1. Is it just me, or was this entire episode about balancing crap on top of other crap?

    Not a fan that the entire Exile Beach twist was really a giant waste of our time. At least they’re not wasting time, today, and eliminating two of these losers. I hope Abbie and Luke stay tight with Baden and Harry, just because this season had become the Boost Juice Girl And Friends show, and I was pretty bored of that, thank you very much.

    But Luke is a given, in front of the jury, so they really should be making plans to knife him, sooner rather than later.

    And is it me, or is Harry getting more attractive, the scruffier that he’s getting? Or maybe it’s just the lack of alternative options, since all the really nice lookin’ fellas are chilling at the villa.

    • They really dragged out that Exile Beach challenge. The benefit of US Survivor’s shorter air time is that challenge takes 5 mins tops. I can see them inviting Daisy back for a Second Chances series, because she was the only Contender female of note and she would get a “what I’d do differently” edit.

        • It would be refreshing :).

          One of the best aspects of Daisy’s jury villa webisode was Daisy sitting down to have the lunch-feast alongside the boys … and both Shaun and Dave lightly teasing her about her general track record in terms of decision-making. They were both nice about it, and I was like, no, that’s entirely earned.

          One thing that both Shaun and David admitted, was that they’d been played by Janine. Janine had, quite expertly, pitted them against each other (and successfully, given they went one-after-the-other) rather than risk them uniting against *her*. And they both acknowledged that as a mistake.

  2. I’m not a fan of Abbie. The good news with her is that she is doomed. She will either be sent home by the Godmother or she will be the first to go when it is down to the Baden team.
    Either way, another idiot bites the dust.
    I swear some of these people have never watched an episode, let alone a season of this show.

    • On the one hand, obviously Abbie wasn’t really going to come out on top, making a deal with enemies to oust Simon and weaken Janine’s position.

      OTOH, the season is finally more than just the Janine Show. It’s made things interesting, at least, and I feel like that’s the best we could’ve hoped for.

  3. Wasn’t much of a loss, tonight. The fact that the champions have all turned on each other (even Janine and Pia jumped onboard the “ditch Simon” train) is, frankly, rewarding and overdue. I feel like the joke will be a bit overplayed if I respond with, “Who the hell was this Simon guy?”, but honestly, Simon was cannon-fodder since before the tribe-swap. He was a walking example of *that* player. You know the player, the one who is obviously on the bottom of the pecking order … who knows very well he’s on the bottom of the pecking order … but never really does anything about it. He was going home anyway, but Abbie suddenly making moves just accelerated that by a few days. I mean, I literally can’t remember a single thing Simon did (aside from a couple of ball-throwing or ball-kicking challenges back pre-swap) and they’ve been on that island 40 days now?

    The one good thing is that, this is the point where the contenders need to sit back, shut up, and let the champions disintegrate around them. The two contenders left are Harry and Baden, two people who are smart enough to do *exactly* that. But they have to get rid of Luke. And I wouldn’t lose much sleep if Janine had her torch extinguished, at some point, too.

  4. 48 minutes in and I’m saying out loud ‘vote off Janine you f’heads’. Ok, Sim might when immunity, but just get rid of her, yeh? Am I stupid…? 🙃

    • Chorus of two, then. I understood Abbey’s reluctance the night before, as bringing Janine’s ire down on her was a real risk. (She did anyway, but doesn’t quite realise it because Janine seems to be as good an actor as Pia). But now the damage was done, why on earth not go for Janine? As far as I can see, nobody is more of a challenge threat than anyone else.

    • I just came onto say chorus of three. Why on earth not? Why even bother with Simon when you can have a clear shot at Janine?

        • I think Simon going to the end would not be an issue with the jury so merely winning immunity is not going to be enough to get him the win. This jury appears to be respecting game play and strategy over challenge wins & survival, so if all you can do is Outlast you will be missing the vital components.

          • No, you’re right. If Simon made it to the final two, he’d have a, “I won a tonne of challenges against some pretty fierce opposition” story, but he wouldn’t have much else.

