1. It’s been a bludger of a season, hasn’t it? Matt’s been harmless, but pretty dull.

    So what are the three options?

    There’s Chelsie, who’s a chemical engineer and who also lives in Melbourne, so it seems like a foregone conclusion that they’re a match. I mean, they’re both as dull as each other. I totally see a beige, happily-ever-after.

    Then there’s Helena. She tried to break up with him, three times in ten minutes, last episode. I don’t see it lasting. She’s going to run as soon as things get tricky again.

    And finally, Abbie. He has nothing in common with her (beyond a mutual love of each other’s private parts), and I can’t even remember any conversations the two have had, because all they ever do in close company is dry-hump each other senseless. Matt’s a smart guy, but he’s making decisions with the wrong organ at the moment. It wouldn’t surprise me if he picked her, but it also wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the relationship lasts 2 weeks.

    Yeah, lust is a valid human emotion, and a perfectable acceptable one in small doses, but is that a good basis for a marriage? Shouldn’t they have something a little deeper binding them, than just a mutual desire to bone each other?

  2. Chelsie: “So where are we going today?”

    Matt: “To pound-town, baby! Oh wait, sorry, I thought I was talking to Abbie. You know, I’m still having trouble telling you guys apart. Are you the one who keeps trying to break up with me?”

  3. Matt must be one hell of an astrophysicist to get so uptight about someone wanting to test something ie his emotional inertia. Good on Helena to check if she’s just getting a life support system for a penis.

  4. I didn’t watch to the end of the show, falling asleep in front of the TV during Helena’s date /interrogation
    Abbie brings out the big guns and Matt is definitely going to choose her. Note, she got the more expensive date with the super yacht. How was that scene when they both jumped on the bed! Their date was like watching soft porn (Channel 10 pushing the boundaries with what is acceptable 7.30 pm viewing)
    Chelsea is a tad boring, but then so is Matt. Their date was also a bit of a yawn fest.

    Abbie also gets the most air time. It’s a repeat of the Ritchie/Alex Nation season all over again. I give it 3 months if he chooses Abbie. And that’s being generous. I don’t think he has had an intelligent conversation with her. She couldn’t even answer his question on the skyline of Brisbane. She also pretends to be interested in Science. She has street smarts, cunning like a rat but no book smarts.

    • Abbie’s here to win, and she’s doing and saying whatever she has to, to be the last woman standing. Which is great, but it’s a dating show. When the cameras switch off, and the dust settles, and the two of them have had sex a few times and realised that they have absolutely zero in common … what then?

      Nobody’s criticising Abbie because she’s sexually confident and a little aggressive. They’re criticising her because she’s using that sexuality to get her five minutes of d-level fame, and he’s just a stepping stone to do so.

      The preview for tonight, where she clashes with his best friend and says, “the best friend is a horrible person for not liking me” was a giant red flag, for me.

      And who knows? Maybe this is all a feint and he’s going to pick Chelsie, the girl he actually has things in common with. But if he picks Abbie, it’s going to end horribly, and we can all see it.

  5. Just visiting the scenario where these are real people with real lives being filmed for our entertainment, this season is a little cruel.
    Matt is overwhelmed by lust for a nubile young thing. I’m doubting that he has had much experience at dating, let alone all these pretty young blonde things throwing themselves at him. In hindsight, a poor choice for bachelor.
    Incidentally, a friend of his appears on ABC breakfast quite regularly and, when asked, admits he told Matt that it was a mistake and not to do it.
    And poor old Helena was dudded by the producers and Matt for ratings. He begged her to stay and then got rid of her at the next opportunity. Shameful. Just shameful.
    And this pretence that he has a difficult decision, fftt. If you are having trouble, the answer should be “nobody”. I am starting to have sympathy for the Honeybadger.
    Whichever way it goes, it’s public humiliation for the girls. And fame for him.

  6. I wish he’d kept Elly around so there would be some suspense and a plausible alternative. I can’t see him picking anyone but Abbie, who I like a lot, at this point. I had thought with the edit she couldn’t be the winner, but then I remembered Alex Nation… I found the date with Chelsie so boring I had to fast-forward through it. He’s clearly into Abbie, and just politely and affectionately responding to Chelsie. But Chelsie suits him better on paper.

    This was a dull season; I don’t know how/why the Bachs dull themselves down so much, and end up sounding so stiff and corporate – Richie was great in the Bachelorette, but a dullard as Bach, and ditto Matty J. There hasn’t been a good Bach since Sam Wood.

