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The ads imply Luke will team with the Contenders to take out a Champion. Which makes me think the opposite will happen. What’s a better play for Luke? He has more chance of beating a Contender in final two. But if he even makes it that far, surely everyone on the Jury will vote for him anyway.
The big question is: When is Pia going to turn on Janine? Or does she think she can beat her in the speeches?
Expect a scramble tonight for Daisy’s rebidding idol. Ummm, lemme guess … it’s at the well?



  1. It’s not hard to spell “Daisy”, yet half the voters failed to do so. How the **** did these morons survive school , let alone Fiji?

    Who wouldn’t vote to send Daisy to Exile Island? Just get her out of your sight asap.

    • Daisy got sent to exile island, which means, tomorrow night, Harry will get sent to exile island, so the two can fight it out on Tuesday night, and then possibly go to an elimination that evening, and Harry gets to follow Daisy into jury villa.

      Not only did Daisy’s idiocy screw over her entire tribe, but it left the show’s end-game predictable and by the numbers. I think I’ve kind of given up on this season. I missed an episode last week, and frankly, I don’t care to watch any of the remaining ones either. I don’t care who gets voted out next, I couldn’t care who wins because I don’t much like any of them. I realised tonight that I reached the line, the “I don’t care what happens to these people” threshhold. Alas, there’s no turning back.

      • I can’t give up on the show, because. Survivor.
        But far out you are sooo right Windsong – Daisy’s incompetence has robbed us all.
        Very sorry that you feel like this – I need you here to snark!

        • I know, I’m disappointed and kind of annoyed. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I don’t see this season ending in any other way than Janine and one of her pets as the final 2.

          It’s a very rare Survivor season where you can see the final 2 coming, a mile away, and it’s still entertaining to watch it unfold.

      • I’m with you Windsong – a particular issue for me is the editing to try and increase tension when really from the tribal vote outcome there isn’t really any tension. We just don’t get to see it so it all feels artificial. Sure it’s a tv show but the manipulation is obvious.
        When you don’t appreciate a player like I don’t re Janine, and ALL you get each episode is Janine (some got a few minutes last night – WOW half from Harry) then it’s hard not to turn off the show. I’m there a bit now. Once the get to the lead up to Tribal I start flicking channels – the formula is tired and never true anyway. I mean why did Luke not vote out PIa event to the island when she would have lost against anyone and not come back?
        Or did he? I didn’t watch the last 15 mins of the show.

        • I think the editing, this season, has been atrocious.

          We’re up to the final 7, and Simon is still getting barely 30 seconds of screen-time per episode. At least half of the cast (mostly, the people who were eliminated pre-merge) were just there in the background, and you didn’t even know their names except for the opening credits. Why the hell was Sam on this show, what was Matt’s deal, why was Casey so useless, who was the ballerina woman? They were just faces in the background to be discarded, and sure, none of them got near the prize money … but the audience isn’t supposed to know that, right from the start, are they?

  2. I’m a bit stunned by Simon. But all good I s’pose, whoever goes to exile next will be back and Janine still has them all stooged.

  3. Well, I am not sure what to think. I have to – very, very, very reluctantly – acknowledge that Daisy played quite well! She did everything possible to sow doubt in the fertile ground of Luke’s paranoia. She was pretty impressive actually, even if she is not a Harry or David or Pia class liar.

    Janine is definitely running things – but it is completely obvious. Pia had better make her move soon as, multi-millionaire notwithstanding, it would be so hard not to give Janine the win. I was wondering if Pia’s strategy was that – stick like glue to Janine and take her to the end, confident that no one would give Janine the cash – but it looks kind of dangerous now. So that is my only real hope of a change in what looks like an inevitable run to the end by Janine & minion/s. . . I guess Abbey may actually play – and given that Simon is willing to shaft Luke, and she is willing to shaft a champion, it could be interesting. Hope so anyway!