            Still, I can understand why they’d be nervous of Simon. He’s a famous footballer, he seems to be a top bloke, and most of the castaways only say nice thing about him.

            I imagine they’ll be going after Janine next. Maybe it’s just me, but Janine seems like the kind of person who would take it personally. She would be this year’s angry, vengeful jury member. I just get that vibe from her.

  5. He’s certainly a good looking rooster! I miss his antics……
    Im surprised they didn’t bring Simon along as the token GOAT, would much prefer to have seen Janine go tonight
    I wonder if she will call Harry a liar now that he didn’t vote with her this time?
    You see the controversy online today with Pia seemingly use both hands in lasts nights challenge before Luke had opted out?
    Any reason too why Survivor not on this coming Sunday? Im pretty sure I heard see you next Monday….

    • But Harry did vote with her, they all voted for Simon. They didn’t show who Simon voted for IIRC, do we know? Was it Abbie?

    • Re that challenge, I didn’t notice Pia and her hands, but I did wonder why the two boys (Luke and Simon) exchanged looks before both dropping at the same time. Maybe a pact to let Pia have at least one win?

    • I don’t understand why they didn’t try to shoot Janine? I get why Janine & Pia jumped on board as “anyone but me” but why did the conspirators not try to take out Janine?

    • There was a lot of talk on twitter that she still had 2 hands on it but I didn’t notice it. Last night they were saying he counted to 3 really slowly for Daisy but fast for Simon.

  6. So, at TC Janine and Pia seem to be expecting their desperate alternate plan to work (great acting by both), and then switch to make it a unanimous vote. Did they know the other’s plan, take a guess, or hope for one of them to survive if the others did a split vote?

    Is David (or a juror in general) allowed to make hand signals to the players, like he did with Harry? More interesting for us, but I thought the jury was seen and not heard ie do nothing except listen.

    I think Abbey’s flip has made it harder for Pia, as this is about the time she would have moved. Abbey has stolen her “big move” and weakened Pia’s resume.

  7. Overhead at the footy the other night: First guy: “Pia has won Survivor”, his friend: “it is not finished yet, is it?”, first guy “no, but she has it. I will bet you $100 on it.”

    I found it interesting that Janine is considered in control, but many rate Pia (and Baden) as more likely to win.

    • That is SO interesting Fijane.
      I was totally on Team Pia for the win. . . until Abbey did this move!
      All I can think of is that she re-unites with Abbey to take out both Luke AND Janine, the order depends on which of them have immunity on any given day. Or possibly she can use the Janine-Harry relationship to get Luke out, as Harry might well be persuaded to that as a move.

      Her best bet for the end is Baden and Abbey. She 100% has to knife Janine and Luke to get there and if I was her would definitely try to get rid of Harry as well. Luckily Harry hasn’t proved great at challenges, so that might be possible.
      But it is a tough road to the end now.
      In fact, it seems like there is a reasonable way for any of them to make it – so it is super interesting now. I am gutted that there is no Sunday show and hardly any survivor left.
      I like Luke, a lot more than I did last year, but surely they have him in a big box marked “threat”.

      • Agree with everything you say.

        Really, in the space of three shows (two eliminations) we now have a situation where everyone left has something that they can claim as a reason to win. Janine has “overall control for a long time”, Luke and Harry have “surviving when they should have gone, and turning the vote away from themselves”, Abbey and Pia have “using someone else as a shield, and (in Pia’s case) convincing someone else to make the moves they want”, and Baden has a stealth game combined with the highest social rating. And, really, no goats left, unless Abbey sits as a bump on a log for the rest of the show.

        • Abbie’s the goat. No question.
          She’s played a fairly ordinary game and resorted to outright deceit and treachery at the last second (and she’s a bit of a “poor me” whiner).
          If she is final 2, I would bet that she would be lucky to get any votes. There might be absolute hatred for the other person and a grudge vote, but it’s more likely that there would be respect. I’m not seeing much respect for Abbie.

        • I agree with pretty much everything you said in your post.

          Harry and Baden get props must for being the longest-surviving contenders, and Harry lasted a *long* time, despite his status as public enemy number one. They took out how many contenders, trying to knife Harry? Yet he’s still there.

