1. Not me. I’ll be watching 730 Report and part 2 of Australian Story about Paul Hogan.

    It seems as though the very bottom of the barrel was scraped for the premise of The Masked Singer. It does not appeal to me at all.

  2. I had planned to watch this but got sucked into $cotty’s world on The $chlock, then the Brownose Medal. I’ll catch an encore but it’s been promoted so heavily , it’s bound to be masking a lot of $hit , as well. It matters little to the tone deaf audience gathered for these things. Another show where the judges are the main attraction.

  3. We switched over between the sobfest on the Block. The octopus was revealed.
    Don’t know why Lindsay Lohan is there (apart from proving to producers in the US she can complete a contract sans major drama).

  4. I caught the last 10 minutes after switching over to watch HYBPA.

    The moderator, I know his face, but not his name, said “Who sung it?”

    Nope, not any chance I will watch this.

  5. The promos were enough for me to know I would not be watching, although it might be interesting to see which singers can’t get work. But nope, I still won’t be watching this dumb idea of a show.
    She’s not a singer but one person we would all know instantly would be Julia Morris in a unicorn costume.

  6. I was excited (well, excited is a bit strong … interested maybe?) about this show but I don’t get home until late on Mondays.
    I, like everyone else here, caught the last ten minutes, and found it a bit of a yawn. I wonder if that’s because we were down to the worst singers?
    Good on Gretel for giving it a go. She was not on my radar.
    Lindsay was awful but not as bad as that blonde chick. She can be fired any day and no one would notice.
    I am interested because I have guessed most of the contestants and I want my guesses confirmed. The Australian market is too small for most of this to be a surprise.

  7. If Lohan has no idea about our B-Z lists, she will have no clue about the clues.

    Nothing to watch on Monday. I can’t even last the first 5 mins.

    Rating was good last night but will it last?

  8. Okay. I caught the whole show on replay. It’s okay. I will watch again, but with a book in one hand and the mute button in the other.
    The judges are a pain – mainly two of them – and irrelevant to the surprisingly short shebang.
    Thank goodness it was not a drawn out painful affair. Sing quickly, give a clue, pick one of the two, then eliminate from the remainder. All over. Next.
    And given that there are only 6 contestants, I am assuming a short season. Hooray.
    This whole thing could be vastly improved with just a commentator… or two … but with a sense of humour. Again, remind me of the purpose of Lindsay Lohan?

    • “Again, remind me of the purpose of Lindsay Lohan?”

      I legitimately don’t know if anyone in the world knows the answer to that question.

      I’m almost embarrassed to admit, that — even though I utterly despise singing shows, and don’t watch any of them at all — I switched this on, last night, while I was reading the paper and doing yesterday’s crossword. I actually didn’t mind it.

      Gretel is one of the most irritating people ever to grace Australian television, but damn, the woman could sing. And I’m really interested to know who the alien is, his voice was smokey and intoxicating.

      But I don’t think this will hold my interest for long. Still, there’s no element of, “Random couples put into contrived and engineered stressful situations by producers for the sake of ratings” to it (like Lego Masters), so maybe it’ll rate well?

      • “Again, remind me of the purpose of Lindsay Lohan?”

        Cleavage Factor. Those LA approved breasts certainly ain’t masked.

      • Lohan seems to be washed up in the US so guess she might as well put her face and the rest of her body on Australian TV. Doubt that she knows most of the celebs.
        I like the show when it comes to the costumes and trying to guess the singers but I could do without the host and the judges. LOL

  9. Episode 2. And …
    Well, that got old fast.
    Maybe the enjoyment of this show is watching it a day late and knowing who got eliminated.
    The singers tonight had talent but … meh…
    Or maybe it’s better when they are not professional singers.

  10. I’m embarrassed to admit that I find this really compelling.

    So the parrot was Brett Lee. At least a couple of them were close, guessing a retired cricketer (just the wrong one).

    Apparently the wolf’s identity was already accidentally revealed on social media, today.

    Tonight, I really loved the Rhino’s performance. I’m with Jackie, I definitely think he was Wendell Sailor.

