guest bed two reveal

Tonight, it’s the second guest bedroom reveal and a pregnant Sara and Hayden drop into the Block. $20,000 is up for grabs in what is possibly “the most controversial judgment the program has ever seen”.

And then tomorrow: This week The Blockheads tackle main ensuites, but for the fallout from last night’s judging has left a sour taste. As one couple pulls the emergency lever, Scott visits the teams to clear the air.

I did this quiz and apparently I am “Farmhouse Country”. Hmmm. Kinda.
Which means:
“Do you dream of mason jars, plump sofas, a big farmhouse table and a porch in the sun? Yes? We thought so! Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity and your dream abode has oodles of character. You know how to to create the perfect balance of vintage and new furnishings to create a welcoming home.”



  1. We were pegged as Modern Contemporary
    Is your home free from clutter and mess? Yes? We thought so! Your design style is a mix of modern and contemporary with an emphasis on clean, crisp lines and a simple colour palette. Your favourite materials are metal, glass and steel which combine to give you that minimalist simplicity you crave.

  2. The judges love the theatricality of the room. They love the blue carpet and Darren loves the sheer navy curtains. They are sexy and glamourous.
    They noticed that the styling is very pared back and speaks to Alyssa and Lysandra rather than the boys. Neale, not to slag AL would prefer the Boys on the own as they have a very strong sensibility. Neale also hates the mirrors and they are very heavy and almost gothic in their aesthetic.

    Darren also notes they used five different types metallic and they have lost their opportunity to achieve continuity.

  3. The judges believe Mid Coast Bogan’s room feels happy. Neale points to the bed and declares it reminds him of a prawn cocktail. Darren surveying the room, states it looks like Josh and Jenna & the Mid Coast Bogans skipped down the road holding hands why designing the room.
    Shaynna loves the timber internals but bemoans the lack of mirror in the robe.
    The room would improve if they increase the scale of the bedhead. Maybe put the legs on the bed.

  4. Coastal Hamptons
    Unsure on that one. A few of them i didn’t really like any of the options but picked the one i disliked the least!
    I missed the part with Elise and the gnome, what was she on about?

    • Elise believes it is unfair if Mid Coast Bogan play the gnome as they had “help” from the All Stars. Elise is a whinny bogan who trots out her children whenever someone challenges her. Pathetic.

      • Thanks Maz!
        But they all had help so it was an even playing field!! And if they had a gnome to use, you best believe they would be using it tonight if it suited them!

      • Whether MM like it or not, people will be wary of the entertainment space positioned next to a master bedroom. Particularly, where there is no additional insulation in place. It is a problem for Luke & Tess.
        As the weeks go on they (MM) are revealing themselves as very nasty people.

    • Tomorrow night $cotty walks out. The fracas with MM was promo’d heavily all week. Someone done their block, mate.

      Thanks , Maz.

  5. Matt is so embarrassed by his wife. She would be a nightmare at Parent-Teacher Night when you tell her, her children are not that special.

    • She’s sooo bad. Making up her own rules so she can get a pool. And it’s looking like she’s trying to make a deal about the $20k during this week. Loser.

  6. It is the colour of the season. Mel and Jesse are back in the game. This is the first time since week one, that Neale feels excited by a room produced by them. Of all the rooms he has seen this week, this is the one that Neale wants to snuggle in. Darren believes it has the right mood and tone. The room feels good size despite them allowing for a laundry on the other size.
    The wardrobes has no mirrors (when has that been a thing?)
    The big flaw in the room is the built bedhead. The recessed lights are covered by the bedhead. A lot of work for no payoff.

  7. Elise and Matt
    Upon entering the room, the judges attention is held by the Grafico. “Wow. This is impactful. I could not love it more. The color is striking. Shaynna immediately brings it down to earth and suggest, the print looks like the girl is projectile vomiting. All very St Kilda
    They have matched the wall paint to the tiles to ensuite. The judges are excited by the AM PM wardrobe concept and it has been well executed.

  8. The judges are mesmerized by the wood paneling. This ‘feels’ beautiful, declares Shaynna, ‘and it beautifully references the previous bathroom. With the ‘picture frame’ rail running across it ‘a well considered choice’. For Neale, the room is accomplished and has the imprint of Josh & Elise with its calculated risks.