    The thing that actually bugged me about this episode was not really Janine winning immunity via Simon quitting, it was Janine asking for a spider to be removed. Why was that allowed? Happy that Baden didn’t do it! I kind of get why Desperate Daisy did it, but really?? Anyway – why did Simon step down? I couldn’t work that out at all. . . Was he just tired and looking to make a positive out of stepping down? What was that about? Janine looked pretty solid actually.

    re: Luke, I think Simon was bang on correct – Luke is an extremely dangerous player and they have to get him out pretty soon. All it takes is an immunity run and he would be untouchable.

    For next episode, I agree with Windsong – how can it NOT be Harry going to Exile? The champions wouldn’t send one of their own surely and it would be either Baden or Harry. On balance, I would send Harry, even though Baden (Yes, I am team Baden as well as Team Pia) has a lot of connections and might even be more dangerous because of this. I guess there is a possibility that they send a Challenge Beast to exile, but why risk it? There is a 50/50 shot you would lose a number. The only thing that I am not sure about is that the promo makes it look like they have a challenge to decide who goes to Exile. Not sure whether that is misdirection or not – is it an ordinary challenge and there is still a tribal but they are fighting hard to get immunity to avoid the possibility of going to exile?

    Totally with you BDD – how flipping hard is it to spell DAISY? I get the Sean/Shaun issue – I would have written Sean. But Daisy?? yikes. Mind you, with all the weird spellings around, maybe the survivors are reflecting the times more than their spelling ability! I vividly remember writing a birthday card when my son was in kindy to a litle girl called Alicia. However the mother nicely corrected me that it was Alisha and I had spelt it wrong. Lots of biting my lip so I didn’t say “well actually, if we are talking about incorrect spelling. . . ”

    Anyway Juz, I think I need to change my winning vote. I can’t see Baden winning with the numbers as they are now and even with his social game on the up. Damn. My other choice Pia is looking way better and I think as a student of the game realises that she needs to shaft Janine to have a “Big Move” on her resume and then claim credit for all the joint activities as the real power behind the throne.

    Kind of refreshing to have no idol in play in this episode – hats off to the champions for babysitting Daisy and monitoring her idol search. . . But why weren’t they looking also? Surely everyone should be out looking hard at this point in the game when the numbers are tight, an idol is surely a highly desirable comodity for ANY player?

  4. My feeling was that there was going to be a blindside last night…until the twist was announced. If I was in Luke’s situation, that would change my vote, because he would be alienating his “Champions” for no good reason, and the person sent to exile would be back for revenge. Much easier to blindside if the person isn’t coming back. Maybe the exile should have been announced after voting, not before? They did not show how the vote went at all, so it is possible that all the others followed the blindside plan, and only Luke switched back.

    Unlike most of you, I am still really enjoying this season. I was intrigued last night by Daisy finally being strategic and wondering how she thought that it might make up for all the messed up play. You could tell from Janine’s face that she wasn’t buying anything Daisy was saying, and didn’t believe the story she was spinning, and would change them all back once Daisy was gone.

    So glad to see Simon getting some more time, and he shows some good game play. Hated that he traded away the win for a couple of rewards – he will probably be dudded when she doesn’t win any. I just wonder if he might be leaving his run a little late. There was also hints last night that the champs consider Baden a pseudo-champ ie Luke was “cultivating” Baden.

    I really can’t predict the end. Janine looks so solid, but none of the others are unaware of her power. It seems inconceivable that they won’t take her out soon, probably at Pia’s hands. Surely one of Abbey, Simon or Baden will be carried to the end as impossible winners.

    Going out on a limb, I suspect that whoever wins their way back from exile will end up in the finale.

  5. With all the talk of getting rid of the Godmother I knew she would win immunity. So tonight they’ll have to vote out a strong player so that they beat Daisy.

  6. Abbey can now add her name to the idiot file.
    There is a difference between strategic and playing the game and outright treachery. No one from either side will trust her from here on and she will be used and discarded. Fool.
    My money is still on Baden.

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