    • Hey, don’t be embarrassed. To be fair to the show , I’ve only watched it with captions , no sound. The quality of lyrics leaves something be be desired. Not ready to give up yet, small doses, it gets rehashed on The Project. I would have wanted to see/hear Brett Lee. He’s huge in India.

      Would that be a Jackie Lambie in wolf’s clothing?

      That “Who sung it?” line is going to air every night, hmmm? Ch Ten educating Au$traya again.

    • I’m not sure that they have the Wolf identity right, and the source seems to be the New Idea, fftt.
      If i was a publicist, I would be planting false leads all over the place, and I seem to remember that Rob Mills is a better singer than that. Isn’t he?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Waleed.
      But that the fun of this show.
      I am always surprised at the number of people who can incredibly sing well in the real world. I wish one of them was me.

  11. We’ve been pre occupied and haven’t watched much tv at all so I haven’t seen it. So is the show better than the whole concept?

    • See, tonight, when there were references in her monologue to “Shine” and “Absolutely Everybody”, I thought they were angling us back towards Vanessa Amorosi.

      I’m just depressed that Nikki Webster has two kids. I’ve never felt older.

  12. The robot is my favourite of the whole bunch of them. Not only does he have that gorgeous, smokey, husky voice … but that dude can *dance*.

    I thought the robot was Waleed, but is Waleed much of a dancer?

    • I don’t think it’s Waleed. Waleed is 1.87 cm tall. The Robot is shorter.
      I thought it might be Matthew Mitcham. He can sing and he’s shortish. I don’t mean really short, but shorter than Waleed.

      • Well, I didn’t know Waleed was that tall.

        Then I’m definitely stumped about the robot. I still love his voice, though.

      • What haven’t I been watching that I know very few of these names? I know sort of who Gretel Whosie is, and I do know Brett Lee. But the rest of the names being guessed…um, who? Should I get a life, or am I just lucky?

      • I think some of the guessing is just silly. They know that C10 can’t afford some of those people they are putting forward.
        And as if they didn’t know that the Alien was Nikki Webster. My 5 year old grand daughter knew that one. Fftt.
        The judges are just playing the game.
        I am assuming that part of the game is to guess obscure American second rate singers, because maybe C10 afford one of them, and because it justifies having Lindsay Lohan on the panel. Otherwise she looks like a shag on a rock … or more so.
        It will be a real Wot? moment if some foreign nobody wins. I am sure they will make sure that doesn’t happen.

  13. And I think the Lion is Denni Hines. She has a very distinctive voice.
    I wonder if her Mum is also one of the singers? That would be smart.

    • Is that the AC/DC song? I reckon it’s Deni Hines, too. Could even be her Mum. I truly hope it’s neither.

      I haven’t watched a full show yet, but there’s enough promos during the day I think that unicorn is a dead horse.

      Last night’s Q&A was unmissable if one has an interest in music.

  14. I’m liking this show. Any second I will be addicted.
    The Monster is Gorgi Coghlan. The clues are too obvious. Or do I watch too much tv?

    • I watched half an encore today. it’s like bad medicine, it could be addictive . Is that the one singing “I Want To Know What Love Is?” One of the worst ballads I’ve ever heard.

      • Yes. Horrible song but sung by someone who knows how to sing.
        I’m expecting Brendan Fevola to go home tonight. Bad song choice sung badly.
        Yes. Definitely addictive. It’s a vortex.
        First it’s half an encore and then you will be cancelling a dinner date to watch the finale. Slippery slope.

  15. I’m proud of myself that I guessed Wendell Sailor was the Rhino, from his very first appearance. Not too proud, though, because I feel like it was a pretty obvious. He sounded like Wendell, he even danced like Wendell. And the clues tonight (particularly the reference to “crossing over”, ie, hopping codes) were a giveaway.

    The song choice was bad, though. He’s got a great voice, but no, the song let him down tonight.

    For the Unicorn, I initially thought Deni Hines, but then the guest panellist made a compelling argument that she was Sophie Monk, which I really liked.

    I feel the male singers have been easier to guess than the female ones. The one thing I don’t like about the show is that the panellists are just being silly. Stop picking A-listers that there’s no hope channel 10 could’ve paid for.