    The downsides:
    For Shaynna, the pendant light are not reading lamps and are too highly hung,
    The hydrangeas and the amaranthus have seen seen better days. Style with fresh flowers.
    On the upside, they seem to have found their style-Scan-Deco…

    • Yes and it also has a door to the terrace.

      These contestants are not very bright. The smarter ones would be pulling the plans that the council approved and not rely on what production gives them (after on this is a television show).

      Play dumb for the interview process (so you appear as Mr & Mrs Nice but Dim Suburbia) then execute your gameplay once on the show.

  9. I wasn’t impressed with any of the bedrooms. I agree with Shayna about the spewing artwork. The first time I saw that I thought it looked as if the woman was vomiting. That artwork is far from relaxing and doesn’t belong in a bedroom or anywhere else except maybe a bathroom. 😉
    Elise is a whiner. Perhaps it was a challenge to work with one of the past Block couples but it was a reveal and no reason to not allow the +1 gnome to be played. In the preview with the collective meeting she states that she wants HER 20,000 back. It’s not her $$ and if someone gives her anything they are foolish.

  10. Not watching but enjoying your recaps. Just have to add a +1 to the “spewing artwork”. This room should have scored minus 5 for that. I can’t imagine many buyers being impressed, although presumably they can ebay it later?

    As a standalone piece, and without the “spew” part, it is not a bad picture, but with the poorly matched bedhead it looks very tacky.

        • Yeah, it’s actually a badly done part of the flower bouquet, but it took me two days/ multiple viewings to realize that. For me , same , it was a smear, like something one might see in a public toilet, rather than a master bedroom.

  11. Totally awkward interaction between MM and Scotty.
    MM have decided to take offence to their abode been labelled a party house. Scotty points out, they themselves have labelled it such and when you have designed a floor plan with a kitchen and bar it tends to lend itself as an entertainers’ home. Mark, sniffedly refers to it as a living space and implies to label it a ‘party’ is a coded homophobic slur. So when the judges observe they are designing a house for themselves, MM are offended. Deeply.

  12. So Mitch and Mark can get all defensive, and play the persecution card?
    Talk about double standards – imagine the outcry if Scotty responded with “oh, well” after their outcry of being “disrespected?”
    I am not sure who is who, but the man with the Thunderbird’s glasses was wearing the silver shimmer jacket storms off after complaining he is stereotyped.

  13. So Mitch and Mark can get all defensive, and play the persecution card?
    Talk about double standards – imagine the outcry if Scotty responded with “oh, well” after their outcry of being “disrespected?”
    I am not sure who is who, but the man with the ” Thunderbirds are go” glasses was wearing the silver shimmer jacket storms off after complaining he is stereotyped.

  14. Why did Matt and Elise (the “ME” couple…me, me, me) get help from Macca’s to pay for their tradies? Guess whining and crying works well on The Schlock.
    MM have called the upstairs area a party area so many times that they need to stop their BS that it’s now just a living space.
    Looking at the ME couple’s bedroom and 2 closets again….don’t see how they scored as high as they did. The two closets are silly and the spewing artwork needs to be removed. It’s very off putting, IMHO.

    • My thoughts exactly Smythe. Why did they get help at all?

      It reminds me very much of Dee and Daz after their dismal first time on the Block with only winning $10,000 and crying over it. Then, surprise, surprise the following year they win their challenge to come back on the block, and “miraculously” become the biggest winners ever!!

      Can someone please advise me how can I insert a photo in my comments? 🙂

      • At the bottom, just under “POST COMMENT”, it says “select an image for your comment “etc. Hit “browse”, double click on the photo you want to post (file name next to browse should appear) then hit POST COMMENT.

        Good luck.

          • Did you work it out, Why? If you are using a phone camera you can just upload it from your camera roll. Sometimes if the file size is too big it won’t show. So you can email it to yourself as a smaller size and resave, or take a screen grab of the pic in your phone camera roll.

  15. As much as I’m not a fan of
    Luke and Tess, they definitely had the best room this week, clearly having help influenced their end product immensely as I doubt they came up with that on their own. Matt and Elise should feel lucky they got the scores they did, the artwork was horrible with its spew smear and the whole concept of an am/pm wardrobe that isn’t in the room shows poor planning, seriously they are BUILDING a house, if you need more storage plan better and make sure the space is IN THE ROOM, the am/pm idea just screams afterthought.

  16. Oh dear…the rationale Elise is given for saying no to the terrace is the photo of her three children. She is an absolute nutcase….just a couple steps away from a matinee movie villainy.

