1. So, tonight, on the Luke show …

    Maybe it’s just me, but every time Pia pouts and looks at the camera with tears in her eyes, I just think, she’s an actress. And a damned good one. How real is the emotion that we’re seeing?

    And oh gosh, another immunity challenge featuring balls. They build these just so JLap can pun his way through the commentary, don’t they?

  2. Well, it only took them 48 days and 21 knifings, but the contenders finally have a substantial advantage over the champions.

    They tried to play it for drama, but I knew Luke was going home tonight. In front of the jury, he’d be unbeatable. You do not want to be sitting next to somebody like that, on the final day of “Survivor”. Maybe Daisy would, but nobody else would. And risking it all on a fire-making tie (which Baden had an even change of winning regardless) almost seemed cruel.

    Looking forward to watching Luke’s jury villa video. Geez, that was a triumphant moment for Harry winning immunity. He timed his run well.

    I like the new poll. The last poll, everybody had Baden as the winner, but this poll he’s yet to get a single vote?

    I honestly think Harry has the best story, in front of the jury. He played hard, and survived far, far longer than he had the right to. It makes me think that, if Pia and Baden are smart (which we know they are), they’re both going to oust him at the first (and only) chance they get. Pia hasn’t exactly stormed too many of those immunity challenges, so I think it’ll come down to Baden versus Harry.

    Still, tomorrow night, we’ll see this all wrapped up.

    Edit — oh boy, the venom being unleashed on Pia tonight, on the show’s FB page. Luke’s fans are unhappy.

      • Okay, ott. The VOTE button didn’t show before, only View Results. I voted again, and it’s registered.

        I don’t watch, but chose Baden because I like the name, and it isn’t spelled weird – 4 a’s, or a y and an umlaut, or upper case d….

  3. Pia is copping it because everyone who is new to watching the show does not know how Survivor works. Are they doing another I’m a Celeb? Luke would romp that in

    • Awesome idea Juz! Geez this kid, Luke, has got something. I don’t buy into these contestants beyond when they are in front of me. I can barely remember 1/2 this series cast members, but I want Luke to be a winner 😁

  4. Wow! What a survivor.
    I don’t get the hate for Pia- it is survivor not “giftor”. Clearly she had to get rid of him!
    But I was sad.

  5. I think a promo for tomorrow’s Studio Ten I saw today let the cat out of the bag.

    Harry and Baden make for bad tv. I hope Pia outlasts those …….

    • Far out. I HATE that. It is not Australia’s Best Sob Story – it is Survivor. Her decision was totally right for the game and her best possible way forward. I liked Luke too, but I am team Pia.
      Janine mouthing NO WAY at Pia was great! I am pleased she didn’t cave to the emotion.

      • I thought it was a dumb move. Yeah, Pia won’t win against Luke, however, she would get taken to the finals by him and get second place money. Unless she wins the next challenge, she’s got a snowball’s chance in hell in even getting to the final two.

        Also, dumb to take Janine’s advice – that woman who is now sitting over on the jury spent ages saying she had to get rid of Harry, and then opted to eject “dangerous” Daisy when she had a clear shot at him…

      • Yeah I remember the 1st season of Big Brother. Ben, who had lost both his parents & was bringing up his 2 brothers, won. A lot of people complained he won for sentimental reasons & didn’t deserve it as he was boring. It’s difficult having champions & contenders. Most champions are pretty well off whereas most contenders are ordinary people. Usually when celebrities are on reality shows they play for charity & they are all celebrities. It would be hard to see someone like Pia who would be pretty wealthy win over someone like Luke who is a battler. But that’s the game. It’s how you play the game not what your financial situation is. Though Luke did play well & would have deserved to win. A lot of people in the US version have won the ‘sympathy vote’ & fans don’t like it.

    • I call that online trolling/hatred of contestants on shows like this evidence of simpletons out there swallowing the Gatorade that tv hacks give them without any independent filter or reasoning.
      They are really imbeciles.
      Pia’s not my favourite but her efforts in the game weren’t to deliver a win for Luke. And anyone who hates her for it, should check their mental acuity.
      My man Harry is still in it – and continues to deliver, in my opinion, the best insight at tribal council. I hope he makes the finale.

  6. As hard as it was, Pia really had no option, unless she deliberately wanted to give away her chance to win. She was caught between a rock and a hard place (as spelled out by Harry): vote Baden and probably be taken to final 2 if Luke won the final challenge (no guarantee of that) but then no hope of winning. Or vote Luke and give herself a slim chance to win overall, but knowing that Harry (and probably Baden) would not take her to the end. OTOH, if she hadn’t ousted Luke, she would have lost all credibility with the jury, and lost votes because of it.

    Baden now can’t win regardless. If either of the other two win the challenge, then he gets chosen for final 2 but can’t win against either Pia or Harry. And even if Baden wins immunity, he will be beaten by whichever of the other two he chooses. Once we know the final two, it will be clear who will win the season.

  7. Actually, if by some chance it is Pia and Harry in the final two, because he underestimates her (nah, doubt it) she could win by a narrow margin, depending on how she delivers to the jury. She was the initial target of the very first tribal, manipulated her way out of that, and wangled her way to the end; but I think there was too much betrayal involved, for someone playing the social game as her strong card.

    Meanwhile! $253,824 so far, from this main one

      • In the last two hours, it’s gone up by almost $100K. He’ll be sitting on $400K by midnight, $500K by the end of the week.

        I mean, yeah, it’s great that people want to support him and his family, sure.

        But … does it leave a rough taste in anyone else’s mouth? Why’d he bother doing the show if all he needed was a Gofundme that lasted three days. I don’t know, this just feels like people missed the point of the show, you know?

  8. I was watching SWAT back that I taped last night & who should be guest starring but our Jonathan LaPaglia. He played the bad guy. At first I thought oh he looks like him then after a bit I realised it was him.

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