  16. I think we hear a recording of the voice and not a live rendition. Two reasons. A voice is likely to sound very unnatural inside a costume of the kinds we’re seeing. Muffled is perhaps the word I’m looking for. Secondly ,having performed inside a crocodile suit for a while, it gets bloody hot , sweaty and smelly~ and that’s without the heat from tv lighting. It’s addictive harmless fun , with no arseholes. I can wait for The Bachelorette for more of them.

    That “crossing over” bit made me think it was Brendan Fevola . Props to Windsong. I’ve got no one so far.

    I enjoyed the suggestion that “it could be Schappelle Corby”. She wasn’t known for “singing”. She would have performed “The Green, Green Grass Of Home”

    • You want to hear a weird theory? The monster (with all the horse references, and the fact that the number 31 was apparently significant) is Michelle Payne, the woman jockey who won the Melbourne Cup a few years ago. I can’t stop that thought from lightly trotting (heh) around in my head.

      • Michelle Payne turned 34 two days ago. Her Melb Cup win was Nov 2015.

        She would have been 30 at time of win if my wonky calculations are right.

        • I reckon you guys are on the ball for Brendan Fevola, I just reckon you’re looking at the wrong guy. I’m leaning towards Fevola as the Dragon (Fevola was done for speeding, right? That would be the law-breaking part of the Dragon’s clue package, as well as the references to cars and going too fast).

          Seeing as how Waleed is taller than I thought, and I’m sure Waleed is on this show somewhere, I’m putting Waleed as the Prawn (who seems very tall).

          The Spider’s big clue said that she was famous for being carried … and I just Googled the cast for the Bodyguard Australia (remember the part where Kevin Costner picks up Whitney Housten and carries her to safety?), and Paulini played the main character.

          Gosh, I didn’t think I’d get so into this show, but the mystery element is really intriguing.

      • I’ve played a crocodile doing children’s entertainment in schools. Never Smile At A Crocodile, Crocodile Rock.. Gets hot in there. Just wearing the head is a pain in the arse. It gave me empathy for the likes of Fat Cat and Humphrey Bear.

  17. The Monster is def Gorgi Coghlan. She was into equestrian stuff, she comes from the country and she was a science teacher. In fact I think she got honours in science. Lord, why do I know this stuff?
    WS, I am with you on the confusion over Deni. Every time I hear the unicorn sing I think it’s her and then, sometimes, one of the others. I think I will settle on the unicorn. It’s more likely. Best to have conviction.
    Good call on Waleed and the prawn. Makes sense but I didn’t know that Waleed had anything to do with WA.
    The Spider is fabulous. Definitely my favourite but absolutely has me stumped.

    • The Prawn was the singer who had the clue, “I headed east”, wasn’t he? Honestly, my first thought was, if Waleed’s family background is from the middle east, then it makes sense that he headed in a generally easterly-direction so as to become a journalist and TV host on the eastern coast of Australia.

      Good call on Coghlan. I’m sticking with Paulini as the Spider. And I stand by Fevola (or at least, some former AFL player) as the Dragon, and Rob Mills as the Wolf is almost guaranteed.

      Last night, the Unicorn sounded so much like Deni Hines. But no, I’m not sure about that one. The clues don’t quite add up, or could refer to someone else.

  18. Gretel said being inside the octopus was awful. And hot. She was glad to be first to go.
    So, good on you for repeating a 🐊 crocodile night after night.
    Don’t quote me, but I think Gretel also said that they sang live. That it was all 🎤 micked up that way, which is why the monster has it tough – can’t stretch.

    • This morning, Wendell interviewed where he said the same thing about the rhino costume. He found it quite claustrophobic, and the celebrities aren’t allowed to mingle, masks-off, in the green room. That seems a bit rough.

    • I would have thought it was fine that they knew about each other, and it would keep them happy.
      But then maybe this is based on past experience. It only takes one to spoil it for everyone.
      Waleed …. East – he has an Egyptian background – that’s good enough for me. Points to you.

  19. I had people for afternoon tea. Darren McMullen was nominated as the Prawn. They argued that it was obvious.
    You’d think that we had better things to talk about.
    We all feel sucked in.

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