  7. I’ve only been watching bits & pieces here & there but the gist of it I am getting from how the others talk about Abbie is that she is fake & telling Matt what she thinks he wants to hear. Someone said in a magazine she acts completely different when the cameras are rolling & around Matt. She & Matt are obviously physically attracted to each other but can she have an actual conversation with him? You can’t have sex 24 hours a day. Matt is very intelligent.& needs someone who is also smart & can have conversations with him. Matt would have been the high school nerd & Abbie would have been the cool girl he would never have had a hope of getting with. If he’s picked her I doubt it will last. Especially when he watches it back & sees all the people who warned him about her were telling the truth. As soon as the 6 weeks they are contractually obliged to be together is up he will dump her arse.

  8. I read somewhere that Matt stopped watching at some point (can’t blame him it has been so boring). It seemed he stopped watching around the time it became clear that Abbie is quite manipulative. They try to give the winner the best edit possible so if Abbie wins she must have been something else based on what they’ve actually shown. She can turn on the tears in a heartbeat and is quite an actress.
    I think (as others have said) Matt is relatively inexperienced with women and started to buy into the hype and think he is something pretty special. I’ve also seen a few little things that make me feel like he is a bit of a control freak.
    Abbie calling his best friend horrible doesn’t sound like it would lead to happily ever after.

    • I thought when watching her say why is he friends with her that if he picked her & they were watching it together it would be a bit awkward. If he had picked her I think she would have made him dump his friend Kate. There would NOT have been room for the 2 of them.

  9. Abbie: “I think I have your heart.”

    Actually, that’s not his heart. And you need to maybe let go of that, at some point.

  10. Is it my imagination or have they seriously uped the ad quota.
    I feel like I was able to watch an entire episode of MASH waiting for the next segment.

    • Yes I think it was her ego that was hurt & not her heart. If he hadn’t picked Chelsea SHE would have been devastated.

  11. 10 messed up the order of who got out of the car first. They were just messing with us.

    The whole car trip back to the hotel, it just looked like a performance, didn’t it? This was Abbie’s last shot at the Gold Logie. Like Jayblossom said, she didn’t seem to care much about Matt, she just seemed upset that she’d lost.

    And I can just imagine her thinking, “But I dry-humped him on a beach and everything! That didn’t work?”

    • The part where the woman who has almost 40K followers on Instagram defended herself by telling Matt, “I don’t even care about being on Instagram”? I think that was her true motivations, right there, and I don’t think there was a moment after that where I could take her remotely seriously.

  12. Aargh – I’ve been flicking between Bachie and Escape from the City and just got up to Chelsie doing her grudge through the scrub when Mr 7 woke up not feeling now. So now I don’t get to watch the happy bit and am trawling twitter comments while I wait for him to drop off

  13. Chelsea was the right choice, I just wish we saw a bit more of her and the other ladies, instead of it being the ‘Abby’ show. I definitely think Abby was the planted B grade actress for this show.

  14. They over edit the show to hide the connections between Chelsie and Matt and over exposed the sexual connections between Abbie and Matt. Its done deliberately to be the nerd versus the sex bomb. All the other girls don’t get much air time

  15. I had on the last 20 minutes or so while waiting for Gogglebox to start. Sheesh, it was like watching a primary school production of “I Like You, Do You like Me?”

    When Matt dumped the one woman, she was expressionless, so evidently not particularly upset. Then her soliloquy in the car, stating how much she didn’t care, but then managing to squeeze out a tear or two, was hilariously phony.

    And then…ta daaa!…The Chosen One…, god gave me the strength not to piss myself laughing. She was more shocked than elated at being picked, and didn’t appear to be any happier than someone told they’d won a $10 gift voucher from Coles. Woo hoo, yawn. Matt eventually cracked a smile. The big “I love you, I love you too” clinch was passionless. They barely had any body contact, and I show more emotion giving my dog a kiss on the nose when he takes his meds without fussing.

    Also, Matt looks as though he is a lousy kisser.

    • I’ll hide my dog’s pills inside a small piece of cheese. Vet approves , dog too greedy to notice. One gulp.

      The creepy muzak comes in when Abbie’s mentioned.

    • I put my dogs pills in yoghurt – no chance of losing them or being spat out.
      On that issue, another two tablets have been added to the long list today. These are the most expensive dogs in the world.

    • I meant doggy being a good boy for his eye drops, ear drops, and skin lotion. His pills just get thrown in with his food, swallowed with no problem. His chemo capsule has to be taken whole, so it gets molded into a piece of banana and he has always gulped that down.

      Bobi, I was going to say we’d toss a coin for who has more expensive dog medical costs. But you have two dogs and I have one, so, without knowing anything else, you would spend more. Anyway, it’s not a contest. But don’t we all go to great lengths to keep our pups healthy and with us as long as we can.

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