1. Did anyone else get really excited when Luke finished the puzzle? They made the right move tonight. Janine was a great casting choice for the season and I loved seeing a woman over 50, who was on the bottom at the start, play such a strategic game – and she was no slouch in challenges. So, free Boosts for every Survivor viewer?

  2. Yaaaay Lukey won immunity.
    Yaaaay Lukey, I thought he was going to blow it but he came through.
    Janine’s face, again, when she realises she is not top dog. Priceless!

  3. Wow.

    They got her. Go castaways! While the general idea was right (in that, Luke is clearly a huge threat, in terms of the jury), taking out the godmother couldn’t possibly have been a bad idea. Everyone gets credit for a big move, and they take out someone who has a huge resume that she could present to the jury for a lot of points.

    I think Harry comes out of this, the best. Janine spent how many episodes desperately targeting Harry? Yet he survived every shot. And then, when he turned his full attention back onto the god-mother, boom, insta-kill with one hit. “I’m the god killer.” Damn it, Harry. Yes you are.

    Luke also got a great parting line. “This will be a huge resume Boost in front of the jury.” Gee, he’s good with those.

    Honestly, the best part was, indeed, the look on Janine’s face when she turned out to be not quite as in control as she thought she was. Her jury villa video was interesting too. I called it last week. Janine does seem a little vengeful, particularly towards Abbie (who she recognised as the person who turned on her). I doubt we’ve heard the end of that.

    As for tomorrow night? Abbie’s a target by way of her challenge ability, but they’d be mad if they weren’t already making plans to oust Luke.

  4. I’m with Janine on any revenge on Abbie.
    I love this game and I love strategy but, as I keep saying, there’s a difference between strategy and treachery.
    The only question now will be: do they get rid of her early because she has served her purpose or do they keep her as the goat?
    I would do the first.
    Abbie is an idiot. So that makes two good reasons she can’t be trusted.

  5. I’m listening to Janine’s live Q-and-A that she did on Facebook, this afternoon. She’s very self-aware, and actually very funny. I’m appreciating her, as a player, more and more.

    • Yes, I voted for the Godmother in Juz’s poll. This candy arsed Dirty Harry is an embarrassment to Clint Eastwood’s work.

    • I read an interview in which she said she studied what fibre clothing would be best for the conditions. And she got a Fijian to show her survival skills beforehand. Smart

  6. Harry seems spot on with his analysis of the Champions play – reduce the number of Contenders to a certain point, then turn on a Champion, but only do it when it will not give the Contenders a majority. Exactly how it happened last night, and if true, then it will be Harry or Baden tonight.

    I know a few don’t like Abbey, but it was her decision to flip several episodes ago that set the stage to oust Janine. I don’t think she is a goat (no-one is now) and she should get some credit for her moves with the jury. Just not enough to win, though.

    • “Reduce the number of Contenders to a certain point, then turn on a Champion, but only do it when it will not give the Contenders a majority.”

      That’s smart play in general, though. That’s what the Contenders *should’ve* done to the Champions, back when they had their absurd numbers advantage. Alas, Daisy got in the way, and here we are.

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