• I did catch the vote.

      The look on Janine’s face when, finally, she didn’t actually get her own way? Oh, that was worth waiting for.

      • Yep Janine and Pia looked stricken – I still think they should have sent Janine to exile beach because Daisy would have had a better chance against her

  1. Ooh – that was a shock! Totally thought that would be a beat up but she actually flipped. And credit to the boys for pulling her in.

    • Wow. I’d always assumed that it would be Pia who knifed Janine, not Abbey.

      If Daisy comes back it’s 5 against the Dos Amigas. If Simon comes back it’s 4 against the Dos Amigas and Simon.

      I wonder if we are about to see Janninezilla rampaging through Tokyo trying to find Abbey so she can stomp on her. Janine did not look very happy after tribal.

      She’d be stupid to go into a grudge match. The last grudge match did not work out so well.

      If Simon comers back, I think he could start an immunity run.

      • I seriously hope Harry mentions that Janine and Pia were all gung ho to keep him and knife Simon before Rossco crashed out.

  2. So … Simon ended up getting sent to Exile Beach?

    I wonder if the castaways have no idea who Simon is, either. Maybe they thought he was a beefy tourist who joined tribal council, that night, because he drunkenly thought it was part of his contiki tour, and the castaways all just decided to send him off to fight Daisy?

  3. I’m just watching the episode now. I already accidentally spoiled myself on insta. Without knowing what happened my immediate thought was that they sent Simon to exile so he could beat Daisy and come back. But since Simon has been so invisible i dismissed that pretty quick. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.
    I’m over these endurance immunity challenges.

  4. Now that has shaken up the bland voting!
    Hats off to Luke and Harry for making this happen – and good on Abbey for agreeing to their plans and making a move.

    I get that Abbey didn’t want to have a cranky Janine back on her case (if she was sent to exile and beat Daisy) but she is going to be cranky AND IN CAMP WITH YOU now that her carefully planned strategy is de-railed. If you are going to roll the dice on a big move maybe you should roll it all the way and hope Janine stays out after Exile?

    Suddenly the boring and predictable progression to the finish is not so clear. I love that!

    So, what happens now? I have been speculating hard.

    My first thought is that do these people realise how popular Luke is? When the jury give Luke the thumbs up for the move, the other conspirators should be sharpening their knives ASAP. Who could beat him at the end??

    Anyway – re Exile. The promo shows Simon’s blocks falling – is that the usual red herring and Daisy doesn’t actually get back in? Or is it true this once?
    If Daisy comes back in we have Baden, Luke, Harry, Daisy on one side and Pia and Janine waiting to be picked off. Abbey would vote with the conspirators, so either Pia or Janine are gone. And unless she wins immunity surely that would be Janine? I think there is still an idol out there, so Janine and Pia need to be looking hard as their chance for safety depends on immunity + idol. Janine’s only other hope that I can think of is to persuade Harry (and Baden) that Luke is more dangerous than she is to take to the end (which is true, but I don’t think the timing is right) and try to take him out. Hard to see when Harry is trying hard to knife her. Janine (rightly in my view) finds Daisy’s irrationality hard to work with, so it would be difficult to see her buddying up with Daisy.

    If Simon comes back would he have the chance to win immunity? Not sure how it works. If he doesn’t it would be easy to take him straight out but I think they should still shoot Janine. If Simon is back and Baden, Luke, Abbey, Harry line up against Pia, Janine and Simon it still comes down for Team Janine to try to get Harry and Baden to flip on Luke.

    Or am I talking rubbish? I have been speculating so hard I have probably missed the glaringly obvious!

    Either way, my current winner pick Pia is now completely vulnerable but hopefully can work some sneaky magic! I was confidently expecting her to take out Janine quite soon. She keeps saying ‘timing is everything’ so get going! The winner pick I actually entered in Juz’s comp, Baden, is looking better in terms of making it to end, but not in terms of a winning resume though. I see Harry as more credible than Baden – Janine even called him a goat which was significant, but disappointing to me as I like Baden.

    Come back Windsong.

  5. This is one vote where they can use the excuse they don’t want Daisy to come back so needed to send someone to Exile that would beat her. It’s one time where they shouldn’t get bitter at getting voted out because technically they will come back.
    Ha ha Janine did look shocked. The shit will hit the fan tonight. I wouldn’t want to be the ones who ‘betrayed’ her. She will be out for blood.

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