Survivor US premiere

I know we are all missing Luke, Janine and David, but you can get your Survivor fix on Go on Thursday from 7.30pm (or usually a few hours earlier online).
Sure, it’s not the 100 episodes a week we are used to, but it’s something.
Fans will be happy to see Sandra and Boston Rob back as mentors for Island of the Idols. It’s a new twist so how could it go wrong, after the Edge of Extinction twist being such a success …
It goes for 90 minutes.



  1. I am here. Have had a busy time with daughter graduation, so really looking forward to tonight!
    As my survivor nerdiness grows I have subscribed to some podcasts and have actually listened to interviews with the contestants.
    Feeling super prepared!
    Have picked Missy as my winner as she is just AWESOME. That probably means she is first out – although my winner pick last year was Chris Underwood and strangely even though he was an early boot did win.
    Deeply annoying to me is Noura. Her interview just irritated me throughout – I could barely listen to her as she was SO IN YOUR FACE. Up to me, she’d be first off the island, lol.
    The older lady contestant seems great – not annoying or insensitive so hopefully she can break the curse of oldest woman out first. Having said that, the oldest man was fairly annoying – a former hockey player who doesn’t know the game. Didn’t warm to him. Nor the smart arse chick called Kellee.
    The nanny Lauren seemed great (she nannies for a Foo Fighter and wants to buy a pig if she wins – she was very funny) and there was a woman called Elaine who candidly revealed her younger self indiscretions – she works in a factory and I liked her a lot.
    But it all changes when they get together and interact, so it will be SUPER exciting to see how it goes down. Have no idea how the Rob/Sandra bit will impact the game either – so we have a lot to look forward to!

  2. I love how that lifeguard woman started fire just like that. The older hockey guy reminds me of Mike Ehrmantrout from Breaking Bad. I read that they cast more diversely and older this season and it shows. I can already tell most of the women apart. The Rob Sandra stuff was fun. And I do love Elaine

    • I thought she was amazing – Janet? – got herself seen as valuable instead of the traditional Old Woman is a Liability /First Boot.
      I guess it was the right strategy as she seems across survivor.
      One of the podcasts I listen to – i think RHAP – was saying that she was recognised as a leader by the younger women who didn’t like the touchy feely Dan. And she gave good advice to talk about it and not let it be an issue!
      I didn’t like the touchy feely bloke either, but honestly – what the hell is a germaphobe Kellee thinking by going on the show? I agree about the unpleasantness, as I hate it at as well, but any survivor ever shown has the players huddling together for warmth and comfort!

  3. I was surprised that the girl who went to the idol island lied about what happened there. I would only lie if I knew I wouldn’t be found out but as soon as the others go there they will know she lied. I understood her competing with Rob in the fire making. She would have wanted to impress him & not look like a wimp not taking part. Would have been interesting if the woman who started the fire WITHOUT FLINT had gone & competed with him. She may have beat him.

  4. Oh yeah. A great first episode and what a wonderful blindside. I don’t know their names yet, but curly hair who went to the island seems nice. I don’t like Sandra or BR. I don’t have a reason.

  5. Caught up just in time for Ep 2.
    Survivor Aus has ruined me a bit for the US version. It was OK but all felt a bit forced. It doesn’t help that I couldn’t tell the tribes apart very well. Usually there are a bevy of young woman who are indistinguishable, but this time it is a batch of Mediterranean young men. Might help now that we are one down.
    I think Elizabeth had to lie about the island, but she is probably hoping that the other tribe go for a while, so her little lie is not discovered too soon. Even if one of her own tribe go, then they might be bound by the secret. Imagine the fallout if everyone knew straight away about the “idols”.
    I hope the sessions on the island get more interesting. I found that a bit meh, and I am not yet interested in the two. I have only seen Sandra in a game and she was voted out early, and unimpressive before that. BTW, what is her accent?
    There are several people I like at this stage: Elaine, the firemaker lady, Tom, Elizabeth seems nice, maybe the ex-military basketball player.

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