          Baden’s social game has been superb. He’s friends with everyone, and curiously disappears into the background whenever the castaways are discussing who to vote out. He’s also a surprising challenge beast, and a very smart kid all around. So either he’s playing under the radar, or he just beat the damn thing entirely.

          I think Pia has a stronger claim to the prize money than Abbey. But I think time’s running out for both of them.

  8. Such a shame only two eps next week, just as the show is reaching a wider audience. But we always have a couple of weeks like this each season to stretch it out.
    On social media, JLap came out in support of Pia re: the hanging out challenge. He said the editors spliced together footage and sound from different parts of the challenge and Pia was a clear winner.
    Also, in an exit interview Simon said he had actually been gunning for the trio of Abbie, Janine and Pia previously, but when he tried to rope in Luke and the contenders, Luke sobbed him in to Janine. So as he was voted out, Abbie told him she was making the move before he turned on her.

  9. I’m at a loss as to why everyone is thinking Abbie has made a big move – all she did was flip because Harry convinced her to. Admittedly she suggested Simon but she was talked into flipping by Harry, to me she is definitely the goat. I haven’t been a Janine fan all season so I really was right there with the rest of you who wanting her voted out. And yes Windsong – she definitely takes things personally, the look on her face when she realised Luke and Abbie had flipped the night before spoke volumes. If I was Abbie I’d definitely be sleeping with one eye open.
    Simon’s relentless digging for an idol was apparently because Luke had hidden the clue (just to mess with people) from his buried idol and Simon found it.

    • No, Janine’s been in charge for so long, that I don’t think she’s going to be very forgiving of any attempts to undermine her authority. And if Abbie and Luke stay tight with the contenders, Janine (and Pia too, but the godmother has set herself up as the bigger target) is in trouble at the next vote. I imagine that if one of her lackeys knifes her, next vote? She won’t be very happy about it.

      • Janine is a major challenge threat so they’d better hope it’s a strength one, not endurance. I’d like to see a puzzle challenge. Do you reckon we will now follow the US and do firemaking at final four?

  10. Simon did a live q-and-a session on FB this morning.

    Turns out, even his friends in real-life have been giving him grief, allegedly, for his status as the Invisible Man. According to Simon, he was doing things and making moves. For example, the reason the castaways didn’t go after Janine when they had the chance was explained … Simon had approached the boys (Luke, Harry and Baden) about breaking up the Boost Juice Trio (and targetting Abbie, specifically), which is the reason they went after Simon two tribal in a row, basically. But, like everything else Simon did, the editors just ignored it. I don’t know who edited, this season, but I think they did a really terrible job.

    He also mentioned that the producers provide the castaways with sunscreen and mosquito repellent, and that’s about all. He said the weather was worse, than what it seemed onscreen, and one of the worst storms (with rain blowing sideways) hit while Daisy was over on Exile Beach by herself. I still can’t bring myself to have much sympathy for her.

    It was a fair hike, from the champions beach to tribal council, but apparently the contenders beach was much closer to the tribal council area, which means there’s a fair amount of distance between the two beaches.

    • That is super interesting. Why on earth wouldn’t the edit show that kind of planning? It does seem believable and makes sense to explain why they went for Simon though, because on the face of it why wouldn’t the contestants take their best shot at Janine? That was completely puzzling to me. But still – Harry, Luke and Baden choosing to choose the boost alliance and oust Simon is still odd to me.

      • I imagine, their planning was two-fold. They suddenly had Abbie wanting to work with them, so they just quietly went along with it (because either way, it means Janine’s strangle-hold on the game was severely-weakened), plus, they did see Simon as a challenge-threat and had plans to get rid of him *anyway*. They probably just thought, “Well, the opportunity is here, and we can benefit from it in the long run anyway, so, might as well…”

      • The edit happens after the season ends. That’s why we tear our hair trying to find a winner’s edit when we may just be seeing an advertiser’s edit.

    • ” one of the worst storms (with rain blowing sideways) hit while Daisy was over on Exile Beach by herself”

      That’s made my day in stormy Adelaide. Thank you..

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