  17. Some of these people would give their children to paedophiles if they thought it would help them win a reality tv show.

    Too many times the children card is played. You’ve abandoned them for tv, now they are used as emotional collateral to get $20, 000 $chlock money.

    • I can imagine her disputing a relative’s will telling the other beneficiaries that she needs a greater share because she has children. She is a manipulative bitch on par with Jess from last season.

  18. Was that a Logie award winning performance? Should we stand up and slowly applaud Elise (and the photo of her spawn) for conniving DA out of $5k and then being comforted by them & Tessa for taking it?

    She is resentful that she has to shop at the Salvos and seems to genuinely believe that she was cheated out of $20k. Amazing.

    The best aside belongs to Mel, mocking Elise, saying she is doing the Block for her future kids.

    We should mention the challenge – the couples are divided into two teams with addition of Bianca & Carla. The need to recreate a $1m room designed by Darren for 10k. Admittedly, most of the value of the room was in the artwork.

  19. DH wanted to switch over during Survivor ads, and we were stunned at the seemingly nice people being totally manipulated by that Elise! The look on their faces when the hubby let slip that some sponsor had already given them $5K this week – you could see they wanted to take the decision back. And yes, masterful acting to convince them that she was heartbroken to be swindling them.

    $1M room – what a crock. Just another samey-samey lounge room. I liked the new addition with the skylights for the country couple on House Rules better.

    • 1 million dollars could buy a very nice home or even two nice homes. Overpriced furniture and artwork. Not at all impressed. Would have been more interesting an if he had created a beautiful room on a budget comparable to or less than what the contestants were given.

      Hugs and kisses for Elise. Nauseating. She didn’t need to be consoled. Drama queen and super whiner. Doing it for her 3 kids. LOL She shouldn’t have been given any $$ whatsoever.

      • We don’t know if $1m can buy you a nice house. Here is one that was flagged on DM. A mere $850k estimate with the following warning
        A blank canvas awaits the enthusiastic renovator or builder who wants to work with the existing free standing home or explore the possibility of a total re-build (STCA). Comprising 2 bedrooms, living, bathroom, kitchen and rear courtyard. Note, ROW pedestrian aces at the rear. Please note the house is not livable and due to the dilapidated state of the home we recommend children do not attend the inspection.

  20. OMG Elise all those tears and drama you cause, you are a self centred person, I wonder how all the folks in Perth feel about you, embarrassed I would think.
    I hate watching you crying and whinging all the time. Its your fault you have no money, budget like the rest of them , and asking for $20 grand, they won you lost, get over it. I hope at the end of The Block you have no money to finish and get a LOW price for your apartment or better still it doesn’t sell ..

    • We think that they are in a strong position to win the Block as they are the only team to have made a concerned effort to replace the arches, skirts and architraves. (Though they did stuff up with that bathroom. The spewing wallpaper is an easy fix). As Buyer’s Advocate Nicole pointed out in an interview a couple years ago, the buyers are not interested in the machinations of the Block only what the potential return of the property is. So expect a lot more faux crying …and extortion.

    • I’d love to know how Elise handles it, if her children loses at an event at Sports Day. What, make them race again until her child wins?! Teach her child to cry until the winner hands over their 1st Prize ribbon?!!!

  21. In tonight’s episode, Elise cries and cries and cries. She is about to surpass Julia Crybaby from Block: Symex Soap Factory.

    Venetian Plaster in the shower?????Discuss.

    • I want to know how much it cost ME to fly out tradies TWICE from Perth to do the Venetian plaster. No wonder Apostrophe was greedy for more money. I’m also unimpressed with Scotty encouraging such appalling behaviour.

  22. Amazing how E’l’i’s’e makes everyone forget how bitchy and annoying some of the other contestants are. I hope they won’t win anymore room reveals, but unfortunately the kitchen is a given as they won the Gaggenau upgrade.

    • Well, the worst crier last year won, so it is certain, the worst one will win again this year. I think MM will come in last so The Block can basically have a nice narrative for next year to not think too much outside of the box and stick to what the producers want.
      I am massively annoyed at how they are all accept that crier to play the victim and encouraging her to continue that way. Bish, if it was sooo awful for you, return the money. But nope, the people who got cheated out of the money because they are too nice are comforting her. They even gave her free tradies for the week.
      I hate humans.

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