The Block: bathroom reveal

It’s the main bathroom reveal and then contestants start work on another guest bedroom (honestly, bedrooms are the most boring rooms of The Block, but since I’m not even watching I should not complain).
Thank you to Maz for keeping us up to date.



  1. Whats with extra shower heads in the famioy bathroom? Who do these people hangout with?
    i think extra living areas will sell better than extra large bedrooms and bathrooms.

  2. D,S,N
    MM 9,8,7.5=24.5
    TL 9.5,9.5,9=28 (winner). She is obsessed with her armpits.
    AD 7.5,7.5,7.5=22.5
    EM 9,9,8.5=26.5
    JM 9,7.5,7.5=24

  3. Five Gold Rings, Four Calling Birds, Three Main Bathrooms, Two Ensuites and a lone laundry is not what the producers expected for Main Bathroom Week.

    Mark and Mitchell decide to do an ensuite and euro laundry. Darren observes that the laundry is very neat and well contained. It is nice and succinct. Neale declares that it has the Boys’ hallmark of emphasis on quality and now the Boys are running their own race. Shaynna is not so sold on the doors on the laundry and if they propose to enclose the space during hallway week then the doors are a waste of money.

    “The Boys know luxury when they see it,” declares Neale. The ensuite is very simple with heated floors and towels rails and very simple terrazzo tiles. It is just the right size for an ensuite but…but is it enough? By changing the floor plan, it will work in their favour some weeks but be to their detriment in other weeks.

  4. Tess and Luke
    “Whoa…now we are talking,” declares Shaynna upon entering TL’s bathroom. “What a beautiful tile choice,” continues Shaynna gesturing towards the mosaic tile. (Must be new at Beaumonts).
    “This I love and I feel excited,’ rejoins Darren. We are told that there is plenty of storage. It is the perfect Main Bathroom. The Velux Skylight is “so genius” and the raked section that directs your eye towards it, is a nice design detail.

    Neale apparently ‘hating’ on chrome tapware this season likes the brushed steel tapware which is an improvement on their first bathroom’s black tapware.

    Apart from some painting and silicon problems, TL have demonstrated luxury out of simplicity. It is, Darren intones, one of the best main bathrooms in the history of the Block.

  5. Mid Coast Bogans
    This is the bathroom of two halves. The vanity is beautiful and custom made.
    It is stunning and quite timeless.

    Alexa, run me a bath, in a tone that suggests in no way has Shaynna practiced that line a zillion times. The room darkens…

    Now we come to the faults of the room. 1). Shaynna hates the nib wall (again, MCB are fans of Fixer Upper so expect to see nib walls) 2) It only has one shower head (does not Melbourne have water restriction? ) 3) No toilet (WC is more practical). Neale doesn’t believe the second half of the bathroom exudes sophistication.

  6. The judges hereby declare EM’s ensuite as ‘Glamourous’ but the floor tiles are alarmingly shiny. Are they slip proof demands Scotty? The judges like the tile combination ( dusty lilac and textured tile) and feel that although they have used the same tile as MM, it feels completely different in the space.
    EM have given a lot of thought to the lighting of the bathroom to the point that it feels like an outdoor shower but no consideration to a person applying make-up at night.

    It is a big, big ensuite and now the terrace can be marketed as having two master bedrooms (one for the grandparents or au pair) (cut to Mark giving the bitchy aside that you can’t have TWO master suites). EM may have outplayed MM.

  7. Jesse & Mel
    There is a lot to love in Jesse and Mel’s bathroom. The vanity is a piece of art. The medicine cabinet has echoes of deco but feels modern. Love the bath. Love the tiles. It feels lighter than the first bathroom and the tiling is excellent. But and there is always a but…their styling cheapens the room. The chrome cheapens the room. They hate the cube. For a real estate agent, they don’t style to pull at the heart strings.

  8. Martial Woes Monday brought to you by Bluescope Truecore Steel. Definitely two divorces in the works. Tess wants a new husband. Tells Luke, she doesn’t love him and to f*ck off.

    Elise continues to be passive aggressive. Darling, Honey…yeah..they hate each other and the marriage (rather than the Block ) is what they are doing it for the kids.

    We have another recycled storyline that using LVLs are a waste of money and Keith decides to bully Jesse about his decision to use them.

    We jump to the most awkwardly delivered lines (oops, my bad , conversation) between the State of Origin Bogans discussing what a ‘great guy’ Scotty is.

    Mark and Mitchell,increasingly revealing their pettiness and bitchiness, finally admit their style inspiration is a whorehouse. Remembering that this is a G rated program quickly amend that description to Upscale Brothel….so much better.

    With regards to the Block proper, TL’s plasterer gets sacked for moving a safety rail. Luke never bothered telling Matt about the RL (problems stemming from Wk1) to meet the lift. Matt is intensely annoyed and doesn’t appreciate how bad this is making him look. Luke, not being able to cope, goes on a “supply” run. Expect more hand holding by production.

  9. From ‘Scotty’s’ reaction it seems we have similar feelings about seeing D&D and the twins again. D&D and the twins!! In the same episodes! And Ronnie & Georgia. This is gonna be too much.
    Athough I am interested to see the ‘stars’ opinions and the clashes that may ensue.

    • We don’t understand what the motivation for this plot twist was for (apart from huffing and puffing from hurt feelings).
      Just for the record the pairings are as follows:
      Georgina & Ronnie + Elise and Matt
      Alissa & Lysandra (who the boys dubbed the lesbians) + Mark & Mitchell
      Elise & Josh + Tess & Luke
      Josh & Jenna + Deb & Andy
      Dee & Darren + Jesse & Mel (complete with another fight about the ceiling)

  10. We are starting to wonder if Oslo was originally slated as an ‘All-Stars’ season but nixed due to polarising nature of a couple of the former contestants.

    Naturally, there was tension and for the weaker teams, the realisation that they lost the game weeks ago as they missed a couple key opportunities (*the terrace*).

    Luke is extremely dim. The tradie who can’t read floor plans. Absolute moron.

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